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New & Improved WAMRAP at Dromedary

***My apologies for the late posting on this, fellas. Was on the road all day + coaching last night but felt it was important to get this out after all the hard work by the 21 in attendance!

Dana and YHC decided last month it was time to change up the monthly Dromedary “WAMRAP” course to challenge the Pax. Same route and location (the MRHS Track near the Cafeteria), but some new exercises. A couple of observations…everyone worked extremely hard and some of the exercises took longer to complete than usual (i.e. Step-ups, H2H, Big Boy Sit-ups). Here is how the new course was laid out, and the results per Pax:

Station 1 – (20) Box Jumps/Step-ups (NEW)

Station 2 – (20) Merkins (NEW)

Station 3 – (20) Bicep Curls with Rocks

Station 4 – (20) Big Boy Sit-ups (NEW)

Station 5 – (20) Tricep Extensions with Rocks

Station 6 – (20) Heels to Heaven (NEW)

Station 7 – +1 Burpee/Lap completed


Goodfella (6.1 Laps)

My Pleasure (5.4 Laps)

OneStar (5.3 Laps)

Ice9 (5.3 Laps)

Garbage Plate (5.2 Laps)

Fiji (5.1 Laps)

Dana (5.1 Laps)

Jingles (5.1 Laps)

Soft Pretzel (5.1 Laps)

Pocahontas (5.0 Laps)

Bounce House (5.0 Laps)

Foley (5.0 Laps)

Rubbermaid (4.6 Laps)

Illiterate (4.6 Laps)

Old McDonald (4.6 Laps)

Boitano (4.5 Laps)

Lazy Boy (4.5 Laps)

RunFlat (4.3 Laps)

The Grease Monkey (4.3 Laps)

Posse (4.3 Laps)

Help Desk (3.6 Laps)


Once again, it was a pleasure to lead this great group of men on Wednesday. The weather was good but noticeably more humid (One Star called that out at the end!). The goal is to push ourselves and each other through a non-stop, 30-minute beating, and I think we accomplished our goal again today. There was really no time to rest, but I think we can all thank the Lord for the Curls and Tricep Extension stations where we could at least catch our breath.

A little self-introspection from YHC…I was feeling a little tired and weak when I showed up at 5am to set up the course with my new Lanterns (to light up the dark sections of the course), sidewalk chalk to write the stations, and signature Bluetooth speaker for some music at the benches. The prerun with Rubbermaid got me moving but I was planning on pushing for my first lap of the WAMRAP, then circling back to encourage the Pax and the Six. This is something I look forward to when I’m not Q’ing Dromedary, but on this day it was mostly to Sandbag since I wasn’t feeling like pushing myself to exhaustion.

That was the plan…until Ice9 showed up at about 5:27am out of the blue! This has happened a few times lately due to some of his travel and doctor appointment schedule. For those that aren’t aware, Ice9 EH’d me about 2.5 years ago at my son’s Birthday Party on a Sunday, while I was about 20 lbs heavier, and eating birthday cake (maybe I was on my 3rd piece???). I had seen Ice9 at school functions and noticed the F3 gear, but never engaged in the workout conversation (I just knew this guy was fit). When he told me to show up the next morning at Flash with him on Q, I knew I had no more excuses. I put the cake down, struggled through his Q (the infamous 100 SSH IC start), and the rest is history.

I say all this because there are certain people you respect and appreciate for different reasons, and as men we need to acknowledge this. Ice9 always competes, encourages, pushes himself and others, and holds YHC to a higher standard. Other than the constant chatter and banter when I’m on Q and he is in the Pax (which all comes from a good place), I know I need to step up my game for the guy who EH’d me and subsequently changed my life in terms of my health, my strength, and my Leadership. Just wanted to point this out since my day of sandbagging would have been easier, but knowing Ice9 was there made me work harder. I’m just thankful I crushed him today as evidenced in the results up above!!! (I had to, brother!).

Keep pushing yourselves and your peers. Challenge guys to not sandbag as I intended to do, and know that this stuff makes us stronger and our personal relationships stronger. We all need men to hold us accountable when we fall/fail, but these are the same men that will need it from us when they go through their hard times. As DREDD said last Saturday during the Convergence at DaVinci…”F3 is not an organization with Leaders…it is an organization OF Leaders!”. GO LEAD!


Crane Relay dates posted. Keep checking Social Media (Slack) for details.

