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7th Annual F3 Dads Camp

Camp Thunderbird
Friday August 16th – Sunday August 18th

F3 Dads Camp returns to Camp Thunderbird once again this summer for a weekend of Fitness, Fellowship, Faith (and a whole lot of Fun) with your 2.0s.

Many thanks are due to Blackjack & Halfpipe (and F3 Metro) for all their hard work the last 6 years making F3 Dads Camp the amazing event that it is — one that our 2.0s don’t stop talking about and that we Dads look forward to all year.

This year they are handing the reigns off to Thin Mint and Mad Dog who will be running things with a group of PAX from South Charlotte who have stepped up to help. Fear not though, Blackjack and Halfpipe are providing plenty of guidance and have turned Dads Camp into a well-oiled machine so the camp will be everything you have come to expect, and hopefully more.

For now, you have 3 things to do:

  1. Save the Date for August 16th – 18th. Tell your Ms to plan their weekend off because you will be at F3 Dads Camp.

  2. Spread the word and follow @f3dadscamp on Twitter or join #f3dadscamp on F3Nation Slack.

  3. If you, or someone you know, wants to design the 2019 F3 Dads Camp t-shirt reach out to Thin Mint ASAP (@F3ThinMint,, or thin_mint on F3Nation Slack).

Tickets go on sale 5/8/2019 at 8:00 AM EST

Remember to follow @f3dadscamp on Twitter or join #f3dadscamp channel on F3Nation Slack to make sure not to miss any announcements.

Taking Floater Back to its Roots

The last few weeks at The Ol 87 Q’s have started venturing out to different parts of the AO. I wanted to push the PAX while staying in the grass roots part of the campus. Last night I finished up the weinke and drank a couple of adult beverages to keep the Q juices at a level that I could sleep. It worked until my phone buzzed at 4:40 am. It was Zin, “My back is tighter than a bull’s butt. I am out but go kill it DB.” I hope not to let him down. We get out the door to pull and see a lot of Gazelles. Let’s get after it boys. Lets hope for no train this morning. That would be disastrous.


Mosey down Kim Jung Hill and cross Providence up to the BB&T parking lot for a circle up.

SSH-20 Protractor-30 degrees/10 degrees x2 right into Heals to Heaven-20 right into WWII sit ups-20

Mosey to street behind bank. All out jail break down to the stop sign

Every street light coming back alternating Monkey Humpers-10 Imperial Walkers-10 finish at DreamChasers circle back for Six.

(audible)-Main Street Light poles. 10 bobby hurleys then bear crawl to next light. then jog to following light pole. Rinse repeat till you hit the end of main street and circle back for six. Pretty sure the PAX was mumbling under their breathe at this point and had a good sweat going but lets press on. No train but out in the distance I thought I heard, “guys?, Fellas?, Where are y’all at?”more on that later.

Mosey back to where it all began. Recalculating’s favorite 4 corners. Speed skaters-10 Mountain Climbers-10 Squats-10 and Parker Peters-10 for 3 laps. Circle back for the six to push them to get to their 3 laps. A lot of hard breathing at this point so we did a ten count. It is about this time Damascus comes jogging up, “Hey fellas. Just ran about 3 miles looking for you guys.” At this point the PAX really hadn’t asked any questions and things went smoothly. This was about to change.

Mosey down Kim Jung Hill and Q put out some cones on the hill. Rallied at the bottom. First set was a Kim Jung Hill suicide. This prompted 32 questions from Damascus. It was really 2 but just felt like 32. Second suicide started with one merkin at first cone and increased by 1 at each cone.

(audible) Had about 5 minutes left gather cones run up the hill and grab some wall at the church. Donkey Kicks-20 on own 30-Dips on own. apparently those were “weird” dips but dips none the less.

45 seconds left mosey back to the start and finish with 6″plank.


This was my second Q in as many weeks and I really enjoyed this one. After a brutal gear workout by Bottlecap and the white board of pain from Goodfella, I wanted to change it up. The goal was to run some more, keep everyone moving, and to keep everyone together. I audibled a couple times from my weinke but the PAX never missed a beat. I felt like we accomplished that today. It was awesome to everyone breathing hard today and a pleasure to lead this group.


Convergence this Saturday in Ballantyne

Dasher on Q tonight at Clyent Dinner-Will BC actually make an appearance at his site? Will have to show to find out

Thanks Money Ball for taking us out.

