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The Bootcamp Defined

Knees. You can’t do F3 without them…and some of us can barely do F3 with them. Am I right, Checkpoint? With YHC nursing some nagging knee pain, the goal was to keep it close to home. Exactly 0.2 miles close. With that in mind, here’s how the PAX of 20 got the blood flowing.

The Thang:
Mosey to Church at Charlotte (~0.1 miles)
COP for SSH IC x 25, Merkins IC x 15

Mosey to vestibule and partner up for C@C circuits
Partner 1 does 30 dips while Partner 2 does 30 squat jumps
Partners take opposite routes around church, meet in the back of lot for 20 handslap merkins
Continue circuits decreasing exercises in vestibule by 5-count each round, total of 6 rounds

Mosey to bottom of parking lot
Bear crawl from light pole #1 to #2
Lunge walk from #2 to #3
Partner wheelbarrows from #3 to #4, alternating as needed
Mosey back to start
Repeat-O in reverse order, wheelbarrows – lunge walk – bear crawl

Mosey back to vestibule for C@C circuits, take 2
P1 does 20 dips while P2 does 20 step-ups, 10 each leg
Lap around church, 20 handslaps when partners meet
Decrease reps to 10 for last round

Some Mary was mixed in throughout to keep the PAX together and get the obligatory core work in.

Mosey back to launch, another ~0.1 miles.

Always an honor to lead the PAX – thanks to Bushwood for the opportunity, even if he no-showed. I know my Q might not be as luring as some, but going to Cleveland to escape seems extreme. Lot of great work today. The handslap merkins got old pretty quick. Although we did a few laps around the church, the knee pain was little-to-none so the distance must have been low. For those that like to run, sorry…but this is, after all, a bootcamp workout as Rock pointed out. The goal was a total body workout and Godspeed (over)achieved it, even working out his innards (although he had some help from last night’s dinner). Great to have FNGs Incoming and Aquafresh out this AM. Hope to see you both back in the gloom soon. T-claps to Hannibal for the take-out.

It was what we thought it was

A running workout. The PAX, both warned and prepared by a thorough pre-blast, gathered in the chilly gloom. Although lacking in any specifics or detail, the mandatory note of preparation did hit the high points and contained actual sentences, which is more than can be said for last week’s. T-claps to Alf for setting the pre-blast bar low. Here’s how we filled in the gaps:

The Thang-

Circle up in SCMS parking lot for SSH x25 IC

Mosey down 51 and partner up at intersection with Rea

Partner 1 runs down Rea toward Colony to the new bridge (+/-1mi), 25 merkins, return to Rea/51

Partner 2 runs down Rea toward Bevington to the turning lane just past 4-mile Creek Bridge, 25 merkins, return to Rea/51

25 partner hand-slap merkins

Flapjack directions down Rea with partner and repeat-o

Mixed in a little Mary and some squats in between rounds while the Six came in

Mosey back up 51 to SCMS, stopping at park entrance for another 25 merkins + Mary until the Six is in


Naked Moleskin

Great work by all PAX this AM. Was probably the last of the “cold” mornings, but definitely not the end of Beanie season. Tried to keep us moving and warm while covering some ground today…more new school FT rather than incorporating the Bootcamp half of the workout description. Not too much mumble chatter today, at least that YHC had the privilege of overhearing. Did see some FT vets choosing to modify (refusnik) during the Mary sessions to re-group the PAX. #promove Kotters to Hannibal – good to see you out and T-claps for the great take out. Also good to see some new faces at FT with Voodoo and Strawberry coming out and working hard. And in the extended darkness with the time change, YHC did not even recognize Runstopper until COT. Thanks to Haze and TL for the opportunity.



None. They were not included in the pre-blast and therefore, not allowed.

The Now Mandatory Fast Twitch Pre-Blast

We will run. The running will continue for the better part of an hour. We will begin and end at the same place. You can now rest easy knowing that you know what to expect. That is all. #sweetdreams

A Burpee-less takeout of DMZ for 2015

Who needs burpees to celebrate the New Year anyway? Well, McGee, that’s who. Having maxed out the burpee count for 2015 last week during McGee’s beat down, the PAX were promised a burpee-less Monday morning. With that comforting promise, 11 men ventured out in the gloom to tie a bow on another year at DMZ.

