WUC Brings DCCS To Outland

WUC Brings DCCS To Outland

“Excuse me while I whip this out”. “I’m about to slap you with my DCCS”. “I got a little DCCS message this morning” Now that I have your attention (haha), I enjoy skimming through the back blast channel on slack. Occasionally I will read a BB that is out of my Western Union County region if it catches my attention. Perhaps those first few quotes peaked some interest and you are still reading. If you don’t know what DCCS stands for…its coming in chapter 3 of this back blast. But first…a little introductory as to why in the hell a WUC guy is at Outland and why is he bringing DCCS there….

Madison through up at bat signal on Slack a couple weeks ago that they needed Q’s in Outland. I had previous seen the call and also where one of our very own, Posse, accepted the challenge. Posse had stayed on the WUC group about how great a site Outland was. Large, expansive, lots of benches, just a great site. When Madison asked for help, I felt the tug that it was time to step up.

I decided that Q’ing at Outland having never been there before was probably a bad idea, so I decided to join the crew the Saturday before my scheduled Q. A guy named Christmas was on Q. I believe another pax said it best that day when he said “there is only a reordering of letters separating Satan and Santa, and I believe you have the letters out of order today Christmas”. Dude put on a beat down that day. Kudos.

I knew going into today that the crowd would be light. The week before was a convergence. There was also the F3 heavily supported Joe Davis run that pulled some regulars away. I put in a plea to my F3 neighbors of Briarcrest to come join me. My sell was that it was closer than our normal Saturday workout at Nesbit, and was a larger site. As I went to bead I had no takers…..what would tomorrow bring.

I arrived early (6:42) to an empty parking lot. I decided to jump back in the car and go check out the football field to see if there was a gate open. Not only was the gates locked, but there was huge puddles along the route to get there. I decided an audible was needed. There would be no stadium stairs or 4 corners using the track.

Arrived back to the parking lot in time to see Chicken Little attempting to fly out of the coop. I was able to corral him back in. He was worried it was going to be just me and him….and as the clock struck 6:55, I was beginning to have the same fears. Then at 6:58 a stream of cars (well 3) came in. Thanks to Bonhoeffer, Lumber Jack, and Bullwinkle for joining us. It would have been a weird workout with just two guys.

So DCCS. What is it, Why DCCS, all those other type questions. Shortly after a FIA accident in Lexington, SC that took the life of Digits, WUC pax started pushing safety as a big initiative. We didn’t want the same thing happening to our fellow pax. If you know about the accident down there, you know Digits did everything right – which makes it so much more scarier. She had a reflective vest on, a head lamp, and she was crossing the street in a cross walk. The safety push turned into an abbreviation DCCS. To which all sorts of double entendre jokes fly, but at the core it grabs the attention of pax and focuses towards the intended message.

Disclaimer – typical F3 Disclaimer

Cell Phone – We require at least one pax to carry a cell phone though we hope for at least two. Often times we can be as much as 2-3 miles from the start which means even our fastest guys are 12-15 minutes away from calling 911. When seconds count – minutes kill.

CPR – We hope to have a couple CPR certified guys with us at every workout. A fellow F3 Brother, Gremlin, went down over a year ago from cardiac arrest. Again, there was a big push internally at WUC to get PAX CPR certified just in case. Even with that Cell Phone in hand, the rescue squad could be 10-15 minutes out. CPR can be a life saver.

Safety – A general guide of what to be aware of for the day. In WUC – that sometimes means street crossings or watching out for buses leaving.

Ok – enough preaching. Yall get the idea. I wanted to make you aware of what we do in hopes that some best practices can be translated. If yall have something you do well (or better than us) please come join us in a work out (or lead one) and share with us.

7:00. Lets go. I had already in my mind decided to audible from the football stadium so we head out towards the road and hooked a left towards the middle school bus parking lot. I turn the corner to see no buses and a lot of cones…hmmm. Drivers ed training? I also notice a fellow pax lagging so I had the group return for the six. Back to the Middle School bus parking lot and circled up.


20 Side Straddle Hops

20 T Merkins – this is a four count hand release merkin with your arms stretched out in a “T” pinching your shoulder blades together. It’s now how the Army does push ups so I figure if its good enough for the Army, its good enough for F3.

10 In/Outs. (bottom half of a burpee).


Short mosey to the short brick wall/benches. Split group into two (3/2). Group 1 does exercise, group 2 runs the parking lot loop, then flap jack. Exercises were :

Right leg step up

Left Leg step up

Right leg lunge (with left leg on brick bench)

Left Leg Lunge

Foot Release Squats

Up and Overs (kind of a skip over the bench with only one foot on the bench at a time.)

