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A Double Shot at The Vet

Today was a special day for many reasons. It is the 76th Anniversary of D-Day, and YHC had the privilege of being guest Q for our F3 Mint Hill brothers at “The Vet”.  The Vet takes place at The Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park. YHC previously requested to Q on 6/13, but there is no coincidence that Delta asked me to Q on 6/6 instead.  Did I mention that Delta is a Veteran himself?

So…13 men showed up on a beautiful morning to a busy park filled with tons of great energy. Plenty of people walking, running, saying hello to each other when they pass by.  You would never know that troubles and tensions in this country are all around us.  White, Black, Asian, Young, Old…all sharing the space.

It was also great to have 2 of our F3 Waxhaw brothers support today’s Q, with Mad Dog and Deadwood making the trek up to Mint Hill.  Mad Dog is a Marine Veteran, and Deadwood grew up in the Mint Hill area. Great to have these guys today.

What made the whole day even more special was today’s FNG and his story. More to come on this, but here is how the workout played out.

The Thang:

Waxhaw’s version of the “Disclaimer” given in the form of “DiCCS” (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR trained, Safety).  Long Warmup down the gravel trail, stopping at various spots for exercises. Before each exercise, Pax plank it up to share some information about themselves, since most of us have never met. Each Pax shared:

  • Hospital name
  • F3 name
  • Where they’re from originally
  • Where they went to school
  • What they do for a living

The fellowship and camaraderie of F3 is how we really connect, and it’s what keeps guys coming back for more. We would complete (10) reps (IC) of every exercise, repeating the previous set before adding another, finishing with (6) total stops. This looked like:

  1. (10) SSH (IC)
  2. (10) SSH/Plank Jacks (IC)
  3. (10) SSH/PJ/Low Slow Squats (IC)
  4. (10) SSH/PJ/LSS/LBC’s (IC)
  5. (10) SSH/PJ/LSS/LBC/Flutters (IC)
  6. (10) SSH/PJ/LSS/LBC/Flutter/Burpees OYO

We completed the “Warmup” portion near the Wall Ball courts, so we stopped to do old man stretching in the form of some basic Yoga moves. Upward Dog. Downward Dog. Runners Pose. Prayer Twist on both sides. Done!

At the Wall Ball courts, grab a wall for:

  • (20) Air Press (IC)
  • (20) Donkey Kicks (OYO)
  • (40) Air Press (IC)
  • (20) Donkey Kicks (OYO)


Mosey to the Figure 8 Track for “4 Corners”, staying together as a group, while avoiding the many walkers/runners out there today. We did:

  • (25) H2H (IC)
  • (25) Jump Squats (Civilian Count)
  • (25) Dry Docks (Civilian Count)
  • (25) Speed Skaters (OYO)


Mosey to the Korean War Memorial where brother Deadwood would lead the Pax in “Captain Therkin”. If you haven’t done a Captain Therkin, it looks like:

(1)WWII Sit-up/(4) American Hammers/(4) Merkins…(2) WWII Sit-ups/(8) American Hammers/(4) Merkins…(3) WWII Sit-ups/(12) American Hammers/(4) Merkins…up to (10)/(40)/(4).


Mosey back to the parking lot, grab a Coupon of choice from YHC’s and Delta’s trucks for partner work. Mosey with your coupon to the Playground and Shelter area. Partner up but choose a partner you don’t know for:

  • P1 (150) Curls / P2 Run Hot Lap
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press / P2 Run Hot Lap
  • P1 (100) Tricep Extension / P2 Run Hot Lap
  • P1 (150) Bench Press / P2 Run Hot Lap


Great work by the Pax throwing the weight around. Some nice banter and pushing each other since we were all pretty worn out at this point (although some chose smaller, lighter Belgian Blocks over the heavier Cinder Blocks!!!).

5-minute warning went off on YHC’s watch, so it was time to mosey back to the cars, return the coupons, and head back to the War Memorial for a few minutes of Mary, courtesy of Mad Dog!  He put us through his infamous Protractor sequence from his Impromptu Q yesterday… “10…45…90…10…90…10…90…on and on”.  Awful!  Done!


The intent and goal today was to stick together as a group, hit the Speed + Core + Strength pieces that make for a great Bootcamp workout, and get to know each other as brothers. It was also a great opportunity for YHC to see how my good friends, Delta and Epsilon, were doing in their new F3 Mint Hill home.  We have been friends for almost 10 years now, meeting through our church, doing ministry together, YHC EH’ing Delta 3 years ago, and our families have become like (closer than) family.  It’s great to see things going well for them!

Some Mint Hill pax supported the Waxhaw Region Launch last Labor Day, so it was great to return the favor of support.  They had no idea what their mystery guest Q was all about, but sometimes it’s just what we need to push us out of our comfort zones. I enjoyed meeting some fellow Jersey guys and Father/Son duo of Othello and Lover Boy, another Father/Son team of Clover and IDK (“I Don’t Know”), and talking shop with Big Tuna (different from the SOB/Waxhaw Big Tuna) about his line of work. Big League Chew (or “BLC”) has one of the best F3 names I’ve heard in a long time, and I have fond memories of chewing that gum as a kid. It was also great to meet the legendary “The Body” at Beer-eteria. Any guy that can drink a couple beers on a Saturday morning during Coffeteria has it figured out.  He’s also another Jersey guy living the dream in NC.

Having Mad Dog and Deadwood show up to not only support my Q but to lead portions of it made it even more special. The Waxhaw Pax stick together and we look forward to having more guys come up to support the Anniversary Convergence on 6/13/20.

As always, YHC’s 10 year old 2.0, Flash, had something to prove to the old men and crushed the workout. It’s always great spending that time with him and exposing him to great leaders and how important F3 is to men.

What made the biggest impact on me today, however, was getting to know our FNG named Jared, while we were running together during partner work.  Jared is 23 years old and told me his mom was at Veterans Park last week and saw the F3 crew working out. When she got home she told him he needs to see what it’s all about, so he spent 10-15 minutes with the Pax last week. Today, he showed up, fit right in, and worked hard.

What you need to know about Jared is what he shared with us during COT.  Jared said he was at a party a few years ago and was shot in the chest, with the bullet exiting his back. Only by the Grace of God, Jared survived after major trauma surgery, and has some nasty scars to prove it (as he showed us today). He said he is a believer who is living every day like it’s a gift.  He got a second chance at life, and will not waste it. He wants to own his own business(es) one day, and I know he can do it. That’s an amazing testimony and goal at such a young age.

Jared told me he currently works at a Coffee Shop in Charlotte, but that they are still closed due to COVID-19. He is now working at Target waiting for the shop to open back up. Very impressive that he isn’t feeling sorry for himself and waiting around, but making things happen. There are a lot of people his age who would rather sit at home and collect unemployment for eternity if they could. Not Jared.

