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Week 5 Flash Weight Loss News Brief

Week 5 is in the books and the Top 6 continue to push the pace and create separation with remainder.  This week saw some big losses from few, many with no change or afraid to record weight, and few that added some back on.  Either way all those that record a loss this week vs. last are safe from our weekly punishment.  Everyone else who failed to weigh in or added additional weight back in preparing for the fall weather are rewarded with 250 Bobby Hurleys.


Below is overall standings as of 10/8/18

Rank Name Team Total % Lost Lbs Lost Weekly % Lost Penalty (Y/N)
1 Zinfandel Briarcrest -8.95% -22.6 -1.27% No
2 Fuse Box Briarcrest -8.03% -20.4 -0.67% No
3 Chicken Little Briarcrest -7.50% -17.2 -1.11% No
4 Dana Quellin -6.80% -17.3 -1.57% No
5 Doughboy Lawson -6.69% -18.7 0.00% Yes
6 Wedding Singer Millbridge -5.91% -16.4 -0.74% No
7 Run Flat Chimneys -3.82% -9.2 0.00% Yes
8 Damascus Wesley Oaks -3.69% -8.8 -0.43% No
9 Dancing Bear Briarcrest -3.50% -8.2 -2.63% No
10 Southern Belle Briarcrest -3.31% -6.2 -1.36% No
11 Maple syrup Lawson -3.23% -7.2 -0.73% No
12 Tupperware Lawson -2.68% -5.4 0.00% Yes
13 Shake & Bake Millbridge -2.65% -6.0 0.00% Yes
14 Foundation Lawson -2.49% -5.6 0.78% Yes
15 Jingles Millbridge -2.39% -6.0 0.49% Yes
16 Schneider Briarcrest -2.38% -5.4 -0.98% No
17 Posse Lawson -2.38% -5.4 -0.97% No
18 Breadbowl Lawson -2.07% -3.0 0.00% Yes
19 Banjo Briarcrest -1.99% -4.8 0.84% Yes
20 Eli Briarcrest -1.63% -3.3 0.50% Yes
21 Rubbermaid Lawson -1.14% -2.0 0.00% Yes

Preliminary Notes:

  • Zin continues to breakaway from pack and is looking like Secretariat determined to win.  He gained further ground on his counterpart Fuse who joins Zin in the -20 lbs club.  Good job fellas.
  • Chicken Little is out of the coup and has been sneaking in some pre-running to hold onto 3rd position.  Rumor has it that he is planning on joining Ignition next Monday to chase around some of the gazelles with hopes of dropping few more LBs.  Stay tuned as we look to confirm with our own Bottlecap as to if these rumors are true
  • Dana who was on trade block and was previously shipped to Briarcrest,but failed to report and has returned to his former squad Quellin is in 4th and had impressive week with almost a 4lb reduction
  • Doughboy is away in Cali this week and failed to register a weight. But continues to hold firm in Top 5 and leader among Lawson contingent
  • Wedding Singer has let us know that we are not going to discuss this and it’s over.  And it is time for me to get his Van Halen t-shirt out before I jinx him and this whole competition
  • Run Flat – remained flat for week and earned some Bobby Hurley’s
  • Damascus – Looks like you need to cut your left pinky toe, but appears that Asylum kept you safe this week from further punishment
  • Dancing Bear – is our weekly winner with biggest drop of the week, must have something to do with Ravens being on bye week
  • Southern Belle – Steady progress and made big leap in standing this week from #17 last week to top 10.  Continues to be sleeper pick to be in Top 5 by end
  • Maple Syrup – without aide of active particiaptoin on weekly basis holding steady to diet and seeing progress week in/out.  Side bets on who will have better ranking Maple or  his UM end of season?
  • Tupperware – sorry no estimates taken.  Continue to serve the Queso and avoid the consumption and you should be in for quality finish
  • Shake & Bake – Mr pre-run has hard time reporting weights on time, but when he does usually includes a loss
  • Foundation – Charleston with wife for weekend…Enough said.  Now has entered zone of using slim fast diet to try and avoid end of comp burpee penalty
  • Jingles – giving back some this week but focused on commencing a big loss for next week
  • Schneider – avoids penalty, and believe may have caused YHC to get few strange looks in office as I had to pull up scale pic on desktop to record weekly # as people look at screen in my cube.  Carry on people, nothing to see here
  • Posse – Ragnar rehydration plan reduced loss some, but keeps away from weekly penalty.  Good work on both fronts
  • Breadbowl – calling on Breadbowl?  have we seen him lately?  We all know Zin is currently afraid of Breadbowl reappearing at his VQ this week.  Will it be enough to shake up competition, time will tell
  • Banjo – must of fell trap to the food porn being delivered on Clydesdale channel this week.
  • Eli – Fly Eagl…oh wait must of had to over eat to deal with Vikings win yesterday
  • Rubbermaid – Return from WC not beneficial to individual results.  Good thing this was only a weight check this week and we are not using the USADA testing leading up to final weigh in


Team results

Community Total Top 4
Briarcrest 15
Other 25
Lawson 42


No surprise as Briarcrest has Top 3.  Lawson may cause Union County to lose active community designation unless further losses are found in upcoming weeks.


