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Lots of grumbling

Thin Mint asked if I could take his Q since he was recovering from an ankle injury. Of course, I would love to get back over to the Fast Twitch.

The jokes started yesterday when I was asked via social media if I knew where to park. Yes, I missed the last time I had the Q, ironically where we park now is where I came the first time. I must have had foresight.

Once the pax started to arrive everyone seemed to have the same joke about my sweet look. I think there was some mention of the village people. You had to be there to know.

Instructions were given and a proper disclaimer since we had the nantan in the group. The grumbling started right away. I’m not sure what was said. Pretty sure this is a running workout, or it at least use to be, so we ran. I did oblige the rule of putting hands on the ground to appease the masses.

We ran to the bottom of Providence road to the stop light by the entrance of Providence Plantation. Instructions were to run to Shallowwood entrance do five hand release merkins, run down to the bottom where we started do five hand release merkins and then to the top, following Providence road to the raintree entrance doing five hand release merkins. We did this twice.

Some confusion ensued at this point since the instruction was to go catch the six and follow them back. Like most workouts at Fast Twitch some did not listen or refused. We all got to the same point eventually.

Once we regrouped we headed across the street into Providence Heights. Just run to the end of the cul de sac and back. Catch the six. Head up Providence back to the AO to stop and do two more rounds of run to the top and then back down doing five hand release merkins on Raintree Ln. Dodge some cars along the way and have Purell take a segment crown with some goating from Tolken and boom it is all over. Came in at perfect timing, at least eleven of us did. Four decided to desent.

Thanks for the grumbling, it is part of what makes getting up in the morning so much fun. Look forward to more of it this summer.

The Maul Logjam VQ

We met and did some nice ab work in front of target and a few side straddle hops to get the blood flowing. Then the pax proceeded to the church to partner up for some reps. 100 merkins, 200 LVCs, & 400 flutters while partners were lapping the church. After the pax proceeded to the murder horn for some bear crawls, backwards runs, merkins, and burpees. Finally the group finished up on the wall at the bottom of the hill for some wall sits, balls to the wall and donkey kicks. Work out ended with a sprint up the hill.

Bagpipe + Swift

18 Pax took on bagpipe this morning. We started with a nice little mozy over to the Ballantyne village parking garage. Upon arrival we circled up for some imperial walkers, merkins, peter parkers, and sweat angels. We then proceeded to the 2nd floor of the parking garage. We proceeded to sprint up to the top of the garage do 10 merkins and then mozied back to the line for 10 reps of this set. After the pax completed the set we moved on the the stairs. We proceeded to do 4 sets up and down the stairs adding an exercise on each set. Exercises done were supermans (10), dieing cockroach (10), heals to heaven (10), and LVCs (25). We finished up heading back over to the Vine for some reps with Sally (Merkins, Supermans, Squats). All others were at Swift doing intervals.

Seis De Matrix

16 men showed up the day after Cinco De Mayo. The whiff of Tequila on the breath and a strong horn section powered by refried beans and hot sauce kept a cloud over the workout all morning. Wet wipes might be a good idea for some of you to bring to each post.

Gather up with 13 men, brief disclaimer, and then jog around the low parking lot. Pick up 3 late comers on the way back to COP.


SSH, Low Slow Squats, Mountain climbers, low plank jacks, & high plank jacks.


Mosey to the track and partner up. Speed and weight class don’t matter.

P1 – runs track. P2 – Exercises. Flap jack. Keep going until the team gets 200 Merkins, 200 Jump Squats, and 200 Flutter Kicks.

Mosey to the wall. Do some various wall sit exercises. Audible to lunge walk to avoid toxic burrito fumes. Back at the wall for some Balls to the Wall with a very slow Squid 10-count.

Back to track. P1 Planks, P2 runs track with stop halfway for 10 burpees. Flapjack and repeat for 3 rounds each.

Mary Suicides with basketball goals. 20 Dolly’s out there and 40 LBC’s at the start.

Mosey to launch, 10 burpees, 100 yard dash, and some box cutter mary.


Good partner assignments on the Q’s part ensured that most of the teams were fairly equal and finished the work in similar times.

I know you are thinking that O’Tanenbaum was one of the late ones, but you would be very wrong. He was there 5 minutes early and well before the Q. People can change. Squid didn’t think the workout was challenging enough so maintained most of his planks at 6″ or half way down. Tulip was cruising all morning. Gave Purell a run for his money on the 100 yard dash, at least for 50 yards, that’s when Purell dropped the hammer and took off. After a protest and further review, Purell was disqualified for running into Tulip’s line and mucking things up. Tulip pays out at 70-1. See Pop Tart with your winning ticket to request your winnings. Ocho Cinco Places and Squid takes the Show. Joker was way back. No wooly vest = No super power speed.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout!


Blimps & Bombs over the Asylum

Well, YHC had a lot of work to do today. Never one to cower when I failed at something, I had some redeeming to do for missing my last Asylum Q. What better way than to hit the Q with some Blimps and Bombs. So, lets get going……

Warm Up:

  1. Quick lap
  2. SSH x 30
  3. Imperial Walkers x 20
  4. Merkins x 15

The Thang:


Run to each of the four corners of the PetSmart parking lot – # @ each corner. Individual exercise, civilian count and stop at the end of each lap to begin the next as a group.