Given his job in the coffee shop, the fact that he survived a gunshot and horrible event, and has been given a second chance at life that he intends to make the most of, Jared got the F3 name of “Double Shot”. When you meet Jared you can tell he is a special person, and will succeed in life. As older, wiser F3 leaders, we need to rally around guys like Double Shot, and help them however we can.

Like Dark Helmet stated in the F3 Nation “No Statement Necessary” statement, we will continue to make the same statement we have made for 10 years now. We are not “Virtue Signalers”. We are DOERS!

“A Statement is not needed, our leadership is what’s needed…we’ve got to figure out, in each of our spheres of influence, how we will step into the void that exists where leadership should be.”

Thank you, again, for allowing me to lead, fellas. I look forward to another workout at The Vet soon, and helping my brothers any way I can. God Bless!


  • F3 Mint Hill Anniversary Convergence on 6/13/20 at Veterans Memorial Park. Clown Cars of Waxhaw Pax will be there.
  • 100 Pax Challenge shared with the Mint Hill Pax

YHC took us out in Prayer.  #CradleToGrave


Today’s YouVersion verse of the day…yet another “coincidence” to most, but not to believers like Double Shot:

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” – Psalm 23:4


By Design: Small Workout Groups for Men!

After a very successful Memorial Day convergence yesterday, Easy Button put the S.O.S. out to the Pax for a last-minute Substi-Q for Watchtower.  Quickly realizing Easy Button just stepped into the co-Site Q role of Watchtower, it was an easy decision to step up to help a brother out.

A wise F3 OG once told me “you owe it to your brothers to take the time to prepare a solid workout” and don’t just wing it, unless you have to. Today would be no different, as the plan happened quickly yesterday while going about the day. Speed + Strength + Core is always the foundation for a solid Q.  Mix in some coupons, Merkins, Burpees, a Starfish and magic happens!

We had a total of 11 men show up today, with 7 posting for the full bootcamp + 4 in the M.A.S.H. Unit. A little planning between YHC and Centerfold would have the M.A.S.H.’ers join the 7 of us for two specific rounds of work.

The Thang:

Today’s running warmup took about 15 minutes as we ran around the school, stopping at (6) locations, adding an additional exercise to the previous. It looked like this:

  1. Stop #1 = SSH x 10 (IC)
  2. Stop #2 = SSH x 10 + Plank Jacks x 10 (IC)
  3. Stop #3 = SSH x 10 + Plank Jacks x 10 + Low Slow Squat x 10 (IC)
  4. Stop #4 = SSH x 10 + Plank Jacks x 10 + Low Slow Squat x 10 + LBC’s x 10 (IC)
  5. SSH x 10 + Plank Jacks x 10 + Low Slow Squat x 10 + LBC’s x 10 + Flutter x 10 (IC)
  6. SSH x 10 + Plank Jacks x 10 + Low Slow Squat x 10 + LBC’s x 10 + Flutter x 10 (IC) + 10 Burpees OYO

Done!  Time to mosey to the Flag Pole circle at the front of the school where our 4 M.A.S.H. Unit brothers joined us for a nice Merkin Ladder (starting at 10, decreasing until 1…55 Merkins in all).  Done!

Leave the Mashers, mosey to the back field/track making a pit stop at the wall for (40) Air Press in a Squat + (20) Donkey Kicks OYO.

Continue to the Track/Field for the Starfish/4 Corners segment consisting of:

  • (20) H2H + (3) Burpees back in the center
  • (20) Jump Squats + (3) Burpees back in the center
  • (20) Dry Docks + (3) Burpees back in the center
  • (20) Speed Skaters (total) + (3) Burpees back in the center
  • Done!

Mosey to the parking lot to retrieve our own individual, Corona-Free Cinder Blocks for the next segment, along with our M.A.S.H. brothers.
*Note…when we arrived at the lot, YHC noticed a certain Pax seemingly/disturbingly “going to town” on the side of Brutus’s car. After a second glance, it appeared this Pax was doing some sort of wheelbarrow action with a rubber band…

Now back to the workout…Grab your Coupon for:

  • (25) Bicep Curls + (25) Overhead Press…run a lap
  • (20) Bicep Curls + (20) Overhead Press…run a lap
  • (15) Bicep Curls + (15) Overhead Press…run a lap
  • (10) Bicep Curls + (10) 3-count down Bicep Curls…run a lap
  • (10) Overhead Press…run a lap
  • Done!  End of Workout!


A nice, quick, 3-laps around the school pre-run with Dasher on a humid day really got the blood pumping today. That man is Fast!  Great work today by Mad Dog on his 49th Bday (but he didn’t tell anyone to avoid having to do 49 Burpees!).  Fuse Box is noticeably faster than he once was. Easy Button killed it as usual. Popeye pushed himself hard after a solid and memorable Q on Memorial Day. I was also happy to see our (and YHC’s) 1st F FNG, Picket Fence, post again today after a good beating at the Memorial Day convergence. Keep showing up, brother. It never gets easier…you just get stronger!

Our M.A.S.H. brothers weren’t just going through the motions (except for the “motions” we saw beside the car!), but were working hard despite their injuries. It is so encouraging to see guys adapting to the situation, not making excuses, and getting in a good workout. Well done, Centerfold, Brutus, Chastain, and Mayhem!

As we all know, the design of F3 is “small workout groups for men”, with 10-15 Pax being the optimal group size. Today, we had 11 total, and it was perfect.  One thing we have seen through the SIPO is the value and blessing of a small workout group. Guys have challenged each other more, commiserated more, educated more, shared more, supported more, planned more, achieved more, respected more, enjoyed more…and Led More! ALL BY DESIGN!

We are planning more AO expansions in Waxhaw soon to thin the crowds at our workouts, and have identified several locations that may work well.  This will ensure we don’t creep back up to the 30-40 Pax per workout we saw prior to the last expansion/splits.  If we see the numbers increase again, we will add more AO’s and workouts and give more Pax a chance to lead as Site Q’s.  Our goal is to see the next group of leaders step into the role God designed them for, and we will be right there by their side when their time comes.  ALL BY DESIGN!


  • 100 Pax Challenge has raised ~$4,500 already. Keep it up, fellas!
  • Prayers for Centerfold’s wife as she undergoes some testing, and for his family friend going through a tough time. Pray for Mad Dog’s father-in-law and family, as he is in a tough battle as well.

YHC took us out in prayer.  #CradleToGrave.  As always, it’s a blessing to be able to lead my brothers today, and the strong friendships and bonds we have formed can not be taken for granted. I find great strength and courage every day in this group and it means so much to me and my family.  I know you have my back, and I have yours. Looking forward to seeing you boys in the Gloom again this week!

