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“Why Are We Even Doing This…” – Jerry Seinfeld S3, E17

Just beautiful to see Posse this morning show support for my 29th Q! He has always been a big fan of my counting and my workouts so it’s only a matter time before he gets my named tattooed on him inside of a really muscle-y looking heart. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it…

Yesterday I was pondering if I could find the strength to post though the pain to just do some chores around the house, none the less post at an actual workout. Yet again the joke was on me because I stupidly signed up to Q Asylum. I don’t blame the site for my pain and solely the boys in Greenville, SC for the ever awful IronPax Challenge. So glad it’s over!

Any who, DiCCs given….let’s sorely get it!


Mosey around Petsmart

4 Corners IC, @ the center 25 x LBCs

1. SSHs x 25 CC

2. Imp Walker x 25 IC

3. Merkins x 25 CC

4. Squats x 25 CC

Mosey around Petsmart, stop at Hickory Tavern

• Short Lap, 19 Derkins CC

• Long Lap, 30 Dips CC

• Short Lap, 19 Incline Pushups CC

• Long Lap, 30 Heels to Heaven

Mosey down by Weddington Rd, run up past Chick-fil-A & to the traffic circle. 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes.

Mosey Back behind Gas Station, around CVS and BB&T. Split into even groups. Round 1: Bunny Hop is the timer. Round 2: Toe taps is the timer

1. 6” Plank IC

2. Bobby Hurley’s IC

3. Mountain Climbers IC

4. Dry Docks CC

Mosey to Side Lot by Rack Room. Find some wall. 20 of everything IC:

1. Air Presses IC w/ toe lifts

2. Jabs IC w/ heel lifts

3. Donkey Kicks CC: 20 w/ 10 sec hold, repeat 10 w/ another 10 sec hold.

Bear Crawl Between Target’s Balls. Audible due to fear of scaring Target employees.

Mosey to Brooklyn Pizza for Random Webb. 5 BB Situps CC. 10 American hammer IC. 5 diamond Merkins. Rinse and repeat for 2 more rounds but with wide armed Merkins and last round with both diamond and WA Merks. Complete.


So what does my title for this BB even mean? Click this link:

Classic Jerry Seinfeld but he’s right. Some of us are posting each morning to avoid being fat bastards and some are just posting to help get themselves out of bed each morning so they feel like they are contributing to society in some way. Which is maybe the same things. Regardless of the reason it’s great to set some big, hairy and audacious goals! Weight loss, calorie intake or number of days a week you post are all great goals in the beginning. You either achieve those goals or don’t, pretty simple and private goals for most. Do they work? Who’s holding you accountable? Are you circling the wagons week over week letting yourself down?

What if you teamed of up with a like framed pal and set a collective team goal for a 5k, the Vagabond or a Spartan Race? This isn’t something you have to do but public accountability is a very simple, yet aggressive motivation tool. Some friendly competition doesn’t hurt either! Because what are we all doing this for anyways but then to better ourselves?

Push harder, dig deeper and reap new rewards. It’s not too late to sign up for this weekend’s Susan G. Komen 5k with Speed for Need! The Vagabond is on Nov 9th, it’s time to get some new mileage goals hitting the Carolina Thread trail running Wednesday mornings! Another Spartan Race in Spartanburg, SC on Nov 23 so you might as well sign up for the F3 Waxhaw Challenge Channel as we ramp up to start a pull-up/push-up challenge tomorrow!! Click here to join:

The IronPax Challenge has passed for now but the battle we push through every morning is still ever present. Let’s go!

Thanks to Transporter for sharing his story for the Hope Challenge and thanks to Damascus for taking us out.


  • Susan G Komen 5k this Saturday! Talk to Rubbermaid or Damascus for more info
  • Today ends the official Hope Challenge and thanks to Swimmers for taking the lead here. A few men stepped up and shared their story of struggle and growth. The fight never stops and no one is alone, if you need something – say something. If you see a brother struggling, speak up yourself or grab a brother you trust to help.
  • Christ’s Closet needs help! Two opportunities:
    Dana will be asking people to volunteer sometime at the donation house to help sort all the clothes we collected at Launchvergence. They were there this weekend and need way more bodies to help! Stay tuned…
    Shop Dawg and Team have a big event in West Charlotte on Nov 9th. More details to come but those looking to pass on the Vagabond, this is 2.0 friendly and a great way to spend a Saturday!

