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Flippin’ Tires in the Rain (and other asundry exercises)

2 of Area 51’s PAX endured the gloom and made themselves better while you were warm and dry. Due to peer pressure a sense of responsibility and commitment, we both showed up to get some work done.


Pax ran a loop of parking lot waiting on other fools pax. Nada.



SSH + Squats under cover


Mosey down to Highway 51, head fake left towards William Davies Park, about face and land at the day care/pre-school next door.


Main Event:

Parking lot sprints

Parking lot loops alternating with a series of body weight exercises pax pulled from a big orange Home Depot bucket while staying somewhat dry under cover.

Tire flips and sprints in the rain.

Mosey back to launch for COT. Done.




2nd F was strong this morning as YHC celebrated 3 years in F3 while getting after it in the rain along side site Q Thunder Road.  One of us wore hiking boots and arrived home with dry feet.  One of us wore running shoes and arrived home with cold, numb feet.  Original plan weeks ago was for strength work and sprint work on the field.  Forecast and a nagging neck/shoulder injury cancelled those ideas.  Considered running 1 mi to the Rain Tree shopping center and using cover there and doing stair work.  Last minute audible was called after actually experiencing the cold rain a little getting set up this morning.  The adjacent day care/pre-school provided good cover for today.


1st F was also good today.  YHC likes to break up the exercises with short run bursts and this was the perfect place to do it today.  No long runs in the rain.  No strava here.  #Iamnotaruuner.  However, YHC started the “Map My Hike” app at launch #IamaRucker, and was surprised to see we covered 94.16 miles in 44:33 with an average mile pace of 0:28 and burned 1519 calories.  Last time I ran 94 miles I burned more calories, therefore the app must have been wrong.


Orange Home Depot bucket idea was stolen from an Egypt Q from SOFWIB a couple of years back, right before it closed.  #RIP.


After all exercises had been pulled from said bucket, YHC spotted 2 tires sitting “over there”.  Perfect.  Nothing like tire flips in the rain to end a beat down.


YHC is grateful for F3 and for the leadership of men like Thunder Road who get up in the gloom (35 degrees and raining is the gloom) knowing kids are off school and come out to get wet and get stronger.  YHC was hoping he’d respond by text last night to just cancel but am glad we pulled it off.  Was fun to get to know each other better.  Time flies when having fun.  Maybe this Q will pull me out of the deep fartsack I’ve been enjoying for a few weeks.  We’ll see.  Goonie was DR, otherwise I’m sure he would have joined too.

F3 certainly has changed my life and provided me a platform for fitness and given me the confidence that I too can be in shape, a belief that I had just about lost hope in over the years.  Shout out to Fireman Ed who was my partner for my first post at Base Camp and gave me enough quiet encouragement to keep me coming back.  As we all do though I keep coming back for the fellowship.  It’s great to see old friends and meet new friends and see each other get stronger while sharing the suffering.  Strong bonds.  Preaching to the choir here.  Does anyone still read the BB?  That’s all.  Peace to you all my brothers.  Stay third this holiday season.  SYITG.




It Looked Good On Paper

12 of Area 51’s finest PAX made the right choice and posted at Rock Zero before buying up their milk and bread ahead of the #Snowmageddon


  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • IW x 20
  • Windmill x 20

The Thang:

Take a warmup lap around the church lot then head back to the cars, grab the rucks and sandbags and mosey over the hot box. There we find some more Partner up a Sandbag Murph, Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 runs to the D2 light post and back. Flapjack and continue the exercise until the team completes the number of reps per exercise.

  • Upright rows x 100
  • Squats x 200
  • Lunges x 300 (150 each leg)

Circuit work

Take a break from sandbags for 3 rounds of circuit work: Derkins/Incline Merkins x 10, Dips x 15, and Step-ups x 20.

Cadre Roony WOD Sampler

  • 50 Mountain Climbers (4 count)
  • 50 Squats OYO
  • 50 Flutter Kicks (4 count)
  • 50 Overhead Arm Claps (4 count)

Gather the sandbags/coupons and head back to the  start point to deposit the coupons and then we were off to the front of the church.