Asylum – 2nd Edition

2 weeks ago at Cerberus Transporter asked if I would Q his new UCo site starting up.  After I said yes he told me the bootcamp started at 5:15.  I might have changed my answer had a known that.  I enjoy that last 15 minutes of sleep!

Asylum defintion:

  1. the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee.
  2. an institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill.

I am not sure of the intent of the name, but if you came out this morning looking for safe refuge, you didn’t get it.  And to actually do this on your own free will might qualify for the 2nd definition.

The Thang:

Mosey around the building and circle up in the Pet Smart parking lot.  Seriously?  This parking lot needs zones noted on the light poles like Disney World.  How many customers does Pet Smart plan on getting?  Ambitious.

COP:  Some SSH, Low Slow Squats, and Merkins.  Hang out while a few PAX who thought it was a 5:30 start shuffle in.

Mosey back to the vehicles to unload 4 Sandbags and 4 45# plates.

Starting at the intersection for a 3 legged starfish of sorts.  Split up a bit and rotate through each leg.

Leg 1:  Hairburner down about 30 yards, curl the plate 5x, hairburner back.

Leg 2:  Shuffle down about 80 yards, 8-count body builders 5x, shuffle back

Leg 3:  Cary Sandbag 50 yards, thrusters with sandbag 5x, cary sandbag back.

Repeat, but in Round 2 10 reps of each exercise, then 15, then 20, then 25 reps for the 5th round.

Circle up for some LBC’s and freddy mercury with a few minutes left.



I am pretty sure no one finished all the way through Round 5.  It was tough and still way to muggy for October.  Everyone was gaining and I think everyone finished round 4 or got real close.

Good to see Transporter and  Smokey came away with all fingers and no concussions after a head to head collusion on the hair burners.  Certainly this would have been called targeting a defenseless player in the NFL. I am just not sure who was more defenseless.

Radar came in a bit late but made up for the time with a lot of effort in the main event.

Damascus really enjoyed the tough workout.  He may need to be put in an Asylum.

Akbar wisely informed us of his birthday tomorrow after the workout was over.  Too late for burpees but he did more than 39 8-Count Body Builders so we will give him credit.  Happy Birthday.

Good to post with the “other” Radar.  The one who actually posts, unlike the original.

Nice to workout with some of the Western Union guys that also post at Cerberus.


Lots of room at this AO for some adventure.  We only hit a small part of it but with so much open parking lot space you could hit some solid gear workouts like in the days of Olympus.



3rd F at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel tonight at 7:30.  Come for pizza, beer, fellowship and faith.


The triple what?

8 Pax rolled into Outland with a few minutes to spare not knowing they were about to clock a few miles, approx 3.5. Not knowing a single Pax and not ever posting at this AO, I wasn’t really sure on how they would respond to what I was about to hit them with and I found out real quick that I definitely threw them a change-up!  After this week of missing two posts and getting taunted heavily by my regular pax, I was determined to bring a beatdown to Outland and I did.  Sorry boys!!


Long mosey from the front of school down the main road to the back of bus lot, see link below for actual route.  Circle up!


  • SSH x 25
  • Slow/Pause Merkins on my down x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15

The Thang:

  • Triple Nickel  (Thanks Money Ball) – Start at the bottom of bus lot (downhill side) 5 Burpees, run to the top of bus lot (uphill side) 15 squats – rinse/repeat x 5

Fast Mosey to Shiloh Elementary playground.  Nearly there I called an audible and stopped for merkins so 6 could catch up.  Once to playground– Partner up!

  • Playground- P1 run lap around the track, P2 Merkins x 15, Supine pullups x 15, Mt climbers x 15 – Repeat x 2

Mosey back to bus lot at Elementary School

  • P1 inch worm towards the end of buses. P2 run to the end of buses and back, switch until both pax are at the end.  This took much longer than I thought!

Mosey about 50′ and circle up—BIG CIRCLE!!

