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Shift your rock to the right

5 PAX toured the campus of the Valley of the Sun and got in a little exercise too

The Warmup

Quick jog around the middle school parking lot to the top of the bus lot.

  • Side Straddle Hops IC – 20x
  • Imperial Walkers IC – 20x
  • Potato Pickers IC – 15x
  • Big Arm Circles (front and back) OYO – 10x
  • Plank – calf stretches

The Thang

  • Mosey to the bottom of the bus lot
  • Starfish (or is it 4 corners? No one knew)
    • 10 merkins in the middle
    • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 20 Flutters
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 LBCs
  • Mosey to the elementary school and grab a rock
    • 10 Curls
    • 10 Chest presses
    • 10 Tricep extensions
    • Put your rock down and run to the bus and back
    • Shift to the rock on your right*
    • Repeato
  • Take your rock to the wall of the school and chair up
  • Time for the Wonderbra (“Push’em up and push’em out)
    • While in the chair position, hold your rock to your chest, then IC, lift the rock above your head, back to your chest, straight out in front of you, and back to your chest. That’s one. Do 10 IC.
    • Everyone had so much fun we did it again. But first, shift to the rock on your right
  • 10 count from The Wall**
  • Mosey to the side lot at the elementary school
  • The Beast!
    • Suicide runs between the light poles adding one of the following exercises at each pole:
      • 6 Squats (36 total)
      • 6 Jump Squats (30 total)
      • 6 Lunges (24 total)
      • 6 Reverse Lunges (18 total)
      • 6 Side Lunges (12 total)
      • 6 Burpees (6 total)
  • 10 count from our FNG***
  • Mosey back to the Sun Valley bus lot for some Mary:
    • Freddy Mercuries IC – 30x
    • LBCs OYO – 25x
    • The Dolly IC – 25x
    • The Rosalita IC – 25x
    • American Hammers IC – 20x
    • The Box Cutter IC – 15x
  • Jail break to the front of the school
  • Chair up with 50 air presses OYO
  • 2 rounds of the Protractor


The observant reader may have noticed a few asterisks in the above. YHC will explain:

* – What the Q said: “Shift to the rock on your right”. What was heard by the PAX: Something like “Shift the rock to your right while simultaneously picking a completely different place than you were previously standing then stare at the Q like HE’s the crazy one”

** – The Wall might be a programmer IRL and does zero based counting, so the PAX got a welcomed extra second to breathe

*** – The QIC (AKA YHC) failed to specify what language for the second 10 count so the FNG did our 10 count in English, Spanish, and Japanese. At least for the first few numbers…Note to self: Be more specific with these jokers

This morning was perfect weather for F3. Starting out at 47 degrees and winding up around 51 by the wrap up. The sun was up in the Valley of the Sun and 5 brave men sweated it out and got in some good fellowship along the way.

YHC brought out the FNG Jerrod, now known as Scooter. He may not be feeling that way right now, but he crushed it and he’ll be back.

Bonhoeffer is a great leader in all 3 of the Fs. Much appreciation for his dedication to Outland

Arsenal and The Wall really pushed it today and even caught Arsenal sprinting to finish up both the rock exercises and the Beast. Overachiever…

Final note:

Looking for some guys to step up and lead a Q or two at Outland. Bonhoeffer, Smokey, and YHC have been cycling more frequently than others. I’m more than happy to co-Q with you if it’s your first time or help you build it out if you’re looking for ideas. Reach out to me, Chastain, on Facebook, Twitter, GroupMe or at Outland if you wanna sign up. Or even easier, go here:

Hard to Handle

8 men joined QIC for a 60-minute Rock Zero heavy workout. Gummy and Alf HC’d last night and site-Q Hoover as well. Glad to see the rest of the crew ready to put in some work. Disclaimer given and off we went.


Mosey out of the launch lot to the several adjacent lots of the vast Calvary AO. Circle up three or four lots down.


Merkin x 15 IC

MC x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mosey across campus to the Rock Pile. Grab a solid lifting rock. Mosey to lot 1 closest to 51. Line up.


10 Curl/10 Press/10 Tri Extension. Run 3/4 length of lot to last overhead light. Turn around and run back. 9 Curl/10 Press/10 Tri Extension. Run. 8, 7, 6…1.

Mary. Flutter x 50 IC. Dolly x 30 IC

Pick up your rock.