F3 Dad’s Camp at Camp Thunderbird 8/16-8/18. Sign-ups coming very soon so jump on it quickly to secure the spots for you and your kids. It should be awesome!

YHC took us out in Prayer: TAP went out to those who lost their lives in the UNCC shooting this week, and the family members. We also need to keep the family of the perpetrator in our prayers, since they are going through a lot right now too (that’s hard to remember in times like this). Our younger F3 brother, My Pleasure, revealed that his older brother was on campus and close by at the time of the shootings. Though he is ok, we all know he and the other UNCC students and staff are all going through their own fears and post-traumatic stress right now.

Have a great day, fellas. Thanks again for showing up and pushing yourselves and each other. God Bless!

Substi-Q? What to do?

Continuing with the theme this week of last-minute Substi-Q’ing, our brother, Boitano, asked YHC at 9pm last night to take his Dromedary Q today. Naturally, I accepted, but instantly defaulted to a familiar Q from Asylum on Monday. “The Whiteboard of PAIN”! The only difference was that we had 4 at Asylum, and one could expect to have more at Dromedary. I didn’t expect 26 though! So…let’s see if this scales.

Quick warmup around the parking lot with some SSH, IW, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers…at which point I believe Ice9 started with his usual chatter/complaining about doing too much of one type of exercise. More to come on that…


Grab a Lifting Rock from the rock pile near the track, run to the cafeteria area of MRHS, and introduce the Whiteboard. The board contained (10) different exercises, starting at (100) reps for Exercise #1, all the way down to (10) reps for Exercise #10. Half way through each set, we would run a quick/short/hot lap down the sidewalk, around the chain link, back to the Whiteboard. After each exercise was completed, we ran a Full Lap around the Track (~.20 miles). You get the picture. Here is the list of exercises:

(100) x Bicep Curls (Ice9 voiced his opinion about how much he LOVES many reps of one exercise!)

(90) x Flutters

(80) x Dips

(70) x LBC’s IC

(60) x Squats

(50) x Freddy Mercury

(40) x Overhead Press

(30) x H2H IC

(20) x Merkins IC

(10) x Burpees OYO

Time was running out on us during the (40) reps of Overhead Press, so we eliminated the laps and knocked the last 4 exercises out in succession. Still a good workout overall, IMHO!



The idea today, as on Monday, was to come together as a group, with the faster Gazelles circling back for the Six on each long lap. The Six worked just as hard as the Gazelles today, and it was great to see everyone looking out for one other. Shout out to Help Desk and Run Flat today…they clearly worked really hard to keep up and crushed it.  I know the encouragement from the Pax really helped, too. Nice work by the Pax circling back on every lap.  We all need it, we all deserve it.

Sorry to hear that Boitano spilled some Merlot last night, but we know he will be back at it soon to Q at Dromedary (right, Boitano?). Rest up, brother.  It’s always a pleasure and honor to lead at F3, and when it’s at the great AO Dromedary, it is even better for YHC. One of the reasons why, after 2 years as Site Q of Dromedary, I have no intention on turning it over yet. So much to do at MRHS, but the track and cafeteria area seems to shelter the Pax from the morning student and bus traffic, and allows us to do our thing without raising any red flags from the school. 

Thanks for always being a good steward of the campus and the privilege we are afforded to workout there. 40 total Pax at 2 AO’s today (26 at Dromedary and another 14 at Chiseled), midweek, during Spring Break for some is no joke. WUC/Swarm/Hive (or whatever we call it) is growing like crazy. We have something special down here and we will continue to recruit FNG’s, pour into and invest in the guys who need a push, support, and encouragement, and truly live out the F3 Credo: Leave No Man Behind, But Leave No Man Where You Find Him!

Until next time, fellas.  Well…that next time is tomorrow since YHC is on Q at Pursuit.  5:15am at the Millbridge Clubhouse. All speeds and levels welcome. We will be running a familiar route.  

Whiteboard Of PAIN!

It came to my attention yesterday that Zinfandel was down with a back injury, and needed a Substi-Q for Asylum today. What better way to show appreciation to a brother who has done tremendous things for WUC since he started F3 a year ago or so, than to step up for him and the Pax. It also ensured I got my butt out of bed on a Monday morning to start the week off right. Time to get out of the comfort zone and plan a workout that was “different” than the usual Q.


