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Random Musings and a Weinke

Haven’t posted to many boot camps lately, let alone lead one.  And it’s been quite some time since I’ve been to Kevlar, so thanks Faultline for the invitation today.  My recent lack of Q experience may have showed a little, but I think everyone got there money’s worth… so with 16 men in tow, here is what we did.

One and a half laps around the field.  I was already getting grief about the running during the warm-up lap.  Hard to stop at just one lap though on a track that probably has a less than 100 yd perimeter.  We peeled off into the grass field encircled by the track for some COP:

  • SSH x25
  • Low Slow Squat x25
  • Merkin x20
  • Seal x20

We then moseyed to the church parking lot by the lacrosse field.  We ran the concentric circles made by the parking lot lanes around the church, working our way toward the church and stopping at each exit driveway to do a called exercise.   

  • 10 Jump Squats when running counter clockwise
  • 10 Merkins when running clockwise

Finished when we completed the innermost loop, and head over to the courtyard for some MoM…

  • Flutter x25
  • Dolly x25
  • Rosalita x25
  • Bicycle x25

Run over to the hill for Triple Nickel:

  • 5 LBCs at bottom
  • Run up the hill
  • 5 Burpees at top
  • Run back down
  • Repeat 5x

With Orange Whip’s assistance, we found the rock pile where everyone grabbed a lifting rock

  • Curls x15
  • Overhead press x15
  • Tricep extension x15
  • Goblet squat x15
  • Good morning x15

Still some time, so we headed over to the shelter

  • Step-up x20
  • Tricep dip x20
  • Decline merkin x20
  • Repeat set

Mosey back to launch point.


  • Not sure why everyone kept doing SSH when I stopped…my inflection in the cadence sounded just fine in my head.
  • Got some grief on the naming of the baby seal exercise.  I’ve spent a little too much time in F3 Metro apparently, where that is what the exercise was called… not the Superman/Banana.  Call it what you want… it wears on you.  Although our reprise before COT wasn’t very impressive.
  • I called air squats as an exercise, but meant jump squats.  It’s an easy mistake to make right?… Air squat > Air Jordan > Jumpman > Jump squat.  See?  Obvious mistake.
  • I made sure the pax got there 6 MoM in…although I chose the middle of the workout instead of the end.  Sometimes you just have to prioritize the core work Spack.
  • Explored some new grass for the ‘weighted’ portion of our workout.  Your welcome.  I had to ask Orange Whip to lead us to the rock pile, but I will say that the rocks are actually visible in the satelite view of Google Maps.
  • How about the cool pattern left on your Strava profiles for you GPS watch guys?  I may have a new calling… I will make it my mission to make Strava art for every Q.
  • Spackler and Joker must have had some interesting conversation during the workout based on the recent Twitter post.  Thanks for that Spack.
  • Definitely plenty of mumble chatter out there this morning.  I didn’t completely shut it down, so I obviously have some work to do.  If you have something memorable to share…put it in the comments.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning!


  • Contact Stone Cold if you are interested in helping build a ramp for someone in need as part of the “For Love” mission – tomorrow, Dec. 1.
  • Christmas party at Seaboard tomorrow night – Dec. 1
  • Memorial run for Gremlin at UNCC – Jan.19th

November Impromptu AMRAP

19 PAX came out for fun little spin around the AMRAP course.   One, RECALC, even came out while on the IR to cheer on and help instruct the course, keep time and push everyone.  (Thank you Keith)


Warm-up lap to point out each exercise along the way


  • 20 SSH at First Stop
  • 10 Potato Pickers as the Third Stop
  • Planking with some Stretching at the next


AMRAP time The Thang:


The course is just under a half mile all the way around with 7 Stops listed below.