The Thang-

Head down to Camilla to Carmel Middle. Stop at the bus lot for COP.
SSH IC x 19 (yeah, that’s right 19)
Mountain Climbers IC x 15

Mosey down to the track for a climb up the old merkin ladder.
20 merkins at the goal line, run 100yd on track to opposite goal line, 19 merkins
Keep climbing all the way down to 1.
Mary while the 6 stepped off the last rung.

Mosey to the front lot. Lunge walk from the end to the middle median. Bear crawl from the middle median to the opposite end of the lot. Plank for the 6.

Mosey back down Camilla and down to the base of the hill at Brandermill for a triple nickel. 5 jump squats at the bottom, run the hill, 5 jumps squats at the top, repeat-o x5.

Run back to Church at Clt stopping at each speed hump and the stop sign for called exercises. 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 squats, all OYO.

Mosey to the breezeway at the church and grab some wall. 15 dips OYO followed by 10 derkins OYO. Repeat the set, decreasing reps by 1. It’s a long way from 15 to 1 as the PAX learned climbing the ladder, so we broke for mary at 12. All IC 25 LBC’s, 15 dolly, 15 rosalita, 15 flutter. Back to the wall to repeat the dip / derkin set x2.

Mosey back to the launch for 15 jump squats, OYO. That’s a wrap.

Ye Olde Moleskin-

As always, an honor to lead the PAX today. Lot of strong work out there. Swiper, as usual, out front with Hairball and Margo right on his heels. Though he tried to turn the triple nickel, into a triple quatro. YHC almost audibled and went along with it. #gassed A burpee-free workout is a rarity, but YHC does not think any of the PAX were cheated. The blood is definitely flowing to start the week, as usual after DMZ.

TClaps to Snowflake for taking us out.

Joe Davis Run a week from Saturday, sign-up
Wednesday convergence at Anvil, usual time
Friday convergences at AG Middle and at Kevlar, check twitter for times

Route 66 to Nowhere

With the BRR looming a mere 3+ weeks away, YHC’s goal was to kick the week off with some focused training…and that meant hills. After a quick disclaimer, 22 departed the gravel lot construction site that has taken over the DMZ AO. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before we have to relocate to the Arbo ABC. Seems to be the popular thing to do…but back to the task at hand.

The Thang –

Mosey down Carmel stopping at RTS for COP.

SSH x 25 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey over to Sharon View and head down into the dark abyss that is Pellyn Wood. Stop at the intersection of Howland & Harbison for the explanation of the modified Route 66 to Nowhere.

Route consists of two legs.

Leg 1 – down Harbison and up the hill on the other side to driveway at top. 5 jump squats at the turn and back up to the start.

Leg 2 – down Howland to the sharp curve warning sign. 5 jumping lunges at the turn and back up to the start.

Split the PAX at the start to reduce congestion. Exercise de jeur for the Route 66 = burpees. Complete 1 leg – 1 burpee, second leg – 2 burpees, third leg – 3 burpees…and so on, alternating legs. Goal, and overall point of the Route 66, is to get to 11 burpees. YHC called time at 6:05 with the PAX completing anywhere from 6-8 legs / burpees. More like Route 28 to Nowhere, but that just doesn’t have the same ring.

Mosey back to the launch stopping at RTS back lot for a little Dolly (30x IC). That’s a wrap.

Ye Old Moleskin –

Tried to keep it simple this morning and get a little more running than usual at DMZ for those looking forward to the BRR. Mixed it in with the best hills that this AO has to offer. For those not participating, I imagine you all are emailing Turkey Leg as I write this to see if there are open spots – if this is what training is like, how can you resist? According to the watches out there, the PAX got in anywhere between 3.5 and 4 miles depending on the number of legs completed. Nice work men. There was a lot of heavy breathing going on around 6am on those hills – definitely by YHC. Surprisingly though, I think it took almost half the workout for Runstopper to lose the shirt. I could have that wrong though since we were sans street lights and head lamps. #notcomplaining Nice to see the PAX getting into back-to-school shape – only took 2 tries to form a single file line and count off prior to the mosey back to the launch. #impressive Had some phone issues recording the names in COT, so sound off in the comments if I missed you #Qfail. Enjoyed it, men. Thankful for the opportunity to lead and start the week with some good work with a great group of guys.

Thanks to Chelms for the takeout.

Announcements –

*A51 in search of a mud run Q.