After a quick warm-up around the Brooklyn Pizza parking area, we landed in front of Hickory Tavern where the “Whiteboard of Pain” was waiting. Pretty simple. 10 Exercises, start at 100 Reps for Exercise #1, 90 Reps for Exercise #2…down to 10 Reps on the last Exercise. Simple enough, except that we would do plenty of running during and in between each exercise. Oh…and the exercises would not be revealed until we returned to the Whiteboard after each exercise was completed. Here is how it looked:

100 x Curls (run after 50, return for the remaining 50 reps)

90 x Flutter (run after 45, return for the remaining 45 reps)

80 x Dips (run after 40, return for the remaining 40 reps)

70 x LBC (run after 35, return for the remaining 35 reps)

60 x Squats (run after 30, return for the remaining 30 reps)

50 x Freddy Mercury (run after 25, return for the remaining 25 reps)

40 x Overhead Press (run after 20, return for the remaining 20 reps)

30 x  H2H IC (run after 15, return for the remaining 15 reps)

20 x Merkins IC (run after 10, return for the remaining 10 reps)

10 x Burpees OYO…originally planned the Burpee Ladder for this exercise but decided to just do 10.


Great work by the guys, and we all stayed together today, by design. We had 7 minutes remaining and we broke out the bouncing “Cube Of Pain” (workout cube with many exercises to be done on each roll). We wound up doing:

15 x Mary Catherine’s (Jump Lunges)

20 x Burpees

30 x Russian Twists

20 x Dips

:30 Plank/6″ Plank hold



When we open our hearts up to it, God will show us simple blessings we never expected. Having to plan a last-minute workout on a Sunday night proved this once again. God forced me to do something out of my comfort zone, which is where the growth and satisfaction happens. Not only did this work out well for me personally, but having brothers Ackbar, Mad Dog, and Damascus at Asylum reminded me that camaraderie and fellowship during a workout matters, a lot. We get so caught up in competing, beating others, proving ourselves, and working to exhaustion most workouts that we (or I) tend to miss these opportunities to connect. Leading 20-30 guys through a Q is great and enjoyable, but a smaller Pax is just what God knew I needed today. I think my brothers at Asylum would agree. Great work, fellas…you guys killed it today. It was an honor to lead you three and myself today. Proud to be part of the WUC/Swarm/Hive/Whatever we will call our Region!

Burpees with a side of Burpees at Flash

Always Pay It Forward! After Rockwell stepped up recently to lead at Dromedary, it was my turn at Flash. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last lead at Flash, so I needed to make it memorable for the many new Pax who show up on Monday. Perfect 50+ degree weather, 20+ guys, and 2 fast teenagers proved to be a great recipe for a solid workout.


Here’s how it went…new playlist loaded, fast Mosey to front of school for:

SSH x 20…run to next spot

IW x 20…run to next spot

Plank Jacks x 20…run to next spot

Merkins x 20…run back to flags.

Directions given. At each of the (9) light poles down the path, do (3) Burpees until reaching the Shed/Transporter’s room. Donkey kicks as you wait for the Six (quickly realized this was a bad idea after 27 Burpees). The two 17-year old Gazelles set the pace and crushed it. Great job by the new, slimmed-down version of Jingles as he was right on their heels.

Now for some Strength Work…Grab a “Lifting Rock” (someone didn’t get the memo – not mentioning names – as I saw a pebble and thought it was a joke!). Circle up for:

(20) Curls, Run up the path, do (1) Burpee then return to the rocks. Find a new rock every time you return.

(20) Overhead Press/Run/Burpee

(20) Tricep Extensions/Run/Burpee

(20) “All-in-One” Curl + Overhead Press + Tricep Extension in Cadence. Finish. Drop Rocks. Run one last time. Return rocks.

I have since learned that some Pax found some Poison Ivy somewhere near the rock pile. Sorry, fellas. I had no clue that would be an issue.

Mosey To Stairs, Partner Up for some Core Work:

P1 – H2H (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

P1 – Flutter (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

P1 – LBC (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

Mosey To Front of Middle School for a combination ofStrength, Speed, and Core Work with same partner.

P1 – (150) Dips / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

P1 – (100) Leg Extensions / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

P1 – (50) Derkins / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

Mosey back to the start for the final 5 minutes of work. More Burpees!