  1. 20 Derkins
  2. Bear Crawl (roughly 30 yards)
  3. 20 Dips at Bench
  4. 20 Donkey Kicks
  5. Rock Mosey – Rock over head carry about 40 Yards
  6. 20 Jumps Squats
  7. Burpee – 1 for each lap, 2 for second, etc




Pax August September October November
Banjo 4 4 Rain Out 3(IR)
Bottlecap 3.5 4.2 5
Breadbowl 3 3.1
Chicken Little 3.5
Damascus 4
Dana 3.1 3.4
Dancing Bear 4 4 4.3
Dasher 4.4 4.6
Deadwood 4
Deflated 4.1
Doughboy 3.5 4 4.3
Draper 3.1
Easy Button 4 4.1 4.4
Foley 3.4 3.5 4.0
Foundation 4.1 4.1
Fusebox 3.5 4
Halfback 5
Hollywood 4.5
Hooch 4 4.1
Jingles 3.5
Joy 3.4
Legalized 3
Maddog 4 4
Moneyball 4 4.4
Posse 3.4 3.5 3.3
Radar 2.5
Recalculating 4 0.0
Rockwell 3.5 4
Rubbermaid 4 4.1
Rudy 2.2
Southern Belle 4 3.6 4.1
Stub Hub 4.2
Wedding Singer 3 3.5
Xerox 3
Zinfandel 3.1 3.1



Weather was perfect and everyone pushed themselves.   It is a privilege to work out with a very impressive group of PAX.    Just amazing to see everyone continue moving even when their bodies were probably telling them to stop.  Almost every PAX improved on their most recent run at the course.  That is absolutely amazing.



  • EFFFies Party.
  • Open Door at Five Stones each Sunday morning – connect with BC for details.
  • COTS (Church on the Streets) is Sunday.


Wrap up and Prayer:


MoneyBall took us out.  Special prayer to a close friend of Dirty Bird who is going through something no one should have to endure.  Thank you.

Mailman Delivers VQ at Centurion


Cars kept on rolling into the lot as the start time approached. Big morning for our Q, Mailman. He told YHC he dreamed that he had slept through the workout and totally missed his VQ. Probably not the first time a VQ’er had that dream. Alas, he was present and ready, having practiced cadence count with his wife, who gave him the seal of approval, or at least did not make fun of him. Proper disclaimer given to the PAX and off we went.


Warm up mosey: Left on Little, Left on Walsh, Left into campus thoroughfare on south side of Tartarus (parking deck). Continue to level 1. Circle Up.


  • Side Straddle Hops x 15 IC
  • Windmill x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Tartarus Repeats

  • Up the parking deck with alternating exercises at the turn and alternating ways of going up
    • Start with 10X Merkins and Run Backwards to the first turn
    • 10X Monkey Humpers then Bear Crawl to next turn
    • 10X Burpees Run Backwards to the next turn
    • 10X Jump Squats and Lunge Walk to the next turn
    • 10X WWII Situps and Run Backwards to the next turn then run to far stair well (Stairwell 1)
    • Descend Stairwell 1 to ground level
    • Mary to regroup
    • Wall Sit with air presses
  • Lap around the football field
  • Round 2: Swap Crawl Bear for Bear Crawl

Mary to regroup. Another round of People’s Chair (Wall Sit). Exit Tartarus.

Plank-o-rama: Elbows/RLH/LLH/Right Arm Out/Swap Left/High Plank/Low Plank/Alt Leg Raise x 12 IC

Serpentine Tartarus Run

AYG up Stairwell 1 to Level 4. Over to Stairwell 2 and down to ground. Over to Stairwell 3 up to Level 4. AYG over to Stairwell 1 and descend to ground level.

Mosey back to launch lot.

6 Minutes of Mary Heels to Heaven x 15 IC/High Flutter x 15 IC/LBC x 15 IC/Freddie Mercury x 20 IC/One Legged Dolly x 15 IC each leg



Mailman was asked for Moleskin info, but did not respond in time for this post. Your moleskin is provided by Mermaid.