*All PAX – if you need to drop during a workout, let another PAX know. We may or may not have started with 23 today and ended with 22. 95% return rate is good, but the goal is no man left behind.

Next Time We Go all the way to SC

18 PAX eagerly left the fartsack a few minutes early, as they do every Tuesday, for a little stretching of the legs at the weekly edition of #F3FastTwitch. After the obligatory lap around the parking lot to pick up Brady, we were off.

The Thang: Jog out to 51 and head south to Calvary, stopping along the way for SSH x20 and Mountain Climbers x20. Swing around the church parking lot from the 51 entrance over to the Rea entrance.

Use the hill at the Rea Rd. entrance for Triple Nickel with 5 burpees at the bottom and 5 burpees at the top. Recover with a few much needed 10 counts.

Head up Rea Rd. back to 51. LBCs x25 IC to catch the six. Continue back up 51 to Cary Ridge Rd. for a little interval / speed training. Run the loop thru Carrington at a fellowship pace, but stop at each side street (7 total). Run the side street at 80-90% AYG,  then recover mosey (note that TL and Brady’s recover pace is the same as YHC’s AYG) back to the main loop and perform the called exercise:

  • Street 1 – Dolly x20
  • Street 2 – Merkins x15
  • Street 3 – Heels2Heaven x20
  • Street 4 – Wide Arm Merkins x10
  • Street 5 – Rosalita x20
  • Street 6 – Diamond Merkins x10
  • Street 7 – LBCs x25

Line up single file for the ceremonial Indian Run back to the school.


The numbers at FT are steadily climbing as is the effort and performance of the PAX. The suck is contagious. The PAX is sticking together through these longer runs more and more – a testament to the hard work being put in each week. The only real separation issue was in the IR, which falls on YHC for attempting a single file IR with 18. Spackler suggested stopping for burpees to close the gap, but Chelms nixed that. Glad to have Bushwood out as a site FNG, nice work out there. The final tally was 5.8mi – not quite enough to take us south of the border, but it felt close enough. Thanks to Haze and TL for the opportunity to lead, and to Chelms for the take out.

Announcements: F3 Golf Sign-ups, Brain Cancer 5k/10k at Marshall Park, HDHH at Ballantyne Mellow Mushroom for Nicaragua Bridge Project. Check website and twitter for details.

It was about time for the VQ…

18 of south Charlotte’s finest kicked off another Monday with this week’s edition of DMZ. YHC was so excited about the mid-40s temps that I forgot the gloves in the car. And that wasn’t the only thing forgotten – as pointed out by one of the PAX, the actual disclaimer part of the disclaimer was missing. #details With that (halfway) out of the way, we were off.

The Thang –

Mosey to the church lot and circle up for brief warm up: 20 SSH, 20 IW IC

Head around church to main entry and find a low section of wall for some bench work: sets of 15 dips, 20 step-ups, 15 derkins OYO. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey across Carmel and head towards the school stopping at the last street on the left. Triple nickel using the hill with burpees up top and jumping lunges at the bottom.

Jog on to the school and take a lap around with a backwards run mixed in through the bus lot. Stop in the front lot and partner up. Round 1 – both partners bear crawl to first median, then wheelbarrow to far median. Round 2 – both partners lunge walk to 1st median, then flapjack on the wheelbarrow. Round 3 – crab walk to 1st, then lunge walk. Find a spot on the wall for a little People’s Chair w/ arms out, then 25 air presses IC.

Back to the launch stopping at speed humps for 20 Carolina Dry Docks, then 15 burpees. COP for 20 low slow squats, 15 wide arm merkins, 20 dolly, 19 (yes, 19) rosalita all IC. Then 25 monkey humpers and 10 burpees OYO. Done.

Naked Moleskin –

Certainly an honor to lead the PAX for the first time at DMZ. Lot of solid work out there and the only heckling was deserved; though it didn’t take Run Stopper long to Q-jack and lead some Plank-o-rama after the first exercise. Probably teaching me a lesson for skipping out on his Q-school. The forgotten gloves proved costly as Blades of Glory pushed the wheelbarrow thru the minefield of glass that is the CMS parking lot. #itsonlyafleshwound

Announcements – last week for MudRun signups. 2nd Annual F3 Golf Classic Thursday, April 30th – details on the website. Prohibition said it was so good last year that he had a blast and wasn’t even there.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, men.