  • Rosalita x 20
  • Hello Dollies x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • Heels to Heaven x 10
  • Burpees x 10 OYO (thanks Mermaid)


  • Strong effort by the PAX, looked like we dodged the cold rain this morning. Although it was cold, we worked up a sweat.
  • Kudos to Hoover and Voodoo on the pre-ruck, and Purell on the pre-run.
  • The Sandbag Murph, with partners, looked good on paper but that was a grind. The mumblechatter was low while the PAX was getting after it. We’ve done that at a ruck workout before, and never completed individually so YHC thought we might be able to with partners, which we did.
  • YHC caught a bit of slack from the PAX during the Cadre Roony WOD sampler for the overhead claps. Honestly, they’re not as embarrassing as monkey humpers. As the name infers, the WOD is in honor of  Cadre Roony, a GORUCK Cadre battling cancer. He’s done a ton of fundraising for cancer with his Snowdrop Lights, before being diagnosed himself in September. The full WOD with ruck is:
    • 75 Mountain Climbers (4 count)
    • 75 Squats (Tough weight)
    • 200M Ruck
    • 75 Flutter Kicks (4 count)
    • 75 Overhead Arm Claps (4 count)
  • Gummy looked strong carrying the 80 lb sandbag to the start point. His mumblechatter game was strong as usual. There was much chatter on YHC’s cadence count on merkins, and which light pole we were running to during the Sandbag Murph evolution. .
  • Brushback is site Q for Anvil, news is slowly making its way around A51 apparently.
  • Thanks to Flipper for the use of his sandbags which have taken permanent residence at Purell’s house.
  • Mcgee wasn’t there to promote WAMRAP.
  • Mermaid commented during Mary that we hadn’t done any burpees, a staple of his, so 10 OYO. You’re welcome.
  • Good seeing Mermaid’s twin Slow Roll again.
  • Wolfman and Mall Cop holding each other accountable, as they post together most of the times, making sure the other keeps posting, #ISI.
  • We covered 2.5 miles, a little under the recommended 3 miles per the Rock Zero bylaws. YHC would’ve called for another lap around the church, which would’ve put us at around 3 miles, buy my legs were not having it after the Sandbag Murph.
  • YHC is coming up on 6 years with F3, I’m thankful and blessed for the friendships forged with my F3 brothers. I’m always amazed at the support we have for one another and it’s definitely more than a workout. Keep it up, and keep giving it away.
  • Thanks to Hoover, Boerewors, and Flipper for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any #Mumble chatter.


  • If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Snow Flake the Area 51 3rd F Q.
  • Prayers for Cooter, who’s going for knee surgery and fighting Cancer, and Hannibal.

You think they might be getting bread and milk?

Even though there were colder temps last Saturday, there had been a good showing of 14 pax, so there was a strong expectation of a good turn out today.  I arrived at 6:50 giddy with excitement that I was about to have the opportunity to inflict pain upon my F3 brothers in order to make us all better men. It was a comfortable 41 degrees, overcast but dry; rain didn’t start until later in the morning. Perfect for working out once you get moving. Costanza rolls in at 6:57.

In wonderment we asked each other, “Where’s everyone else? They must be getting bread and milk for the impending snowmageddon.” So the watch tolls 7:00am and we must begin promptly with or without any additional pax. So here’s the Thang:

20x incadence; SSH, IW, HB,  MC, Peter Parker, Parker Peter.

Mosey onto short track; Bear Crawl backwards, BC forward, Lunge forward, Lunge backward.

To the benches by faculty parking: 10x Step-up squats, Dips, Derkins, Inclines.

Quick pace to back playground for 5x slow release pull-ups.

Onto benches by bus parking lot for more bench work.

Run to Old Providence Neighborhood. Each light pole start with 10x merkins decreasing by 2 each pole.

Hill work; 2x Heels to Heaven at bottom increasing by 2. Top of hill 10x Burpees decreasing by 2 each round.

Run back out the neighborhood; each pole 10x Monkey Humpers.

Bench work.

Slow release Pull-Ups.

Bench work.