A few weeks back, YHC put Mailman on the spot when Margo was asking for people to Q at Centurion. It went something like this:

Mermaid: “Mailman, you Q yet?”

Mailman: “No, not yet.”

Mermaid: “Dude, you are ready, time to step up.”

Mailman: “What day do you need me?”

Simple as that. Mailman got pushed, ever so slightly, and stepped up to lead. This is part of what we do and, in essence, is the F3 Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.

Mailman is now a workout Q. A participant leader in F3.

He spent some time reading through the 1st workout docs from, practiced his cadence count, put together a plan, and did a dry run of his plan. He was prepared and it clearly showed in all facets. So, well done Mailman, T-Claps for stepping up and leading. YHC looks forward to your next Q.

This is what we do and we need to be diligent in continuing to do it. Look around you and encourage those newer guys to lead, whether it be a workout or a service project.

#Kotters to Rapper’s Delight. Home now from serving the USA. T-claps for your service. See you next week. Make sure you bring Drago and tell him to leave his headphones at home.

#Kotters to Madame, Mighty Might, and Commish. Great to have you guys join us at Centurion today. No mistaking MT’s truck pulling into the launch lot.

Fault starts noted for Chelms and Runstopper. They both worked hard. Solid effort men.

Hops was pumped about his Sages winning the state championship. Rightfully so.

Clover was dressed for some cold weather. Color-coordinated as well. Several others went by previous night’s forecast and appeared overdressed for the low 50s we had this morning. Twice as warm as the past few days.

Brilleaux was in strong form as usual. Pushing on the pace.

Margo brought and then subsequently forgot the shovel flag. YHC grabbed it. Maybe a subtle way of saying, “I have been the keeper of the shovel flag for long enough, your turn?” I’ll hang on to it and cart it to and fro. May be the last one in all of A51. Hops, we have any others?

Well done today men. Thanks for coming out and supporting the Mailman VQ.

YHC took us out.


SOB Christmas party tonight.

A51 Christmas party tomorrow night at Seaboard in Matthews.

Be careful with the driving if you are attending.

Need some Q’s at Centurion. Want to step and lead? Just let myself or Margo know: or




Best way to stay warm is just to run …

Editor’s note: Lois posting on behalf of Sensei.

My thermometer said 25 at 5am, and since I was Q at Sparta I kinda had to get up and go. I wasn’t sure how many other guys would show up, but at 5:15 there were 11 folks with just as questionable judgment as myself in the Matthews Elementary parking lot. The plan was simple: When it’s really cold, the best way to stay warm is to run, and keep running. Since Sparta is a running workout, the Weinke took care of itself.

We launched out from MES and ran the Labor Day Kiwanis 5K course (AKA the Peak 51 pre-run route).

Once we got back to Trade St. via Charles, we looped back around to Ames, hung a right on John St. and ran up to Christ Covenant Church.

We were still good on time so we cut through the church parking lot over to Fullwood, ran down to Trade St. took a left and headed back to the launch point.

It was 6:07, so rather than stand around we ran a couple of laps around First Baptist church for the remaining time.

By 6:15 we stopped and had 6 miles in. Not a bad days’ work.

We stopped along the route to do squats, feet shuffle, or whatever guys do to stay warm to wait on the 6. Though, this was a strong crowd so we did not have to wait much at all.

Chilly Skin:

Most of us got in 2 laps around the church at the end, but Stone Cold got in 3. Strong work, sir.

Supposedly The Mouth was there. It sounded like him, but The Mouth is usually a warm weather creature; it was December and it was hard to tell with the balaclava covering all but his eyes. Seriously, thanks for coming out. See you again in… June???

You know it’s cold when Strange Brew is wearing a shirt.

Sparta is a great workout. I think this is only the 2nd time I have not attended Peak 51 in my 4+ years of F3.

Gypsy, a Sparta regular was Q for Peak today. Since we share a launch point we may do some additional Q swapping in the future.

You can’t go wrong posting to either workout. Great folks all around.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and run with the Sparta crowd.