Substi-Q? What to do?

Continuing with the theme this week of last-minute Substi-Q’ing, our brother, Boitano, asked YHC at 9pm last night to take his Dromedary Q today. Naturally, I accepted, but instantly defaulted to a familiar Q from Asylum on Monday. “The Whiteboard of PAIN”! The only difference was that we had 4 at Asylum, and one could expect to have more at Dromedary. I didn’t expect 26 though! So…let’s see if this scales.

Quick warmup around the parking lot with some SSH, IW, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers…at which point I believe Ice9 started with his usual chatter/complaining about doing too much of one type of exercise. More to come on that…


Grab a Lifting Rock from the rock pile near the track, run to the cafeteria area of MRHS, and introduce the Whiteboard. The board contained (10) different exercises, starting at (100) reps for Exercise #1, all the way down to (10) reps for Exercise #10. Half way through each set, we would run a quick/short/hot lap down the sidewalk, around the chain link, back to the Whiteboard. After each exercise was completed, we ran a Full Lap around the Track (~.20 miles). You get the picture. Here is the list of exercises:

(100) x Bicep Curls (Ice9 voiced his opinion about how much he LOVES many reps of one exercise!)

(90) x Flutters

(80) x Dips

(70) x LBC’s IC

(60) x Squats

(50) x Freddy Mercury

(40) x Overhead Press

(30) x H2H IC

(20) x Merkins IC

(10) x Burpees OYO

Time was running out on us during the (40) reps of Overhead Press, so we eliminated the laps and knocked the last 4 exercises out in succession. Still a good workout overall, IMHO!



The idea today, as on Monday, was to come together as a group, with the faster Gazelles circling back for the Six on each long lap. The Six worked just as hard as the Gazelles today, and it was great to see everyone looking out for one other. Shout out to Help Desk and Run Flat today…they clearly worked really hard to keep up and crushed it.  I know the encouragement from the Pax really helped, too. Nice work by the Pax circling back on every lap.  We all need it, we all deserve it.

Sorry to hear that Boitano spilled some Merlot last night, but we know he will be back at it soon to Q at Dromedary (right, Boitano?). Rest up, brother.  It’s always a pleasure and honor to lead at F3, and when it’s at the great AO Dromedary, it is even better for YHC. One of the reasons why, after 2 years as Site Q of Dromedary, I have no intention on turning it over yet. So much to do at MRHS, but the track and cafeteria area seems to shelter the Pax from the morning student and bus traffic, and allows us to do our thing without raising any red flags from the school. 

Thanks for always being a good steward of the campus and the privilege we are afforded to workout there. 40 total Pax at 2 AO’s today (26 at Dromedary and another 14 at Chiseled), midweek, during Spring Break for some is no joke. WUC/Swarm/Hive (or whatever we call it) is growing like crazy. We have something special down here and we will continue to recruit FNG’s, pour into and invest in the guys who need a push, support, and encouragement, and truly live out the F3 Credo: Leave No Man Behind, But Leave No Man Where You Find Him!

Until next time, fellas.  Well…that next time is tomorrow since YHC is on Q at Pursuit.  5:15am at the Millbridge Clubhouse. All speeds and levels welcome. We will be running a familiar route.  

Who is making all that racket?

My last post was deleted so this is an abbreviated version.

Mosey around parking lot to warm up with 15 x SSH, 15 x IW and 15 x merkins. Mosey down the Murderhorn to the rock pile, then head to the pool parking lot. 2 pax each run with a 55lb firehose to the end of the parking lot and back. Other pax 20 curls, 20 dips, 20 overhead press and 5 pullups. Flapjack until each goes twice. Roll up the hose and take turns carrying them back to the launch point. 7s on the grassy hill with Merkins at the bottom and jump squats at top. Grab some wall for 100 airpresses, then 10 x each leg can-opener. Done.

Me winning isn’t. You do.

15 men gathered in a church parking lot this morning. Due to a scheduling glitch, I had the Q at Death Valley and Anvil. The DV guys caved quickly and agreed to a convergence at Anvil. Neither DV Site Q was at Anvil, so I’m pretty sure they still met at SCMS to catch up on the private school soccer goings on with Header. Interesting PAX list this morning – Flutie continues his spring vacation in Charlotte before heading back to the winters of New Hampshire; I brought an FNG (Crippler); and everybody’s favorite Olympic Silver Medalist, BOG, among other A51 all-stars. Prohibition was there too.