15x Calf raises; Out, Straight, In.

Thanks Costanza for giving me the opportunity to Q. Enjoyed the F2 along with F1. Hope everyone has plenty of bread and milk for Snowmageddon.

Hoover has Q next week, should be a good one! Costanza needs Q’s for 12/22 and 12/29. If your looking for an opportunity to improve your Q’ing skills and make your F3 brothers better, then please contact him at

General Othello leads the Spartans

Posted on behalf of Othello

YHC was asked by Gypsy to take the lead Q on the Spartan this week. So, in preparation, I laid out a plan for a five mile run with some pain mixed in. Six Pax in total dared to brave the cold and become stronger (ISI). It went something like this…..

The Thang
At 0530 I gave a lousy disclaimer, then to warm us up we did the following:

SSH x20 (x denotes cadence)
Cotton Pickers x10
Merkins x10

Begin our mosey out of the parking lot, making a left on Trade, and another left on the Four Mile Greenway Trail. Mosey through the trail to Squirrel Lake Park. Once in the park we stopped by the first exercise station and did: Low Flutters x10 & Merkins x10.

We then ran out of the park, turning right on the trail making our way to John Street. Once there we did: Low Flutter x12, Merkins x12.

We ran all the way up John Street where our faster runners took off ahead and we met up at the corner of Trade and John in front of Zab’s Place. Once there we did, you guessed it: Low flutters x10, Merkins x10.

I led the Pax into Matthews Station, around the library/Town Hall, made a right on Matthews Station and a right on E. Matthews, left on McLeod, left on Matthews-Mint Hill Road and waited on the corner of MMHR and Trade. While waiting for the six we did Air Squats (I changed it up 😉)

We all headed down Trade St., crossed over John St., made a left on Sadie and took the furthest entrance on the right to the First Baptist Parking lot. There we snaked through the parking lot islands and meandered our way to the parking lot. I circled us around the parked cars for a little
more distance and was then promptly “Q-jacked” for another lap because someone’s watch didn’t display the correct mileage (time to buy a new watch).

YHC still had a few minutes left on the clock so I took the Pax to some nearby stairs and showed them MECA’s version of “reverse-spiderman’s”. Afterward, we ended with a little broga stretching and met up with the AREA 51 PAX for ……


Announcements: The Gremlin is Coming! The Gremlin is Coming! 1/19/19, 6am-12 @ UNCC

COT – Madoff took us out (?)

Naked Moleskine
1. Thanks to Gypsy for nominating me to take the lead. It is a very humbling experience to lead men you have never met before but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….I think.

2. Great running that morning, you guys are fast. Kudos to Joker ..strong!

3. Enjoy the “reverse-spidermans”, use them in your next lead as you have a lot of steps around there that could use a little attention.

4. Merry Christmas to all Pax if I don’t see you before the holiday. I look forward to posting there again soon. If you ever feel like travelling one morning, come up to The Vet or Pain at Bain in Mint Hill – open invitation.

2nd Annual EFFEE Awards

Friday 12/7 was a night for the ages as 26 Pax from WUC had the opportunity to celebrate the 2nd Annual EFFEE Awards hosted by Briarcrest.

To kick off the night the red carpet (which Dancing Bear confirmed that the cat did not pee on) welcomed some of the pax finest outfits.

  •  Recalc was in his NJ finest attire reminiscent of when Bobby Hurley was still only playing AAU ball
  • Chicken Little plucked his best feathers from the closet
  • Our Master of Ceremony – Zinfandel was dressed for the occasion and ready to begin the show.

So as the cocktail hour concluded, and guest were told to please proceed to their tables the Lawson group was ready to be ushered into the main clubhouse for the featured event –  oh wait, this is it….Ok, everyone, please find a seat and let the show begin!

Unfortunately, Lt Rubbermaid was unable to attend this evenings event, but luckily, he sent General Pyrex to provide an opening address to the group and our first toast of the night!

At the conclusion of the opening remarks, the MC regained control of the microphone and proceeded with a pinning ceremony for all Participants from non Briarcrest with Participation Ribbons, and then presented all Briarcrest Residents with slightly larger, but most definitely over compensated ribbons to wear for the evening.