Sandbags and Bitching

4 men showed up for the 5:00 pre-run. It was decided that the flat route would be the choice of the day. One Man did some laps around the lot at 5:15.

Meet back at 5:30 for the main event. One man leaves and 3 men arrive.

Pull the sandbags from YHC’s truck, mighty’s car and One-Niner’s SUV and get moving.

Head over to the playground for a warm-up.

25 x SSH IC

10 x Windmills IC

5 x sandbag burpees IC

Head over to the monkey bars for three rounds of exercises with a lap in between.

round 1.

10 Pull-ups

20 Bent over rows with sandbags

1 lap

Round 2.

10 pull-ups

20 curls with sandbags

1 lap

round 3.

10 pullups

20 overhead tricep extensions with sandbags (bags to heavy someone will die, audible to big boy dips)

1 lap

Head over to the 3 concrete benches for sandbag step-ups. 10 per leg.

5 more IC sandbag burpees

20 bench squats over the concrete benches

Mosey over to the big flat icy area in the playground and get in one row. Toss your sandbag using your whole body to get an explosive throw. Rotate sandbags on YHC’s call.

Sandbag pulls with Bear Crawls. Same M.O. as above.

Grab your sandbag and mosey over to the batting cage and dump them in a pile. Head down to the bottom of the hill and complete a set of 7’s. Burpees at the bottom and Squats at the top.

Complete 20 IC dips on the bleachers while the 6 finishes up

Head over to the sandbag pile grab your sack and head to the walls at the launch point. Pile the bags up and get in a row for People’s chair. Send all the sandbags down to one end then send them back.


Head to the launch point just in time for 5 more IC sandbag burpees.



There was a lot of bitching today…. You know you don’t have to use sandbags, its cold, my fingers are numb, I don’t like heavy things, no you get the whale dick, blah, blah, blah.


We had plenty of sandbags (thanks One-Niner and Mighty for bringing yours out) although Ringer had to use my home made innertube sandbag (aka the whale dick). I think deep down he liked this as he was exempted from the overhead press in the burpees.

Cheddar got there for the pre-run ready for some hills…. we disappointed him and took our sorry asses to the easy flat route. Sorry Ched, next time for sure.

Cobbler found out he has a partially torn rotator cuff. He finds out if he needs surgery this week. Keep him in your prayers. The good thing is that he got some very sage medical advice from Ringer and One-niner. Dear god listen to your real doctor not these fools.

MT called out the 4:50 pre-run on slack and didn’t show up until we were gone, at 5:15. He supposedly ran a little. Also, he did not read the 3 warnings posted on social media about the sandbags. Too bad they don’t teach those boys to read at the University of SC.

Mighty worked so hard today he split the liner in his sandbag. Don’t worry this was not a GoRuck liner. So don’t email him about the SCARs warranty. I am talking to you Geraldo.

One-Niner has girly hands and has found that Physics does not apply to him, and if he combines two pairs gloves (running with bootcamp over them) his hands actually get colder.

Good to have General roll up late to the main event. His labia and cornea are healing very nicely…. if you were wondering they are connected.


As always a great time was had by the Arsenal gang. Many sack jokes were made by all. Come out and try it sometime you will get stronger and faster.

Fire Hazard

Bourbon is a bad mixer for a Wienke.

Site Q swap and YHC can only hope that my Q will be half as good as my brother Sensie’s will be at Sparta today.  Considering he ran the BRR and kills it every time I have seen him at post, one can only imagine what those poor Spartans are in for…

~4:45AM Woke up due to a standard Thursday alarm..

~5AM all ready with 30 mins to get 15 mins away..Oh well.. I can make it to Sparta launch site and plant the flag before they head out.  Slightly worried about the temps keeping the pax away today and even sent Sensei a text last night as a preemptive “Just in case”.