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9


Dromedary: Part 1 of 2

The current situation of scheduling at least 2 Q’s per workout is a blessing, not a burden.  Waxhaw AO’s draw >10 Pax every day, and we have seen huge numbers since we re-opened on Saturday. My co-Q for today, Carb Load, and I worked out ahead of time who would venture where (on/off the MRHS campus) and it worked out well. “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!”.   Our backup Q, Mad Dog, was also ready to lead should we burst above 20 Pax today.  With so many new regulars posting at MES/Bushwood, we needed to prepare for what might happen.  With Chiseled now a traditional Bootcamp now to avoid sharing gear, we had no idea the impact that might have on the overall numbers today.


Dromedary and Waxhaw Shovel Flags firmly planted for the Pax to find our temporary parking area in front of the HS.

We counted off by 2’s, split the group, then YHC and Carb Load went our separate ways for a warm-up. YHC’s “1 of 2” group warmed up in the HS and Football lots, with the Carb Load “2 of 2” group circling the lot then headed up the driveway for their off-campus beating. The 1 of 2 group did a running warmup, stopping every so often in between each exercise:

  • (20) SSH’s
  • (20) IW
  • (20) Low Slow Squats
  • (10) Plank Jacks + (10) Mtn Climbers + (10) Peter Parkers)
  • Stretch the back with Upward/Downward Dog, Runner’s Pose, Prayer Twist…repeat for both sides

Done!  Mosey to the Parking Lot grassy hill for some work.


Time for some 7’s on the Hill, with Hand-Release Merkins on the bottom, and Shoulder-Tap Merkins at the top.  Nice job by all pushing it, and to Sprinkles for taking the lead with some Plank and Mary while we wait for the Six.  Done!  Mosey to the small track.

Grab a large lifting rock from the rock pile, spread out on the track for some strength work.  After each set of (4) exercises, we would run a 1/2 Hot Lap and 1/2 cool down Lap.  Here is what we did:

  • (20) Curls + (20) Shoulder Press + (20) Bent Over Rows + (20) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • (15) Curls + (15) Shoulder Press + (15) Bent Over Rows + (15) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • (10) Curls + (10) Shoulder Press + (10) Bent Over Rows + (10) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • (20) Curls + (20) Shoulder Press + (20) Bent Over Rows + (20) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • Done!  Return your rock!

Mosey up the School Bus lot to the little power building for some “Physical Distance” Ab Partner Work.  One partner would exercise on the curb, the other next to the wall to keep us out of someone else’s sweat!  While P1 did the following exercises, P2 ran a lap around the building:

  • (150) LBC’s
  • (150) Flutter
  • (100) Heels-to-Heaven

5-minute warning sounded, time to head back towards COT.

Quick Mary over the last 3 minutes…DONE!



It was great to see a mix of Waxhaw Regulars, New Regulars, and some who haven’t been out in a while with a group. Great work by all today, as the goal was to lift some weight since we don’t do enough of this on a regular basis.  Mission accomplished.  From what I heard from Group 2 of 2, they got in over 4 miles with Pain Stations, while averaging a 12-minute mile even with stops for pain.  Awesome.

All-in, we hit 20 Pax today at Dromedary, had another 14 at the new and improved Chiseled, 4 ran Morning Woods, and 2 worked out in Millbridge.  Not a bad Wednesday when we can get 40 Pax post around Waxhaw!

On a side note…we all know F3 means different things to different Pax. Some only work out, some work out and enjoy some fellowship, and some participate in all 3 F’s.  Just this week, YHC had one new Pax reach out to tell  me he is hearing from God on some things, as a result of Open Door.  Another long-lost Pax who used to post with us (and I haven’t seen or heard from in 3+ years) also asked for details on our schedule. He mentioned missing the camaraderie! We will welcome him back when he is ready.

I say all this as a reminder about why we never really closed down F3 Waxhaw, and why it was more important that we open back up to reach current, former, and new Pax in this time. More data and research is showing that the ancillary/secondary health-related issues resulting from COVID-19 will be far worse than the virus itself.  Our body is designed to heal itself, and we know that exercise is a huge part of building up our Immune Systems.  Let’s take it upon ourselves to invite FNG’s and reach out to Pax who may have drifted.  This is literally life-enhancing and life-changing stuff we are talking about.  It’s our time to “give back” for all that F3 has done for us.

As a result of our planning, execution, positive energy, and consistent leadership, it’s clear we are going to grow like crazy in Waxhaw and in our new mission fields.  This means more leaders will emerge among the Pax (as we are already seeing), more families will be impacted in a positive way, and we will have an even greater impact on our community.  The train is rolling…jump on!

As always, it’s a blessing to be able to lead among a bunch of leaders!


  • 100 Pax Challenge. 100 Pax donate $100 each to raise $10K for local organizations in need. Currently at ~$2,100 since launching on Monday.
  • Cobbler + Sprinkles on Q at Dromedary on 5/20
  • Big Ben + Spaulding on Q at Dromedary on 5/27
  • Still need 2 Q’s/week in June…please step up, fellas!

YHC took us out in prayer.  #CradleToGrave

F3 Waxhaw Update


First of all, YHC and your Board of Brothers hopes you and your families are all safe and well, and you’re enjoying this much needed “Time Out” called. None of us saw this coming but there is no group we would rather go through this with than our F3 Brothers.

The F3 Waxhaw Board met via Zoom last week to discuss all the unforeseen benefits and blessings that have come as a result of the SIPO, and our plans to “re-open” our AO’s and activities.  Every Region and dynamic is different,  and we never really shut down our operations in Waxhaw…we just transformed how we operate and engage the Waxhaw Pax.  It has been great to see men continue to push themselves and each other in the Gloom, but also draw closer to each other and their faith during a challenging time for our families and community.   We all know the importance of a healthy and strong body and immune system to fight off viruses and disease, and exercise is a vital part of this.  F3 was built for this!

There have been many examples of leadership and strength in F3 Waxhaw during this time, and here is some of the goodness we have seen since we “closed” normal operations 6 weeks ago on 3/16/20:

  • We incorporated “OYO” vWOD’s, posted by a virtual Q the day/night prior to the workouts (took some planning but going well)
  • We tried Zoom Workouts.  Although, adoption rate has been poor as most guys choose to workout together.
  • We allowed men to make their own decisions whether to post with others or not.  We are ultimately responsible for our own health and safety, not the Government!
  • We saw the Majority of the Pax choose to workout in small groups…we have a lot of fight in us!
  • We created Virtual COT’s for accountability and some good laughs.  Dasher set the bar high in this area!
  • New AO’s formed in our core neighborhoods of Lawson, Briarcrest, Millbridge, Walnut Creek, Bushwood, and even at Frack’s house!
  • We welcomed several FNG’s into the mix, through workouts and at Open Door.
  • We saw greater Fellowship taking place in the small workout groups…the original design of F3!
  • We still have Q Source and Sanctuary happening virtually with great numbers.
  • We started an “Iron Sharpens Iron” GroupMe Channel for guys to seek/share encouragement and positive words…now up to 34 Pax!  Amazing!
  • We saw the virtual “Open Door” explode with 100% increase in the normal Sunday morning attendance! Such great discussions and words being shared. Thanks for Bottlecap’s leadership here!
  • Our marketing dept is still operating and is clearly “essential”, thanks to Zin.
  • We see new leaders stepping up every day!