We ran around and did some stuff. There were rocks, islands, running, hills, sprints, people’s chairs, and what not. I thought it was a pretty well thought out plan. I love my weinke. The guys were quick to start giving back all the chatter that I normally give, so that was fun for them. They got started during the disclaimer (it did go off the rails a little), continued through COP (abbreviated), into the main event – lots of concern for how we would get the rocks back to their homes. Relax. They didn’t like the patio. They complained about getting wet on the grass and about the possibility of ant hills. My goodness. Stone Cold was offended when I called for HR Merkins on grass. Ickey took one last shot at the end when he noted that it was the lowest attended convergence ever. That may be true. It’s ok. Still, we got 2.5 miles, lots of merkins and jump squats and ended right on time. You may call the parking space merkins a time killer, Puddin Pop, but it was right there in the weinke.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. I enjoyed the heckling and look forward to returning it for each of you.

A little of this, a little of that, and a lot of Merkins.

So I needed to update the F3UnionCo Q calendar and realized Bernanke’s sign up was missing 4/16. I figured he was being sneaky and had a surprise Q lined up. #BenefitOfTheDoubt
But no, I should have went with my gut that it was a brain fart and he just missed a week. So with my new job I know I may be a little hit or miss for a while but had the ability to Q this week and offered up my services.
I didn’t get an answer until I saw a facebook post with a pic of my awkward transition pic from skater to rockstar mentioning I’m on Q. I did offer up my own pic of a more complete rockstar pic, not sure it helped my cause but figured it couldn’t hurt at that point. #TheGoodOleDays

At 0529 I gave the disclaimer and we were off for a #HairbandM… #HairbandHalfMile
* Due to the limited sleep the night before the events captured here may or may not be true. #SleepDep
SSH x 25ish
Imperial Walkers x 20ish
Low Slow Squats x 20ish

The Thang
Partner up and line up! P1 bearcrawls, P2 runs to the 2nd “peninsula” (about 80 yards) then pinballs back to flapjack and continue the bearcrawl while P1 runs, continue alternating until you have bearcrawled to that peninusla.
LBCs while waiting on the 6, once the 6 are in, 30 LBCs in cadence.

That was so much fun let’s do it again! This time the sign at the end of the road is the point we are aiming for. (about 135 yards)
When done do Dollys while waiting on 6

Next line up again at the first light pole, 10 merkins, run to the next light pole 10 merkins and continue this until the end of the road. Shouts rang out of tall or short light poles? My answer, yes, all the light poles. (5 light poles=total of 50 merkins.) When done, squats while waiting on the six then 20 flutters in cadence.

Line up again, this time lunge to the first light, run to the next one, lunge to the 3rd etc. until we get back to the stairs by the parking lot.

The next Thang is a horrible version of 4 corners where we build on the exercise from the prior corner:
Corner 1: 10 merkins, run to the next corner
C2: 10 merkins, 10 wide arm merkins, run to next corner
C3: 10 merkins, 10 wide arm, 10 staggard (5/5) run to next corner
C4: 10 merkins, 10 wide arm, 10 staggared, 10 hand release merkins run back to first corner.
After all the bearcrawls and 50 merkins earlier I could sense the love. #PeoplePleaser Who needs their arms and chest anyway?
Next round!
C1: Carolina Dry… wait no change that to 20 monkey humpers #Mercy
C2: 20 Monkey humpers, 20 LBCs
C3: 20 Monkey humpers, 20 LBCs, 20 flutter
C4: 20 Monkey humpers, 20 LBCs, 20 Flutter, 20 Dollys? #SleepDep is kicking in
Last round
C1: 20 Peter Parkers
C2: 20 Peter Parkers, 20 Parker Peters,
C3: 20 Peter Parkers, 20 Parker Peters, 20 V-Ups
C4: 20 Peter Parkers, 20 Parker Peters, 20 V-Ups, 10 burpees run back to the start then run back to the cars and circle up on your six!

Flutter x 25 in cadence
Pretzel Crunch x 20 (10 each side) ic
Back scratcher x 15
Times up!


