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Shakin’ that Weight

Happy days were back at Kevlar for a fun Friday!


Jog to parking lot for warmup – SSH and the like

Hit the hills 5 times adding a burpee at top for each hill.

Mosey to the bro gym for some exercises (see moleskine)

To the field for sprints and mary



There are days where you may pop over to a neighbors because you are out of milk or need to borrow a tool or need a helping hand to move something heavy. I liken this to my dilemma last night when handed the Q last minute by Tackling Dummy. I was certain that there was one thing needed to bring the fun back to Fun Friday – The Shake Weight. We generally bust this device out just after the New Year but despite my desperate texts no one seemed (or claimed to) have one handy…

Enter Tiger Rag. I texted. Nothing. Left a voicemail. Nothing. And then at 8:24 pm it was the return call I was waiting for. Tiger Rag not only had one Shake Weight – he had two! Not only that – he had actually stopped by Covenant Day and dropped both off in the long grass next to the fence in the dark much to the shock of a dog walker who appeared out of nowhere! That’s a true friend. It does so happen that TR has been on a strict Shake Weight exercise regimen these past six months in a bid to get back in F3 shape. His forearms look like Popeye’s.

Speaking of forearms the Shake Weight shaker during the bro gym segment had to stand on the picnic table displaying their skills for all to see. Singles to doubles to behind the head – everyone had their own style and tried to work it to the music. When “Beat it” by Michael Jackson came on the pax took it to a whole new level.

Enough of those shenanigans. Good workout. Beautiful weather and have a great weekend lads! BD



Guess that 90’s tune

12 studly men ventured out for a monster of a Meathead workout.


Warm up

10 x Two handed swings
10 push-ups with right hand on Bell
10 push-ups with left hand on bell

Repeat down to one.

10 deep goblet squats
10 lunges right leg without bell
10 lunges left leg without bell
Repeat down to one

10 two handed up right rows
10 kettlebell high pulls right arm
10 kettlebell high pulls left arm

Repeat down to one

10 bicep curls with kettle bell
10 cleans with Right arm
10 cleans with left arm
Repeat down to one
Doubles with partner – swing, clean, squat, press rounds of 3,4,5 & 6

Big Finisher

Snatches x 5 each arm

Thrusters x 5 each arm

Goblet squats x 5

Single arm swings x 5 each arm

5 burpees


Repeat x 2






Record turnout for 2018 at Meathead this morning and it may have something to do with the temperature being above 20. YHC likes to think it was the promise of a tough workout and quality tunes of the 90’s variety. As I pulled into the parking lot Fireman Ed was already yapping away and I considered tapering the workout to allow for his green bell and lack of form but we ended up sticking to the plan banging out 124 merkins in the first few minutes. Here are some things we learned this morning:

  1. Country Livin was born in 1989 and his mum would not let him listen to “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”
  2. Young Love and Fireman Ed were talking about the dangers of the “fake pill”…
  3. Tackling Dummy came out for his first F3 workout of 2018 #kotters
  4. Been Around the World by Daft Punk is one of the most annoying tunes ever.
  5. MMM Bop is not the theme tune of Marshville, NC.
  6. Witch Dr and Blazing Saddles are getting dangerously close to 50!
  7. High Tide hinted at a name change to Roll Tide.

Good crack today fellas. Thanks for coming out and keep up the momentum for 2018.


Announcement: New Third F named the ManCave meats at Arboretum Panera Bread at 6:30 am on Fridays. Going through the daily study of





F3 Dads – Paintball Sat Dec 30th


I hope that you had a great Christmas. I have spoke to many of you about a paintball day this Saturday from 12-3pm at Palmetto Hills Paintball in Rock Hill, SC.

I have a private ref scheduled for our group and it should be a good chance to blast your kids on some fun courses! We have around 20 committed right now and we could easily double that. Here is some info to help you make the decision:

Location: Palmetto Hills Paintball, 1481 Anderson Road S, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Time and Date: Saturday 12/30/2017 from 12pm-3pm (get there 30 mins early to rent equipment)

Cost: $20 ish per person for rental guns, masks, air, field time etc depending on amount of paintballs you use. I usually go to Dicks and get 4000 paintballs for $55 to save money and have plenty to play. Paint is more expensive on site.