Rapid Fire Rock Set

All exercises to 10. Civilian cadence. Curl/Squat/Press/Curl/Squat/Press/Press/Squat/Curl/Curl/Press/Squat/Curl/Squat/Press/Hold over head/10 counts

Bring rocks back to pile. Mosey to Hot Box.

Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/15 Dip/15 Derkin.

Run to light post in parking lot. 5 H-R Burpees. Run Back. Repeato until Q calls it. 4-5 reps.


Burp N Merk

Burpee with 1 merkin. Burpee with 2 merkin. Up to 10 merkin.

People’s Chair. Knee taps x 33 IC. Air press x 55 IC

Mosey across cmapus to top of Entrance 4 lot.


AYG to launch



Posted Centurion yesterday exactly 2 weeks since last post. That one hurt. So did this one. Nice to have time off but tough getting back after it.

Alf was absolutely crushing it this morning. He gave a few shameless plugs for WAMRAP. 45 minutes of redline. Can’t wait to try it.

This crew put in a solid 60 minutes of work. Thankful for the fellowship this morning. Great way to start a weekend.

Almost forgot, Runstopper had tights on. and a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt over that, with a hoodie over that. Attire elicited commentary.

Title comes from text correspondence with Purell. He told me he would see me Saturday a few days ago, then said he was going to smartsack last night. Needed some rest. No doubt about that. I think he Q’s about every other time he posts. Anyway, cracked me up when he texted the following: “Can’t handle your kind of beatdown that’s for sure.” I don’t often laugh out loud, but I did when I read that.


Beer Mile-ask Gummy

F3 Beer Release. Wednesday at Stumptown in Matthews

Feelin’ cute, might post at Kevlar. IDK.

9 men from the gloom showed up very last minute, as they assessed the rain situation, to put in some miles and enjoy some laughs.

The Thang

Warmup stuff

Run over to Bubbling Well – 7s at each lampost with jump squats and merkins

Double hill partner 7s – jump squats and hand-slap merkins in the middle

Rock pile – circle of pain

  • One guy calls out exercise with rock and does 20 jump squats as the timer
  • Rotate clockwise to next rock
  • We made one full rotation around with squats, shoulder presses, curls, thrusters, etc.

There was more to the workout but no one really cares – 3.3 miles total


During the disclaimer I toggled my iPhone on my arm band and – a safety measure I try to always bring along – I gave the PAX my phone passcode so they could make an emergency call. Bulldog naturally commented on some of the salacious photos he suspects that I keep on it. This kept his mind distracted for the full 45 minutes.

We recalled an old joke that is not appropriate for this setting which led Rhapsody to admit how a Brazilian infomercial is what finally convinced him that he liked girls.

I ran close enough to Turkey Leg to hear about his Boston Marathon adventures and how not to poop for 3 hours and 15 minutes, something I’ve never accomplished (marathon or not poop for 3 hours) #myescaperoom

Lex Luthor always drops one good line each morning. He commented on Harley’s jump squats which looked like a wild dance move – it was actually pretty dope. I think he watched the new Beyonce doc on Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix, NBC is eventually going to take the Office and Friends off of Netflix and launch their own streaming service. If you have Netflix stock, sell it right now. 60% of Netflix’s function is to serve as an Office re-run platform.

Manziel was in there boosting our Browns to Bulldog trying to convert another fan. Jump on the bandwagon while you still can. I’ll root for Tottenham all day if we can add another Browny to the mix. #SuperBowl2020biatches

Great group there as always – what a blessing to be healthy & live in a place where we can wake up and freaking workout with dudes for free before the sun comes up with no threats on our lives (except cars).

God is good, through good times and the bad – but this was a good time.


Achieving Peak Performance

Seven Pax gathered at Matthews Elementary for their weekly dose of Peak 51. After a thorough disclaimer, we moseyed to the bus lot for COP, which consisted of 11 IW IC and 11 LSS IC.

The Thang

Four corners in the bus lot with 10 HR merkins in the middle after each visit to a corner. 1st corner – 20 Carolina dry docks, 2nd corner – 20 flutters, 3rd corner – 20 jump squats, 4th corner – 20 LBCs. The first time through was so good, we did it again, but with regular merkins in the middle.

Mosey to the hill behind the baseball dugout. 7s on the hill, with LBCs at the top and jump squats at the bottom. Mosey to MUMC for a few sets of parking lot sprints with a mixture of ab exercises. Mosey back to campus, stopping at the benches at the front entrance of the school for two rounds of 20 dips, 20 step ups, and 20 derkins. We made sure to use our best form under the watchful eye of the surveillance camera.


