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RockZero LSD (#crowdpleaser)

21 pax assembled to see what the substi-Q had in store. Kettlebells? Nope, not today. A deconstructed Murph? Good guess, but no. How about a little running? Haha…this is High Tide, right?

Disclaimer & assignment of vets to shepherd our two FNGs

The Thang

Mosey out of the parking lot and head up Rea Rd toward 51, cross at the light, heckle Voodoo in the man-i-van headed to a 5k with his 2.1, and continue on to Brookdale senior center for SSH.

Continue down Rea toward Colony, with intermittent stops to corral the pax and get in some exercises (WW2 sit-ups, LBCs, HR merkins, etc).

Keep keeping on, exercising and mumblechattering along the way, all the way to the Ascent AO at Olde Providence Elementary. Note that there is no Ascent posting today, and head around back to the playground.

Work set:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 HR (hand-release) merkins
  • 15 ATG (ass-to-grass) squats
  • Rinse & repeato until Q calls time. There was a fair amount of standing around & refusniking, so we ran out of time after the participating pax got in about 2 rounds. (In retrospect, we needed to head on back from a time perspective)

Head back to Calvary, again with intermittent stops to gather the pax and continue exercises, albeit with longer intervals and fewer stops than on the outbound trip. Arrive on campus right on time.

5.11 mile per YHC’s Garmin.


  • Memorial Day convergence next weekend (silent prerun; 100 burpees to end; 3 Qs).
  • Signup for Crane Relay
  • Signup for Beer Mile


While running home from the workout, my mind was full of things to include in the backblast. As I write this 9 hours later, nothing comes to mind…

Many thanks to those helping us stay together. With 21 pax, the potential to spread out on the runs was pretty high. Sprockets and Flipper were consistently out front and faithful to circle back for the six. Hoover maintained a close watch of the six, while Nemo kept tabs on the #hatehates in attendance. T-claps, guys.

Nice work by all the pax, bearing with YHC’s ambitious plan for a little running today. With an AO required minimum of 3 miles, we may have PR’ed today with 5.11 (ranging from ~4.8-5.3 or so, depending on your circle backs or not). YHC had originally planned for a LSD today, before the call to Q, so once it was cleared up over whether today was to be “heavy” or “light”, a merger of the LSD and Q was hatched. Between YHC’s run in/out and other pax’s preruns, a lot of miles were covered today.

Welcome to FNGs Bedpan (Roman, a doctor) and Recess (Stephen, a 17 year old homeschooler who loves to “play outside”). As we like to say, keep coming out – it doesn’t get easier, but you’ll get stronger. Aye!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today. Always an honor. Aye.

Pre Murph

So I’ve Qed Commitment the last 3 out of 5 weekends. This AO is good but hands down my favorite site is ranked 87th of all AO’s. My goal for all these Q’s was to prepare us for the upcoming Murph challenge on the 27th. I am now broke from paying Rubbermaid to bump Q’s in order to get on the books as much as possible! Mad Dog sealed my fate today in COT as he assigned Q’s until the end of time in hopes he would never have to do another pull-up or Cpt. Therkin. Well played!!

Zinfandel had a great idea when he mentioned we should complete “Cindy” at Commitment this weekend. I already had pull-ups on the weinke and thought his idea was great..AUDIBLE!


Di Cell Cpr Safety

  • Mosey to Cul-da-sac – Circle up
    • 5 SSH
    • 5 Merkins
    • 5 IW
    • 5 Low Slow S
    • Leg Stretch
  • 1 MILE RUN
  • CINDY – AMRAP – 20 Mins
    • 5 Pullups
    • 10 Pushups
    • 15 Squats
    • 1 STR8 ARM SU / 4 Protractor 5/45
      • 2 Merkin
    • 10 Kicks/10 Hold/1 Merkin 9/10/2
  • Lt. DAN – but shorter
  • 1 Squat/4 Jump Lunges – We made it to about 7 and skipped to 10/40
  • 10 Merkins OYO
  • Jailbreak to COT


The Moleskine: #soapboxversion #sorrynotsorry

Welcome Vegas and Brutus to the group! Both did fantastic for their first post. Looks like Lawson may have to step up the recruiting game!!