Other info: Kids are supposed to be 10 or older and you have to sign waiver. Games are high powered so no pansy kids who may cry and it will be cold and it will sting. Have them wear layers and you can always rent a protective vest if you want for $3.00

Fire away with any questions. Hard commits so far are YHC, Header, Busch, Bananas, Tackling Dummy, Spackler, Hops, Sidecar, with maybes on Horsehead and VooDoo.

Hope to see you there!




Skunkworks screamer!

21 at Skunkworks today for a bit of a mean one that got the lungs and heart rate going just a tad!


Warm up – SSH, IW etc

Light jog to the rock

20’s – 5 snatches per side, sprint, 15 manmaker merkins each side, sprint back,  repeat with 10 snatches and 10 manmakers, 15 snatches and 5 manmakers

30’s – 10 t bags, sprint, 20 jump squats, sprint back, repeat with 15 tea bags and 15 jumps squats, 20 tea bags and 10 jump squats

40’s – 15 OH press, sprint, 25 dry docks, sprint back, repeat with 20 OH presses and 20 dry dogs, 25 OH presses and 15 dry dogs

50’s – 40 x 2 handed swings, sprint, 10 diamond merkins, sprint back, repeat with 30 swings and 20 diamonds, 20 swings and 30 diamonds

100’s – 100% suicide sprints

Partner up

Louganis until partner gets back

High pulls til partner gets back

Upright row, catch, squat, press combo til partner gets back




Good crowd today with some blasts of the past. Country Livin came back from a 4 year hiatus looking buff and obviously married life is treating him well! Crotch Rocket killing the sprints looking way less than the 50 years he admitted to in COT #respect. Bananas is back in the F3 groove and he finally stopped yapping about 20 mins in! Lots of guys pushing it hard today after the snatch/manmaker combo at the top of the ticket about caused me a #Qfail. Sorry about the sound system today lads – need to get back to the Beats Pill so all of you could enjoy the 90’s anthem inspiration.

Thanks to Tulip for taking us out and for Tackling Dummy’s recap of a great weekend of F3 support for the Exceptional Foundation.

Have a great day fellas and fire away with anything I missed.







Meathead masher

The Meathead boys came out in force for a tough old workout today at Elizabeth Lane.


Quick stretch, warm up,  and disclaimer

10 snatches each arm

10 merkins

10 swings each arm

10 merkins

10 high pulls each arm

10 merkins

10 clean and press each arm

10 merkins


Repeat above exercises with 8,6,4 reps


50 sec killers

40 sec two handed swings – 10 sec tbags

30 sec two handed swings – 20 sec tbags

20 sec two handed swings – 30 sec tbags

10 sec two handed swings – 40 sec tbags


40 sec upright rows – 10 sec OH press

30 sec upright rows – 20 sec OH press

20 sec upright rows – 30 sec OH press

10 sec upright rows – 40 sec OH press


40 sec alt swings – 10 sec goblets

30 sec alt swings  – 20 sec goblets

20 sec alt swings – 30 sec goblets

10 sec alt swings – 40 sec goblets

Partner up

Alternate KB partner burpees with double snatches  up to 5.


V ups feet touch KB 8, 6, 4, 2

Louganis 2, 4, 6 , 8




Having not swung the KB’s much the last couple of weeks YHC put down on paper what appeared to be a modest workout to get back in the fold but after 8 mins this was clearly not the case. Faultine was complaining, Blazing Saddles was cursing his new 45 KB, and Horsehead had started eyeing up the flatbed of his pick up truck for where to collapse. The fellas held on and got through the “50 second killers” as well only to be met with the burpee double snatch finisher which combines all of the exercises you hate in one swoop (except for Turkish get ups!) No Regerts killed was the only one who looked like he could do those all day long…

Good group of lads and good efforts by all. Have a great day! BD


Sign up for F3 Golf

Our new Yoga Studio in SouthPark is having a 5 day for $5 special so get your wives out there! As I mentioned they have a teen athlete class Sun Oct 1st to get your kids flexible for their sports too.



Struck by the Meathead Thunder!