~5:15AM Pulling into the AO and there stood more than few Spartans ready to start the day.  Cold be damned.. A51 MAtthews pax could care less about the cold.

~5:30AM Its Peak 51’s turn to launch

Disclaimer given and also admitted to being a Peak 51 FNG.


New favorite warm up exercise called out and Lois immediately begins the mumble chatter with his declaration of his love for the BLIMPS

B​​urpees:  5 OYO
L​​unges:  10 each leg OYO
I​​mperial Walkers: 15
M​​erkins: 20 Civilian Count
P​​lank Jacks: 25 OYO
S​​quats:  30 OYO

Mosey to parking lot


Perform one BLIMPS for additional warm up… would hate to pull a hammie during a beat down


4 corners to hit the big 3 (Legs, Abs, Chest)

Round 1 Squats 10 Bomb Jacks at center.

  • Corner 1:  10  Standard Squat 10
  • Corner 2:  10  Peg leg squats (5 each leg)BHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA… ok.. Freezing, 5:30 ish, and 2 BLIMPS in.. balance is not working very well. 
  • Corner 3:  10  WOJO squats
  • Corner 4:  10  Jump squats

Round 2 Sit-ups 10 Dolly’s at center.  How is it you can always find that one location in a GIANT parking lot that has that one small rock to dig into your tailbone.. There were 4 locations.. 4!!! I swear Lois was planting these rocks so I had no other choice but find them all.

  • Corner 1:  10  LBC
  • Corner 2:  10  WW2
  • Corner 3:  10  Reverse Crunch
  • Corner 4:  10  legs flat Big Boy

Round 3 Merkins 10 Dry Docks at center.  I am pretty sure Thumper must do Merkins in his sleep.. Dude can fly through some Merkins

  • Corner 1:  10  Wide arm
  • Corner 2:  10  Regular
  • Corner 3:  10  Narrow/Diamond
  • Corner 4:  10  Ranger

Perform one BLIMPS (friend should not  let Qs write a Weinke while consuming bourbon)

The Peak 51 PAX is warmed up now.. Sardine declares the crew is growing tired of YHC’s warm-up exercise and says it’s time to get to work.  Yes sir.. I agree.

Keeping warm was and moving was the object of the Q today..

Mosey up the hill to the back parking lot of the school.

Ladder 11s (always a crowd pleaser on a cold day and today was no exception.  Nobody is going to stay cold on my watch… no sir… not while we have open parking lots available and time still left before 6:15am)

  • 11 bomb jacks run to far end of lot 1 Dry Dock
  • 10 bomb jacks run to far end of lot 2 Dry Dock
  • Ect…
  • 1 bomb jacks run to far end of lot 11 Dry Dock
    LBC for the 6 or join the 6 to finish

Perform one BLIMPS modified to a NOPE (Bourbon got a little to happy with BLIMPS.. YHC thinks they may have something for each other)


Partner up:  Pax 1 does called exercise as partner 2 goes to far end and performs one burpee, returns and continues the count. (Thumper/Sardine, Lois/Gypsy, Bernie/Madoff)

  • 50 Merkins (Sure why not more merkins.. Only done eleventy-billion at this point.. What’s a few more?)
  • 150 Squats (Are you kidding me… why in the world is this one here.. We did a whole round in 4 corners and 30 during each BLIMP..I swear Gypsy did not write this Weinke.. It must had been his Bourbon drinking alter ego who is forever banned from writing a weinke)
  • 250 LBC (I got nothing… just remember thinking…its 25 degrees out and i’m sweating ridiculously.. it has to be close to 6:15 by now…)

Join the 6 to complete

Mosey back to the Launch site.

No time for Mary.

~6:15 DONE!!


Mumble Chatter was limited today and I think it was because the PAX was just a pissed at my Bourbon drinking Wienke writer as I was.  There are some wienkies you keep as a backup plan for future Q assignments and others you just burn. Well… it is cold outside and the fire pit needs help getting started…
The cold weather tends to reduce the pax numbers… but not in A51 Matthews area.  Thank you guys for sticking out with me this morning.  No way I could have finished it without the PAX.

