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Record turnout for the 2/13 edition to WAMRAP — or so I’m told. (It was only the second time I’ve posted at the new AO). I’m not naive enough to think that YHC had anything to do with it. It was probably due to the fact that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and a few good men needed to do some last minute body shaping. The format, and the challenge of it, is catching on! To paraphrase our fearless leader, Alf, “the beauty of AMRAP is that everybody goes all out – no matter how many times you complete the circuit.” Wisdom from our Naantan while we work out — a two – for- one special.

While leaving the AO last week after my first post and agreeing to Q this week, the rules of WAMRAP were laid by McGee, Alf, Flipper, and Purell — there are no rules! Well, there might not be rules but I did learn that there’s some strong tendencies. So, in sticking with those tendencies, YHC gave a disclaimer (though not a good one), skipped COP, and headed straight for the parking garage. After the PAX took the steps to the 3rd level, the circuit was laid out and explained. It went like this: 3rd level the PAX did 3 exercises — Heels to Heaven, Dolly, Freddie Mercury. 2nd level exercises — Merkins and Squats. 1st level exercise — pull-ups or burpees (PAX choice). All exercises were 10 reps each. To complete the full circuit, the PAX would run up 3 flights of stairs and start over.


YHC is really digging this Wednesday workout. It has kicked my tailed the past two weeks — although Flipper’s gear workout was worse than today IMO. Most everyone completed 9-10 full circuits with a few studs finishing 11-12. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. I’ll definitely be back!

Luke Kuechly

In honor of Super Bowl week, YHC thought we’d get creative with the hills of Raintree. At 5:28, there were 7 vehicles in the parking lot with no man standing outside. Everyone was trying to experience that last little blast of heat from the car’s heater. At 5:29:30, the PAX emerged into a circle and then we launched at exactly 5:30. A very brief disclaimer was given as YHC was not expecting to see any FNGs at 23 degrees.

We circled in the parking lot for COP before venturing over to Rising Meadows Ln. YHC then gave the instructions that we’d be doing Merkins at the top of the hill and WWII sit-ups at the bottom. But how many of each would be determined by each man individually being challenged with football jersey number trivia. Guess the player’s jersey number correctly and the PAX would cut that number in half. Guess the player’s jersey number wrong and the PAX would do that same number of reps.

Stone Cold started us off strong but correctly answering Tom Brady (12) which resulted in 6 merkins at the top and 6 sit-ups at the bottom. The PAX would bounce between correct and incorrect answers for the next 5 rounds. And then we got to the finale — Luke Kuechly! An incorrect answer would be very costly to the group so the pressure was on. And the answer we received– 89!! That’s right, 89. As in Steve Smith. Oh brother did the PAX chime in disdain!

After finishing on a sour note there, the PAX headed back over to Strawberry Lane for some partner merkins before heading back to launch.


I may now get Smokey a Luke Kuechly jersey for the big 5-0 birthday. Or wait until 59?? Today was a fun way to not think about how cold it was. Guys really seemed to embrace the jersey number challenge and they did far better on football numbers than baseball (back in the Fall). Puddin Pop is incredible with jersey numbers. You want that guy on your team for sports trivia!

Thanks to Smokey and Dollywood for the opportunity to lead. It gave me the opportunity to make sure that my feet stayed dry!

Pop Quiz from the Substi-Q

After getting the call from the bullpen last night to step in and Q at Death Valley, I tried to come up with something creative to reflect the role a substitute teacher might play — maintain the organized chaos, make the time pass quickly, and don’t let any fights or extreme name-calling to occur.

With that in mind, the most creative idea that I could develop at 9:00 pm was surrounding baseball (go figure) and a test of random knowledge about jersey numbers of famous players in history.

At 0530, a look around the circle of 9 men found that only Puddin Pop was brave enough to have no tights on his legs in the 25 degree weather.  After a short discussion about whether tights actually did any good, a quick disclaimer was given and off we moseyed down Woodfox Dr.

Stopping halfway down Woodfox, the PAX circled for a little COP — SSH x 15, IW x 15, LSS x 15, Merkins x 10, MC x 15. Continue to mosey up Rounding Run and over to Windbluff to where the main event was held:

Starting at the speed hump at the bottom of Windbluff, the pop quiz began.  Each student would be given his individual turn to showcase his knowledge of historical baseball players. Instructions were given that all baseball players involved in the quiz would have worn a jersey number between 1 and 10.  If the student correctly matched the player to his jersey number, the PAX would run to the top of the hill, do that jersey number of merkins, then run back to the speed hump and do that same jersey number of squats. However, if the student answered incorrectly, the answer was double the jersey number + 10. Once 8 rounds were complete (everyone went once except the Q), the PAX did an Indian Run back to launch. 3 minutes of Mary wrapped up the workout.