B – burpees 10x

L – lunges 20x

I – imperial walkers 30x

M – merkins 20x

P – plank jacks 25x

S – squats 30x

10 Count breather

B.O.M.B.S. – consisted of Burpees (25x), Overhead Press (50x), Merkins (75x), Big Boy Sit-ups(100x), and Squats (200x). Partner up. PAX 1 does exercise while PAX 2 runs. Continue alternating until all exercises are complete.

Those little gems ate up the entire 45 minutes. I picked these up from a workout in Sarasota a week or so ago. Based on the grumbling it appeared to hit the spot. Thanks for ShopDawg for taking us out. Prayer for Goodfella’s upcoming international trip.

Sand Blasted- Exfoliation for real men / Tweet and Meat

Some people don’t write Blackblasts anymore, but I think that completes your Q duties. This BB is for a workout that doesn’t have an AO, site Q or any real reason to exist, but we keep showing up. However, I am a regular at 2 of these AO’s (Tweet and Meat & Rum Runner).

Today we had 6 burly beasts, however 5 showed up at Calvary at the opposite end of the parking lot. I was hoping it was not a mean prank on the Q, because no one was near me in the lot. Thinking I saw a car at the other end, 0514 I ran over and grabbed the crew who were patiently waiting or just talking smack about the my tardiness.

The Thang

Once High Tide put away his arsenal of manly bells, we made sure everyone had a bag and made our way on a brief warm up lap back to my car.

We circled up and performed the following w/ Sandbag’s:

10 x Curls

10 x Squats

10 x Press

10 x High Pull

5x Burpees

10 x plank pulls (5 per side)

Grab bag and head to the field. Each exercise was performed with 10 or 15 moves per movement. Then run to Hot Box and 10 to 15 on the way back

  • Front Toss
  • Backwards Toss
  • Throw bag forward
  • Bear Crawl drag

Grab bag and head to playground

5 pull-ups / merkins

5 pull-ups / wide arm merkins

5 pull-ups / diamond merkins

Several rounds of mary with bag held above your head

20 x Flutter

20 x heels to heaven without heaven

15x chest presses

Before we leave the playground- repeato

5 pull-ups / merkins

5 pull-ups / wide arm merkins

5 pull-ups / diamond merkins

Head back to field, this time to the hill. Perform same exercises, this time up and down the hill

  • Front toss
  • Backwards toss
  • Throw bag forward
  • Bear crawl drag

Head back to MY car

6 stations to finish off the workout

  • Slosh tub
  • Sand tub
  • Battle rope
  • KB swings
  • KB pulls
  • Sandbag reverse shoulders

Final 4 mins of Mary

  • LBC
  • Boat Canoe
  • J-Lo


Announcements: Join me for the Savage Race May 18/ Also , I am still trying to find a few more for the GoRuck tough that starts on Friday night/Sat AM before the Savage…it will be fun!

Mole skinny:

  1. Glad to see there were members of the pax this time…thought I was doing this solo again
  2. Happy to break-in Cotton Mouths new bag- Wet, dirty & very sandy
  3. I tried to help the Pax clean off their bags by tossing them downhill, not sure it helped
  4. I think a few people thought I was making this up on the fly. Nope, modifications, but have the winkie to prove it
  5. Good efforts by all today, I really like sandbags, so like to keep this going
  6. Apparently, Cotton Mouth forgot the best thing about a sand bag, just drop it. Ok, to be fair, he did drop it…always on his calf
  7. Ickey was borrowing a bag that was meant for a sleeping bag…stuffed full
  8. Geraldo hated most of the winkie as he has a sore back..good modification
  9. Cotton Mouth & Voodoo were competing for the tough guy spot
  10. High Tide clearly like the KB’s, thanks for putting in the effort on the bags

Who’s on Q next??

Ignition Backblast

Mosey around the back of the school around to the front of the high school and circle up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

20 x Imperial Walkers

10 x Merkins

15 x plank jacks

The Thang

Mosey over to High School gym entrance.  At the gym entrance do 10 Mike Tysons, Run to Transporters Shed and complete 20 Donkey Kicks.  Rinse and repeat x 5. (running uphill and up steps from transporters shed to the gym entrance was down right awful)

Grab a lifting rock from pile near transporters shed and squat against transporters shed and complete the following:

25 x curls. Then run to top of bus lot and do 10 jump squats and run back.

25 x curls. Then run to top of bus lot and do 10 jump squats and run back.

25 x overhead press. Then run to top of bus lot and do 10 jump squats and run back.

25 x overhead press. Then run to top of bus lot and do 10 jump squats and run back.

Mosey over to the driveway that leads from bus lot over towards the football stadium. Start at the post at the bottom of the driveway  with 1 burpee and run to the post at the top and complete 6 merkins.  Repeat with 2 burpees + 5 merkins….ect until you reach 6 burpees and 1 merkin.