Until next time.





Dropping a Burpee Snake at The Floater

14 men conquered today’s edition of the The Floater. Here’s how they did it.


  • Mosey around the block to the laundromat atop Kim Jong Hill
  • COP in cadence – SSH x20, IW x15, LSS x10, Low slow merkin x15, Shoulder tap x15
  • Hold 6 inch plank while instructions given
    • Run down KJH, stopping at every light pole for 5 jump squats
    • Meet at the end of Church Street
  • Plank-o-rama
  • Cross Providence to the sidewalk, 5 jump squats every 3rd light heading towards Bojangles
  • Mary where the sidewalk ends
  • Cross to other sidewalk and mosey to Bojangles lot
  • Burpee Snake / Conga Line
    • Run up first row of parking spaces, 1 burpee at the end
    • Go around island and back down the next row, 2 burpees at the end
    • Continue ALL the way down the (rather large) parking lot finishing with 10 burpees (55 burpees total)
  • Line up abreast facing the long way down the lot
    • 5 Bobby Hurley
    • Lunge walk to next parking line
    • 5 HR merkin
    • Bear crawl to next parking line
    • Continue this pattern all the way to the end
  • Return home the way we came but 5 merkins at every light until Church Street
  • 5 Bobby Hurleys every post on Church Street until Kim Jong Hill
  • Sprint all the way up the hill
  • Mary at the laundromat
  • Hit the short walls to kill some time (Derkins x10, Right leg step up x15, Left leg step up x15)
  • Back home for 30 seconds of Mary with Transporter, COT and take-out



As always, I appreciate the invite to come down and lead this morning. Thanks for the solid turnout on a chilly morning. We managed to warm up pretty quickly, almost too much. It was a good thing when Transporter’s hood came down, not so good when Tupperware’s shirt came off. Luckily it stopped there. Any more burpees and he might have been down to his skivvies. #PG13

Heading to Bojangles felt like a long field trip while we were doing it, but we ended up with just over 2.3 miles which isn’t too bad after all. Probably warranted another trip or two up the hill. Saw the burpee train rolling by as I pulled into the lot this morning and was sad to have missed it. The merkin snake became the burpee snake and problem was solved.

A lot of strong work thrown down by the Western UC PAX today and very little (if any) complaining even though some of those calls definitely warranted it. I was asked to make the workout tough this morning and hope it lived up to expectations. The hard work at The Floater continues the next 3 weeks with Transporter, General_, and Bottlecap mounting the throne the next 3 weeks. Better stock up on your witch hazel. (I know I’m a grown man, but it never gets old).

Great seeing a bunch of familiar faces this morning as well as plenty of new faces as WUC continues to grow. Had a great time with you guys and look forward to seeing many of you at the Christmas party tomorrow.

Don’t Stop on 6

The Intro

Cold morning at OPES as the Pax gathered for #F3Hydra after having last Thursday off for Thanksgiving. It was one of those mornings where guys sit in the cars until right up to kickoff. Yet still we waited on Gloss. After the disclaimer, off we went.

The Thang

Mosey around the back of the school to the opposite side parking lot for COP.

  • IWs x 10IC
  • Merkins x 10IC
  • LSS x 10IC
  • MCs x 10IC

Mosey across Rea to the church rock pile. Grab a rock you can handle for 25 reps. The routine was 25 reps of the called exercise with the rock, drop the rock, run around the church but stop at the corner of Edenbridge Lane and Rea for 25 merkins, keep running around the church back to where the rocks were and do called core exercise until the six arrived, then complete called core exercise x 10IC