There were a couple of random observations on a really cold morning as we moseyed to Windbluff.  Puddin Pop, with his hoodie tied tight, was told he looked like a baby and needed a pacifier to complete the look. Smokey commented that his eyes were watering as though he was watching a chick flick with his wife (kudos to you, Smokey – get ready for those Hallmark movies this season. I hear they might make one this year where you can’t predict the outcome until at least 25 minutes in).

The PAX did better than expected on the baseball jersey number trivia and it was a fun way to keep moving and create some mumble chatter.  Correct answers were: Derek Jeter (2), Babe Ruth (3), Cal Ripken (8), Ted Williams (9), and Chipper Jones (10). Incorrect answers involved Ozzie Smith (1), Johnny Bench (5), Mickey Mantle (7).

YHC can’t believe that Dollywood got his question right (Jeter) as I wasn’t sure he’d know a single baseball player’s jersey number! Puddin Pop was strong on the quiz.  Like YHC, he properly stores his useless knowledge at the forefront of his brain. Hey, you never know when someone may want to know who won the NL MVP in 2014 (Clayton Kershaw – the last time a Pitcher won MVP)!

Always a pleasure to lead. Thanks for the good turnout, even in the cold weather.


Opportunity to serve by building a handicap ramp on Saturday. Meet at 0800 at First United Methodist Church in Matthews. No tools needed – just gloves and your work ethic. Contact Stone Cold if you need more information.

Christmas Party on Saturday night (Dec. 1)

Rounding the bases

13 men for 3+ miles of Raintree’s Rounding Run.  In no way was this an original workout and I do apologize for my lack of creativity this morning!  However, we still were able to get in a good workout and even finish with some upper body strengthening.

At 0530, YHC gave the disclaimer and off we went for COP.  Floor Slapper had his impeccable timing again—amazingly showing up just before the PAX gets out of sight!! Following COP, the PAX was instructed to mosey to Rounding Run where I was quickly informed by Stone Cold that he and 49er had just pre-run this same route. Once again, my lack of creativity this morning produced no audible and so we went…

At the intersection where Rounding Run makes its big loop at the end (DV regulars should’ve been familiar with our surroundings), the PAX were instructed to grab a partner and run the loop by starting in opposite directions.  At the first partner meeting, 10 hand slap merkins. At the second partner meeting, mosey back to our starting point for 10 x 20 x 30: merkins, squats, LBCs.

Repeato. Uno mas. Do over. Second verse. Rinse and repeat. You get the drift – we did that same thing again!

Mosey back past launch and onto the baseball field bleacher area for the final 10 minutes. Called exercises were 50 merkins, 50 dips, 50 supine pull-ups OYO.

Mosey to launch for some Mary and some!

Moleskin: YHC was happy to oblige when Dollywood asked for me to step in and substi-Q. After Q-ing the day before, I chose to keep it simple on my brain and go with an easy instruction workout.  We got in over 3 miles and, although profusely sweating, everyone seemed to handle it well.

Thanks to D-wood and Smokey – you guys lead  and serve the men of DV well!!

The Takeover

15 men posted for a very humid Skunkworks. After the usual disclaimer, the PAX were led through a typical COP before moseying down to the lot between the admin and cafeteria buildings.  Instructions were given to partner up – like size bells preferably. The exercises went like this:

P1 – runs to top of parking lot, around the island, and returns to flapjack with P2, who is doing the called exercise.

Set 1 – OH press, KB swings

Set 2 – Biceps, Triceps, Upright rows

Set 3 – Clean left, clean right, snatch left, snatch right

Set 4 – Merkins, CDD’s

Set 5 – Flutter press, Louganis, Toe touches

Set 6 – Squats, GMs

Mosey back to launch for COT.

Moleskin: Great group of men who continue to impress with their dedication to a lifestyle of fitness. Dollywood and YHC were chatting this morning about how much of our disciplines in life start with our commitment to exercise.  It’s totally true!  Even though I feel beat down after some of our workouts, it’s still a better feeling than when I miss a few days in a row.   I’m really thankful to F3 and all the Area 51 men for the community that we have!

The big announcement was made during COT that myself and Blazing Saddles will be turning over the site Q reigns to Tulip and Funky Cold. Guys, thank you for stepping up! We all are excited about what you both bring to the table.  You will be great site leaders!

The Canadian Rock Star

Earlier in the week, YHC reached out to the site-Q for audio support in preparation for today’s workout.  Wednesday night’s tweet from Voodoo had me thinking we’d possibly just hit the Repeat button on the Robin Hood soundtrack.  For those of you wondering, I’ve endured – yet embraced – the fact that I share the namesake of the Canadian Rock Star Bryan Adams.  However, I do spell my name different (Brian) but the verbal communication is one and the same!  It’s a good thing that I actually enjoy most of his music, as I described to the PAX this morning that Summer of ‘69 was my warm-up/intro song during my baseball career.  Hence, the “embrace your place” motto!