The typical Moleskine consists of “everyone pushed hard” and all that fluff. I will say a lot of people worked hard..they did. But a few Pax (no names mentioned) would not shut up! Look, if you want to post and talk non-stop you can meet us at McDonald’s or Duncan Doughnuts around 7:30…otherwise stop all the mumble chatter and bust your ass. DO NOT try to carry on a conversation with me while I’m trying to take my body through a terrible workout and need all the mental focus I can muster up to make that happen. Don’t do it! You want to chat during a mosey I’m all for that…you just have to keep up.

I know people post for different reasons…I get that. If you can’t do the reps and have to modify no judgment here at all…DO YOU! But standing around trying to interact during an AO when others are literally killing themselves isn’t what you need to be doing…just sayin’. We have a place for that…see above.

Let me also add, I’m by far not the strongest or the fastest Pax…not even close but I give it my all! I know when its time to talk and a time to work. If you have a fellow Pax and you know he will stand around and talk with you during an AO I encourage you to find him and embrace…possibly join FIA…Don’t come to me…I will not embrace.

To all the Pax that didn’t stand around and chat…WELL DONE!! To all the Pax that attempted the pullups, the whole 20 mins and didn’t chat the entire time…WELL DONE!! A few of us almost got the full 20 rounds!! Damascus well done wearing the vest and getting 20 rounds…the real Murph should be a cake walk!!

I recorded the entire 20 mins mainly to see myself and how I did. Has zero to do with anyone else. If you would like to see how you did and not use the video as ammo to degrade anyone else I will send you the link. Let me know. As always, thanks for letting me lead all of you today! I love all you guys…some of you just need to zip it up a bit… 🙂


Chastain needs site Q’s at Outland – The AO is a good one and ranked higher than #87

The real Murph is one week from Monday – Bring your A game… @ 6:30 Nesbit Park…Coffeteria to follow.

I’ll see you all at Flash Monday… Im on Q…SHOCKER!!!

Why are we in the deck?

6 men showed at 5:10 for a pre-run around Stonecrest

As the PAX gathered (15 total for the main event) there was the usual friendly banter, the time was growing near so the disclaimer was given a little early as to not waste time – YHC mentioned we would be crossing Rea Rd and I realized I may have “angered” some… but off we went at 5:30 anyway.

Mosey over to parking lot in front of Harris Teeter for warmup – 15 SSHs, 15 IWs, 15 Mountain climbers, 10 arm circles/10 seal claps/10 overhead claps.

The Thang

Mosey across Rea Rd to Brown Bag parking deck:
line up abreast one wall. PAX would bear crawl to opposite wall (width of deck) and do 10 hand release merkins; then lungewalk back and do 10 supermans (3 times)
line up abreast on the wall heading length of the deck. PAX would do 10 Carolina Dry Docks run up the far stairs and to the far wall of above deck for 10 donkey kicks then return to start (3 times)
line up abreast on 1st wall. PAX would crabwalk to opposite wall and do 10 LBCs; then broadjump back and do 10 merkins (3 times)

Mosey back across Red Rd to Stonecrest to the hill in front of Regal Cinema. Stopped for some called Mary along the way. Partner up – 1 partner run up the hill and back while the other does called exercise (hand release merkins/supermans/LBCs).

Given the PAX were crushing it and we had another 7 minutes to spare we tried to get in a long lap around Stonecrest stopping at each speedbump for 10 jump squats

Given the great temps and pleasant weather the PAX were none to pleased to be cooped up in a parking deck – I will take it under advisement for next time – ha, who I am kidding no I won’t. Another point of order was raised to YHC with the ambitious call of heading around Stonecrest for a long lap with only 7 minutes left. This proved to correct and I should have heeded the warning… oh well, we got 2 minutes of extra credit… you’re welcome.

All PAX put in great effort and pushed themselves this morning. Strange Brew has a very fast broadjump technique and YHC copied that one, thanks. Madame raised the question “are we supposed to be doing merkins or whatever those are?” It’s always nice to have your form checked so you can get in the proper work, thanks Madame.