  • One Pax called out an exercise and ran around outside of circle while all pax did the exercise.  Rinse and repeat around circle x 2 (need a name for this exercise)

Mosey back to Middle school parking lot… Pax started talking during mosey so I picked up the pace, the chatter stopped.  Once back to bus lot, where the Triple Nickel claimed its victims, I told the pax I had one more item to cover…. 4 Corners! I apologized in advance…

  • First corner – 5 squats
  • Second (up hill)  – 10 squats
  • Third – 5 Merkins
  • Fourth – 10 Merkins

Rinse and Repeat x 4 After 2 rounds I called an audible (time constraints) and I changed the loop from 4 to 3… After 3 rounds Jail Break back AO for marry and COT.


The Moleskine

The long mosey to start the day had all the pax a bit shaken but they soon settled in and completed the exercises.  Had to circle back for the six only one time. Smokey and Madison are beasts and led most of the morning, great job guys.

Workout Path–>>>




10/07 – Kinetic Heights – F3 dad event – including Nijia warrior course.  $20 per dad / $5 per kid.

11/10 –  Speed for need, Covenant Day Chruch – Need guys to push the chariots.

10/13 – Need Site Q for Outland – Contact Madison

Delta’s Injured-Q

15 Gathered at Rebel Yell for Delta’s triumphant return after he flew through the air and rolled in the gravel while moaning in pain only 9 days prior at Bag Pipe as his ankle gave out under the weight and pressure of 44 year old body.  But of course, Delta didn’t move much from one spot, but that didn’t stop him from making everyone else run.


One-legged side straddle hops, Merkins, Potatoe pickers, Mountain climbers and few other warms ups

Main event – Delta stayed in one spot excercising while makin the Pax run a lap around the parking lot. This was followed by more merkins, mary and some yoga moves.  This was teh method for another lap. Then 11’s on the hill of squats and merkins while Delta did the same without running, but added extra squats and merkins for making up for not running the hill.  Back the the circle where more mary and yoga was completed. This was followed by the BearCrawl 100’s where the modifiers did lunge walk. Then more mary and yoga followed with the final parking lot run (or another set of BearCrawl 100s depeding on the person). Then finished out with some burpees and mary to close out the morning.


There was a lot of moaning and groaning while in the multiple plank and six inch planks throughout the morning.  I did see some bellies resting on the ground, but I am confident the Rebel Yell cores were stronger the next day after this workout.


Culdesac shared his recent experience with Sumaritan’s Purse giving great praise to the organization and mentioning that our fellow Carolinians out east still have a long way to go before things get back to normal.


Busch’s Garage Circuit

Great morning with the boys as always, thanks Voodoo for the opportunity to lead!  I decided I would share my garage workout that I do on my own.  Hope everyone enjoyed it, though I know from a few comments there were some that didn’t like my 12 year old son’s pump up music.  Thanks for coming out lads!

The Workout:

SSH X 30

IW X 30

27 Merkins in Cadence

If you have multiple kettle bells, start with your lightest bell and go up with each successive circuit (Example, 40,50,60)

1st Circuit:  Perform 3 times

20 High two handed KB swings

20 two handed KB presses or 10 each arm if doing single handed presses

10 High Pulls each arm

10 Snatches each arm

10 Bent over rows each arm

10 Upright rows

20 Merkins


2nd Circuit: Repeat 3 times

20 T-Bag Squats

10 KB Lunges each leg

20 Goblet Squats

20 Merkins



Trinity/Multiples of 3

Great weather and morning for a workout with the boys.  Always an honor to lead at Joust, thanks Yeti for giving me the nod!  3rd F Mancave is always open Friday mornings at the Panera Bread in Arboretum at 6:30.

The Workout:

SSH – 30 in cadence

IW – 30 in cadence


Merkins – 27 in cadence

Run to top of stadium

Partner up

30 Dips and 30 Incline Merkins X 3

Run up to top of walkway around stairs and back

Partner 1 does pull ups until failure and continue while Partner 2 runs to top of walkway around stairs and back X 3

Partner 1 does dry docks until failure and continue while Partner 2 runs to top of walkway around stairs and back X 3

LBCs X 45

21 Merkins in cadence

Run all six flights of stadium stairs and back to the top for 30 squats with arms extended straight out to the sides  in cadence X 3

21 Merkins in cadence

Straight arm and leg LBCs X 30

Run back to start

Multiple sets of Mary and Merkins



Too hot and humid for fall

6 men made it out for a very humid morning at F3Area51.