Preblast – Falling into Pace


We’ll launch at 0515 from the NEW Ballantyne Corporate Park parking area across from Duckworths and in front of the OrthoCarolina Urgent Care Ballantyne. We’ll be running on familiar roads, but some are dark and without sidewalks, so you should wear reflective/visibility gear and have lighting like a headlamp or flashlight.

Continuing on the goodness of August/September that Gumbo and Bunker brought to the Swift workout in the areas of targeting 5K/10K paced intervals, we’ll shift into longer intervals at a slower target pace to continue to build Strength. These intervals will be run at “MP-10”. This means at your goal marathon pace, minus 10 seconds per mile. If your goal marathon pace is 8:00/mile then your goal pace for this workout would be 7:50 per mile.

Don’t have a goal marathon pace? Well then use this Race Calculator (click for link). Enter a recent race effort (Distance, Finishing Time), click Calculate, go to the Equivalent tab and look at Pace/Mi on the row for Marathon.

The Plan

  • 0500 or earlier – getting extra warm-up and starting some of the intervals early.
  • 0515 – MAIN GROUP START – run up Ballantyne Commons to Metlife
  • 0525 – start warm-up drills making our way through the parking roads down to North Community House.
  • 0530 – Start the Intervals of 7 minutes at MP-10, 3 minutes jog recovery and regroup. We will complete 4 Intervals.
    • For some PAX, these will be a little over 1mi, for others, a little less than 1mi. The goal is to regroup to the Six each time and start each MP-10 interval on the 10minute mark (0530, 0540, 0550, 0600). See Extra Notes below for more on the effort of this workout.
    • The route will be up North Community House, Right on Endhaven, Right on Elm (caution for short section of only a wide shoulder), Right on Ballantyne Commons, and head back to launch point in the Corporate Park. Total mileage for the loop is 6.0 miles. If you can average a 10:00/mi run, you can do this workout!
  • 0615 – COT

Extra Notes

More on Marathon Pace minus 10 (“MP-10”). If you’ve been a Swift regular and recall Threshold Pace (aka T-pace, aka Comfortably Hard, aka Lactate Threshold), MP-10 ends up being slower than Threshold and somewhere near half the difference to Marathon goal pace.

Here are some other thoughts about the target effort for this MP-10 Strength workout, “So, usually through a combination of running too fast and not maximizing the recovery jog, they get to the 3rd or 4th one and realize they’ve dug a hole they can’t get out of. Remember, speed work usually brings acute discomfort. It’s usually an eye opener from the get go. Strength workouts should sneak up on you. The same effort for the last few should feel fairly hard compared to the first one or two. That’s when you’ve done it right- think slow cooker. You are slowly building that lactic feeling. Never fully recovering from the repeat prior and letting the discomfort slowly add to each successive repeat.

See you in the Gloom!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Chicken got called out of the bullpen today in relief of Recalculating having a hurt back, hoping for a quick recovery bro. When I pulled up today I saw that the numbers were lower than normal for a Flash workout and I started to think…….were they down due to the holiday? poor marketing on the site Q ( uhmm that’s me and Rockwell opps) ? The IPC challenge this past weekend? maybe it was none on the above and it was the GIGANTIC SPIDER in the darn parking lot had us BIG OLD BAD F3 guys a tad scared while also being intrigued like we were school kids…. YIKES that was one big spider.. At one point during the workout I might have overheard a PAX member say we should get a saddle for that spider so Goodfella can ride him…..


Cellphone ( We are know Mad Dogs code for his watch now– auction starts later on GroupMe to the highest bidder) , CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed especially if you did the IPC ( GoodFella)

The Warm Up

Mosey around parking lot to in front of the middle school and circle up

15 Low Slow Squats-

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Potato Pickers

Calf Stretch

and we are off…..