Next, we were able to check in with Recalc who was on special assignment as the Field Reporter for the night to get a sense of the crowd.  For his efforts he was awarded a special “49 and Bitchin’ sash.

The next measure of business was to complete a year in review of GroupMe by Bottlecap which included the announcement that in 2018 we have outperformed our forecast of 15,000 messages for the year and have already reached 17,500 YTD.  This was followed by a few charts that showed even with a slow Q2 (related to potential M&A discussions with Slack that GroupMe rebounded in Q3 to reach all new levels.

And after the completion of our trended reports it was now on to the awards.  Below is a list of the awards presented:

  • Triple Crown EFFEE brought to you by – Briarcrest Tractors: These big lots don’t mow themselves
    • Awarded to Moneyball
  • Bear Grylls Award brought to you by- Bonefrog
    • Awarded to Shake & Bake
  • Grumpy Old Men EFFEE brought to you by – Oops I Crapped my Pants: Sometimes Transporter’s Shed is not close enough
    • Awarded to Recalculating
  • Doppelganger EFFEE brought to you by – Frack’s Feeling Helpline
    • Awarded to Foundation
  • Injury Designation EFFEE brought to you by – Rubbermaid’s Anti Fog HG
    • Awarded to Beckham
  • Lurker of the Year EFFEE brought to you by – Scrawny Paper Towels: The crappy paper towels with a fake lumber jack on it
    • Awarded to Lazy Boy
  • Controversy of the Year EFFEE brought to you by – PSA regarding # of days Playhouse has gone without offending someone
    • Awarded to Big 10 on behalf of #thonggate
  • Cat Pee on the Carpet EFFEE brought to you by – Xerox Xtreme Steam
    • Awarded to Dancing Bear
  • Overcompensating EFFEE brought to you by – F3 Secrets: These whales tell tails
    • Awarded to Fuse Box
  • Q of the Year EFFEE brought to you by – Confused Alarm Clocks: Now you can feel free to show up late, leave early, or extend your workout
    • Awarded to Posse for his Bohemian Rhapsody Q
  • It’s a Beautiful Day in Neighborhood EFEE brought to you by – Rubbermaid +Fog: Make that 2 at 5:15, Look like a 10 at 6:15
    • Awarded to all Briarcrest
  • Wrecking Ball EFFEE brought to you by Bonefrog: What has 3 eyes? You and I when we do Bonefrog
    • Awarded to Deadwood
  • Jimmy Dugan EFFEE brought to you by Wildcat Sex Panther Gloves: 60% of the time they stink all of the time
    • Awarded to Mad Dog
  • Clarification EFFEE brought to you by Few’s Fonix: When all else fails, blame your keyboard
    • Awarded to Damascus
  • Humanitarian of the Year EFFEE brought to you by F3 Selfie Booth: We get it, no one else will take your picture
    • Awarded to Zinfandel
  • Bob Ross Pretty Meme Award brought to you by Big 10 Side Straddle Hop Repellent: Make your workout a SSH free zone
    • Awarded to Deflated

At the completion of the awards our MC provided closing remarks and that was a wrap.  Another year in the books and what a year it was.  Can only imagine what 2019 will bring.  Remember if it shows up in GroupMe it has a chance to make into an EFFEE.

In all seriousness it was a great 2nd F opportunity with plenty of laughs at each other’s expense along with true appreciation for how F3 has extended beyond just a workout in the morning with a handful of guys.  Want to especially thank all those that helped with putting on the production and participating amongst each of the EFFEE committees and sub committees.  Want to especially thank Zinfandel for hosting us in the grand  standard ballroom for tonight.  To Deflated for all of your artwork and effort, “we” did a great job on putting those slides together.  To all the pax that could be in attendance it was good fun and should anyone be offended by anything that was said throughout the night be sure to fill out the form on the backside of the program.


2nd F and 3rd F first.

Is the back blast a recap to the workout only?

Is it an homage to the sweat and pain we suffered through together?