Mosey to field with track for COP
SSH, IW, LSS, MC, Cotton Pickers, Windmills

11’s across the field
Jump Squats and Merkins

Mosey to back trail and lunge walk
Run trail x 3 with Dips, Derkins, Incline merkins at the end

Mosey to back where the stumps used to be
Grab a spot on the picnic tables.
Step ups, one legged squats, calf raises
Rinse and Repeat

People’s chair + arms raises and arm presses

Mosey to rock pile, grab a lifting rock that can be transported
Curls at center
merkins, wide arm merk, diamond, hand release, CDD at each pole

Overhead press, tricep

Starfish #2
squats at center
Jump squats, Alter lunges, heels to heaven, flutter, dolly at each pole.

There was some more on the agenda, but mumble chatter and the starfish took its times. We returned the rock and then COT.

Crane relay 10/26 –
Balrog III 11/10 – watch out for announcements

As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.


16 men for Rock Zero. A few were in the know on part of the workout as YHC posted the plan to run 3 one mile loops with a mapped pic on Twitter. Disclaimer given. McGee pulled in as we were moseying.


3 minute mosey through the parking lots of Calvary. Circle up


Merkin x 25 IC

IW x 15 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Squat x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Mosey to the top of Entrance 4 to start the loop. 4 stops.

  1. Top of Ent 4: 20 Carolina Dry Docks.
  2. Run to Hot Box: 10 Step up/10 Dip/10 Derkin
  3. Run to Ent 2 roundabout: 15 Jump Squat
  4. Run to Ent 3 thoroughfare. Stop above NF: 5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Run back to start.

Ran 1st loop together. 2nd OYO. Mary to regroup. Led by Purell. 3rd OYO AYG. Again, Mary led by Purell to finish.

YHC took over upon arrival for 2/3 and did additional Mary/Plank series.

Mosey over to another parking lot. Line up abreast at light pole

Plank Start Short Rest Pole-to-Pole Sprints

  1. Plank Jack x 10 Sprint upon completion
  2. Plank hold with 10 count Sprint at 1
  3. Repeat 2
  4. Repeat 2

Mosey over to Rock Pile. Lifting Rock

Civilian Cadence Rock Set

All exercises to 10: Curls, Tri Extension, Presses. 3 reps, no rest

Merkin x 10 IC

Bring back rock. Mosey to lot adjacent to launch lot.

Burp and Merk

Burpee 1 with 1 merkin. Burpee 2 with 2 merkin. Burpee 3 with 3 merkin. Up to 10

Finish up with Mary/Plank Set: Flutter x 25/Dolly x 20/Low Plank Jack x 15/Plank holds



2 weeks in a row for YHC at Rock Zero. Been taking Saturdays off since my knee surgery a few years ago. Nice to be back in the fold.

Always great to have my bro Slow Roll join from F3 Mountain Island area. Solid work today

Purell left 15 dudes behind on the AYG 2nd and 3rd loops and the sprints. He is fast, in case you hadn’t noticed. Solid work today

McGee is a workhorse. He was LIFO. When getting ready to leave a few minutes early, he walked away and turned back around when the Burp and Merk was called. That’s how it’s done men

Triple Liebold generations: Viking is 72 and put in a strong 60 with Boerewors, his son, and Jimmy Dean, his grandson. Awesome to have 3 generations out today. Well done men.

Hoover had the tunes going. Nice to grind it out with some music to distract from the pain cave

Gummy was limited on mumblechatter today. He did take opportunity to poke at McGee’s merkin form. Knew he couldn’t resist the triple loops. He has done these the other 2 times we ran it at Fast Twitch. BTW, last time we did it as a 6-fold challenge. Run 6 loops in the 60 minute allotment or AMRAP. 4 pax out of 20-ish finished. Rachel was out front and got 6.5. Turkey Leg, Alf, and YHC finished under 60. Hannibal was just over 60. Nowhere to hide in this loop. We ran to the bottom of Ent 3 the other times we ran it. Cut it shorter this time.

Radar did not post

Hops asked if YHC had the Q via text. Thought that is an HC. Guess not

Glad to see Ductwork and Marge, been a while men

Hammer has gotten real fast. He had a mid-workout meeting with Mr. Brown

Deep Dish put in a solid 60

Marlin and BLC were the other RESPECTS and crushed it

Enjoyed an iced coffee at Starbucks with several of our crew and a few from Ascent.