  • Round 1 – 25 curls, run, 25 merkins, run, LBCs x 10IC
  • Round 2 – 25 squats, run, 25 merkins, run, Flutters x 10IC
  • Round 3 – 25 presses, run, 25 merkins, run, Dollies x 10IC
  • Round 4 – 25 lunges, run, 25 merkins, run, Freddie Mercuries x 10IC
  • Round 5 – 25 tricep presses, run, 25 merkins, run, Toe Tap Crunches x 10IC
  • Round 6 – 25 shoulder raises, run, 25 merkins, run, Backscratchers x 10IC
  • Round 7 – 10 reps of each exercise above, run, 25 merkins, run, Burpees x 10OYO

After round 7, we returned the rocks and moseyed back to our COP parking lot for grinders. After a few minutes of grinders, we moseyed back to launch for quick finale.

  • Merkins x 10IC
  • LBCs x 10IC

Done. COT.

The Moleskine

Joshua 6:1-4;15-16 – Now the gates of Jericho were tightly shut because the people were afraid of the Israelites. No one was allowed to go out or in. But the Lord said to Joshua, “I have given you Jericho, its king, and all its strong warriors. You and your fighting men should march around the town once a day for six days. Seven priests will walk ahead of the Ark, each carrying a ram’s horn. On the seventh day you are to march around the town seven times, with the priests blowing the horns. On the seventh day the Israelites got up at dawn and marched around the town as they had done before. But this time they went around the town seven times. The seventh time around, as the priests sounded the long blast on their horns, Joshua commanded the people, “Shout! For the Lord has given you the town!

With the cold weather this morning, the goal was keep us working and moving as much as possible. Also wanted to get some lifting in. Seems we accomplished both, with minimal complaining and refuseniking, save the usual, of both,  from Gloss and Spack. Since we were in the church parking lot, after round 6 we had a little Bible story time about Joshua and Battle of Jericho. All the pax seemed to have paid attention as kids in Sunday School, as they all knew they marched around for a seventh time before the walls came down. Don’t stop on 6.

Great group of men at Hydra, as usual. Good to be back out there. After a Puddin/Gloss exchange (which is #NSFW), Sleepy noted he’d missed that kind of humor since he hadn’t posted in a couple of weeks. Hopper, Sprockets, Ironsides and One Eye went about this workout very business-like and with great integrity on the reps #MenOfHonor. Mailman did solid work and didn’t appear to be holding back for his VQ at #F3Centurion tomorrow. While some guys grabbed rocks they could handle for 250 reps, Queen grabbed one most could handle for 2.5 reps #LunkAlarm. Pretty sure Jet Fuel had his half-zip tech pullover tucked in. Marge was basking in the glow of 12-0 and 5 in a row…he just kept repeating that for 45 minutes. BOG doesn’t do push-ups, he does earth-downs…was maxing out on the merkins. Spack did curls for every round. Iron Horse failed to post after a late night HC on Twitter.

Thanks to Marge and Queen for the opportunity to Q, in spite of my hiatus due to running.

The Announcements

Christmas party this Saturday.