Olaf on Q next week, please come on out for his 1st Q as the new Rebel Yell site Q

I got your frisbee right here.

11 pax mustered in the mid-May gloom of Joust. Actually, it was 10 as Funky Cold didn’t show ’til later. Header, who apparently never does burpees and never has, and Chin Music did their customary pre-run. Header’s 2.1 is going for his driver’s license test today – Ductwork should have prayed for that. #cobains

Marge climbed out of his vehicle and told YHC this was his first Friday post in his 4’ish years of F3…welcome to Frisbee Free Friday. The AO was not completely unfamiliar to YHC though had not posted at Joust in 3-4 years. Great AO…won’t neglect it that long again.

Anyhoo, after a weak disclaimer, we mounted up for some jousting in the comfortable environs amid the forests of Sardis.

We ran to the track for a warm-up lap, then circled up at midfield for COP: IW’s, Slow Squats, Knee Up’s, Dancing Chilcutt’s

Line up on goal line and then run to 10, 20, 30, 40…. for H-R Merkins at each line for 100 yards (1, 2, 3, 4….). Repeato but with Jump Squats and then again with lunges. My memory of what we did is already fading, but I do remember Gummy asking if we were going to stay on the field the whole time. The Hop was starting to Drop.

The calculated, calm refusenik’ing of Header & Chin Music was impressive in many ways. No jump squats for Header as he claimed he wanted to do merkins to work on his pec’s. #chesticles

Mr. Brady was out front on the field a good bit, not sure if due to refuseniking, mediocre form/incomplete form, or sheer speed? He did not run in so had extra gas in the tank.

We then made our way to the stadium stairs and ran up and down all the rows a couple times with H-R merkins at top, Incline Merkins at bottom and more Jump Squats.

Marge said he would need help getting up from his desk later. #itsworking

We then moseyed over to the newest (I think) building on campus for some people’s chair with overhead press. We then remained in the chair while each of the pax did 5 burpees in front of the rest of us. The form was not as heinous as I anticipated. The newly unhibernated Slumdog showed some good form as he was first in line. Set the bar pretty high, but Header had no problem with the bar. He brazenly just did 10 average form merkins while the pax looked on. Picture someone in the high jump who runs up to the bar, stops, knocks the bar off with his hand and then just lays down on the Porta Pit.

Schmedium’s burpees are slower than YHC’s. Welcome to The Slow Motion Burpee Club my friend.

The pax then moseyed back to the launch lot and YHC retrieved a tractor tire from Ductwork’s truck.

In the adjacent parking lot, we paired up and each pair took turns flipping the tire about 50-60 yards while the rest of the pax did called exercises….well – Header, Schmedium and perhaps Funky Cold did their own called exercises…one of which included just sitting on their 6 and mumble chattering. At least Gummy admitted to our group, “This is not my best effort, Hops”. #HopDropAndRollOver

We finished with 10 6-count burpees IC…well, most of us did. You jokers where there, and know what you did or didn’t do.

The newly Respectful Smokey was getting after it as per the norm but seemed wistful and kept muttering something that sounded like, “Where are the damn frisbees?”

Funky Cold arrived 4 or 5 minutes late, and commented something about forgetting how far the run-in was from his home.

That’s it. Thanks to Ductwork for tapping me to Q and thanks also to him for taking us out with a strong prayer.

Gummy reminded everyone of the Beer Mile on June 7th…I think it’s the 7th. Ping him for more info on location, qualifications, entry fees, ABV specifications, etc.

better than this backblast

17 at Kevlar for #FunFriday.


  • Run around to pick up Fault Line’s FNG, culminating in some lackluster COP with even more pathetic counting.
  • Run around the medians doing exercises at each one. Do this a few times. Themes of 7.
  • Suicides at the trees on the other side of campus. More exercises. Continue the theme. Farting (also in 7s).
  • Partner work on the hill.
  • AYG to the Orange Jeep. Touch it with your body.
  • More Mary than any of us were comfortable with.


General tip for backblasts. If you are typing up multiple pages listing each and every side-straddle-monkey-humper and mileages to three decimal points, please stop.

