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Watchtower workout on Tuesday. We had 20 guys and a whole-lotta humidity.  It was my third time as Q, and Q-ing gets easier every time.  The weinke was nowhere in sight (but balled-up in my pocket for safe keeping).  Next time, just pure freestyle, whatever comes to me in the moment.  But here’s how it went down:

The Warm-up

Start at the normal side-parking lot.  After disclaimers:

  • Run lap around lot, to front of school
  • Imperial walker
  • Side-straddle
  • Potato picker
  • Plank side to side
  • Mosey to rock pile at the bus lot


The Thang:  Rock and Rail

Partner-up.  One man runs the circular Bus Lot while the other does:

  • 100 triceps
  • 100 biceps
  • 100 side-to-side twist
  • 100 dips
  • Do ab-work while collecting The Six

Mosey to the handrail at back of the school:

  • 20 supine pull-ups on the peeling led-base painted hand rail
  • Run to back of school and do 20 derkins and 20 step-ups
  • Run back to rails and repeat x3
  • Do abs and squats while collecting The Six

Concessions made:

  • Mosey to football concession stand
  • Triple Check: Team of 3: #1 Does squats #2 does planks, #3 runs 100 yrd. Rotate x3.
  • Protractor abs to collect The Six
  • Mosey toward lot, stopping at blue stair rails by brown wall
  • Hill Climb: At top of hill, 10 Rosalia. At bottom of hill, countdown burpees 7:1 (Audible called to bail after about 3 rounds)

To Lot

  • Thanks to Dancing Bear for finish things up with a few squats, and Mad Dog for taking us out.
  • I’m going off memory for the Pax, so I may be one-or-two off


Man Down at the Wall!

Nice day for it, and we had a Monday Pax of 25.  Things were chugging-along through BLIMPS, Bears and Crabs until we got to the Facility-building wall.  Something at the wall set BottleCap’s back off in a bad way and brought the big man down (Donkeys? Chicken Peckers? Kryptonite?).  B-Cap made his way out for recovery, and we carried on with some partner-work, and Hill-Elevens that brought it to a close. My thanks to the Pax for your improv and patience as I hone my Q-skills.  Thoughts and prayers B-Cap… apply heat.



  • Lap around the lot
  • Side-straddle hops
  • Planks, wax-on, wax off
  • Plank, lift opposite arm & leg


The Thang

BLIMPS down the back-school light posts

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges, each leg
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank-Jacks
  • 30 Squats
  • Fast-guys flutter while The-6 finish


Bear & Crab

  • Bear Crawl down sidewalk to fields
  • Crab Walk back
  • Run to Facilities building


The Wall

  • 50 People’s Chair
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Chicken Peckers (feet on wall, touch opposite shoulder)
  • 25 Air Press
  • 25 Punches


The Bus Lane to School

  • Run toward school. ½ Caricoca, ½ Reverse Run
  • Pair-up: 100 Derkins + 100 Step-ups, while partner runs a loop.
  • Fast-guys crunch while The-6 finish
  • Mosey back to parking lot


Hill Elevens

At the hill at middle school parking lot.

  • 10 Burpees at top, 1 Merkin at bottom of hill
  • 9 Burpees at top, 2 Merkin at bottom of hill
  • Continue until 1 Burpee at top, 10 Merkins at bottom
  • Fast-guys lead; Freddie, Protractor while The-6 finish



Foley-the-Virgin-Q and Scooter

For my VQ Posse lit the path with a sparkle-wheeled scooter and we drove off the police with rocks (in a sense).

The Warm Up

  • Lap around the side-lot to get the blood pumping, then mosey to front-of-school with round of Imperial Walkers, classic Potato Pickers, and mountain climber. Then mosey to the bus loop.

The Thang

  • Starting at the top of the bus-loop, ran light-poles toward the school with 10 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 10 Bonnie Blaires, 10 WW2 Sit-up, then dips on school benches until failure.
  • Picked lifting rocks & paired-up. One ran loop while the other lifted rock: 150 tricep, 100 bicep, 100 full-extension.
  • In “Serpentine Top-Lot”, snaked through lot, running between speedbumps, stopping at each bump alternating: Front-lunge, back-lunch, side lunge, repeating 3.1 times to end of lot.
  • Reverse-mosey across the lot toward the school. A round of squats against school wall for 50 (or 60).
  • Mosey to back of school. Set of 20 Supines on sidewalk rail, the calf-raises x3 up the set of stairs, then 10 Step-ups on school benches. Repeat x2 with Derkins replacing Step-ups.
  • Mosey back to starting place with a few rounds of plank and merkins to take us out.

The Moleskine 

  • Thanks to Posse for coming out to support the team (and my VQ) despite a twisted ankle. He “modified” as needed by wheeling along with light-flash wheeled Razor scooter. Well-played, sir. Now get some rest.
  • Police sitting in the bus loop with car running as well came around with lifting rocks and running circles around his car. We either disturbed top-secret recon, or disturbed coffee and donuts before his shift.
  • Q-ing was no big thang. I might even sign up sooner than 18-months for my next go at it.