Freezing on the Hump

13 PAX busted the freezing mark by running themselves warm around the Hump at Dromedary on a Wednesday morning.


  • Disclaimer
  • Mosey to the front of the HS
  • Opening COP:
    • Side Straddle Hop x 20,
    • Imperial Walkers x 20
    • Don Quixote x 20
    • Slow Mountain Climbers x 20  (focus on bringing knee all the way to elbow in a slow cadence)
    • Low Slow Squats x 20 (down for 3, up for 1)
    • Low Slow Merkins x 20 (down for 3, up for 1)
  • Mosey to the front of the Middle School.  Along the way, do some High knees, Butt kicks, Side shuffle, Carioca, and count off into groups of three.
  • Divide into the three groups.  1s and 3s stay here, 2s cut across oval to the other side.  1s will run first around the loop to reach the 2s that are halfway around the loop, 2s will do exercise once 1s start their run, 3s will rest.  When 1s arrive at 2s, the 2s start running around the loop towards the 3s, 3s start the exercise, 1s rest.  Each time your group is to do an exercise, change the exercise.  Exercises were BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jack, Squats).  The idea is run All You Got (AYG), rest for a few moments, perform an exercise, and then run.  If you run slower, you’ll have less time to rest because the timer basically starts once the first runner arrives.
  • Rinse and Repeat, but this time with Jump ups on the Benches and Hand Release Merkins on the opposite side.  We got in 3 more full rounds.
  • Mosey back to the “top” of the HS parking lot and plank for the six.  Jailbreak back to the starting point, plank for the six, and circle up for about 10 minutes of Mary.
  • 10MOM consisted of rotating through:
    • Plank position and hold form for a 10 count by a PAX.  Positions were Left Hand High / Left Leg High, RHH/RLH, Left Hand Forward / Right Ankle Up, RHF/LAU, Elbows, etc.
    • On your six for a 20 count In Cadence of various exercises including Heels to Heaven, Dolly, Box Cutters, LBCs, 6 inches
  • Time
  • COT w/ Johnny Utah taking us out

The Moleskin:

  • Not sure how may hoodies that Transporter had on.  Only one PAX was bare legged this morning – maybe because he knew we would be moving most of the time.  The final Mary circle definitely had a nice ring of steam rising from the PAX.
  • It took a minute or so to explain the 3 group rotation, and all groups seemed to get it eventually, but YHC still couldn’t figure out how BLIMPS could get translated into Carolina Dry Docks…  Some PAX pushed hard on the AYG runs – Easy Button was definitely on turbo for many of them.  And several PAX took it upon themselves to begin the exercise right away instead of resting.  Well done…or perhaps you weren’t running hard enough…
  • On the final Jailbreak, FNG Chunky Monkey (Eric J) showed off his Softball outfielder skills and battled Transporter for the lead.
  • Counting skills were shown off by Endo starting at 1 and having a looong pause on accident (unaware that he needed to keep going to 10, perhaps delirious or just a new guy), Doc McStuffins counting VERY slowly in Spanish (but he didn’t seem to know if he got to 10?), and One Star counting “1” the whole time while double counting on his fingers to make sure he actually got to 10.


  • Bring donations of clothes and toys for the Christmas Party.  Check the Slack announcements or Preblast for more details.
  • Dromedary needs a Q next week to lead the WAMRAP.
  • JRR Tolkien on Q at Cerberus this week – Viva Chicken at Waverly at 5:30.
  • Welcome to FNG Eric J (Chunky Monkey) – a Vermont native and Army vet. All he needs is a plaid flannel shirt to be a Paul Bunyan look-a-like, he was HC’d by Johnny Utah.


Numb Bells at Meathead

Temperature gauge read 27 degrees and unless you left your bell in a warm oven overnight it was going to be a nipple tingler this morning!



40 swings 10 diamond push-up

30 swings 20 wide arm push-ups
20 swings 30 military push-ups
10 swings 40 regular push-ups



20 teabags 10 upright rows
15 teabags 15 upright rows

5 teabags 15 upright rows

15 OH press and 5 curls

10 OH press and 10 curls

5 OH press and 15 curls



One handed sets:

30 sec snatch right

30 sec snatch left

30 sec high pulls right

30 sec high pulls left

30 sec alternating swings

Repeat with 25 sec rounds and repeat with 20 sec rounds




10  Louganis, 10 seated bicep curls, 10 seated tri extensions

Repeat with 9 of each and then 8 of each

30 secs Flutter press with bell

30 secs Dolly press with bell

30 sec American hammer no bell


Good crew this morning and everyone got at it quickly. Warm weather gear was quickly discarded although the fingers only got warm after a few rounds of snatches twenty minutes in. It’s tough to keep the whole body warm on a 0.0 workout but I believe mission was accomplished by the end. Witch Dr would have been proud! BD

Announcements: Christmas party this Saturday at Seaboard in Matthews. Would be great to see as many lads as possible even if stopping by for a quick beer.