Thanks for the invite to Q Rock Zero. Always an honor to be asked to lead the good men of A51

Strong takeout prayer from Ductwork


11/10/2018: Let Them Soar 5K. Need 6 more runners. Gypsy is your contact. Race is at Kevlar/Skunkworks AO

Need Q’s for Rock Zero in November. Hit up Hoover




5K Mosey – Remote Koman

So I put out on the social media wire that we would be remotely participating in the Koman Race for a Cure series by starting with a 5K mosey….Arrived at site and found a good crew of 10 total (recent FNG DoubleStuff is not in the system yet).
I announced mosey 5K and got a few looks….. We ran a few laps around millbridge circuit and all ended up with close to the 3.1M mark – some ran further – some took a visit to Transporters office. Hats off to Popeye for encouraging his 2.0’s to give it their best effort.

Gather in circle
SSH, Merkin, cherry/potato/dugan/pickers

Knowing that our F3 Brothers would be doing their fair share of pushing the cycles…
Gather on street by 1st parking lot. Partner up with similar partner weight.
-Alternating Partner Push up the hill all the way to Kennsington Drive –
-Alternating Partner Pulls down the hill to entrance to school

Mosey to parking lot at School for Sun Dial
-Gather in cirlce: first person into the center performs a set: 1 broad jump, 5 merkins and 20 SSH
Rotate clockwise so everyone has turn in the center
-Perform second series with: broad jump/5 speed skaters/ 10 Squats
-Perform third and final series with: broad jump/3 merkins/5 mountain climbers

Mosey back to the parking lot

Some surprised looks on the Pax when I said 5K mosey to star the workout….but all rallied and finish the 3.1 trek.
Mostly a mix of Clydesdales, workhorses and a few young gun speed skaters. All in all a solid effort by everyone. We all know someone that has been affected by cancer/especially breast cancer. My mother and sister are both breast cancer survivors – I know we have a few Pax that have lost their mothers to this disease. Pray for those that are struggling with the disease and for those that have passed away. Big round of respect for our F3 Nation that was in Uptown supporting the cause.

Matching Outfits

Today I wore my knee high red socks and also happened to wear a red Adidas shirt and red shoes. I looked like I was trying out for the high school soccer team (with the likelihood of getting cut), which Hops made sure to make fun of, and deservedly so. What’s wrong with looking good and working out? Orange Theory gets to do it, yoga chicks get to do it, Pure Barre gets to do it – why do we have to be the workout junkies? Because that’s the way it’s supposed to be…I won’t make the mistake again Hops.


Thorough Mermaid approved disclaimer given and we took off.


Run around church, quick warmup, and across the street to the neighborhood hill.


1st stop – 10 merkins at the bottom, 9 at the top, 8 at the bottom, etc….it was about a mile distance to get warmed up.


Rock station – grab a partner and grab a lifting rock

Parter 1 – 10 reps of given exercise, Partner 2 – 9 reps of given exercise…down to 1 and then run

  1. Shoulder Presses (2x)
  2. Louganis’s (2x)
  3. Curls (2x)
  4. Burpees

Before Burpees we dropped the rocks and did reps of curls, shoulder presses, chest presses (2x) and tri-extensions in cadence rotating our rocks to the left twice.


Down to parking lot – plank over parking line

5 merkins, sideways crawl to next parking line, 5 plank jacks, crawl back to original spot 4 merkins, crawl back and do 4 plank jacks, all the way down to 1.

Run back to lot and we were done.




Really random group of guys came today, lots of new guys, regulars and some F3 legends as well. I love it when that happens.


Joker brought out the football at the end of the workout. This should be a regular thing at all workouts.


Night Court recently had his 3rd child, a 3rd daughter (Vivian Renee) congrats brother…and nice knowing you. Cottontail is a financial adviser and he has 13 kids so he knows what he’s doing. Befriend him now.


Racquet came out for his second workout (after being an FNG last week) – he was killing it today. I think his name will stay the same after some initial threats to change it to something….well worse.


Archie came back out. We’ve missed the sub-18 year old presence but he looks as fast as ever…and stronger too now that he plays football and doesn’t run cross country anymore


Wham-O is getting married next week. We offered to be his groomsmen and he didn’t turn down our offer.


Cage showed up to the lot 3 minutes late, he finally found us with 12 minutes to go. I would love to have a video showing him running around looking for us for 30 minutes.


Prayers for Darth Visor and his family. An Alpharetta F3 brother who passed at a workout. This is the worst thing that could happen at a workout, obviously, so let’s be prepared for it. I always carry my phone on my arm when I Q. When a minute or even seconds could mean life or death it’s something we should all consider.


Thank you Hops for taking us out.


Thanks for all who came and for agreeing to follow a bright red, douchly-dressed pretend soccer player into the gloom.


-Orange Whip