I was teamed up with Bonhoeffer. On the first step up I kept asking if he was feeling the burn or if his legs were hurting. Based on the pain I was feeling I wasn’t hearing much out of him which had me worried. Then we went to run and we both almost face planted. It took about 4 steps for our legs to “wake up”. Yup – he felt what I was feeling.

Once finished we did a slow mosey towards the Elementary Schools. Once there you had option to SSH or run back for the six. The guys must really hate SSH’s as they all went back for the six.

Regrouped for High Intensity Sprints. Picked a land mark about 40-60 yards out. Asked for 80% – 100% effort to that point where we would then get a 10 second break. Repeated for around 6 to 7 sprints total. That got us to the high school parking lot where we were greeted with some great painted parking spaces. Hats off to the students who painted them as some of them were true works of art while others just made me laugh – for example “If your reading this, I’m late”.

4 corners with a run return to start.

5 burpee tuck jumps (regular burpee with a tuck jump added at the end) then run to next corner for 10 jump squats. Return to start.

5 burpee tuck jumps, 10 jump squats, and 15 merkins. Return to start

5 burpee tuck jumps, 10 jump squats, 15 merkins, and 20 speed skaters. Lumberjack made the mistake of clarifying the count. “Each leg is 1 or both legs are 1”. When asked in WUC workouts I always pick the toughest one – so I asked for 20 each leg or 40 total. Chicken Little was in front of me the entire time and I arrived to this station to his pleads that it needed to be 20 total not 40 total. I agreed. Return to start.

5 Burpee tucks, 10 jump squats, 15 merkins, 20 speed skaters, and finally 25 Carolina dry docks. (is anyone still reading this excessively long back blast?). Because of time I cut the return run out and asked everyone to meet back at Start. Had anyone who hadn’t completed 25 CDD to do those while the rest maryed. Watch check 12 minutes…better start heading back.

Many of us (me included) were breathing hard from the running so I decided we would start an active recovery with a fast walk back along with 50 overhead claps. About 15 in Bonhoeffer asked “you said 15 right, not 50”. Apparently he was feeling the burn as well. I heard another pax say “who would have through something this simple would hurt”. We all got 50 and now it was time to get the heart rate up again.

High intensity sprints heading back. Again roughly 6-7 of them. Bullwinkle was starting to fall behind. I asked for a little more from him and he gave it to me. Good push.

Back at bottom of middle school bus lot we did 10 inch worm merkins. (For my WUC brethren reading this, yes my shoulders held up for most of the merkins today…though I did modify the burpees).

2 minutes left. A quick call for the pax to attempt to catch me as I ran backwards. I asked for another “gear” out of Bullwinkle and he gave it to me. Other pax that caught me I asked them to go back to brick bench for step ups. Gathered the pax there at the benches and asked for a jail break to the start as time expired.


Great group of guys this morning. Love the site. Lots to do there. I’ve been twice and still feel there are unexplored areas (by me) that can be used.

We finished with 3.61 miles by my watch. A little more than I had planned for, but a good workout none the less. I did have a bunch of gear in the back of my car loaded and ready to go but we ran our of time. For those that were curious – we were going to do curls with 25 lb dumbell, tricep press with 25 lb dumbell, 30 pound military press, 35 lb keddle bell goblet squat into an upright row, and finally a 20 lb ball slam. It would have been fun to end on. I guess you will have to invite me back out for round 2 to experience it.

It was great getting to know Bonhoeffer during the partner stuff. Good luck on the acting. Solid push from you on the sprints today. You beat the feathers off the chicken a couple times which is no easy task.

I appreciate Chicken Little coming out to support me. He is a fellow Briarcrestian(?) and its always nice to have a familiar face at a new workout.

That begin said – thanks to the Outland usual’s for welcoming me in.

We were able to get Bullwinkle to dig a little deeper today and find that second gear (and 3rd gear on some of the sprints). Thanks for pushing today. It was a pleasure having you there.

Lumber Jack pushed hard. A respect that I didn’t realize was a respect until the COT Name-O-Rama. I guess that’s the ultimate compliment that I didn’t realize you were a respect until you called your age. Good push today.

That’s all I got. Congrats if you made it this far. I suspect its about 99% of the pax didn’t make it this far down the back blast. You get no prize…only an attaboy.

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