Speaking of backblasts, it was publicly proclaimed by others that this backblast would outclass the workout. I think it was a little presumptuous, because it was before my strained cadence count to 10 merkins let the cat out of the bag, but you guys will have to be the judge here.

Sorry I did not meet the exact requirements sent to me by several others over text message last night for 4+ miles and no running whatsoever. Texting me photos of your injuries and other demands may help next time so I can better cater to each individual requirement. I did feel that one text inquiring about shoe selection was out of bounds. Are we comparing outfits now? I can’t believe you are wearing those heels with that top!

Remember “You Can’t Do That on Television” from the Nickelodeon glory days? The slime was the best part. It was not the best part of this morning, however, when I sat down in somebody’s giant snot hocker on the pavement. Like, gross . . .totally.

Cottontail drives a giant Cadillac with chrome rims. I notice these things.

Welcome FNG “Red Baron”. Lots of material here, with a hospital name pretty close to Rob Lowe, a construction background, Missouri heritage, and aviation hobbies. He hung in there pretty good, especially being one year away from double-respect.

Rosencrants and Guilderstern are dead, and so is this backblast.


Everyone’s least favorite Monday Summer workout, HorseyMcHorseArse, will be launching soon. We may move it out a week to accommodate some Memorial Day workouts (although what is more patriotic than pledging allegiance to a flag illuminated with Christmas lights). Stay tuned.


I walk the Line

22 showed up on a crisp southern morning to finish off the week at the best campus in Union County. I’ve been out of the mix a bit with a lot of work travel so when this showed up on my calendar I cringed a bit – wondering if I could muster up enough to push the group. Knowing that Zin was coming of a 7 day European Beer Bender gave me some hope. I had a goal of not doing a lot of “running” given that Gerber and Wolverine have been increasing the mileage at the Floater on Thursdays.. again I said less running.

Warm up after DCCS

  • mosey front of middle schoo
  • SSH/Merkins/knee slaps/morrocan night club



Grab a bench for the 5-10-15-20 (It’s my standard 1st exercise if you haven’t picked up on it yet). 3 Exercise pack of (dips,derkins and step ups) for 5-10-15-20 reps with a Bobby Hurley in between

7’s on the short hill

Mosey to the High School Gym hill for 7’s. 1 Bobby Hurley at the bottom and 6 Mike Tyson’s at the top

Pinball Sprints

Mosey to the cirlce between football and baseball section. Organize in groups of three. P1 stays at top/P2 heads to cirlce/P3 is the timer. Goal was to have the timer sprint between, while P1 does in/outs and P2 does squats and lunges. Each Pax to be timer/sprinter for 5 times. Some confusion not calling out names – SNB or the guy that pre-runs and leaves early.

Mosey to Rudy’s Refuge — quick 25 air presses and 25 donkey kicks

Get them to puke

The old 15 is a horrible high school basketball drill used at the beginning of the season to weed out the weak or surface those that came in out of shape. Garbage cans usually positioned at each end of the court.

Everyone on sidelines for 1 minute sprints starting with 15 sideline touches. Teams of 3 for the penalty – individually take touches you didnt complete add up as a team and that’s the number of Hurleys

  • 15’s
  • 15’s
  • Slides around the court
  • 14’s
  • Bear Crawl across Court
  • 13’s
  • 12’s (?)

Mosey back to the Flag and do 1 minute of parking space merkins.

Done – COT-Announcements

We ended getting in 2.25 miles today- most of it “sprinting” not running…..I find that if you dont like to run distances – sprinting is the best way to build some endurance and expand the lungs. Well done everyone – not a lot of mumble chatter on the hardwood. I was teamed with GatorCub/Dana on the 15’s . Gator Cub was pulling me and Dana was pulling him and Damascus was pull all. That’s the beauty of our power in numbers and range in abilities; there are people that can push or pull you along. Next time you are out there try and team with someone that is a level or two above you>>>>but then return the privilege and pull someone a level below the next time. Let’s all move the needle together.

Announcements – Open Book on Sundays/Brooklyn Pizza Bible Study on Mondays.

2nd F – Kegger tonite at Old MacDonalds. Bring wooden chairs, old couches or any old furniture you can use to fuel the bonfire.