Great stuff, fellas. We are a small, but mighty group of warriors doing great things for our families, our brothers, and our community, and will continue to impact more men and their families moving forward.

Our plan to “re-open” F3 Waxhaw:

We decided as a Board to not recreate the wheel, and take what other Regions have communicated to their Pax (Cape Fear, MeCa, others) about a re-opening plan.  We need to make decisions based on what works best for Waxhaw.  The Cape Fear letter and tone was on-point and we appreciate their leadership and direction. If you haven’t seen it, we will repost on GroupMe for everyone to read.

The bottom line is that we are ready to “re-open” as soon as the current phase of SIPO is lifted. As of now, we are targeting Saturday 5/9/2020 as the date so we can enjoy a good beatdown, and some much needed 2nd F Coffeterias around the area (keeping a physical distance, of course).

What does this look like?

  • We will open up our current AO’s, 6 days/week, with our current Site Q’s and structure in place.
  • Start times will be moved 6am for workouts, to allow Pax to transition back easier. We are approaching “Summer Hours” and this should work well.
  • Invite FNG’s, since gyms are closed and many men are struggling right now. They need this as much we did when we started!

There are some new considerations and expectations as part of our Disclaimer, or “DiCSS” as we call it in Waxhaw.  Some slight modifications to what Cape Fear posted:

  • We will still communicate our usual “Welcome to F3…you are here on your own free will…modify as needed…can’t sue me, F3, the facility…look out for your brothers and help keep them safe…”. We are already doing this!
  • All workouts will be split into 10 pax or less at any particular AO for the foreseeable future. Site Q’s and Q’s will need to enforce this for the safety of the Pax.
  • Maintain safe Physical Distancing of at least 10′ at all times, including at COT and Ball of Man. We are already doing this in our small groups!
  • No shared Coupons or Equipment (bring your own) and Partner exercises need to be at a distance.  We are already doing this!
  • Gloves are Recommended. Be smart and responsible.
  • If you are sick, or have been around anyone who is sick, do not post! Use Zoom or workout OYO!

We are asking every Pax to take this seriously, but also take responsibility for keeping themselves, their families, and their brothers safe and healthy.

It’s wrong to assume everyone is dealing with this the same way, since we have never been through something like this.  Like I have mentioned before, “we are all in the same storm, but on different boats!”. What works for one might not work for another, but everyone is welcome to join us back for a traditional F3 workout or event as soon as they are ready! No pressure at all.  We have been known to bust chops of guys not posting, but we all want what’s best for the Pax.

With all this being said, the data, science, and facts about COVID-19 are more clear now than they were 6 weeks ago.  We still take this threat seriously, but the healthy men of F3 are not being affected like those above the age of 63 or so, and those with co-morbid conditions.  With so much doom-n-gloom being spread by the media and others we associate with, and the selfish motives of many, it’s important to stay positive and not fear.  Ultimately, it is our responsibility to lead our M’s, 2.0’s, and families through this since they will remember how they felt, and remember less about the particular details. They are relying on us, fellas.  Remember, “Adversity doesn’t build character, IT DEFINES IT!”

Please reach out to me or anyone on the Board if you want to talk, vent, ask questions, ask for help, etc.  We have all learned that our plans can be derailed or destroyed quickly, and many of the “things” we valued before are just that…Things! Our health, our families, and the time we get to spend with them is the most important thing in our lives…even more important than a job or F3 (although they are secondarily important).

We are ready to re-launch here in Waxhaw soon, and before we know it we will be celebrating our 1-year anniversary as our own Region.  This will be a big celebration of our success and growth, followed by the 10-year anniversary of F3 Nation in Cape Fear, NC! Be well, brothers, and we look forward to seeing you in the Gloom soon!


“As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Man Sharpens Another” – Proverbs 27:17

“Whiteboard of Pain” for The Arsenal!

Leaving your comfort zone and bubble once in a while is important for growth as a man and a leader. The F3 Waxhaw bubble has everything we need on a day-t0-day basis (all 3 F’s), and we can lose sight that there are more opportunities to lead within a 10-15 minute drive.  We are blessed to have our brothers from Indian Land/SOB so close to us, and we often see them posting at the Waxhaw AO’s.  The Indian Land Elementary/Middle/High School campus is amazing, and there is a lot to do there. When YHC needed to postpone an Arsenal Q earlier this month due to a work obligation, I needed to get back on the schedule quickly. Thank you to to Happy Meal for allowing this to happen.

YHC showed up early to plant some “lighting fixtures” (lanterns) along the dark playground track behind the school (along with a sweet Whiteboard) since it was an important part of the Weinke. YHC met up with our brother, Boucher, for a pre-run around the campus to catch up on life, since he hadn’t posted in a while. Great start to the day.

The other pre-runners joined us soon after, along with Run Flat and his (R) FNG. Knowing what was in store, Run Flat agreed to stay with his FNG and help him “modify as needed”. Bluetooth speaker charged, Playlist loaded, “DiCCS” disclaimer give, and it was time to roll.


Mosey around the ES parking lot, making stops along the way for:

  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • IW x 20 (IC)
  • Low Slow Squat x 10 (IC)
  • Peter Parker x 10 (IC)
  • Mtn Climbers x 10 (IC)
  • Upward/Downward Dog Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • DONE!

Mosey over to YHC’s car where the typical coupons/Cinder Blocks were ready to roll. Partner up, grab 1 Block per team, and regroup in the lot.  As a team:

  • P1 (150) Curls / P2 runs half lap
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press / P2 runs half lap
  • P1 (150) Bench Press / P2 runs half lap


Return blocks to the car, mosey around the back of the school, past the buses (be careful!), and to the small playground. The Pax noticed the strange lights on the track, so a quick explanation of why. The track is not only pitch black, but there was a lot of standing water on the track and grass. (4) strategically-placed lanterns helped navigate the course and keep us safe.

The “Whiteboard of Pain” was properly lit up under the covered picnic area with various exercises written. The goal was a repeating ladder, starting at #1, running a lap, repeat #1 and add #2, run a lap, repeat #1, #2, and add #3…you get the point:

  1. Derkins x 10
  2. LBC’s x 10
  3. Step-ups x 10
  4. Flutter (2 =1) x 10
  5. Dips x 10
  6. Heels to Heaven x 10
  7. Jump Tucks x 10
  8. Big Boy Sit-ups x 10
  9. Peter Parker (2 = 1) x 10
  10. Burpees x 10

YHC’s 5-minute warning went off so none of us completed the entire circuit, although Fire Hazard completed Round #8 easily. Most guys got through at least #6. Nice work, fellas.