Or is it a written reminder to the men of F3 as to our bound.  I am guilty of what I am about to type, therefore I cast no stones… but I challenge each of you that read this to spread the word and decide if you to have become a little to focused on the F1.


When I review the Back Blasts of my peer Qs, I note the new creative and interesting ways that the members find to deliver a quality beat down…   but far to often I do not make it the true meat of the Back Blast…The COT, the announcements, the mole skin, the prayers.  I mean… it is allllll the way at the bottom.  As such, going forward, YHC will be writing my Back Blast in reverse order from the norm.  F3 is way more than just a dedication to the 1st F that tends to get the majority of the focus and I will do my best to highlight the 2nd and 3rd before you reach the TLDR; state.



  • F3 Come to the Table Luncheon:  Thursday December 20th noon to 1PM, Charlotte Country Club:  2465 Mecklenburg Ave, Charlotte , NC 28205

A mens luncheon to celebrate F3’s investment in Caring for Our Community

  • Speed for Need is putting together the 2019 race schedule.  Reach out to Gypsy in Slack if you are interested in helping with a race, recommending a race, or wanting to push in a race
  • Happy Holidays.  Keep all the PAX members and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.  The F3 parties may be done… but I am sure many of you also noticed a few pax members that have not been in the gloom or at the F2 events recently.  Free to lead brothers.. Take it upon yourselves to reach out to one or two and just say hello.


Thank you Snow Flake for taking us out in prayer this morning.  Honored to have the A51 3rd Q at Stonehenge to take us out in prayer and I look forward to seeing you in Church soon.



Saturday AOs are by far my favorite.  Not only the extra 15 mins, but also the Coffeeteria.  Sure it is great to get a post beatdown meal and coffee.  But honestly, over the 16 various Saturday AOs in 2018, I have to say getting to know the back stories for so many guys is simply amazing..Today at Stonehenge we had 8 pax for the beatdown and all 8 at the F2 Coffeeteria.

You learn things like:

Happy Meal seriously thinks it funny to give your F3 name for your order to make them call it out when it’s ready.  When he told us to do it he smiled so big i had to laugh myself.  Ok.. it was funny watching the faces of the workers calling out orders for Happy meal and Christmas. 🙂

Gruden had a paper route when he was a teen and killed a Ford Ranger driving 200+ miles in the Northeast winters with all the extra weight he would have to put in the back to keep it from being a giant sled.

Wild Turkey worked at Denny’s for 5 years until he was 21.  Working his way up from dishwasher to server.  I am sure this did not come up when he was being named as an FNG.  I vote on a renaming:  Moons over MyHammy or GrandSlam

Fire Hazard seems to know a bunch about the French and Canada.. Not sure why.. More to that story I’m sure… and I will have to ask next time I see him at Gumby

Cul-de-sac….  A little inside joke on this one… anyone want to sit down and watch a PROGRAM

Snow Flake As mentioned above, did you know he is the A51 3rd F Q?  If not or don’t know what that seat on the board does, I encourage to reach out to him in SLACK or come meet us at Waypoint Church on Sundays at 10AM.

Christmas is my neighbor and once again I appreciate him holding me accountable to get my butt out of bed on time to make it to post.  Little known item is he is the one that talked me into this little thing called F3.  So if you loved the beatdown today, you can thank him for it.


Great core group of guys today as 8 men decided to leave the warmth and comfort of home to join YHC for a perfect fall morning to push ourselves and sharpen our edge.


The Thang: Ole’ Glory

Ole’ Glory is a WIB that is supposed to be a bootcamp beat down book ended by a 1 mile F2 pace run carrying the shovel flag.  No one out runs the flag and for an added bonus, we introduced a 2nd flag today that was carried by the last member leaving all pax members running between Ole’ Glory.

Last night I spent a good amount of time on Plot-a-route trying to find exactly 1 mile of route to lead us into a parking lot close-ish to the launch site.  Well.. seeing it on Google Maps and running it in the dark are two different things…soooooo.. the 1 mile run ended up being 1.5.  But as indicated at the beginning.. I am not a professional.