It was a perfect morning for a workout, and the Peak 51 Pax represented with strong 1F and 2F performances. Smokey went all Ron Burgundy on us, doing 900+ reps of each exercise and leading the way along with Lumberjack. Apparently, you don’t want Tweetsie on your team at Top Golf. Word on the street is that Sensei is a more accurate golfer. Lois is enjoying an extended celebration for his 40th birthday. The Wall was locked in and putting in the work. There was likely more witty banter, but that’s all YHC can recall at the moment.

Oh the Humanity!

I’ve taken a few hours to gather my feelings, and I think that the best way to describe how I felt this morning involves a flightless turkey being dropped out of a helicopter. To quote Les Nessman “hitting the ground like a bag of wet cement.”

But it’s not all about me. 9 other guys showed up and got after it.


Warmup run to the bottom of the sneaky big hill at the end of Whitefriars Ln (behind the MARA ballfields). Run back out of the neighborhood, turning around at each dead end or cul-de-sac like a giant suicide run and going back to start. Imagine that you are a Roomba. 6+ miles of this goodness and then run back to launch.


Welp, that sucked. I’ve done worse, but the combination of my current running fitness level and that route hit me like a 2X4 between the eyes. Maybe it’s my exclusive Captain D’s diet. I’m looking to switch it up. I keep getting fish grease on my Patagonia Power Vest and everything tastes the same now.

You know who’s not on a Captain D’s diet. Tiger Rag. He only eats pine bark shavings and sunshine. Looking good too. He’ll be ready for McHorse in no time.

Speaking of McHorsey, I hear that there’s a new group of squatters who have taken the place over. Something about Mr. Furley’s Beast. Or was it Mr. Roper? Anyway, whatever is going on out there is probably weird and that’s a good thing. We’ll have to work something down come Memorial Day. I hear Baracus wants to be Site Q this year.

Funky Cold dusted everybody today. He had a cell phone belt holster filled with Billtong. If you ask him what the difference between Billtong and Beef Jerkey is, he’ll punch you right in the nose. There’s a place out in Indian Trail that sells fresh billtong, as well as lawn and garden supplies. Look it up.

I enjoyed running with Shake & Bake, until he dropped me like a Floater. He said I was his 87th victim. Still like that guy though.

Gypsy dressed like Bert from Sesame Street for some reason. He couldn’t pull off the Bert impression though. Gotta have the eyebrows to make that happen. I know a guy. Don’t hate.

Christmas doesn’t speak. He just goes.

Didn’t get to hang out with Arena or Madison. They also dusted me. I pretty much tanked this one. I will have my revenge soon.

ProTip: Change your Siri to a female British accent and you will immediately feel like James Bond.

Goodnight Moon,


The Floater Low Mileage, Flabby Arms

The PAX: Halfback, Damascus, Doughboy, Kid Rock, Chainsaw (R), Xerox (R), Fusebox, Foley (R), Wedding Singer, Stub Hub, Rockwell

11 PAX showed up at The Floater for what was my VQ for this site!  The buzz must have been great because even Pursuit closed its doors to see what was in store at #87!  By the way, what does “#87” mean??  Guess I need to spend more time on GroupMe to keep up with the lingo!

When Bottlecap reached out looking for a fill in I started thinking about trying something a bit different at this site.  The result… less running and a full upper body workout!  It looked good on paper, so I crossed my fingers and proceeded with the plan.

Disclaimer given, and we were off…

Here is what went down:

Warm Up Lap

Circle Up

                SSHs x 20

                Imperial Walkers x 20

                Potato Picker x 10

                Wind Mill x 15

                Arm Circles x 10

Mosey to the picnic tables under the pavilion and partner up on the way

Partner 1 works and partner 2 runs to end of path and back (flap jack)


                Derkins x 100

                Dips x 100

                Incline Merkins x 100

Mosey to the street in front of Mary O’Neill’s

More partner work

Partners run in opposite directions to the end of the block – do 2 Burpees and return

When partners meet on the return do 10 Hand Slap Merkins (repeat 3 times)

Mosey to half wall across from the church

                50 Air Presses in cadence

                50 Jabs in cadence

Back to more partner work at the wall

Partner 1 works and partner 2 runs to stop sign and back (flap jack)


                50 Mike Tysons

                100 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to grassy area by the church parking lot

Circle up for Jack Webbs

Back to COT

Mary – LBCs, Flutters, Figure 8s, Aquamans

A big thanks to Doughboy and Damascus for helping with the counting during the Air Presses and Jabs.  I tried to incorporate many different exercises to exhaust the arms and shoulders.  As always, I appreciate the opportunity to lead an awesome group of men!  Awesome push by everyone today!