Mosey back to COT to end this thing. Quick round robin Mary for the last minute or so. DONE!


Thanks, again, to Happy Meal for putting me on the Arsenal schedule to Q.  Great group of guys who post there, and it reminds me that we can all do a better job in posting and leading outside of our own Region / sub-Region. Great work by all who posted, and I hope the prep work done by bringing the Lanterns, Whiteboard, and Coupons shows how serious I take the responsibility of leading my brothers. We all owe it to the Pax to lead with Excellence.  That means prepping a solid Weinke, making sure the site and Pax are safe, showing Command/Confidence while leading, counting correctly, Executing on the Plan, looking out for the Six, taking us out in Prayer at COT (“Cradle-to-Grave”), etc.  Soap Box over!  “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!”.

Special shout-out to Run Flat for not only leaving the Waxhaw bubble, but for inviting an FNG from work, Weatherman (R).  Weatherman’s 57th Birthday was the same day, so I’m sure he got a “special gift” of some soreness the day after. Keep showing up, brother.

As we all know, the hard work during the 1st F is important, but it’s the connections to other men outside of workouts that matters even more. I was happy to post with my brother, Boucher, today since it had been a while. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN we will go through challenges as men, husbands, fathers, leaders so we need to have the backs of our brothers. Don’t forget to reach out to the Pax you know need support (grab coffee, lunch, a beer?) since it’s hard to think about working out when you’re going through a lot.

I look forward to posting and Q’ing again out at The Arsenal soon, and having The Fort Pax join us any time in Waxhaw. Iron Sharpens Iron!


  • Sandbox opportunity this Saturday, 2/29/20 from 10am-12pm. Soft Pretzel leading so reach out to him on Slack if interested.
  • The Arsenal needs Q’s in March. Please offer to lead there!
  • Welcome to our FNG, “Weatherman” (R), who works with Run Flat in Operations at Continental Tire.  He’s good at “Forecasting” so….Weatherman it is! (just hope he’s better at forecasting than Meteorologists)

YHC took us out in prayer.


Carry the Blocks!

20’ish Pax showed up at CMS this morning to start the week off right/wrong?.  Weekends can be tough to stay “on the wagon” of working out, eating right, and staying engaged with the Pax. Last Saturday was a great example of a trifecta of 1st F (3 separate workouts), 2nd F (Board meeting at 530am,  coffeterias), and 3rd F (Christ’s Closet service event).  There are many ways to stay involved, but showing up at 530am to workout with your brothers is the foundation of it all.  So…let’s go to work and incorporate the 3 core areas that make up a solid F3 Bootcamp:


Warm up by heading towards the front of the Middle School, en route to the HS Stair. We did:

  • SSH x (20)
  • IW x (20)
  • Plank Jacks x (20)


Partner up at the top of the stairs for some Partner CORE work with SPEED, each partner completing (2) rounds of each of the following:

  • P1 H2H / P2 Run the loop, up the stairs
  • P1 Rosalita / P2 Run the loop, up the stairs
  • P1 LBC’s / P2 Run the loop, up the stairs


Mosey towards the football field circle where we paused for a Merkin Ladder.  Option given to Pax to either start at 1 up to 10, or start at 10 down to 1.  Choice was 10 down to 1, so that’s what we did.


Mosey over to the football lot where some pre-planted Coupons/Cinder Blocks were revealed. Once again, partner up, grab a Cinder, time for STRENGTH work with a little SPEED.

  • P1 (200) Curls/P2 Run to 1st Light + (1) Burpee
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press/P2 Run to 1st Light + (1) Burpee
  • P1 (100)…(50)…(30) (25’ish) “Man Makers” (Burpee with Block)/P2 Run to 1st Light + (1) Burpee.  *These were harder than anticipated and most guys were spent at this point. 


Each team grab a Cinder and head back towards COT. Quick stop for a simple 1-minute plank & hold CORE & STRENGTH exercise.  Didn’t realize this would see so many Pax on their knees, but clearly we need to do more STRENGTH work!  5-minute warning given on YHC’s “stupid”, old-fashioned Timex Ironman watch.

Mosey with the Cinders, alternating between partners until reaching COT. Not sure how others felt, but running with a ~35 lb. Cinder Block over about .50 miles is not joke. It may have felt heavy after a while, but carrying the “weight” or extra burdens in life sometimes feels that way.  More to come on this later in the BB, as we look to help alleviate some of the burden of one of our brothers right now…



It’s always a privilege to lead this group early on a Monday.  Flash was the first F3 Workout YHC attended back on 10/31/2016 with Ice9 on Q, and this campus is our flagship AO. It’s easy to plan and visualize a Q at CMS/CHS as often as we post there, and knowing how/where to keep the Pax safe becomes easier and easier as the Q.

The goal in leading today’s workout was to take into consideration the various levels of fitness, speed, strength among the Pax and create a Weinke that worked for all (and didn’t leave anyone behind).  Thanks to our Site Q in attendance, Chicken Little, for keeping an eye on the Pax and the Six, and allowing YHC to focus on leading.


We never realize the impact and support of F3 until we are faced with major “life events”.  Loss of a family member/friend, birth of a child, 2.0 teenager “mistakes”, loss of a job, etc.  We are all human and will face difficult challenges in our lives. As the leaders God created us to be in our families, we will come under major attack from the Enemy who seeks to plant “FUD” (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in our heads.  If he is able to do that, he has a slick way of taking us and our families out. We need to remember this as we go into battle every day, and make sure we are putting on the FULL Armor of God to defend against his schemes. (Ephesians 6:11)

Our brother, Posse, shared today that he was laid off from his job last week. This is the extra burden and weight mentioned above.  No one has been more intentional about helping other Pax through similar situations, and he has truly made his Misery his Ministry among the Pax. It is now time to help our brother out and keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities for Posse. If everyone throws him just 1 lead/contact/connection, then this will build momentum in his job search.

We know that God will take him through this, but let’s rally around him as we did today in our Ball of Man during COT.  Posse…When I was laid off in 2012 after 10 years with Johnson & Johnson, one of my buddies sent me this Bible verse that has become my family’s verse:

“And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to His purpose” – Romans 8:28



  • Church on the Street – Sunday 3/1 – F3 Waxhaw’s time to serve this month. Reach out to Foundation for info.
  • Christ’s Closet Folding Party – Thursday 2/27
  • March is “No Repeat Q Month” in Waxhaw
  • YHC on Q this Thursday at The Arsenal, Indian Land Elementary School.  530am.
  • “Mark this Moment” event on 3/6/20.