After a stupidly late night with maybe 4 hours of sleep I was thankful I got up to my alarm. I pulled in the parking lot that morning and saw an abandoned car, no doubt left behind by Glass Joe getting in a prerun, the mysterious dog walker that is always lurking with his pooch and a pickup truck parked just far enough away from the other cars to be sketchy at 0515, turns out it was sketchy, it was Horsehead making a rare enough appearance that I forgot that was his truck.

Overall it was a cooler morning which felt great, if Arsenal had posted he probably would have had 3 layers on… which is probably why he didn’t post. It was also good to see The Wall back out on a Tuesday!

There was a lot of complaining going on which I take as a good thing and yes it was a lot of merkins, about 150 of them. That was enough for Glass Joe to ask if I was doing another stupid merkin challenge… Nope, just a stupid merkin filled Q, Summer is coming so we need to step up the #BeachBod

Nomad is in the midst of some life change and has relinquished his role as co-site Q of Thrive, stepping up in his place will be Full House!
Thanks for stepping up brother and it’s always good to balance co site Qs, Bernanke with the #Respect and Full House a #HateHate.

A solid effort was put in by all this morning and it is always an honor to lead!

Hair Band

A WUC (SWARM?) Record

14 men won the battle over their bed this morning and joined me at Chiseled though one pax had an especially long fight and showed up 4 minutes late.


Informed the group that today’s workout would be weights intensive and very low mileage. Bread Bowl with a rare smile from ear to ear – I believe I’m his new favorite Q.

5:30 – short mosey over to 10 & 12 lb dumbells already laid out.


10 In/Outs over the weights

8 Merkin/Row/Row with dumbells

6 Frog hops over weights

4 Burpees with a side jump over weights

2 Man Makers (Merkin, Row, Row, Stand Up, Curl, Press, Lunge, Lunge)

Run to Curb and Back

Repeat for time (initially said 5 minutes but it ended up being about 8 minutes). I think most got in 2 rounds. A few of the gazelles may have reached 3 rounds.


Circle up with small dumbells for a deltoid burn out. 20 front & side raises. 20 sunshines (might have been 15, it was burning). 20 rear delt flys. Repeat for round 2 with lower reps (15, 12, and 12 I think).

Bicep Star Fish – 4 bicep stations with 10 In/Outs in the middle. If there is a log jam – merkins until equipment free’s up. Stations:

20 Hammer Curls with dumbells (25, 30, and 35 lb)

30’s (modified to 21’s) with 27 lb bar. Bottom half curl, top half curl, and full curl.

20 Curl press with 20 lb slam balls.

20 Reverse Curl with 20 lb bar.

Tricep Star Fish – 10 Merkins in the middle. Merkins while waiting for equipment.

30 Dips on curb

20 overhead ticep press with heavy dumbells (25, 30, and 35 lb)

20 45 degree presses (works more shoulder and bicep than tricep)

20 overhead tricep press with slam ball.

Grab small dumbells for quick tricep burn out doing two rounds of tricep kickbacks. I think we did 15 and then 12 reps

Four Corners – 20 Shoulder Shrug with buckets, 20 Military Press with heavy dumbbells, 20 Curls with 27 lb bar, and 20 slam ball with…the slam balls. Merkins while waiting for equipment.

Bread bowl finished early and led Mary. I believe it was Posse (or perhaps Jingles – you know they look similar) that decided that after the 40 heels to heaven, perhaps bread bowl shouldn’t lead mary again.

Back to the small dumbells to finish out the workout.

Military Press Ladder down along with a hold ladder up. 10 presses, 9 presses and 1 hold, 8 presses and 2 hold….

20 Up Right Rows. 15 Up Right Rows.

Posse lead 20 Thrusters since he chose the exercise.

30 seconds left – closed it out with 20 merkins on your own.


Peak heart rate of 164. Average heart rate of 122. 524 calories burned. So whats the record you ask? We did all that without hitting a mile. Yes, for the first time (that I know of) WUC history a workout was done where a mile was not reached. Now some of you may scoff at that achievement – and perhaps may not call it an achievement at all; but I for one am proud to have been able to burn over 500 calories in 45 minutes while only hitting .94 miles.

Site FNG and new WUC member Open biscuit came out for his first WUC workout. He got his name while on a lake retreat with Bottle Cap, Mayhem, and Old McDonald last weekend. Open Biscuit because he works in IT (Open Ticket) for Bojangles. Once I learned he worked for corporate Bojangles – I began sucking up hard in hopes for dollar off BoBerry coupons – but alas it didn’t work.