We eventually ended in the parking lot behind the Einstein Bagels and the mubblechatter began immediately when a 25ft fire hose was pulled out of the back of my truck that just so happened to be parked in this specific parking lot.  Hummmmm…coincidence.  I think not


Thang 1

Pax lines up side by side and all members select an index card that has an exercise on it (except the pax closest to the fire hose.  That pax unknowingly volunteered to be the 1st timer.)

As the timer drags the fire hose to the far side of the lot and back, the pax performs the exercise on the card.  The timer goes to the end of the line and everyone shift down to perform the exercise the person on the right was performing until all pax have had 2 turns as the timer.

Exercise: Wide Arm Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Jump Squats, Flutters, Bomb Jacks, Plank Jacks, and American Hammer

Thang 2

Hampton Roads Dora

Partner up.  Pax 1 runs to designated spot and performs 2 burpees and back while Pax 2 performs exercise until Pax 1 returns.  Swap so Pax 2 now runs to the designated spot while Pax 1 continues the exercise. (repeat until set number is completed)

100 Scorpion Merkins

200 Peg Leg Squats

300 Crab Cakes.


Grab the flags for second half of Ole’ Glory run back to the AO launch site.

Arrival back at launch site and we had 3 mins of Mary available.

Mary: LBC, Heels to Heaven, Box Cutters

F2: Great fellowship in this PAX as all members attended Coffeeteria.

F3: Excellent take out Prayer by out 3rd F Q.

F1: Solid performance by all as we pushed our bodies over 3+ mile




Preblast: Ascent December 8, 2018

Old Cooter is up for Q tomorrow at Ascent. (Prayers and blessings to Young Cooter.) By rain or by sweet be prepared to be wet! Don’t worry about the cold. I’ll keep us moving so it should be HOT!

No One Drinks Alone!

After being on the road for over a week, both business and pleasure, I was excited to get back out and lead this group of knuckleheads. I was able to post at 3 different sites while traveling but they lacked the intensity and humor that comes with WUC.

DISCLAIMER: Great dudes, great sites and I can’t recommend enough posting at other sites. {fin}

Transporter welcomed me back with open arms and absolutely crushed me yesterday. Leading up to the Effie’s though my adrenaline was already screaming with that excitement and I knew I would be ripping some tasty brews this evening so I needed to do my best to burn the calories up front. 

24 total PAX. Disclaimer Given. 


Mosey Loop, Lets get it….

22oz of Miller Lite Thighs

  • 22 x Lunge Walk between lights
  • 22 x monkey humpers at each light – everyone looks like an idiot, I love it

40oz of Dana Abs (40sec each)

  1. 40 second side plank
  2. 40 second side plank
  3. 40 second elbow plank
  4. 40 x LBCs IC
  5. 40 x Plank Jacks
  6. 40 second side plank
  7. 40 second side plank
  8. 40 second elbow plank
  9. 40 x LBCs IC

Jailbreak to the Shed, Grab a Partner & Split a 12 pack (12 bottles x 12oz = 144oz)

  • 144 x Bobby Hurley’s 
  • 144 x merkins
  • 144 x squats

Mosey to the top of the Hill and over to the Lunch Tables. Team up and split a 1/2 barrel key (165 total 12oz cups)

  • 165 x dips
  • 165 x inclined merkins
  • 165 x In & Outs

Mosey around the corner, Grab a Partner for Keg Stands

  • 1 partner runs the loop while doing bear crawls under the overhang
  • 2nd partner does a keg stand against the wall
  • Complete twice 

Mosey Back and we stopped for 12 x Hand Release Merkins at the flag posts


Beer was on the brain, reps and workout would be based on things that make me happy. Planned it all out while feeding my daughter her night time bottle. Then I slept great, Dancing Bear picked up Fuse and myself and my heart was racing when we pulled up to the school. I didn’t feel like circling up this and wanted to warm up the muscles gradually…..

Super shocker, not even two lights into the workout and Fusebox was already checking everyone out. What do you mean checking everyone out Ben? Exactly what I said. Follow me here: How do you think he spotted and started thong gate? Who publicly posted his appreciation for Dana’s abdominals? If the shoe fits….