June 7th – Friday – Jammin by the Tracks downtown Waxhaw. MoneyBall send off!!!!!!!!!

Easy As Dora 1-2-3

10 PAX ignored the #Fartsack and the promise of Semi Gloss bobble heads and posted at #Peak51 for their #DRP. 


We moseyed to the bus parking lot and took a lap.

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 15 
  • Squats x 20
  • IW x 20
  • 8 Count Bodybuilders x 10
  • Windmill x 20

Greenway Fountain Circuit

We moseyed down the greenway to Peak 51’s secret tranquility fountain. Choose your rock wisely and perform 3 rounds of the following, changing the merkin type each round.

  • Regular/Decline/Incline Merkins x 10
  • Dips x 15
  • Step ups x 20 (10 each leg)

Dora 1-2-3

We headed back towards the school for a little Dora 1-2-3. Staying on the greenway, Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 runs to the light pole by the baseball field backstop, flapjack.

  • Merkins x 100
  • Squats x 200
  • LBCs x 300


  • Dollies  x 15


  • YHC arrived and there was quite the crowd already gathered and the parking lot was full with the Sparta guys had already launched.
  • This was YHC’s 3rd Q in less than a week, the Weinke wasn’t very complex, hope you enjoyed it.
  • 8 Count Body Builders are a real crowd pleaser, Lois seems to have a Love/Hate relationship with them. He loves to hate them.
  • Cocktail looked a bit gassed but he rallied, nice job.
  • Slim Fast is the most positive person I know and he’ll positively sign you up for the BRR.
  • Tweetsie was absent, probably running somewhere. He’s gone full runner and is posting at Swift too.
  • Smokey posted back-to-back days with YHC on Q thanks for posting and for partnering up with me.
  • Welcome Turnover from Winston Salem, he was out front on everything today #LarryBird.
  • Good seeing Bullwinkle out there, keep it up.
  • Thanks to Sensei and Rick for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumblechatter


  • Beer Mile at an undisclosed school track near RT 51, check the #beer channel on Slack
  • CLT Craft Course 5/18 check the #beerrun channel on Slack
  • Speed For Need, check with Gypsy for details.

Excuse me, could you please tell me how to get back on the expressway?

22 men gathered in an elementary school parking lot this morning. Don’t tell Geraldo, but there were three female ruckers leaving the parking lot as I pulled in. Their blinky and headlight game was strong. Anyway, we had an FNG among us (Mimi – he was wearing an Indians hat, Drew Carey is from Cleveland, Mimi was a character on the Drew Carey show), so the disclaimer was airtight. Hops ditched his men’s group finally to post at Hydra and found a rowdy bunch.

We ran down to HT for a quick warmup – it was by far the loudest COP I’ve ever been a part of. Not the cadence counting, mind you, but the general conversations about who knows what. You better have your Q loins girded up when you tackle the Hydra. The boys are unrelenting. Anyway, AYG back to the school (aggressive). Then we went over to the church for some rocks and running sets. Then back to the concession area for some benches and running sets. I killed a few minutes with a wall sit/burpee combo, then we got over to the field for some Mary and running sets. There was A LOT of complaining about the wet grass. Bring a towel. You’ll be fine.

Other observations:
– Sprockets is fast. He got back to the school and through a lap on the mini track by the time we got there. Come to Fast Twitch!
– I think Floor Slapper got to the workout at 5:45, after we got back to the school.
– Hopper has clearance to do merkins again after a long recovery from shoulder surgery. He claims the doc told him never to do burpees again. Semi Gloss must go to the same doctor.
– Jet Fuel joined the pre-workout circle with his shirt untucked, jeopardizing his Dick’s Sporting Goods modeling contract.

– Beer Run this Saturday, starting at noon. Check out the Slack Channel.
– Beer Mile on 6/7 at 7:00 pm. Check out the Slack Channel.
– Paintball on 6/8 – see Pop Tart for details.

Southside Bloody Knee Back Pull Spooktacular

DiCCS (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Decent size group this morning, lucky number 13 strong.  

Mosey to Dreamchasers to circle up.  