Mayhem out for the second time and dragging Open Biscuit with him. Nice job.

Xerox just about took a 27 bar to my knee when I called out the final 20 merkins. Sorry for all the Merkins from one bad shoulder guy to another.

Posse rolled in 4 minutes late having barely won the fight with his snooze button.

Nails having lost the alarm clock fight several times in the last couple weeks finally over came and showed today.

Recalculating gave a grunt of displeasure during one of the star fishes which I took as a badge of honor. Good push today. You were one of the faster guys during the warm up.

Tupperware rolled in without head lights and without Rubbermaid. Perhaps the gif jokes were true. Whats the over under on number of workouts Rubbermaid misses now that Gavin has his license – 2.5 per week?

Jingles dropping my motto smoothly today. “If you have to ask, do the harder one”. Nice to see I’m rubbing off on you Jingles.

I love having bread bowl out to workouts. I don’t know why, but I do. I think its both seeing a young man push to be better and grow right in front of us mixed in with the fact that he has the comedy chops of a seasoned vet. Good work today. I believe we can all agree that we hated your 40 heels to heavens.

Rudy stepping into his site Q duties quite well. Arrived early and stayed late to help load/unload. Thanks also to the rest of you guys that assisted. Lots of help today which was much appreciated.

The Chicken was rocking the large lots shirt. I can’t wait to see what Lawson has in store for us as revenge. Good work today.

40 Pax across two sites today. Very impressive. I can remember (and not that long ago) being at a dromedary workout (before there was Chiseled) where there were only 12-14 guys. Now Dromedary is consistently hitting 20-25 a week with Chiseled numbers growing as the weather gets warmer (apparently some pax don’t like holding metal weights during below freezing temps – I will keep your names anonymous). Keep pushing and EH’ing friends and neighbors to come out.

And with that – I’m out. Enjoy your day fella’s.


Great to see all the boys that made it out, many are gone for spring break…hoping you are safe with your travels and having a wonderful time with your families. We got a ton of work in this morning, below is the list.

20 Merkins and 20 Diamonds for warm up while waiting for a few to pull in.

45 SSH – 25 Imperial Walkers (I do know the name for these, sometimes when I am tired and only get 4 1/2 hours of sleep it may take a bit to recall, but there was good fun had at my expense by Bulldog and Fireman Ed…love you guys.)

Partner up with like or similar sized bell

20 swings with Merkins and run a lap

40 swings with Merkins and run a lap

10 high pulls each arm with Squats and run a lap

20 high pulls each arm with Squats and run a lap

10 snatches each arm with dry docks and run a lap

20 snatches each arm with dry docks and run a lap

2 different types of Mary for a rest and run a lap

Utilize Partner’s kb for 20 deadlifts, while one is working the other runs a lap…flapjack

40 deadlifts…flapjack


40 swings with Merkins and Diamonds

Eternal flame (without the music) finale of 20 swings, 20 high pulls, 20 snatches

There was a bit more work that we did sprinkled in but I forget exactly what and where, some lunges, more diamonds, etc.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, it is always a blessing to be around great men that are looking to make others better!

Neil Diamond invented the Merkin?

26 PAX showed up at Watchtower to see if YHC could actually do a Q with minimal running. The Verdict? Undecided.


  • DCCS given
  • Mosey to PetSmart for COP
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Various Merkins x 15 IC
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10 IC


  • 4 corners w/ 10 Bobby Hurleys at each
  • Partner up for some Gear competition
    • ROUND 1 (3 times each)
      • Plates:
        • P1: Hairburners
        • P2: Burpees
      • Dumbbells
        • P1: Run backwards to end of lot/Sprint back
        • P2: Curls
    • ROUND 2 (3 times each)
      • Switch from Plates to Dumbbells or vice versa
    • ROUND 3 (3 times each)
      • Plates:
        • P1: Overhead plate run
        • P2: Plank Jacks
      • Dumbbells
        • P1: Bear Crawl
        • P2: Thrusters
    • ROUND 4 (3 times each)
      • Switch from Plates to Dumbbells or vice versa
  • More 4 corners, 3 corners, and 2 corners
    • 10 Diamond Merkins as a group
    • Sprint to next corner and hold plank until 6 gets in plank