The Thang

Mosey from the school lot to the start of the path carefully making sure we do not come anywhere near the BIGGEST SPIDER EVER…

Bear Crawl Ladder–At start of path break into 2 groups 4 PAX in each group and start in a plank position in a straight line facing forward. The PAX member up front says down all member of his group does a merkin, once finished the Pax member in the back Bear Crawls to the front- rinse and repeat process until each Pax member Bear Crawls 3 times– No a good way to start- Yikes!!

AB Monday- Mosey to midway point of path for a little tummy work

15- Flutters in Cadence, 15 crunches in Cadence. 5 Big Boy sit ups OYO, 15 Heels to Heaven in Cadence- Rinse and Repeat 1 more time

Mosey to transporter shed for some little wall work

100 Air Press single count, 50 air jabs- then run to first light up trail for 3 double merkin burpees- rinse and repeat 1 time – then this strange unidentified object was hobbling down the path towards us like a weird walking old man — what is it everyone ask????—– ( BAMMMMM ENTER DEADWOOD after the IPC this weekend)

25- heels to heaven in Cadence and 5 Big Boy Sit Ups

Mosey up toward bus lot stopping at next path for some more ab work

15- Flutters in Cadence, 15 Crunches in Cadence, 5 Big Boy Sit ups OYO, 15 Heels to heaven in Cadence

Mosey up path to circular island for some merkins on the curb-Plank up on the curb for some merkins slide overs– hands on curb in a incline position then do a merkin and slide over on curb ( 10 times right then 10 times left).

Mosey to the middle of the school to the benches for some Dips baby Dips.

50 dips and run to school then lunge walk halfway back

40 dips with right leg out- run to school then bear crawl 1/2 way back

40 dips with left leg out- run to school and run back to bench area

15 Flutters in Cadence, 15 crunches in Cadence and 5 big boy sit ups

Mosey back to circle island for some merkins on the curb- 5 to the right and 5 to the left.

Mosey back to transporter shed area

15 heels to heaven, 5 big boy sit ups

Mosey up path with few minutes left stop 1/2 way up for 10 merkins before getting back right at 6:15 so we can hurry up and wait on the Ignition crew for 2-3 minutes


Today I wanted keep mileage fairly low but keep moving while throwing in some goo ole fashion tummy work. Although our numbers were low today the group pushed through and for Deadwood and Good Fella to even show up after what they complete this weekend is insane- nice work fellows. It is great to see Big Ten back in the mix on regular occasions as I think the real reason he is back is he missed us. Schneider you continue to push yourself at every workout and dang dude you were sprinting at the end, nice. Thanks for allowing me to lead this group this morning..


Many Pax’s are sore this morning- has anyone ever seen Deadwood and Good Fella being the 6’s? 6 of the 8 people at Flash today can say this was true so if they deny it we have proof– If these two guys were this sore I can only imagine what the others fell like- Hell of a job to all who participated.

Thanks to Good Fella for taking us out as well as sharing a truly inspiring Hope Challenge about where he was in life 10 years ago verse were he is now and how F3 and finding religion has help him tremendously. Heck of a way to bring Hope Challenge to its end…

F3 Waxhaw Board Meeting

Five of the 7 current F3 Waxhaw Board PAX gathered to discuss a long list of items including events happening in the last 3 months of 2019, as well as what 2020 looks like for our new Region.  New Region! New Standards!  We want to recap the “meeting minutes” (shout out to Bottlecap for putting this on paper) in order to give full transparency of the meeting. 

Since there are a lot of new and/or curious PAX, we also want to provide a general overview of the Board…What is it? Why do we need it? Who is on it? How do PAX participate in it? Etc, Etc.


F3’s Mission is to: Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

F3’sCredo is: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.