  • Think we are still looking for a Q for Clyent Dinner tonight.
  • Continue to work towards the Murph Challenge on Memorial Day.

Thank you, Damascus, for taking us out!

Banjox? Fusjo?

Many of the horrendous nut job hollywood actors celebrity couples get crappy couples nick names. Brangelina. Beniffer. Ect. What will the pax call Banjo and I after our dual beat down Q at Chiseled. Banjox? Fusjo? Or perhaps just ass clown SOB’s great american patriots.

6 men decided they were too cheap to take their family to the beach for spring break and decided they might as well show up for a workout. Here is how it went.

Banjo led us off. I told him take as much time as he wanted and I would fill in the rest. Full disclaimer – I forgot most of what Banjo actually did so below is what I remember. Just know what ever I write doesn’t do it justice and it was a lot of lifting that sucked.


Short mosey around the islands stopping in the middle parking lot. No bible study so lots of open room. Some Plyometrics to get warmed up. Butt Kickers. Toy Soldiers, Slow Mosey, little bit faster mosey, and a faster mosey. I asked Banjo if we then had to do a faster faster mosey, but apparently not.


Mosey to Cinderblocks. 20 Curls, 20 Presses. Burpee Indian Run to Mt. Chiseled. Bread Bowl pushed hard during the Indian Runs.

20 Curls with weighted Bar. 20 Tricept press. I think we did this twice. Burpee Indian Run back to cinder blocks.

20 Thrusters. 20 Goblet Squats (maybe?). Burpee Indian Run back to Mt. Chiseled Bars for the worst thing ever. Jack Webbs with Burpees as the single count and a weighted press. If you think 40 air presses sucks…do it with a 20 lb bar. Luckily Banjo had mercy on us and he alternated the weighted bar exercise to throw in curls and triceps presses to give our shoulders some relief.

At about this time where my heart rate was peaking at 175 and I felt like my lunges were ready to collapse, Banjo informs me its my turn. Great. Quick Mosey around Mount Chisled so I can figure out what the hell I’m going to do, so I can catch my breath, I have no idea why we ran around Mt. Chiseled, just to piss Bread Bowl off.

Groups of 3 for Galley’s with my own personal touch to it. Tip of the hat to Bonhoeffer who introduced these at Outland last week. One person on the ground with other two partners standing on either side of them. Standing partners lock hands with the guy on the ground. Guy on ground does 10 rows (no assistance from standing guys, they just hold). After 10 rows, guy on the ground dead hangs while both standing partners do lawn mower pulls. Clear as mud? Once finished, run to curb and back and rotate until everyone has been in each of the three positions.

Quick Mosey to the back front side of Mt. Chiseled (where the slope isn’t as bad). Keep groups of 3. Partner 1: 25 Heels to Heaven. Partner 2: 25 Dry Docks. Partner 3: Crawl bear up the hill and bear crawl down the hill (always facing down hill). Rotate until you hit each station.

Galley’s again except no lawn mower pull. 3 rounds at each position for a final total of 30 Rows (40 if you count the original Galley/Lawn Mower combo).

Just enough time left for one more round of Heels to heaven, Dry Docks, and Crawl Bears.

3 Minutes left….what to do…..Grab weighted bars and run them to the cinder blocks. Got half way and my forearms were burning. Used Bread Bowl as an excuse to rest my forearms and called for pax to put down bars and Al Gore while Bread Bowl caught up. Back to weighted bar run to cinder blocks. Fore arms on fire…..bars down. 6:15.


Thanks to the guys that showed up today. It was a last minute thrown together Q by Banjo and I. Hopefully you felt it was a good workout. A couple new moves introduced by both Banjo and I. Anyone want to sign up to show us some more new things?