14 showed their mettle to swing their metal at Meathead this morning.


Warm up (Thunderstruck) – burpee for every time “thunder” is said (33 by the way)

Round one (25 secs each)
2 handed swing
Alt swing
Rest x 3

Round two
Goblet squat
Good mornings
Rest x 3

Round three
Upright rows
Overhead press
Rest x 3

Round four
Snatch – R
Snatch – L
Rest x 3

Round two
Lunge – R
Lunge – L
T bags x 3

Round three
High pulls – R
High pulls – L
Tri press x 3

10 swings
10 OH presses
10 upright rows
10 good mornings
10 diamonds x 3



With the weather last night in our neck of the woods the warm up to Thunderstruck was very apt. In between SSH’s and IW’s and lunges it was a burpee for everytime “thunder” was mentioned. 33 times total so the pax were nice and warm come the KB portion. Lots of supersets today and the temptation to drop the bell was immense. Great job by all today!

Crushing it at Kevlar

18 men at Kevlar just about dodged the downpour and left better for it.


Run to cross in middle of campus
Warm up exercises.
5 burpees run a lap of church
10 burpees run a lap of church
15 burpees run a lap of church
20 burpees run a lap of church

Back up to soccer field and partner up

Exercise 1 – sprint to first tire 5 air squats sprint back and partner goes. Increase air squats to by 5 to all four tires.
Exercise 2 – sprint to first tire 10 wide arm merkins sprint back and partner goes. Increase merkins by 5. Partner waiting does plank leg lifts.
Exercise 3 – sprint to first tire 6 jump squats sprint back and partner goes. Increase by 2 each time to all four tires. Partner waiting does flutters.
Exercise 4 – backward sprint to first tire burpee and forward sprint back. Increase by 1 each time to all four tires.
Exercise 5 – suicides to all four tires and partner waiting does dollys.

Jack Webb – 1 diamond merkin x two lunges. Repeat up to 10 diamond merkins and twenty lunges.




Not a great deal of time to catch the breath today especially once the burpee lap combo kicked in. Rare sighting of TR and the orange jeep today which was a special treat. Fireman Ed was his usual chipper self, Harley complaining about the lack of fun on Fun Friday, Picasso killing it on the tire sprints, Whip and Rhapsody reminding us of how fast we used to be in the glory days. YHC did not cater the tunes to Cinco De Mayo whatsoever but Faultline was certainly loving the tunes singing along to Pearl Jam and Two Princes.
Thanks for allowing me to lead. Have a great weekend. BD

Announcements: Compass on Friday mornings ChikFilA – going through the book of Proverbs. Come on out for some “nuggets” of wisdom from King Solomon. Next week Ch 3.

Meathead Merry Go Round

12 studly gents came to Meathead for a kettlebell workout that got the muscles, heart, and lungs all a flutter.


Quick stretch

20 swings 5 curls
15 swings 10 curls
10 swings 15 curls
5 swings 20 curls

20 goblets 5 OH press
15 goblets 10 OH press
10 goblets 15 OH press
5 goblets 20 OH press

20 UR rows 5 deadlifts
15 UR rows 10 deadlifts
10 UR rows 15 deadlifts
5 UR rows 20 deadlifts

Circle of pain (40 secs exercise)

Form a circle and depending on weight of bell pax were given a specified exercise to perform for 40 secs. At end of 40 secs pax moved right performed merkins/burpees during the 30 sec rest. Heavy bell was 50Lb plus, medium 45-40LB, lighter below 40LB. Exercises below:

Heavy – tbags
Medium – high pulls
Light – lunges
Heavy – swings
Medium – snatches (double)
Light – clean and press (double)
Heavy – goblets
Medium – alt swing
Heavy – UR row
Medium – cleans
Light – Romanian one legged deadlift

Round 1 – Between each – 10 diamonds
Round 2 – Between each – 15 wide arms or 5 burpees

Dolly with KB press



Good crowd and lots of debating the music which was supposed to be from the 90’s. For some this was college and others it reminded more of high school and then for others the ride to kindergarten # RESPECT!
Brown asked for some cardio KB’s today and there was a lot of heavy breathing and sweat stained sleeveless going on some hopefully mission accomplished. Good seeing Scratch N Win back out although he looked very peekish and didn’t say a lot and was as the guy next to him in the circle I was awaiting a merlot spillage.
YHC helped the tall guys out today especially Freedom, Tackling Dummy, and Hoover in the option of merkins over burpees for anyone over 6 feet. It seemed like several others were very generous with there height estimations or they were just #smoked.
Thanks for the lead.