  • The initial F3 Waxhaw “committee” was started when Thin Mint, SOB Region Nantan, approached 4 PAX (Bottlecap, Goodfella, Mad Dog, Posse) about Waxhaw forming its own region in early 2019
  • Over the next several months, those 4 individuals attended SOB board meetings and discussed how and when to launch F3 Waxhaw
  • To provide structure and additional leadership, they formed the F3 Waxhaw Board and unanimously decided to ask:
    • Hollywood (1st F), Zinfandel (2nd F), and Foundation (3rd F) to be “Functional Qs” and part of the initial board
    • Mad Dog and Posse to be Co-Weasel Shakers
    • Bottlecap and Goodfella to be Co-Nantans
  • Each board PAX to serve at least until the end of 2019


  • F3 Waxhaw was officially born during a very successful Launch-Vergence on Labor Day
  • Thanks to the MANY men who stepped up in various ways
    • Logo created
    • Shirts ordered
    • FNGs/Kotters invited
    • On-Site/Workout executed
  • The new Region has experienced tremendous growth; in number of PAX, number of workouts, and more importantly, in number of PAX stepping up in leadership roles…All of these are fulfilling the F3 Mission!
  • One of the main goals of the F3 Waxhaw Board is to utilize our recent momentum to enhance and spread F3 to more men in our area


  • At today’s Board meeting, we discussed what the future looks like for the Board itself
  • We unanimously decided to grow the number of PAX on the board (from 7 to 9) and better define each role
    • Nantan (1 PAX):  Casts vision for F3 Waxhaw; a cultural/spiritual Leader within a Starfish-modeled Organization who Influences through “VAPE” (Vision, Articulation, Persuasion, and Exhortation)
    • Weaselshakers (2 PAX):  Keeps all initiatives and leaders on-track and accountable; helps the Nantan communicate and implement the vision
    • 1st F Q – Fitness (2 PAX):  Ensure all PAX and FNGs are challenged, welcome, and safe at our workouts by working with Site Qs; execute Q-Schools and Site-Q Schools on a regular basis; encourage and implement Fitness events outside of normal workouts (ex. Monthly Challenges, Spartan race, Convergences, etc.)
    • 2nd F Q – Fellowship (2 PAX):  Make sure all PAX get connected beyond morning workouts; manage Social Media to drive excitement; create social events for PAX as well their M’s (wives) and 2.0s (kids)
    • 3rd F Q – Faith (2 PAX):  Encourage PAX to move/serve for the betterment of them and others; organize service opportunities in the community; ensure 3rd F groups (Bible studies, Men’s groups, QSource) are thriving; explore fundraising opportunities to serve local charities
  • Over the coming months, the Board will be identifying and asking some PAX to step up into further leadership roles
  • New/Additional Board members (Functional Qs)
  • Functional Qs will be asking for assistance to lead projects/initiatives (ex. a PAX runs the Christmas party, a PAX is point person for School Service project)
  • We agreed that our vision is to eventually have a separate website ( that we utilize to share all our local activities and content with our PAX and potential FNGs
    • Do we have PAX capable and willing to assist?
  • 2nd F (Fellowship) Update:
    • Saturday Nov 16th:  Inaugural F3 Waxhaw Holiday Party (cuz it can’t be a “Christmas Party” before Thanksgiving)
    • Zinfandel and Twinkle Toes are working on details (other PAX to help?)
    • Lawson Clubhouse
    • Initial plans are $30/couple with a (toy?) donation or $50/couple without
    • Heavy apps and entertainment to be provided; BYOB
  • Saturday Dec 7th:  3rd Annual EFFEE Awards
    • Men only
    • Briarcrest Clubhouse
    • A time of GREAT fellowship recounting the best and worst of 2019
    • Awards are given . . . Thick skin is required
    • Deflated, Foundation, and Zinfandel are working on details
  • Next Board meeting:  Saturday October 26th – 0515-0615 at McDonald’s
    • Any specific topics?

Hopefully this gives everyone a better understanding of F3 Waxhaw Board, what the Board has been doing, and will be doing moving forward. More importantly, hopefully this gives a very clear realization that there is a LOT to still be done and WE NEED YOUR HELP, fellas!  If you are willing (we will figure out the able) to help, or if you have an idea, or just have a question, please don’t hesitate to grab one of the current Board PAX at a workout and talk to us.  Thanks to everyone for their effort and support in making the F3 Waxhaw Region a reality in 2019! Let’s Keep Growing!