YHC took us out in prayer. Thanks for allowing me to lead you today, fellas!

Day after the Super Bowl Beating

The day after the Super Bowl still brought 10 Pax out for an Ignition workout.  Some of the “regulars” were not present, and we heard at least 1 Pax may have spent “a minute” extra with the M which made him 15 minutes late.  Well worth being late, and he was able to join the Flash crew.  Maybe a bit too many Nachos, Wings, and Beer for others, but it was time to go to work.

Weinke planned, Playlist and Speaker rolling, DiCCS communicated…let’s go!

Mosey down the path towards Rudy’s Palace, doing various Warm-up exercises at different spots such as:

  • Butt Kickers
  • Walking Quad Stretch
  • Walking Glute Stretch
  • Toy Soldiers
  • SSH x 20
  • Low Slow Squat x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 20


Mosey to the dual circles for a Jacob’s Ladder of Burpees.  Run to top circle, 1 Burpee, back to lower circle, back up to top circle for 2 Burpees…repeat until hitting 7 Burpees at the top). Done!

Mosey onto the track for ¼ Miles x 4. At each goal post, alternate between:

  • (20) Merkins
  • (20) LBC’s

Reverse direction after each lap, totaling 1 Mile.  Done!

Mosey up the ramp to the Bleachers for exercises down low, and up top.  Headlamps were recommended for this portion since it’s pitch black on the bleachers.  We did:

  • (10) Derkins down low
  • (10) Flutters up top

Repeat until we got to the opposite side of the bleachers.  All-in we must have run up and down 9-10 times. Done!

Mosey the Benches behind the HS for some partner work.  Partners do:

  • (10) Box Jumps each
  • Run to the loop, partners split in one direction or the other
  • Meet halfway for (10) Merkin Shredders
  • Run back to the benches for (20) Dips
  • Repeat the sequence again


Mosey back towards COT where we ran 2 laps around the parking lot until the Flash crew arrived.  Done!


A great crew this morning, with everyone working hard.  We got in 5 miles from what some of the fancy watches read, and we moved a lot.  The bleachers have always been a great workout like back in the day of Commitment at WHS (R.I.P.!) so it’s great to work it back into a workout.

It’s impressive to see Mad Dog out at Ignition since he had to leave early for his first day on the new job. Great work, brother, and go get ‘em today in Rochester.

Of course, Dasher and Hollywood crushed it today around the track, and seemed to have the extra gear today.

Gerber was under the weather and still crushed it, leaving most of us in his dust.  Way to work when you’re down, brother.

Seeing Foundation working so hard during mostly running workouts lately has been awesome too. Keep it up.
I’m also proud of Smithers for how hard he’s been working, the improvement in speed and strength in a short time.  Keep pushing.

Legal Zoom is a staple at Ignition and worked hard again today.

We also had one of our “Seniors”, Recalculating, at Ignition today, and he took off during Jacob’s Ladder like Deadwood last week in the Mile repeats.  Now you’ve been exposed that you are a lot faster than you lead us to believe.  We are going to push you even more now, Recalc!

Shake & Bake always says “No”, but he keeps coming back for more and always pushes himself and the Pax hard.  It’s always great to post with you, brother.


It’s always a pleasure and privilege to lead these great Pax, and you guys push me harder than I would push myself.  We still had 22 total between Ignition and Flash, as well as 12 more at Asylum for Deadwood’s Q.  34 total the day after a late night and Super Bowl is awesome.  Thanks for always showing up, fellas, and let’s keep pushing for FNG’s to join us, since we all know how important the fellowship is in our lives.  Enjoy your day, and we will SYITG this week!



  • Q School on 2/8/20 at CMS. 630-730am workout with teaching. 745-830am Coffeteria and discussion about Q’ing.  Posse and I will be your hosts, so if you haven’t signed up already, you should!



Do You Believe in Miracles? YES!

Today is a reminder that F3 is about much more than a Workout. One of our brothers, Doc McStuffins, is undergoing (at the time of this posting, has already undergone) major surgery to replace a heart valve that has caused him to change the life as he knew it. Not every one of the 19 Pax who posted at Dromedary today has had the pleasure of knowing, posting with, or calling Doc a friend, but we all still rally to support our F3 brothers no matter what the circumstance.  The least we could do today was to show up, work hard, push ourselves and each other, and thank God for the fact that we “get” to do this every day.  Here we go:

DiCCs info given. Playlist and speaker always ready to go. Time to mosey around the MRHS lot.  We stopped at the 4 corners for a warmup exercise while YHC pointed out some nice words written in sidewalk chalk. More to come on that.  Mosey past some pre-stacked coupons, around the entire lot, and back to the top of the lot.

The Thang:

Time for Four Corners/Starfish, with one of the following exercises written in a corner:

  • LBC’s x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle
  • Jump Squats x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle
  • Merkin Shredders x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle (these were brutal!)
  • Speed Skaters (1=1) x (20) + (3) Burpees back in the middle


Mosey to the side driveway where each Pax completes (20) Plank Jacks (CC) at each light, around the Globe, except for the last (3) lights where we audibled to (20) 6” Plank Jacks (CC).  All-in, there were (6) total lights.  Done!

At the Globe, the Pax would complete ¼ lap around the globe broken up into:

  1. Lunge Walk
  2. Hop on Right Leg
  3. Hop on Left Leg
  4. Lunge Walk


Everyone plank, then 6” Plank, ½ way down, etc.


Mosey to the alcove of the school, partner up, and complete the following, 2 times/Pax:

  • P1 LBC’s / P2 Run to next alcove, complete (10) Donkey Kicks, run back to P1
  • P1 Heels-to-Heaven / P2 Run to next alcove, complete (10) Donkey Kicks, run back to P1
  • P1 Flutter / P2 Run to next alcove, complete (10) Donkey Kicks, run back to P1


Mosey quickly back to the parking lot to enjoy those fine coupons/cinder blocks.  Same Partner for:

  • P1 Bicep Curls / P2 Run to, and touch, the speed bump and back
  • P1 Overhead Press / P2 Run to, and touch, the speed bump and back
  • P1 Man Makers / P2 Run to, and touch, the speed bump and back

5-minute warning according to YHC’s watch.  Grab coupons and deliver back to COT (load in my car!) for last few minutes of Mary.  Around the circle where we did something like this:

  • H2H
  • LBC
  • Protractor
  • Throw in some Dry Docks (Premature must have thought these were part of Mary!!!)




As always, it’s a pleasure and an awesome responsibility to lead the Pax, especially at an AO near and dear to my heart at Dromedary.  It’s a great campus, very safe (other than a school bus once in a while), and there is a lot of room to roam. We stayed relatively close to the lot today but we still got to focus on and work the 3 areas that make for a solid F3 Bootcamp Workout…SPEED, STRENGTH, and CORE!