His alibi is that he only wants to help with form but I’m starting to think that’s just an excuse after getting caught starring…..only time will tell. 

Honestly the banter at this point was some of the best. After we all saw Breadbowl leading the group we had a lot of comments to make since it seemed he really found his stride with lunges and monkey humpers. Well done young man, well done…

Speaking of an orangutang and a gorilla, Goodfella and Deadwood were squeaking early into my 40oz of Dana Abs. Heart wasn’t racing fast enough or something for those two. Sorry I skipped SSHs and a few merkins….give me time to get the hearts going. Not all of us are doing yoga on the reg, so these are new moves for our cores. 

After getting to Transporter’s shed I literally remember nothing except reading my cheatsheet and moseying between workouts. Heart moving too fast….

Laughably, keeping track of the number of reps and counting to 144 or 165 is tough, you guys. It wasn’t tough for me but I heard a lot of “like 47” or “how many did you finish with before?” and my favorite “just go to the next exercise”. 

The final hand release merkins were supposed to mimic picking yourself up off the grown after falling from too many adult beverages. I’ve never personally had to do it but I could imagine…..

I did learn that me planning my Q after a beatdown by Transporter and last time I went after Dasher, my intensity levels are usually higher than where I want a standard workout. Better make use of that Q juice!

As always, thank you all for letting me lead. It was a bit repetitive between stops this morning but I hope everyone equally enjoyed and hated it. 

Lastly, thank you to Recalculating for letting me host his site and for all the support leading up to my big day. Question for you, are those that don’t post at Impromptu the day of the Effie’s allows to post at that event in the evening?

PS – Monkey Humpers are terrible!

PPS – Honestly I will have tremendous respect if Short Circuit shows up again after the monkey humpers. We should get some aerial footage of that exercise though….for our social media, not for Fuse’s personal archives. 


  • The Effie’s!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bring clothes for both Bottlecap and Dancing Bear
  • Commitment tomorrow morning with Doughboy on Q…..ugh, good luck!

Welcome, Pink Unicorn 🦄

8 PAX at The Brave did a quick U-turn and started with a nice Brave Mile(ish) sprint to start their Friday.



  • Quick mosey down the parking lot, u-turn back to launch
  • COP (IC) – IW x15, Windmill x15, LSS x10
  • Instructions given to AYG The Brave Mile
    • Get on N. Community House and head South towards Morrison Y. At the big traffic circle cross the street and hold for the 6
    • Plank-o-rama
  • Continue South to the next traffic circle and turn left into Ballantyne District Park
    • Stop at the triangular parking lot which turned out to be an Obtuse Isosceles Triangle
      • 40 merkins at the first vertex
      • 40 squats at the next vertex
      • 100 American Hammer at the last vertex
    • Continue mosey to parking lot by pool for burpee snake
      • 2 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • 4 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • Repeat to the end (10 burpees)
    • Alternate lunge walk / bear crawl down width of lot back to road through BDP
    • Run towards Morrison Y Main entrance stop at every light for 5 CDDs (about 40 total)
  • Mosey back to corner of Bryant Farms and N. Community House
  • Brave Mile in reverse but at every light post (lit or not) do 5 HR Merkines
    • Ended up being many more merkins than anticipated (at least 75)
  • Mosey across BCP and down the the big deck, sneak in on level 3 and take stairs to the basement
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, sprint stairs all the way up to the 8th floor
    • Run a lap on the roof
    • People’s chair facing down ramps
    • Run down ramps to level 3 where we entered
      • Bottom of every decline = 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • 3 minutes left, AYG back to launch
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • Done



Madame Tussauds donned his new temporary name (Pink Unicorn) and new attire (pink, rainbow unicorn design shirt bearing the words “I Suck at Fantasy Football”). As a reward for his stunningly terrible 3-12 performance in FF this year, he will wear this shirt at his next 4 posts, including his Q on Thursday at The Arsenal. His counting during COP in whatever voice that is he uses during COP was made all the better with the addition of this shirt. Definitely worth posting with MT PU before he burns the thing.