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Calf Stretch x 10 seconds, flapjack

The Thang:

Mosey across bridge to South Main St. BBQ (in my opinion best ice cream in Waxhaw, sorry Creamery, and second in Charlotte only to Two Scoops). Edit: Honorable mention also includes: Dollar Cone (although it’s like $1.50 now but the value w/ two toppings can’t be beat).

Run down S. Providence to South Providence School.

  • Merkins x 15 at each of the five intersections (65 total)

Cemetery Hill Run x 3

  • Mike Tysons x 5 at school wall
  • Squats x 10 at other end of Bad Idea Hill

Mosey to start of Southside Cemetery (“big dipper loop”). 

  • Run to first path, 10 Heels to Heaven
  • Run to second path, 20 LBCs
  • Run to third path, 30 American Hammers (single count)
  • Loop back to start and repeat two more time

Mosey to Southside Cemetery “horseshoe loop”. 

  • 5 Burpees
  • Run Loop
  • 5 Burpees

Mosey back to start of Bad Idea hill, 10 squats, run to school, 10 Mike Tysons at top on the school wall

Run back to the best ice cream in Waxhaw.

Cross the bridge as group, mosey back to AO.

30 seconds left, 5 more burpees



I wanted to check out the Southside Cemetery this morning on my prerun to make sure the paths were in good condition.  I forgot about the speed bump on Arbor Dr. and had the pleasure of taking out both kneecaps before the workout even started.  Everyone worked hard this morning.  Bottlecap was looking strong and then started to show his age when he pulled his back while only running downhill.  Hopefully it’s just a pulled muscle and you will be back out soon.  Thanks Posse for escorting him back to the AO.  Everyone else pushed hard this morning, good to see Kid Rock out at more WUC posts.  I think the Southside Cemetery offers some good opportunities for future workouts that are car free.  Welcome FNG Hummingbird!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead on cool morning.


Bottlecap is OUT for Clinet Dinner tonight and needs a substi-Q. 

I’m sure Dancing Bear and his daughter are still collecting travel size shampoo and soap for shelters, keep em coming.

California Dreaming?

4 PAX ignored the #Fartsack and posted at #DeathValley for their #DRP. 


We took a lap around the parking lot to gather the six 

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 15 
  • Squats x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Windmill x 20


We moseyed down Strawberry stopping at each speed bump for 10 merkins.

Turn right on Rosecliff for 7s, Merkins at then bottom and squats at the top.

We headed back to SCMS stopping at each speed bump for 10 LBCs. 

Rock Work

Head over to the rock pile and perform called exercise then take a lap around the parking lot.

  • Overhead presses
  • Curls
  • Squats 
  • Triceps extensions
  • Burpee Thrusters 

Circuit Work

We headed to the benches by the baseball fields for 2 rounds of the following: 

  • Decline Merkins x 10
  • Dips x 15
  • Step ups x 20 (10 each leg)

Still some time left for 2 more laps around the parking lot to get us to 3 miles.


  • Flutter kicks x 15
  • Rosalita x 15
  • Hello Dollies x 15


  • YHC arrived with 5 minutes to spare to find Smokey and Uncle Leo waiting in their cars in the parking lot. Then Pudding Pop came in hot, he’s a steady regular.
  • Smokey sported the long sleeves this morning in response to the chill in the air this morning. Don’t worry, it’ll be summer in a few days.
  • Dollywood couldn’t make it after his late night soccer draft. The Knicks still got jobbed at the NBA lottery last night.
  • Welcome back Smokey from then West Coast attending his nieces graduation from USC. 
  • Pudding Pop dropped some knowledge about south central LA, who knew USC was in the hood? 
  • Good to see Uncle Leo, have seen him in some time. 
  • We learned Pudding Pop would move to Santa Barbara if he won the lottery. That would make must see reality TV.
  • Pudding Pop is not a fan of the hill Rising Meadow in Raintree, good thing we went to Rosecliff
  • Thanks to Smokey and Dollywood for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumblechatter


  • Beer Mile at an undisclosed school track near RT 51, check the #beer channel on Slack
  • CLT Craft Course 5/18 check the #beerrun channel on Slack