All that being said prior to launch, we actually started on time at 0530 with the usual disclaimer. With 14 of us ready to sling some iron, the workout went like this:

COT:  SSH x 15, IW x 15, Merkins x 10, KB swings x 15, LSS x 10, KB swings x 10, Halo x 3, Prying Squats x 3.

The Thang: YHC struggled a bit out of the gate with the explanation of today’s workout. Led to a little confusion but we all quickly adjusted and got on the same page.

5 sets of 3 called exercises, in reps of 6,8,10,8,6.  Lunge walks at the end of the 5 sets. (Had I explained it that way originally we’d been golden!)

1st round – Cleans, OH press, Snatches

2nd round – Triceps, Biceps, Merkins

3rd round – Goblet squats, Good mornings, Single leg deadlift

Moleskin: It was humid this morning!! Glad I chose not to pre-run, as I’m always challenged to hold onto the KB with sweaty hands.  Kudos to those that did run— those BRR-ers gotta get their miles in.  Great group of men, not a lot of talking as the high reps were taking their tolls on us all.  Thank you to Voodoo for the opportunity to lead and for the musical accompaniment!


1) Crane Relay – last weekend in October. Waiting list to participate.  Should be fun!

2) Labor Day convergence – 0700 at BaseCamp

FT Option Run

Excited to lead my first “running” workout, I thought best to give the PAX some different options.  At 0515, 19 men – many half-naked – were given a quick disclaimer (no warm-ups as the PAX pointed out) and we moseyed into Raintree at the Four Mile Creek intersection.

Still no warm-up there as we had already gotten in 3/4 mile.  Instructions and run options were given and off went the PAX!  Here were the options:

4 miler— South on Four Mile Creek, left on Fairway Ridge (1st time you come to it), right on Four Mile Creek, right on Whitehorn, end at intersection of Raintree Rd.

5 miler— Same as 4 mile course, but continue by turning left on Raintree Rd and going back to the intersection of Four Mile Creek, right on Four Mile Creek to bottom of hill at apartments, then back to intersection of Raintree Rd and Whitehorn.

6 miler— Same as 4 mile course, then continue by making a left on Raintree Rd., another left on Four Mile Creek (same as initial start), left on Whitehorn, then finish at intersection of Raintree Rd.

Upon completion of your chosen course, mosey back to launch via Raintree Rd and Providence Rd and complete the following exercises (time permitting):

5 sets of 10 x 20 x 30 — merkins, squats, LBCs.


Really fast group!  YHC was hoping to keep some kind of pace with Purell by letting him blow by the first turn and then not tell him until he was at least 1/10 mile past it.  Well, that lasted for 2/10 mile and then he aptly left us in the dust.  BRR guys look strong and ready to take to the mountains!  I can’t believe  we didn’t hear a bunch of grumbling on Fairway Ridge — that incline just keeps going and going!

To not have been a “runner” for very long, Orange Whip is impressive out there.  He’s going to be a nice addition to his BRR team.  Mr. Brady was his usual self — leaving his pool of water at the end to signify that his work was done.  Turkey Leg is getting back close to 100% – I know from experience as he also passed YHC!  Was a pleasure meeting Astro, another sneaky fast runner.

One big challenge that I was not prepared for — how in the world do you recognize and take down the PAX’s names at the end?  I was not ready for the massive 35-person circle with the group from Hawk’s Nest.

As site-Q for Skunkworks, it’s rare that I get over to Fast Twitch.  However, I really enjoyed both the running and the group.  Thank you to Purell for the opportunity to lead.  I’ll definitely be back soon!

Typical August script

Posted on behalf of Floaty…
This morning we saw a good turnout at Skunkworks for the PAX. It was a hot and humid day, typical for August, but the kettlebell swings blew all of the humidity away… At least most of it.
Started the morning with these exercises as a warm-up in cadence:
1. 15 side straddle hops
2. 15 emerial walkers
3. 12 low slow squats
4. 12 shoulder taps
5. 12 Peter Parkers
6. 20 Kettle Bell swings on your own
Then we formed two lines with all of the kettlebells at the end of each of the lines. We had a passing competition to see who could pass the kettlebells the fastest from one end of the line to the other and then we passed all of the kettlebells back.
From there we partnered up with the person across from you and we did “catch me if you can” with ten merkins down to the center of the three building of the church (the CLC, Middle School gym, and nursery area).
With our partners we did these exercices:
Round 1 –  partner 1 run runs up the stairs with bell while the other partner does swing. Flapjack. Meet back at the middle and 16 you-go-I-go tricep press and 8 you-go-I-go (ygig) right arm and left arm cleans
Round 2 – partner 1 runs with kettlebell to the stairs and and does tbag squats every other step. Partner 2 does curls. (Flapjack). 16 ygig shoulder press then 8 ygig right arm/left arm snatch
Round 3 – partner 1 runs with no kettlebell up the stairs. Partner 2 does one arm kettlebell swing. Flapjack.
Round 4 – partner 1 runs around the church. partner 2 does alternating single leg deadlifts. Flapjack. Then partner 1 runs to the rock while partner 2 does goblet squats. Flapjack/
Mosey on up to the starting position.
PAX does 1 round of circle burp (similar to updowns). Then ABC’s abs around the circle. Finally one more round of circle burp. And done.