Uncle Rico let us know that he will be moving back to Knoxville, TN over the next few weeks. Sad for us to see him go, but exciting times for him and his family ahead. More importantly, Brown Bag isn’t going anywhere. Seriously though, the way Uncle Rico has built Brown Bag up to where it is in CLT in under a year, along with the way he has immersed himself in F3 as well as the community, is nothing short of impressive and he will definitely be missed. F3 Knoxville doesn’t know how lucky it is.

Paper Jam did some very runner-like, borderline erotic, stretching both before we launched as well as while refusing to participate in COP with us. His running transformation is most definitely almost complete. He may, or may not, have uttered the words #FakeBrave at some point but that was just a moment of temporary insanity I am sure.

Woodson brought the beacon of hope hat to The Brave. Not sure if he washed it after Swift and I did my best stay as far in front of him as possible to avoid finding out. This was harder than it sounds, especially on the return Brave mile. Not sure how a guy who ran 2,500 miles this year can still do that many push-ups that quickly, but Woodson is fast and strong. Pretty sure that’s a recipe for trying an OCR race someday buddy.

Speaking of OCR, great seeing Buckeye back in the gloom after rehabbing the knees for some time. Pretty sure the knees, as well as Buckeye (and MT Pink Unicorn) didn’t appreciate the stair sprint at the end of the workout, but Buckeye crushed it anyway. Word has it his home re-construction is almost complete after the tree that took it out a couple months ago and he may finally get to move out of the hotel. Let us know what we can do to help when the time comes.

Wild Turkey grumbled a little at the initial call for The Brave Mile. Understandable. Bodies are cold, the mile is mostly uphill, and it’s a pretty damn cruel way to start a workout. Exactly why we did it and will probably continue to do so. Thanks to Tolkien and his evil mind for conceiving the darn thing. Turkey’s grumble was followed by an all-out effort up the long hill, so I assume he was just either psyching himself up or trying to psych us out. On another note, this was my 3rd Q this week and I am absolutely exhausted. Gives me an even greater appreciation for Wild Turkey as 2-3 Qs in a week is fairly standard for that guy.

One Niner was the only Brave Site Q present this morning with Tuck and Mario off on an island somewhere running some flat race. One Niner definitely seems to back post-injury as he is consistently in the Top 3 guys now at most boot camps. Also gets an A+ on the Site Q card for some solid pre-workout Tweet advertising as well as for coining the name #Broatmeal — now the official name of 2F at Panera following The Brave (0630 at Panera in Btyne). He also saved my ass by letting me use Find my iPhone on his phone to locate mine in the middle of Ballantyne Corporate Place, where it fell off when I drove away with it on the hood of my car.

Just another day at The Brave. Hope you all have a great weekend.

No Frisbee Friday

8 for a full body blast on the plush campus of Charlotte Christian.


Brief disclaimer and mosey around the CC parking lot for COP: 15 xSSH IC, LSS x15 IC, Hillbillies x15 IC, mountain climber x15 IC, Peter Parker x15 IC, diamond merkins x15 IC, plankorama. Asked PAX if they were warm and response was ‘getting there’, which translated to 5 burpees OYO.

The Thang:

Mosey to football field and line up on the goal line. Suicides with 5 burpees at the goal line and 10 merkins at each 10 yard marker. Flutter to catch our breath.

Next line of work is 11s on the hill behind the end zone. Jump squats at the top with CDDs at the bottom. Dolly, LBC, J-lo’s afterwards.

Partner up with P1 going to the playground doing called exercise while P2 runs to the parking lot and back, flapjack 3x. Exercises were pull-ups, lunges, dips.

Just made it through 3 rounds thanks to the minute of extra credit the PAX put in.


Great crew on a brisk morning. Apparently this was supposed to be an ultimate Frisbee day, sorry fellas, didn’t get the memo. On paper this didn’t sound as bad as it was but there was no complaining, just guys putting in solid work ahead of the weekend. Everybody logged just under 2.5 tough full body beatdown miles.

Thanks to Header for the takeout and to Laronda for the opportunity to lead these fine men on a TGIF morning.