Mosey to COT and there are 30 seconds left.  5 burpees each to finish.  Thanks Wolverine, Hollywood, Bottlecap, Moneyball, Dana, Chicken Little, Dancing Bear and Gerber for joining me.  Appreciate you guys allowing me to lead for an hour and hope you enjoyed it.

Stinko de Mayo at Base Camp

15 pax made the good decision to start the week with a post.

Parking lot circle sweeper run.

Circle up for 10 times each exercise: SSH, IW, HB, PP, PP, LIP, MT. In between 2 burpees OYO.

1/2 speed to park, 4 stops on way to do DM, WAM, M, HRM

To Soccer field for some foggy field work: Plank while get instructions for the Pyramid Ladder: same 4 exercises at each sideline. Start the other side. HTH, OSSU, JS, CDD 5,10,15,20,15,10,5 – MC when done

Run back, four stops: DM, WAM, M, HRM

Plank while wait


Prayer Take out Thunder

As Boss Hogg said it best, birthdays and every day we get is better than the alternative. Amen brother!

Thanks for chance to lead jello and thunder. Have a great week gentlemen.

Workout title originates from a pain station on way to park. No one claimed the foul odor so we will go with dead animal in the bushes. My money is on spackler.

May Day, May Day

Good crowd this morning in the parking lot. Disclaimer given and off we go to the Charlotte Aquatics parking lot. I decided to have the warm-up here as it was related to Swimming. It was Mermaid who kept talking about his F3 workouts while our daughters swam that prompted me to come out in August 2016. He was also the one that cautioned me to start at Base Camp and not Centurion!  Honored to be asked to Q now.


IW x 15

Hillbilly x 15 – the guys seemed surprised by this one. But, I’ve been at work outs where Mermaid has called this, so I thought they would know it. Oh well.

LSS x 15

Mountain Climber x 15

Superman X 15

Mosey down to the Credit Union for 7s on McMahon Drive.

7s – Jump Squats at the top and CDD at the bottom.

Mary led by Larenzo in the Credit Union parking lot, while waiting on the six.

Off we go to wave “Hi” to the Status of Mary and go to the circle of Benches. Directions were given, but realize now that it was still confusing

Main Event – Partner up for May Day Celebration (12 days of Christmas, but 5 exercises partnered) on Benches. P1 exercise. P2 run to far end of parking deck and back

100 Toe Taps/Air Presses

50 Step Up Left Leg

50 Step Up Right Leg

50 Derkins

100 Dips

After this fiasco, we headed to the parking deck and headed half way up to avoid cars.

Bear Crawl to the top

5 1 legged burpees on each side

Then run up another half way

Again 5 1 legged burpees on each side

Run back to launch site for some Mary…




Heels to Heaven

American Hammer




Beer Mile Coming up

Beer Run

Crane Relay is July 26th – 27th. Sign-up on Slack.


Per Wikipedia…The earliest known May celebrations appeared with the Floralia, festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, held from 27 April – 3 May during the Roman Republic era, and the Maiouma or Maiuma, a festival celebrating Dionysus and Aphrodite held every three years during the month of May.

I was looking for something that had 5 exercises in 12 days of Christmas repeat forma and a partner. The thought was good… The effort by the guys was great! But, it went sideways! Maybe, if I would have had less reps of each exercise or not have them run as far. Or maybe, if I would have just had partner stacks. So 5 exercises and move on when the team hits X reps.

Anyways, thanks for putting up with me and hope I get to Q here again, despite this! Centurian is a tough workout that is always moving.

As far as the workout, Lorenzo was out in front. Brushback and Chelms were quite the powerful pair. And other great work by Mermaid and Snuka always amazes me!

The FNG Sandi is Clay Sankey. He’s a Chiropractor in the area with a wife and young child. He heard about F3 from several clients. He had run an 70 Mile Ultra, hence the reward was a Girls name. He’ll thank me! Hope you come back.

Thank you for letting me lead!

Friday Fun Day

In a hurry to get out of town. Pax list:

Fuse Box, Finch, Nails, Trojan, Legalized, Recalculating, Dough Boy, Das Boot, Gerber, Deadwood, Easy Button, DAncing Bear, Zinfandel, Foley, Dasher, Chainsaw, Overdraft, Halfback, Stubhub, Shake n Bake, Hooch, Moneyball


Medium speed lap. 15 SSH, 4 merky merks (I just made that up, not a real name), Dugans, Calves, Old Mans


Merkin Mile: 12 at mid-point, 12 at end, 12 at mid-point, 12 at top. 96 total

Mosey to stairs: 150 squats. Run up the steps, touch school 25 squats and return. Complete enough laps to equal 150 squats. 6 laps

Front of school for a modified Cooper. Partner up. Running opposite directions- 10 burpees individually, 9 individually, audible to shared work on 8. On your own on odds and shared on evens. We made it to 6.

5 minutes left. Back to circle for a little mary.

LBC, American Hammer, Pistol, Pistol, Q Jack, Done.

Moleskin: Heading out of town to look at houses. Backblast had to occur before we left. Floater rules convey to other sites when Floater site Qs lead.

Announcements: Shampoo Crew

Prayer: Dancing Bear