When I say everyone worked hard today, that’s no joke! There really wasn’t much circling back or waiting on the Pax today.  A true sign that we are ALL getting stronger and faster, and the type of workout we did today gave everyone a chance to transition quickly and keep moving.

We have a great group of guys at F3 Waxhaw, to include our brothers from SOB, Union County, Indian Land.  We know at times of need we are there for each other.  Like Transporter said today when talking about Doc as a Leader, Man, Friend… it’s not a matter of IF you come to a time of need…it’s a matter of WHEN.  These are the times when being part of F3 matters the most. We are not created by God to do life on our own, or to not compete and fight, not challenge ourselves, not hold each other accountable as men, and not support each other when times get tough.  We are truly blessed to be a part of F3.


We received some updates tonight from Doc’s wife that his Heart Surgery was a success today, and he will soon be better than ever! That is a Miracle in itself.  There are many miracles in Doc’s story, namely the man-made technology developed in the form of a Heart Valve, the skill of the Surgeons and Nurses who delivered a successful outcome for Doc, and the fact that he will now be able to make his Misery his Ministry after this health scare.  Miracles are everywhere if you open your hearts and minds to them.  We may not witness them today in the form of walking on water, turning water into wine, or multiplying 5 fishes and 2 loaves to feed 5,000, but they are there.

On a personal note…last week, my son’s teacher asked me to speak about the “Miracle” of my life, after my son told her my personal story of when I was born in Newark, NJ. Being born at only 4 lbs, 4 oz and 3 weeks late, the doctors told my parents I was not going to survive. The priest came in, baptized me, gave me my “last rights” as a Catholic, and everyone expected the worst.  Little did they know that God had a different plan and a Miracle in store.

Not only did I survive (1st Miracle), but I spent 4 months in the NICU.  This particular hospital in Newark, NJ, Presbyterian Hospital (which is the same name of the hospital my 3 boys were born in Charlotte!) had just opened that NICU a month before.  Maybe that’s why I was late?  Had I not been born at Presbyterian, there is no way I would have survived (2nd Miracle).

The Medical expenses for 4 months in a NICU were astronomical, and on a Fireman’s salary there is no way my parents could have paid it back. An organization called the “March of Dimes” paid the entire bill for my care (3rd Miracle).

I reminded the students that Miracles affect many generations as well.  Since I was not supposed to survive at birth, that means they never would have known their friend and classmate, Alex (F3 Flash).  That made it real to them.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers for Doc and his family, and for being the men and leaders that you are or are working to become. We are all in this together, fellas.  Iron Sharpens Iron!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.Romans 8:28



  • Site Q School on 2/1/20 at Cuthbertson Middle School. 630-730am Workout.  730-830am debrief/discussion at Chick Fila in Wesley Chapel. Posse and YHC on Q.
  • Q School on 2/8/20 at Cuthbertson Middle School. 630-730am Workout.  730-830am debrief/discussion at Chick Fila in Wesley Chapel. Posse and YHC on Q.
  • Sorry if I missed anything else, fellas.

YHC took us out in prayer, something we are calling “Cradle-to-Grave”. If you are on Q, you lead the workout, lead at COT, and close us out in prayer, or a quote, or motivational thought…whatever works for you. We know that public speaking and public prayer isn’t everyone’s strength, but we can all challenge ourselves and pull it off successfully if we just practice and prepare. We are here to help!


*Q Preface:

F3 means so many things to so many Pax on a day-to-day basis. Some come for great workouts and that brings them back.  Some enjoy the fellowship/banter and that keeps them coming back.  Others want to be around men of faith and that keeps them coming back. 

Whatever your “thing” is that keeps you coming back, there was also some”thing”/someone that brought you out in the first place.  Maybe it was a horrible fitness level, peer-pressure/Emotional Headlock, a friendship, guilt, desperation, or just curiosity when you saw all these F3 Bumper Stickers around town.  Today was a reminder for YHC and other Pax in attendance that we need to be more open and intentional about reaching out to men to join F3 for one main reason: We are ALL just Sad Clowns looking for support/encouragement to be the men, leaders, warriors God created us to be!  Here we go…


4 men showed up early for a Homecoming pre-run around the Weddington MS campus, including our brother from Indian Land (Happy Meal) and his FNG (Brent), Bottle Cap, and YHC.  Happy Meal let us know ahead of time he was coming so it was great to chat with Brent during the run.  Little did we know, our brother Haggis from Ft. Mill/SOB would show up with an FNG as well.  All-in, we would be (11) Pax today.

With this Q’s standard 80’s Rock Playlist, Bluetooth speaker, some Coupons and a Whiteboard planted, it was time to execute on the Plan. YHC’s Plan, but clearly not God’s Plan!  

Mosey around the front of the Middle School for various exercises, with running between each exercise consisting of SSH, IW, Low Slow Squat, Mountain Climbers.  Stop in front of the Elementary School for a few quick stretches (for this old man!) consisting of Standing Quad and Glute Stretches, Bend at the Waist and Hang to stretch the Back and Hamstrings, quick Upward Dog & Downward Dog plus calf stretch. All this knowing what was coming during the next 50+ minutes.

The Thang:

At each of the (5) light poles down the school driveway, complete (10) Walking Lunges then circle back for the Six.  Once complete, run to the back entrance/driveway and complete (5) Jump Squats per light until you get to the back parking lot.  Once arrived, the “Whiteboard of Pain” was waiting for the Pax.  A quick explanation by YHC of how this would go down.

There were (10) separate exercises listed on the Whiteboard with (10) reps/exercise.  After completing each set, run a full lap around the outside of the lot then start back at exercise #1, but add one additional exercise every lap (1, 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4…you get the picture).  The list of exercises were as follows, in an order that allowed Pax to get some Strength + Core, followed by Speed:

  1. Derkins
  2. LBC’s
  3. Step-ups
  4. Flutter (2=1)
  5. Dips
  6. Heels-to-Heaven
  7. Jump Tucks
  8. Big Boy Sit-ups
  9. Peter Parkers (2=1)
  10. BURPEES!!!

All-in, the Pax completed (100) Derkins + (90) LBC’s + (80) Step-ups + (70) Flutters + (60) Dips + (50) H2H + (40) Jump Tucks + (30) BB Sit-ups + (20) Peter Parkers + (10) Burpees.  Pax who completed early got a prize and some Extra Credit of finding a Pax who had not yet completed and got to stick with them. This took up the majority of our time today. Done.