Choo! Choo!  

Who did the Wicked Witch Marry?

PAX: Thumper, Sardine, Smokey, Houdini, Sensei, Slim Fast, FoxTrot, Jello

Disclaimer was given. Lois (sick and absent) is not responsible.

Run to back in long parking lot behind church.


SSH x 15

IW x 15

Hillbilly x 15 – I think Dorothy’s Uncle was a Hillbilly

Mountain Climber x 15

I think a Tornado hit so we ran to the back of the school

Windmills X 15 – get the tie in with the Tornado?

Take a lap around the track and get low for the Lollipop gang:

Sumo Walk

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

We needed to follow the yellow brick road. At each Lightpole, LSS x 10 and LBCs x 10.

I was about to give instructions for meeting the Main Event, but Sensei reminded me that we had to do battle with the Monkeys. I was happy to comply Monkey Humpers x 15.

3 Witches – this was a bit like a Starfish. Get into groups of 4 (there were 8 of us), then head to each of the Witches (Cones). Under each cone there were exercises. Do 30 of each exercise, then head back to the middle for 5 burpees for the Wizard.

Glinda – Good Witch of the South

Jump Squats

American Hammer

Speed Skaters

The Wicked Witch of the West


Supine Pull-ups

Rocky Balboa

The Wicked Witch of the East



Step Ups

As we headed to a grassy area by the trailers, the big question was asked, “Who did the Wicked Witch marry?” The answer… Jack Webb!

Some discussion if it was 5 air presses or 4, but it was 4. So we did Jack Webb up to 20 and then back down.

Long run back to Kansas, behind the school, behind the church, take a Left on Main Street and turn into Church Parking lot.


Heels to Heaven

American Hammer


All done! 


Great work by all. I always enjoy this AO. Glad that I was given the chance to Q! As always, an honor to lead. And Shamless Plug… Charlotte Youth Ballet is doing the ballet “Wizard of Oz” on March 14th and 15th. I won’t be staring in this one. But, I will be staring in Nutcracker on December 6-8


Let them Soar Oct 12th. SFN looking for Track Commanders

Race for the Cure

Bratwurst drops a sausage… or two…

9 men showed up in the gloom to see if the non-bootcamping JRR Tolkien could make it through a bootcamp… his own. Here’s what they did….


  1. 0515 hits, disclaimer given, and off we go. Take off down Ballantyne Commons Parkway. Stopping once for the 6, we did 30 or so merkins waiting for Kirby to adjust his fanny pack, butt belt, spandex, or whatever he was doing while we exercised.
  2. Hang a right on Ballantyne Corp Place, say sayonara to Bratwurst to go make some sausage at a hotel restroom. Stop at base of Bagpipe hill, and do Makhtar N’Diayes until the 6 arrives. TCLAPS Mario for leading.
  3. 12 minute challenge…. Run 5X up Bagpipe Hill. At both the top and bottom, do 5 forward lunges with the left leg, and 5 backward lunges on your left leg. Flapjack to right leg and repeato. This took more like 18 minutes… and was hard.
  4. As a penalty for failure, do a 2 minute PT test of max sit-ups. Remember your #
  5. Head over to the rock pile by the bridge to the lake and the fitness trail. In cadence, do 26 squat thrusters, 16 squat thrusters, 11 squat thrusters with the rock, in solid form.
  6. Repeat 2 min PT sit-up test. Try to beat the number you did earlier.
  7. Head back to launch.
  8. Finito


Rough morning for YHC. Have been sick, not sleeping much, and with plantar fascia as of late… all excuses that don’t help improve fitness. The bigger problem is attending no bootcamps, just long runs (thanks Tuck). But, Inspired by the 81 men who finished GrowRuck 16 in Naperville, IL this past week, YHC promised to give a good effort today whether it meant spilling merlot or not… (dry heaved twice).

The plan was to do some version of the same PT test the GRW16 guys did, which was 75 squat thrusters, run 1 mile, 35 squat thrusters, run 1 mile in under 30min using their 40+lb rucksacks. Yeah right…. that was ridiculous to witness. Thankfully, YHC forgot my 30# rucksack. So we did some other stuff.