Burpee Ladder…starting at one curb, complete (1) Burpee. Run across the lot to the other curb and do (2) Burpees. Run across the lot and do (3) Burpees…you get the picture.

Many moans but little talking the last 5 minutes so we all know it was a challenge. Nice job by everyone for getting in as many rounds as possible. I believe (know) the high was (9) Burpees when the time expired and our brothers from Ignition joined us. Finish.


As mentioned, it had been a long time since YHC had lead at Flash. Flash was the first F3 workout I ever attended in 2016, and will always be a special AO and workout for me. It’s a great campus, very safe for the Pax, and there is so much do to there. I owed the Pax a solid workout, and I believe we accomplished that goal today. Nice work today, fellas, and I hope your hips and quads are as smoked as mine are after all those Burpees. There is no better full-body exercise. Thanks to Rockwell for asking me to Q, and for the Pax for allowing me to lead them today. It’s always an honor and pleasure to lead. Until next time…


Great job by Rubbermaid (R) in organizing the Speed For Need run this past weekend. Flawless execution from what we’ve heard. Nice effort by the Pax for pushing a chariot at a 7:00/mile pace. Wow.

3rd F at Five Stones, Sunday Mornings, discussing the Book of Ephesians this week.

Reminder that Sanctuary occurs every Monday night at Brooklyn Pizza, Wesley Chapel.

YHC took us out in prayer. Continue to be the Light in this often Dark world, fellas. Lift your brothers up, encourage others, and know that in all things God has a Plan and Purpose for our lives…including F3 as it is truly about more than just working out (and Burpees!).

Romans 8:28

A Few Ladders at the Insane Asylum

Transporter pinged YHC yesterday asking if I could Q #F3Asylum today. Absolutely. Expecting a hard-working, great group of guys meant it was time to plan a good beating (mostly for myself after a few days off).

Quick Disclaimer…CPR certified, Phones available, etc.

Fast warm-up Mosey around the outskirts of the shopping center consisting of an exercise of (20) reps periodically: SSH, IW, Mountain Climbers, Incline Plank Jacks, Low Slow Squat…

Intermission for some Merkin Ladders, just as Frack found us in front of Target. No coincidences in life. He didn’t seem to interested in doing any counting once we got to (5), but we got through it. Still glad you joined us today, Frack. Mosey back to Hickory Tavern for the Main Event.


Start with Wall Ladders OYO. Dips + Derkins. (5) Dips at HT, sprint to Brooklyn Pizza for (5) Derkins, and back to HT. Increase to (10), (15), (20). Nice work by all, especially Radar who was back after an Achilles injury. Great to see you, brother.

Mosey over to the Medical Building, find a Lifting Rock, Circle Up for:

(20) Bicep Curls, (20) Overhead Press, (20) Tricep Extensions…put them all together for (20) “All-in-One’s” of Curl-to-Press-to Tri Extensions. Sprint down the parking lot, back to Rocks then choose a different rock for:

(15) Curls, (15) Overhead Press, (15) Tri Ext…put them all together for (10)
“All-in-One’s” of Curl-to-Press-to Tri Extensions. Sprint down the parking lot, back to Rocks then choose a different rock for:

(10) Curls, (10) Overhead Press, (10) Tri Ext…put them all together for (10)
“All-in-One’s” of Curl-to-Press-to Tri Extensions. Done!

Mosey back to Hickory Tavern for a new offering called the “Burpee/Suicide Ladder”. This came to me yesterday as I was prepping for the Q. Trying to mix it up and get more running in after my favorite exercise. Here is how it went:

In front of HT, do (10) Burpees, spring to Brooklyn Pizza for (9) Burpees then spring back to HT…you get the picture. Ice9 crushed it and finished before everyone (no surprise there). I believe this pushed us all out of our comfort zones, and it sounded better on paper. These will definitely make another appearance in a future Q for YHC. FINISHED!


As always, it is a privilege to lead at F3 and the guys who consistently show up at #Asylum on a weekly basis.

Ice9 sounded like he was going to puke at various times, but he pushes himself and the Pax very hard. He kicked my #ss during the Burpee Suicides today…I will get you next time!

Transporter always pushes YHC out of my comfort zone (in many ways) and I appreciate you asking me to lead today. Time to return the favor and Q at Dromedary soon…no promises someone won’t be wearing a Bathrobe though!

Damascus keeps getting stronger and is dropping some LB’s as well. The changes you’re making are working.