Mosey to the gravel lot and hill next to the school where some beautiful Cinder Blocks were waiting for the Pax.  Partner up, grab a cinder for:

  • P1 (200) (100) Bicep Curls / P2 Run up hill, (1) Burpee, back
  • P1 (100) Overhead Press / P2 Run up hill, (1) Burpee, back
  • P1 (100) Tricep Extension / P2 Run up hill, (1) Burpee, back

Done. Some Pax mentioned that these must be “Lowe’s Cinder Blocks” since they felt heavier than normal. That’s how we roll in The Haw!

Mosey to the parking lot for the final 4 minutes and the “Cube of Pain” (the cool little cube with different exercises and counts). Roll the cube to see where it lands.  We completed:

  • (15) Jump Lunges
  • (20) Mountain Climbers
  • (20) Jump Squats
  • (20) BURPEES!
  • Time!


This was YHC’s first Q at the new Homecoming, which only happened since our brother, Frack, couldn’t take the Q as he is up in NY celebrating the life of his Grandfather (a Korean War veteran!). Please keep Frack and his family in your prayers.

Great work by all 11 of us who attended while many of our brothers were doing CSAUP’s, Trail Races, and Commitment.  I hope you all felt it was challenging. We kept moving and did plenty of Core + Strength + Speed work, which makes for an ideal F3 Workout.

Like was mentioned earlier, the “Plan” was to lead a solid workout today, expecting only one FNG along with Happy Meal.  God’s Plan was MUCH bigger than this, as brother Haggis showed up with another FNG named Clive (both from Scotland!).  Little did we know, Clive is going through a lot of challenges right now in his life as he revealed in the FNG-naming portion of COT.

Like many of us before and now, he is experiencing challenges in his marriage and in his work.  He had to shut down his construction business recently, and this has put a burden on him, his family, his self-worth, finances, etc. A position none of us ever plan to be in, but one that requires support from others to get through.

The Enemy uses these things to crush our spirit and self-worth as a leader, provider, and as a man! We thank the Lord that Clive showed up today, had the courage to share his struggles with us, and allowed us to minister to him and support him at this time of need. None of this would have happened, though, had Haggis not reached out to Clive, EH’d him, and made a commitment to help him through this.

Clive got the name “Rebuild”, as Transporter immediately called it. Perfect! Rebuild represents the transformation Clive and we all need to go through (by our own doing or forced into it) at many times in our lives. We All Rebuild! We Rebuild our Finances.  We Rebuild our Marriages.  We Rebuild our Families.  We Rebuild our Homes.  We Rebuild our Careers.  We Rebuild our Personal Brand.  We Rebuild our Faith.  We Rebuild our Health/Fitness.  We Rebuild our Purpose!

Our new F3 brother, Rebuild, will come out on the other side of this stronger, wiser, better, and with an awesome opportunity to “Make his Misery his Ministry” to other men who will go through similar challenges.  We all have our “stuff”, but it’s what we do with our stuff that makes an impact on lives.

God clearly set this up today in order to do His work through Haggis when he invited Rebuild to Homecoming (an AO he doesn’t live near, with Pax he doesn’t really know).  If any Pax still questions the impact F3 has on the lives of us Sad Clowns, or those we haven’t invited yet, I encourage you to think about our brother Haggis and his FNG/Friend, Rebuild.  F3 Waxhaw had (4) FNG’s workout with us today…keep inviting!

To God Be The Glory!  Iron Sharpens Iron!





  • 3rd F opportunity at Open Door every Sunday at Five Stones Church.  7am.  Be there!
  • Church on the Street being run by the Waxhaw crew (ask Bottle Cap for more details)
  • Site Q School on 2/1/20 (if you’re a Site Q and haven’t attended one yet, you need to attend!)
  • Q School on 2/8/20 (if you’ve Q’d <3 times or more than 3 times, you need to attend and learn from your peers!)

YHC took us out with the Ball of Man around Rebuild. Powerful moment for all as we pray for our brother in this tough time.

I will end this BB with my Family’s Life Verse, which was given to me by a buddy on the day I was part of a major layoff on 10/25/12:

 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose”

Romans 8:28


Be The Light!

16 men decided a little rain wasn’t going to discourage them from showing up for a great workout at Union County’s Waxhaw’s longest-running and most successful AO, Dromedary! Would we be under roof to stay dry? What would the Weinke look like? Would there be Burpees? What about rocks? Plenty of questions but only one good answer. AMRAP!

Quick disclaimer given, bluetooth speaker and standard “Rocky” themed playlist ready to roll, so it was time to mosey around Marvin Ridge. Warm-up exercises around the entire campus after various distances, consisting of (the the best of my memory as I made it up as we ran):

  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Plank Jacks x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Grab a wall for Air Presses x 10, left leg out x 10, right leg out x 10

Mosey around the back of the school to the cafeteria and track for the surprise. YHC pre-labeled the (7) AMRAP stations, moved the rocks, and dropped in 2 lanterns along the darkest portions of the track. Little did I know that those lanterns would show up in other ways today for YHC…more to come on that.


Mini-AMRAP of 25 minutes today would consist of the following stations and reps:

  1. (20) Dips
  2. (20) Donkey Kicks
  3. (20) Merkins
  4. (20) Bicep Curls (only heavy rocks today!)
  5. (20) Big Boy Sit-ups LBC’s
  6. (20) Gas Pumps
  7. (5) Burpees/round

Timer went off at 610am, with just enough time to return the rocks and mosey to COT. Quick Mary led by Transporter and Gerber before 615am. Done!


Great job by everyone for pushing themselves and each other today, and we covered about 3 miles as well. It was great to see Deep Dish back out there after a couple months of nursing a knee injury. Also love the consistency, dedication, and hard work of Sprinkles, our “Home Alone” younger brother/son. I don’t know many HS Seniors getting up at 5am to work out with a bunch of old, crusty guys in the cold rain. We appreciate you, brother, and know God has big plans for your life. Keep up the great work.

So…about those lanterns. YHC makes reference during COT prayer of the Darkness in this World, and that we need to be the Light as Darkness cannot exist in Light. Today was no different and this was part of the prayer. The Bible verse of the Day today on the You Version Bible App was from John 8:12 where it reads “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Later this morning, I caught a Joel Osteen sermon on Sirius Radio where he talked about being the light when negative people in your life try to bring you down. He mentioned that Darkness cannot exist in the Light and we need to ignore those people in order to light the path for others. Amen!

I truly believe that the 3rd F always shows up during our 1st and 2nd F activities, even if we don’t recognize it at the time or at all. The daily encouragement (light), fellowship (light), banter (light-hearted) we experience everyday is that Light, both in us and for us! I know it helps me get out of bed 4-5 days/week to workout with my F3 brothers, and helps me navigate the day-to-day keeping God’s will and plan for my life in everything I do. I would encourage others to think about what this means to you, personally, since we are about to celebrate Christmas with our families. It’s not about the presents, but about the Gifts God has given every one of us to impact others. Iron Sharpens Iron!