I’ve been really wanting to figure out a way to do more Supines/Rows at Chiseled. The railings there are not ideal for supines, though they can be done. I went so far as to attempt to build portable supine bars out of 2″ PVC, but quickly realized that while it worked for the 180 lb mens health model, it didn’t work as well for a 235 guy. Then I attended Outland and Bonhoeffer brought out the Galley’s. Wow. My back was sore for 3 days. Its a portable move that we can employ at any site. I love it! I decided to add in an extra lawn mower row. They proved to be more difficult that I had anticipated (and put more pressure on the back than I liked) so decided to nix them after round 1. Hopefully we will see Galley’s added in some more at other workout sites. Banjo sung high praises so if they get his stamp of approval, I’m hoping others liked them as well.

Swimmers becoming a regular at Chiseled (ready to Q?)

We found out who wears the pants in Shake N Bakes relationship this week (sorry Shake, I had to).

Proud of Bread Bowls push this morning. Especially the Indian Runs.

Xerox once again wants to kill me after a shoulder heavy workout at Chiseled.

While I lamented during warm ups that I wished I was Bread Bowls age again, we learned that Dough Boy (oddly enough) wishes he was a fetus. I suggested perhaps not a good idea in today’s age. We got dangerously close to a political discussion. Thankfully Banjo had us running fast and we all lost our ability to hold a conversation. (Pax don’t worry, no serious discussions were had or political positions traded).

Thanks again to all that came. Apologies to Banjo for not remembering half his workout. Again, just know it had me breathing very hard right at the time that it was my turn to take over.

Mix it Up at The Maul

15 Pax showed up at Stonecrest confused about who was on Q. Little did they know, they were in store for the OG Q of The Maul with some new up his sleeve.

The Thang:

Mosey to the corner of the parking lot for a quick warm up.

20 SSH, 10 IW, 10 Windmills

Mosey to the top of the Murderhorn and AYG Sprint to the bottom.


Based on the pax order of arrival at the bottom, they are given proportionate reps of exercies on the upcoming lap up and down the horn. Ie. Fast guys do 8 merkins at each light, a little less fast guys do 7, ……fastish pax do 2.
Same concept for the next round, this time with jump squats.
Same concept for the 3rd lap, substitute jump squats with burpees.

After everyone finishes, mosey to the back of the theater. Pax hold people’s chair until its time to Balls to Wall Walk w/ Verkins(new exercise) at each sidewalk crack #crowdpleaser. Once the hand stand walk is complete, hold peoples chair again. Plank walk back with a merkin at each crack.

Mosey over to hill near parking lot, break into two groups.

Group 1 lunge walks backwards up the hill, Group 2 holds plank, flapjack.
backwards bear crawl, six inches(with feet)
Front lunge walk, plank
front bear crawl, six inches

Run out the clock with some Mary led by LogJam, HeartBreaker, and No Show and a minute of elbow plank.

Dredd on Q at Da Vinci Saturday. Frehleys on Q at Stonehenge. Happy Hour on Thursday at Blackfinn Ballantyne 530 PM. BeerRun 3 Saturday 5.18, join the slack channel to learn all the details and to HC.

It’s always nice to Q The Maul. It’s where YHC got to cut my teeth on learning how to Q. A couple of the pax(Mic Check, Frehleys, Market Timer, WingSpaceMan, and Strawberry) in attendence today have been posting at The Maul since it’s inception. The long standing friendships were evident by the pointed trash talk and bathroom humor.

In a couple of my last Qs, I’ve been trying to challenge all pax but make things more challenging for the guys who usually lead the pack. I did so by giving the guys who run faster, more reps. This backfired a little on me by the end where pax were openly conspiring to all finish at the same time once they picked up on my pattern. However, it must have worked at least a little bit because Mic Check, Teddy, and Happy Meal were still finishing first. Maybe they should get even more reps next time.

Gloom Bandits

4 PAX conquered the gloom: Lamont, Turnpike, Shepherd, and Bonhoeffer on Q.

The Warmup

Started with 31 sidestraddle hops. Warmup run around the front parking lot, stopping every so often to do …

  1. Mountain Climbers X 21
  2. Windmills X 20
  3. Hillbillies X15
  4. Merckens X 10

The Thang

  1. Run to the hill to the left of school entrance over by lake.
  2. 11s – burpie bottoms at top of hill, squats at bottom.
  3. Ran rockpile back between SVES and Shiloh.
  4. Grabbed a large rock. 20 curls … chest presses … skullcrushers … (note for next time: have the PAX grab 2 smaller rocks they can hold in each hand instead of one larger rock)
  5. Ran through back parking lot to Shiloh’s track.
  6. 4 Clock Hands – 3-6-9-12. 20 reps at each spot on track. Merckens, back rows, lunges, American Hammers.
  7. Run toward school entrance. Stop at brick wall.
  8. Wall sits. 30 … burpie bottoms, LBCs, total burns. 60 LBCs.
  9. Mosey to launch.
  10. Mary > Dying Cockroaches,Freddy Mercuries, Boxcutters, Pacmans, American Hammers.
  11. El fin.