FuseBox made an appearance at Asylum today and it was great to see him working hard to not be the 6! Keep it up!

ShopDawg worked very hard today (sounded like he was puking at one point!) and has gotten noticeably faster. Great job.

Swimmers has quickly adapted to the F3 workout routine and was at the front all morning. Awesome work.

Chastain is a consistent attendee, and I heard a rumor he may have just been named a Site Q. Nice job, Chastain.

Ackbar showed up wanting to share his knowledge of a movie GIF posted yesterday, and he knocked that out before we got started (wise move). He sung for most of the workout, but complained about the mix until “finally, a good song” when Journey came on. Ice9 even commented how much faster Ackbar has gotten. Nice job.

Frack came out of nowhere when we were finishing up the long warm-up. Like I said, no coincidence that the plan for Merkin Ladders at Target was the time he joined us. Always good to work out with you, brother.

Radar! Nobody brings light like you, brother. So glad you are back after your injury, and even more so that you’ve landed a job with 3M. God is Good and I know He has great plans for you and your family. Keep showing up!

6 of us also attended Q Source at Chick-Fil-A, led by Spicoli. A great discussion about Glutony and consuming too much (food, social media, things, workouts, etc). A nice reminder that any good thing can become addicting and an idol if we allow it to. Hold each other accountable to focus on your health (in a healthy way!), your family (don’t be afraid to skip a workout or social event to be with them), financial health (don’t over-extend yourself), and put down the phone once in a while. Good stuff.

Thanks to Shop Dawg for taking us out in prayer. Have a great week, fellas…I’m off to Vegas for a sales meeting all week. Pray for me!!!

Monthly Dromedary WAM-Rocks!

20 strong warriors decided it was perfect weather today to compete against their brothers (and themselves) in the monthly AMRAP at the Marvin Ridge HS small track . Seeing Dasher, Easy Button, and Abacus at the start, we all knew the pace would be fast!


This was the second installment of the “new” AMRAP course, consisting of 7 stations and timed at 30 minutes. The stations looked like this:

Station 1 – Derkins x (20)

Station 2 – Donkey Kicks x (20)

Station 3 – Jump Squats x (20)

Station 4 – Tricep Extensions x (20) *Note…lifting rocks were larger than normal today!

Station 5 – Bicep Curls x (20)

Station 6 – Overhead Press x (20)

Station 7 – +(1) Burpee per Lap Completed


Everyone worked really hard today, which was evidenced by the fact that there was not much of a gap between us all. We all love to compete, and even when we want to sandbag it, something (our brothers) drives us to over-achieve.

Here are the results:

Goodfella – 7.0 Laps

OneStar – 6.5 Laps

Easy Button – 6.5 Laps

Abacus (R) – 6.4 Laps

Dasher – 6.4 Laps

Tupperware (2.0) – 6.1 Laps

Dana – 6.1 Laps

Rockwell – 5.5 Laps

Rubbermaid (R) – 5.5 Laps

Johnny Utah (R) – 5.4 Laps

Boucher – 5.4 Laps

Centerfold – 5.4 Laps

Garbage Plate (2.0) – 5.4 Laps

Pocahontas – 5.4 Laps

Illiterate – 5.4 Laps

LazyBoy (R) – 5.4 Laps

Mad Dog – 5.4 Laps

Boitano – 5.0 Laps

RunFlat – 5.0 Laps

The Grease Monkey (R) – 4.5 Laps


QSource – don’t be afraid to attend, fellas. Mad Dog reminded us that there are many opportunities to participate in Union County (M at Wesley Chapel Chick Fila, Sat at McDonalds after Commitment) and in SOB. If you know any Pax who can’t workout but would like to be involved with QSource, please invite them. We can all afford to learn more about Leadership, and share our experiences with the Pax. We are LEADERS in our homes, communities, workplaces, churches, etc. Male Leadership Matters!

Dana will be on Q next Wednesday. He has the Shovel Flag, and he said he’s going to plan a good beating for everyone!

YHC took us out in prayer. Please keep Jinger Kelley (Johnny Utah’s wife) in your prayers. She is having major back surgery soon.

New Dromedary (W)AMRAP to start 2019!