8/14 Fast Twitch Pre-Blast

Since I rarely, if ever, venture over to Fast Twitch (co-site Q at Skunkworks), I spent some time on Saturday doing some reconnaissance work.  One lesson learned is that when you’re mapping a running route, you are best served to do it from either a computer or vehicle. Otherwise, you may end up running MUCH further than anticipated!  That being said, I’m looking forward to my BRR-friendly VQ on Tuesday.

I’d like for all the FT regulars and BRR trainees to use Tuesday morning as a chance to show off your skills!  We will have a 4, 5, and 6 mile option and I’m recommending that you run it as close to race pace as possible.  It’ll be a good test, but not so much that you can’t post a solid time.

Everyone will do a warm-up jog up Providence Rd to Raintree Rd, then over to the intersection of Four Mile Creek.

Below are the race options:

4 miler— South on Four Mile Creek, left on Fairway Ridge (1st time you come to it), right on Four Mile Creek, right on Whitehorn, end at intersection of Raintree Rd.

5 miler— Same as 4 mile course, but continue by turning left on Raintree Rd and going back to the intersection of Four Mile Creek, right on Four Mile Creek to bottom of hill at apartments, then back to intersection of Raintree Rd and Whitehorn.

6 miler— Same as 4 mile course, then continue by making a left on Raintree Rd., another left on Four Mile Creek (same as initial start), left on Whitehorn, then finish at intersection of Raintree Rd.

Upon completion of your chosen course, mosey back to launch via Raintree Rd and Providence Rd and complete the following exercises (time permitting):

5 sets of 20 x 30 x 40 — merkins, squats, LBCs.

Looking forward to trying to keep up with you horses!  See you in the gloom…


Ultimate Cup

In honor of the World Cup, YHC thought of no better way to capitalize on the excitement than to go Fun Friday at Joust!  Not much planning went into this Q – aside from ordering a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee earlier in the week (and I’m know skeptical of the glow-in-the-dark aspect).

At 0530, the PAX of 11 moseyed to the football field for a quick COP: SSH, IW, LSS, Merkins, Burpees.  A quick lap around the corners of the field to set our end line cones (thank you, Header) and then gather at midfield to choose teams. 5 vs. 6 made it a little tough, but nonetheless we went Shirts vs. Skins:

Shirts – Header, Slumdog, Schmedium, Sloppy Seconds, Puddin Pop

Skins – Stone Cold, Yeti, Tulip, Smokey, Funky Cold, Chin Music

The Rules: 2 steps allowed after the catch, offsides enforced (no cherry picking!), opponent’s goals resulted in 10 merkins.  If consecutive goals were scored by one team, add 10 merkins to the previous count.

The Game Recap: It was a fast start by the Shirts, jumping out to a 2-0 lead even though visibility was a bit of an issue.  YHC had two key drops for the Skins – with one being in the end zone and the other on the 5-yard line. Hey, I was a pitcher and not a catcher!! However,  I did find myself feeling like the streaking WR Feathersone in Unnecessary Roughness— speeding past folks only to clank the disk off my hands!  More stick ‘em, please!

As daylight inched closer, the Skins mounted a furious comeback and pulled ahead 3-2 with some nifty passing from Yeti and Stone Cold.

At the halfway point, YHC switched teams to try to even up the time disparity of being a man down in numbers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t provide the spark that was needed as everyone was starting to slow!  Those fast bursts were becoming more irregular and forced some extended recovery periods!

With a final score of 5-3 in favor of the Skins, the PAX headed back to launch for some Mary before calling it quits.

The takeaway: Ultimate Frisbee is really good exercise!  Full of quick bursts and sprints that are much easier to do when having fun chasing after a flying disk.  There were some skilled guys out there and some sure-handed ones too (YHC not included).  Schmedium was DE-like, long & rangy and tough to maneuver around his wingspan.  Puddin Pop, Smokey and Stone Cold were the sure-handed veterans controlling their teams around midfield, Header showed flashes of our memories of 89 on the football field, and Tulip was the energetic fly pattern guy who actually could catch!

Lots of fun out there today.  Thank you to Yeti for the opportunity to lead with a creative workout!!  Hope this event returns…