Too Much brown for Brown!

Perfect morning for swinging the bell with some 90’s tunes wafting over the airwaves…

40 swings 10 push-ups
30 swings 20 push-ups
20 swings 30 push-ups
10 swings 40 push-ups

40 teabags 10 high pulls
30 teabags 20 high pulls
20 teabags 30 high pulls
10 teabags 40 high pulls

Two minute round:

Two handed:
30 secs – upright rows
30 secs – goblet squats
30 secs – overhead press
30 secs – combo of all three
Repeat x 3

Two min and 30 sec round:

One handed:
30 sec snatch right
30 sec snatch left
30 sec rack right
30 sec rack left
30 sec alternating swings
Repeat x 3

Abs and Arms
Louganis x 10
Curls x 10
Russian twists x 10
Repeat x 4


The men of Meathead may have met their match today in a pretty grueling workout. It was too much for one individual named Brown who struggled from the start and switched from a 50 lb bell down to a 35 lb bell and finally back to his car before the clock struck 6 am. Apparently “nature called” but there were several questioning his manhood as the wheels screeched out of Elizabeth Lane!
There wasn’t much standing around today and we hit it early and hard with the swing/merkin combo that got the grunts going early. YHC threatened to repeat exercises should KB’s hit the ground so the forearms were raging trying to keep the KB’s moving.
Nice job by all. Thanks for allowing me to lead!


Friday – Third F Compass group meets at Arboretum Chick Fil A – 6:30am. Going through Lent study at

Wednesday – Third F new study at 11:45am at Le Peep in Arboretum going through the book of John. Starts next week.

Slippery bells at Skunkworks

Quite the crowd showed up at Skunkworks today for a misty beatdown that got the heart a pumping.


SSH x 10
IW x 10
Merkins x 15
Low not so slow squat x 10
Swing until Bananas gets his smaller bell.

To the track:
2 single arm swings/2 high pulls/2 racks/2 overhead presses. Run a lap and repeat each arm with sets of 3, 4 and 5 with lap between.

To the soccer field:
Round 1
20 swings sprint 20 merkins sprint back
30 swings sprint 30 merkins sprint back
40 swings sprint 40 merkins spring back

Round 2
10 snatches (5 each arm) sprint 10 dry dogs
20 snatches (10 each arm) sprint 20 dry dogs
30 snatches (15 each arm) sprint 30 dry dogs

Round 3
10 goblet squats sprint 10 sister mary catherines sprint back
Repeat 20 and 20
Repeat 30 and 30

Round 4
10 Louganis sprint 10 rock hoppers
Repeat with 15 and 20

Round 5
10 overhead presses sprint and 10 burpees
15 overhead presses sprint and 5 burpees
20 overhead presses spring and 0 burpees

Circle up
KB merkins and rock hoppers up to 5 merkins and 20 rock hoppers


What a crew this morning! Lots of congratulations going around about the big Clemson win with Fireman Ed and Busch leading the charge.They just kept on coming and with a final tally of 30 pax it was a good group but not too much time to chit chat with the speedy low slow squat and me wanting to get to the meat and potatoes. After speaking with Bananas yesterday the plan was to get the heart and the lungs going while working on strength. Hoover said his heart was about to burst during round 4 so I guess mission accomplished. Brown hates the running and his quick exit this morning was hopefully a work related issue and not him coughing up a lung. Other highlights: Freedom getting out in front, Header’s new Simba look, Lex Luthor keeping the Go Ruck dream alive, Good Hands and his pitiful dry dogs, someone complaining about slippery bells…
Its a good time to get back in the saddle and stay consistent. I know I need it and its lads like you that make me wake up at unearthly hours to get healthy, have a laugh, and forge friendships that makes the sacrifice well worth it. Thanks for allowing me to lead. BD