Pax: Abacus (R), Dana, Das Boot, Easy Button, Fiji, Goodfella, Honeycomb, Illiterate (R), Kaboom, LazyBoy, Rockwell, RunFlat, THE Grease Monkey (R)


The Monthly AMRAP at Dromedary has been a success over the past few months of 2018 for the Pax. With 2019 upon us, it was time to change up the exercises/stations, but keep the same route/flow. Here is what each of the (13) Pax in attendance would complete as many times as possible, and the # of total and partial laps (starting at the back of the cafeteria, looping around the track, and back):

Station 1 – (20) Derkins

Station 2 – (20) Donkey Kicks

Station 3 – (20) Jump Squats

Station 4 – (20) Tricep Extensions with Rocks

Station 5 – (20) Bicep Curls with Rocks

Station 6 – (20) Overhead Shoulder Press with Rocks

Station 7 – +(1) Burpee per lap completed


Everyone who posted worked very hard today, and it was great to see RunFlat back out at Dromedary (although he didn’t realize it was AMRAP day!!!). Also great to see Kaboom again after posting on Monday for the first time at Flash. Here is how everyone did:

Abacus (6.4 Laps)

Easy Button (6.1 Laps)

Dana (6.0 Laps)

Rockwell (5.5 Laps)

Fiji (5.5 Laps)

Lazy Boy (5.3 Laps)

Das Boot (5.3 Laps)

Illiterate (5.2 Laps)

Honeycomb (5.2 Laps)

Kaboom (5.0 Laps)

The Grease Monkey (4+ Laps)

RunFlat (4.0 Laps)

Goodfella (*X.X Laps)

Abacus and Easy Button crushed it today, which is no surprise.

Dana quietly rocked 6 laps, with his “baby hams” for calves and his abs!

Rockwell continues to impress with his speed and strength, and will give anyone a run for their money.

Fiji is relatively new to F3 but is showing there is no more fit Dentist in all of WUC!

LazyBoy showed he is more than capable of competing with some of these “young bucks”.

Das Boot shook off the shock of the “Peacock” exercise at Flash on Monday, and crushed the new course.

Illiterate and Honeycomb must have eaten the same breakfast today since they worked hard and were close together the entire time.

Kaboom is perhaps the best name for an FNG in a long time (his 2nd F3 post thanks to his Uncle Rockwell), since he serves our country in the Army out of Ft. Bliss, TX, blows things up for a living (“Kaboom”), and is being promoted to Sergeant very soon. Thank you for your service, brother.

THE Grease Monkey would rather be lifting a car or something, but he works hard during the AMRAP’s and had a very respectable showing.

RunFlat came off the Disabled List with a shoulder issue, and like a true warrior pushed hard and over-achieved.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to lead once again. Dromedary is a great AO and an even better group of guys from the Marvin, Waxhaw, Ballantyne areas. Keep up the strong work, fellas, and for always looking out for one another during workouts and outside of them.


Huggie Bear is making great progress after his Brain Surgery, but please continue to pray for his recovery and for his family. He hopes to be back working out in March or so. Amazing.

2019 Q Schedule will include some of the “Takers” in Q1 of 2019. Guys are ready to step up and out of their comfort zones to lead their peers. Don’t be afraid to Q half or a portion of a workout, if you feel you can’t lead the entire workout (we all know you can!).

(*There may have been another announcement but drawing a blank on it)

Prayer! Finished!

Dromedary WAMRAP #2

The 2nd installment of the first Wednesday of the Month AMRAP/WAMRAP (McGee will be paid royalties for the name!) took place today on a perfect 50 degree morning.


12 of us busted tail around Marvin Ridge HS, even if some of the “lifting rocks” selected weighed less than my trusted Bluetooth Speaker.  With about 2 minutes before start, there were only about 7 of us but we were prepared to work and improve/establish baselines.

Here is how we did today:

PAX Date # Laps Date # Laps Difference Stations:
Abacus 11/7/2018 6.0 1- Dips
Boitano 11/7/2018 5.0 2- Donkey Kicks
Boucher 11/7/2018 5.6 3- Curls
Bratwurst 10/3/2018 4.5 4- WWII Situps
Dana 10/3/2018 4.5 11/7/2018 5.2 +.4 5- Merkins
Dasher 10/3/2018 6.5 11/7/2018 7.2 +.4 6- Overhead Press
Das Boot 10/3/2018 4.5 11/7/2018 4.6 +.1 7- Burpees (1/Lap)
Escobar 10/3/2018 5.5
Goodfella 10/3/2018 6.5 11/7/2018 7.3 +.5
Hollywood 10/3/2018 6.1
Huggy Bear 10/3/2018 5.1 11/7/2018 5.4 +.3
Johnny Utah 10/3/2018 5.1
Joy 10/3/2018 5.1
Lazy Boy 11/7/2018 4.0
One Star 11/7/2018 6.0
Posse 10/3/2018 4.5
Rockwell 10/3/2018 5.0
Shop Dawg 10/3/2018 4.4
Soft Pretzel 10/3/2018 4.5 11/7/2018 5.3 +.5
The Grease Monkey 10/3/2018 4.2 11/7/2018 4.3 +.1
Wedding Singer 10/3/2018 4.6



Great work by everyone who came back after WAMRAP #1 (Dana, Dasher, Das Boot, Huggy Bear, Soft Pretzel, The Grease Monkey, YHC) and to the Pax who tried their first WAMRAP (Abacus, Boitano, Boucher, Lazy Boy, One Star). I believe everyone was satisfied with their performance today, but should find strength in the fact that you came to compete.  We look forward to beating the scores improve even more next month. For those who Fartsacked or chose another workout, don’t be afraid to come out on 12/5/18.



Vagabond this Saturday starting at 630am, Hickory Tavern Providence Rd and 485.

F3 Event @ Great Wolf Lodge this Friday night.  Workout on Saturday.

F3 SOB Christmas Party. 11/30/18 at Providence Downs South Clubhouse.

Boitano’s VQ at Cerberus this Friday, 11/9/18. Go get it, brother!


YHC took us out in prayer!

S.M.A.C.K. Down & the Cube of Pain

I planned this Q today to challenge myself, and the Pax, to get out of our comfort zones and put in some work at 530am. As they say, the real growth happens in life when we break out of our comfort zones. Workouts should be no different. If we’re going to wake up early, we might as well push it hard.  I also got a late night text from Ice9 asking where we meet for The Floater.  Since he’s lived in Waxhaw for 13 years, I tried to give him the simplest directions to where the Water Tower and Church are located.  Let’s just say, I should not have assumed!!!

14 of us took our warm-up lap from the Water Tower/Church location around the block to get started. Warm-up exercises consisted of:

  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 25
  • Mtn Climbers x 25
  • Low Slow Squat x 25
  • Cherry Picker x 10
  • Upward Dog Stretch
  • Downward Dog Stretch (face it…we all need more flexibility!)

The THANG…a S.M.A.C.K. down was about to happen:

Mosey to the famous Waxhaw Footbridge. Partner Up with someone of equal speed.

P1 runs over the Bridge, down Main St, and back to the Tree.  At the tree and benches P2 does:

  • S – Step ups
  • M – Merkins
  • A – Atomic Merkins (a Merkin + a Plank Jack. Learned this from Smokey at Asylum on Monday…another reason to try new AO’s and Q’s, fellas!)
  • C – Carolina Dry Docks
  • K – Knee ups (seated leg extensions)

Each man completes (2) rounds of each Letter before moving onto the next. Somehow, Ice9 and I got off count and either did less Step-ups than required or more Merkins…either way, YHC heard about it from Deflated!  Thanks, brother.  Guilty as charged!

Great work by the Pax getting up and over that bridge so many times. Those steps are steep and thankfully they were dry today.  YHC heard some complaining about Merkins followed by Atomic Merkins then Dry Docks.  That’s how we know it’s a good workout.  Realizing we had some Pax just starting the “K”, it was strongly suggested YHC shut it down and gather up the Pax. Request honored.  Now, grab a wall at the Veterans Memorial for:

  • Donkey Kicks x 20 OYO
  • Mike Tysons x 20 OYO
  • Donkey Kicks x 10 OYO
  • Mike Tysons x 10 OYO

Shoulders were now smoked. Mosey back to the start for the “Cube of Pain”.  My sons found this Bootcamp exercise Cube at the new Five Below on 521/Lancaster Hwy.  They thought it could be useful at F3, and for them at home.  I used it at Dromedary recently, so I couldn’t deprive the Floater Pax of this great tool.  Each man rolls the cube and whatever exercise and # comes up, we do it. Pretty Simple. To the best of my knowledge we did:

  • (30) Mtn Climbers
  • (15) x Jump Squats
  • (20) Dips
  • 1-minute Wall Sit (mixed in some 1-legged sits as well)
  • (20) Burpees
  • (15) Jump Lunges
  • (30) Russian Twists (or American Hammers)
  • (30) Plank Jacks (supposed to be Mtn Climbers, again…mixed it up. Incorporated 6″ PJ’s)



As mentioned, I wanted to push everyone beyond the limit of what we would do ourselves. Today was shoulder and chest day, and I think everyone tore down to build back up. Approaching my 2-Year F3 Anniversary on 10/31/18, I have made it my mission to take my Q’s to another level, to select Q’s at Dromedary on Wednesday’s that will bring some pain to the Pax, and visit other AO’s to learn and grow.  That’s what F3 is all about, in my opinion. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Let’s keep pushing each other, fellas!  I’m proud of what I see from so many of you and the increased speed and strength you’ve developed.  Until next time…



Great Wolf Lodge F3 Event on 11/9. Workout on 11/10 at Great Wolf.

Damascus doing Vagabond on 11/10 as well.

“Clyent Dinner” workout tonight. 630pm at Food Lion shopping center.

New Men’s Bible Study at Five Stones Church (not an F3 study). Wednesday mornings. 615am after Chiseled.


YHC took us out in prayer. Lord, continue to bless the pax, provide a hedge of protection around us all, our families, our schools, our community, our workplaces and our country.

User Error…Tabata-style! And a new workout tool!

10 Brave Men showed up for a workout even though the weather was not looking good.  With the heavy rains expected today, and the fact that it was pouring at my house early this morning, we defaulted to a typical Tabata-style workout under cover of the Cafeteria at Marvin Ridge HS.  The plan was laid yesterday, but you know what they say about plans!  Customary Tabata App glitches/user error reared their ugly heads once again.

Disclaimer given.  Warm up run to the back of the HS for cover, benches, and no airflow:

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Low Slow Squats x 10

Plank Jacks x 20



Tabata apps are “interesting”, and we have an 80% failure rate at some point in the workout. User Error as I changed my saved preference from a 3-Round Tabata to a 4-Round today. The Pax got very familiar with the Rocky Theme today, as the music kept restarting ever 30 seconds.  Gotta Love Rocky. Once we got it working after Round 1 and a recover lap, we enjoyed a good music selection.  Here is how it went:

Rounds 1 & 2, 8 Exercises, 30-seconds each, 10-second rest, run a lap around the Power Building/Circle after each round:

  • Merkins
  • Step Ups
  • Dips
  • Squats
  • H2H
  • Dry Docks
  • LBC’s
  • Knee Ups

Rounds 3 & 4, 8 Exercises, 30-seconds each, 10-second rest, run a lap around the Power Building/Circle after Round 3

  • Derkins
  • Step Ups
  • Dips
  • Jump Squats
  • Freddy Mercuries
  • Dry Docks
  • Pistol LBC’s
  • 1-legged Knee Ups

After Round 4, we introduced a new workout tool. My sons saw this Bootcamp Workout “Cube” at a store Monday, and thought we could use it at home. I saw the need at F3 to break it up a bit.  Each Pax took a turn at rolling the dice, and whatever exercise landed face-up is what we would do.  If memory serves correctly, we did:

  • Jump Squats x 15
  • Merkins x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • Jump Squats x 15
  • Jump Tucks x 15
  • Merkins x 20
  • Other exercises…can’t remember, but we did (9) total

Quick mosey back to the parking lot for COT. Plank exercises until 6:15am.  Done.



Nice work by the 9 guys who joined/supported YHC and braved the storm to sweat a lot, push their bodies, laugh a little about the App issues/User error.  I truly appreciate all you guys, and the camaraderie on a weekly basis.  The consistent Dromedary crew always pushes hard and looks out for each other, like helping dodge school buses and speeding drivers at 6am!   Great to see Transporter out there this morning as he is on Q next week.

YHC took us out in prayer. Thank you, Lord, for our health, families, provision, and all the challenges you help us fight through as men.


Family/Kid-Friendly OCR at Lake Wylie/Camp Thunderbird this Saturday 10/14/18. Posse has more info.

Sandbox #2 at Travis Commodore’s house to complete the Pallet project.  Coming soon on a Saturday. See Soft Pretzel for more details

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10/24/18: Doc McStuffins on Q

10/31/18: YHC on Q for my 2-Year Anniversary “Celebration”

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