Couple of other musings…

  • Fire Hazard apparently dogged his ultra, since he was moving pretty fast out there today.
  • Mario has perfect form. Everyone was checking out his booty all morning. Especially because he ledt he pack.
  • Tuck shaved before the workout, but it still looked like he had a 5:00 shadow …. just a 5am shadow beard.
  • Kirby now has enough practice on Bagpipe Hill that he can do it over again tomorrow at the Isabella Santos 5K with a Speed For Need chariot.
  • Brexit has beautiful tattoos on his right shoulder. Makes me want to get an English Bulldog, not a Pembroke Welsh Corgie (yes, we are getting one of those soon #facepalm
  • Did YHC mention Bratwurst made sausage at a hotel? For free too.
  • Jazz Hands wore the most despicable shirt from the most despicable company ever.
  • Mouse Trap attests that all of these statements are true.

And here are a couple of lessons from GrowRuck that I was reminded of. 1) To lead effectively, you must be willing and able to follow. 2) When you think you’re gassed, you always have more in the tank 3) Form matters. If the leader is willing to cheat, then the followers will as well, and there is no standard.


  • Please consider signing up to support a rider with a special need at an upcoming Speed For Need Race


Iron Pax Challenge – Recap

8 men finished the final week of IPC this week at WAMRAP.

The challenge:

Round 1: 100 Combined merkins/squats. Run 200 yards with cinderblock

Round 2: 100 combined Sister Mary Catherine/Block Swings. Run 200 yards with cinderblock

Round 3: 100 combined walking lunges/cinderblock thrusters. Run 200 yards with cinderblock

Repeato 2 more times, for 9 total rounds – for time.

Fun Fact!!! That’s over 1 mile carrying the cinderblock.

T-Claps to the guys who finished all four weeks. It was a grinder and leg smoker each week.

Thanks to Wolverine who brought the tunes in week 3 and the flashing cone of death showing the 100 yard turn around point for the block carry.

WAMRAP Sale Pitch:

We chose to host the IPC because the workouts were similar to WAMRAP each week. A cycle of exercises repeated as often as you can for time. Simple in theory, painful in reality. The beauty is that it keeps all the PAX in relatively close proximity while affording the fastest guys and the six to all get in a workout that pushes to their limits. So if you like the IPC and want more workouts like that, come out each Wednesday. It will be hard each week and you will get better.

The AO is big and affords us lots of parking lots, 2 parking decks with stairs and ramps plus the Green Monster with 2×100+ yard sections of flat grassy area.


Substitute Work

Job was on Q for Cerberus this week and he called me with and injury report so frustratingly he had to make the call to heal up before taking the 3 headed dog on a tour. I hadn’t Q’d in a while so I wanted to offer my services as a fill in Q. Alf made the Job announcement on Slack but redacted as he learned that I was the fill in, he also quickly stated that I lacked youth as well which added a little extra desire of beat down level from me:)

The Thang: 43 straight minutes of up and down our new empty parking deck in Waverly. It’s a low incline so the work is easy at first but then creeps up on you. Mosey to top for WU, basic stuff. Mosey to base for beginning, each workout included the following at each turn. 20 Squats, 20 Forward Lunges (meant walking for Turkey and ALf??) 15 CDD, and finish with 6,5,4,…Burpees. I think it was solid, you have to ask the pax.

Moleskin: Uncle Leo, O Tannebom went to town today saw them out front on the last two rounds. Alf and Turkey led the pax, great to have Doc back, Chipotle, Boytano and Shop never gave up and pushed themselves. Quill! How about this new guy, stepping right in, Iron Pax this week and posting again to the triple dog. Das boot and Figi are steady and always positive have have a smile on their face, much like our brother Astro. Big Tuna posted with me twice this week and is always encouraging as I watch him push himself. Pitchfork also dug in and pushed through the hills as well.

All and all a great morning, fun to work out with this group.