  • Thanks to Moneyball for helping me set up all the gear this morning and for riding in the front seat to help off set the weight in the rear of the car
  • Appreciate the group bearing with me during instructions with limited questions; I had to grab Damascus as a partner cuz I knew he would need further clarification
  • 26 guys is a lot for a gear workout so I apologize if you didn’t get to mix and mingle with the whole group
  • With the limited moving of partners/competitors (and my bad eyes), I couldn’t tell how most of the PAX were pushing but I will say this:
    • In a workout like this (gear), the EASY CHOICE is to COAST during the exercises and go hard when you are running/hairburner-ing, bear crawling.
    • The HARD CHOICE is to BUST IT during the exercises and the cardio. Pick a partner that will hold you accountable during the workout.
    • Don’t waste a 5 o’clock wake up call by coasting
  • Thanks to Deadwood for pushing me (not just asking me) to Q at this site. I have been on record that I don’t like this AO but that didn’t slow him down from challenging me. Appreciate the push. If you keep this up, maybe Doughboy and Bread Bowl will add you as a Site Q one day.


  • Convergence this Saturday at Stonehenge with SOB brothers. Vine Restaurant at 0600-0700. Coffeeteria after at Einstein’s. Come out and get out of your comfort zone and engage with other area PAX.
  • The Murph challenge: On Memorial Day, we will be doing “The Murph” but to prepare for this, Zinfandel has put together a daily challenge to allow us to build our bodies up and be ready. Grab a partner (see “accountability”) and join the “42 days to Murph” GroupMe channel to help keep you on track.
  • Thanks to Moneyball who took us out!
  • Happy Easter my brothers. I hope this week you will focus on and celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and greatest miracle available to each and every one of us. Have a great week.

Whiteboard Of PAIN!

It came to my attention yesterday that Zinfandel was down with a back injury, and needed a Substi-Q for Asylum today. What better way to show appreciation to a brother who has done tremendous things for WUC since he started F3 a year ago or so, than to step up for him and the Pax. It also ensured I got my butt out of bed on a Monday morning to start the week off right. Time to get out of the comfort zone and plan a workout that was “different” than the usual Q.


After a quick warm-up around the Brooklyn Pizza parking area, we landed in front of Hickory Tavern where the “Whiteboard of Pain” was waiting. Pretty simple. 10 Exercises, start at 100 Reps for Exercise #1, 90 Reps for Exercise #2…down to 10 Reps on the last Exercise. Simple enough, except that we would do plenty of running during and in between each exercise. Oh…and the exercises would not be revealed until we returned to the Whiteboard after each exercise was completed. Here is how it looked:

100 x Curls (run after 50, return for the remaining 50 reps)

90 x Flutter (run after 45, return for the remaining 45 reps)

80 x Dips (run after 40, return for the remaining 40 reps)

70 x LBC (run after 35, return for the remaining 35 reps)

60 x Squats (run after 30, return for the remaining 30 reps)

50 x Freddy Mercury (run after 25, return for the remaining 25 reps)

40 x Overhead Press (run after 20, return for the remaining 20 reps)

30 x  H2H IC (run after 15, return for the remaining 15 reps)

20 x Merkins IC (run after 10, return for the remaining 10 reps)

10 x Burpees OYO…originally planned the Burpee Ladder for this exercise but decided to just do 10.


Great work by the guys, and we all stayed together today, by design. We had 7 minutes remaining and we broke out the bouncing “Cube Of Pain” (workout cube with many exercises to be done on each roll). We wound up doing:

15 x Mary Catherine’s (Jump Lunges)

20 x Burpees

30 x Russian Twists

20 x Dips

:30 Plank/6″ Plank hold



When we open our hearts up to it, God will show us simple blessings we never expected. Having to plan a last-minute workout on a Sunday night proved this once again. God forced me to do something out of my comfort zone, which is where the growth and satisfaction happens. Not only did this work out well for me personally, but having brothers Ackbar, Mad Dog, and Damascus at Asylum reminded me that camaraderie and fellowship during a workout matters, a lot. We get so caught up in competing, beating others, proving ourselves, and working to exhaustion most workouts that we (or I) tend to miss these opportunities to connect. Leading 20-30 guys through a Q is great and enjoyable, but a smaller Pax is just what God knew I needed today. I think my brothers at Asylum would agree. Great work, fellas…you guys killed it today. It was an honor to lead you three and myself today. Proud to be part of the WUC/Swarm/Hive/Whatever we will call our Region!