Some dainty feet got a smidgen of wetness, and there was much mumblechatter.

The mumblechatter got real quiet for the rest of the time though. Not sure what happened. Maybe it’s cause everybody was tired. Thunderclaps for beating the fartsack then!

The weather was fantastic. Ground was dry.

El fin.


  1. None

1.44 miles, a visit to Sharon Towers & a M.A.S.H. unit of 1

Not sure who was first in the parking lot, perhaps it was Mr. Magoo? Magoo is due for his VQ very soon. YHC was 2nd to arrive (could be a record for me, especially when Q’ing). But I was ready after putting the finishing touches on my Weinke while taking care of some early morning paperwork. The pax began to arrive in their 4-wheeled chariots – saw some unfamiliar faces at Anvil. Baracus posted, and if memory serves – he was one of the original site Q’s at Anvil. Fact check me on that. Was Young Love the other original site Q? Don’t think he’s been back since. Cottonmouth posted as well, and offered to laminate my Weinke next time. WTH? After giving a paltry disclaimer that, as Lorax pointed out, did not include anything about legal action against F3, the AO or YHC; we launched another humpday assault on what I still think is the finest AO in all of Area51.

Paper Jam, who has wisely started something called F3MASH (nee F3GeneralHospital – Purple Haze aptly renamed it) for those coming off injuries, surgeries, etc., was there. He did not have to triage any other pax as he was the only one admitted to the MASH this morning. Good to have you and love the concept.

So we did, in fact, do some exercises this morning. I’ll list them in paragraphical form with some Moleskine interspersed. COP consisted of slow squats, windmills…which from now on will forever be known as Sharon Towers (thanks to Ickey and the pax of F3Diamondhead for that nomenclature), slow flutters, H-R burpees.

We then moseyed over to the hill at the end of the pitch for some 11’s comprised of jump squats and H-R merkins. Haze wrongly accused me of stealing Gummy’s Weinke from last week at Anvil. Lie. Not only do I not pirate another’s Weinke, I never really have one of my own. YHC was last to finish these. Full, perfect form takes time, fellas. Some were faster, some cheated and some flat out refuseniked most of it. #5’s Lorax led some plankorama while the pax waited on YHC and a couple others.

Mosey over to the well-lit concession stand…but we didn’t use it. I was afraid Puddin’ would leave Puddin’ Gloss all over the place and Anvil and RockZero would be gone forever. We just did some People’s Chair with overhead press on the outside wall facing the castle, I mean church. Now run over to the rock pile near the ballfields and grab a lifting rock. We did 3 sets of exercises with the rocks with some AYG runs, lunge walks, backwards runs, Mary, etc. in between. Rock sets were squats, overhead press & thrusters primarily with some tricep ext. and bicep curls…useless as they are. We also worked in 10 more H-R burpees. You’re welcome Puddin’. Pretty sure LaZBoy did 4 of the 30 or so H-R burpees YHC called. Our WD Snuka was well out front on all the sprints. No surprise there from the ageless wonder…though he does look 57, he doesn’t move like he’s 57. WB Mailman, at the tender young age of 28, was doing yeoman’s work as well.

After the rock work, we karaoked and ran our way back to the launch lot for 6 MoM, consisting of high flutter, Dancing Chilcutts, Plank shoulder taps, Dolly’s and 5 more H-R burpees for the finale.

Hard work put in by all…or by most anyway. We really only went 1.44 miles…justifiable cause for excommunication from some AO’s, but considering the Q – no one was surprised by the low mileage. Disappointed perhaps, but not surprised. Anvil is a bootcamp workout, after all. Hopefully all the squat work will make your legs feel like you went further.

Thanks to Puddin’ for a great prayer to take us out. Please remember to keep praying for Red Rocks and his family as he recovers from his stroke. And please be alert to men around you at work, neighborhood, 2.0 athletic contests that need F3. We all need it. Don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself. Give away what you’ve found, men. Somebody did it for you.

Grateful for this fellowship, men. Grateful.