Susan G Komen: Jump in our our team and/or show your support here:

Giving the Q the business

10 pax circled up in the gloom yesterday (yes, this backblast is posted over 24 hours after the workout, the horror!). 5 (YHC, TR, HT, Header, and Chin Music) chose to pre-run the #SpamRunner route starting as early as 0450.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 2H swings x 20 OYO
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • 2H swings x 20 OYO
  • Prying squats x 2-3

Main Thang:

Single arm pyramid:

  • 1H swings
  • Snatches
  • Cleans
  • Presses

Do 2, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps of each exercise

Perform various carries to the second island and back (suitcase, racked, overhead, bottoms-up).

Partner doubles pyramid:

  • Swing
  • Racked squat
  • Presses

Do 2, 4, 6, 4, 2, reps of each exercise and rest while your partner works.

Bodyweight time-waster (yeah, I said it):

Mosey down to the kitty litter (unless you’re TR or HH) for 1 round of:

  • Pull-ups x 5
  • Merkins x 10
  • Lunges x 15 each leg

Return to the parking lot for 10 snatches per arm, then 5 snatches per arm.

Thanks to High Tide for graciously accepting my invitation to lead the take-out.


  • Various 5Ks are coming up with Speed for Need (including Isabella Santos Foundation tomorrow in Ballantyne and the Komen Race for the Cure. If you can push, please let Tolkien or Gypsy know as they are always looking for pushers for the track commanders.
  • Chelms is collecting coats for Westside Ministry during the month of October. Meathead is participating, so please bring your coats starting next week. The drive ends on 11/2.


  • Apologies for the lack of originality yesterday morning, but I prefer the basics and there’s only so many ways to mix those up. Some singles, some doubles. I meant to do more carries, but forgot. One of these days, we’re going to violate the #0.0 nature of the workout with 45 minutes of carries. I know High Tide and Tiger Rag would enjoy that. Bulldog and Horsehead not so much. I guess it will have to be a surprise.
  • The music-related heckling of my Spotify KB Mix shuffled playlist started immediately with unkind words about Rob Zombie and his version of “I’m Your Boogieman.” TR said he preferred the original version performed by KC and the Sunshine Band, but we all know that’s not acceptable music for Meathead. And who doesn’t like a little rage music when their working out? We can’t just listen to Pat Boone and Debbie Gibson/Tiffany every Thursday. For good measure, we also mixed in some Audioslave, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. #MHstaples
  • If anyone is looking for a few miles before the workout, there’s a pretty reliable crew meeting at 4:50 (okay, that’s just TR and sometimes me) and 5:00 (Header and Chin Music). High Tide also joined us this morning, but ran his own route. #lonewolf
  • Thanks to the pax for posting and following YHC’s lead. Leading my fellow man isn’t something that comes naturally and I don’t get a lot of opportunities at work, so I appreciate being given the opportunity to work on that skill with you in the morning. Yet another gift given freely at F3. Make sure you’re taking advantage of it by raising your hand when someone asks for leadership.

“In cadence….??!”

(written by Fault Line) So finally Homer gets his opportunity to Q for the very first time. He was scheduled a few weeks back but life got in the way with travel, etc. So here we go…group of veterans circle up which I’m sure made Homer feel good…so he calls time at 530 on the dot, basically says he’s the Q started running…after some coaxing, he finally exclaimed, “you can’t sue me…” as he mosey’d down the road. Disclaimer check!

Circled up in lower lot where it got real for the VQ (as it does with most first-timers) when he called the first exercise, SSH, IW, Merkins, Mountain Climbers. He made an honest attempt to count in sync with his movements but when we started and finished was a little vague. Anyway, we moved on.

After some suicide/exercise partner work near the main lot, we hit the rock pile then gazebo for some Good Mornings, Derkins, Overhead Press, Bent Rows. Split those up with a run to the playground where we did pull ups, dips and squats. Returned the rocks and made it back to launch.

Overall, great VQ by Homer. He took a little heckling but had a plan and executed the plan like a pro. Thanks to Puddin Pop for the takeout prayer. Upcoming Need for Speed race at Covenant Day October 12 and F3 Camp October 25th…look on the web for more info. Cheers!