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America’s Birthday Candles

YHC promised low mileage for this morning’s post and at 6:28 AM, there was concern that this detered several pax from posting.  Luckily several joined in the last minute and we were on our way.

The Thang:

Mosey across Rea and AK to the Blakeney Shopping Center stairs near the yoga studio.

Quick COP

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Windmill X 20

Run up the stair case 13 times, perform 13 merkins at the top each time.  Total: 169 merkins

2018-1776 = 242 Burpees

23 sets of 10 burpees and 1 set of 12 burpees

A little moseying and mary to break up the burpee barrage.

Mosey back to launch.

2 min of mary.



Uncle Leo led a birthday candle bash at the Maul 5 years ago for July 4th.  American is 5 years older and 5 burpees more difficult.

The pax didn’t enjoy it.  But we’ll do 243 next year.

Why yes.. I think I will play with your hose.

It began in December:  Every couple of weeks or so Posse would send me a text or catch me at the Thursday HH asking me to take on a Q out in Western UC.  Doing the best impression of Mahammad Ali, I ducked and weaved and danced my way out of it for many months due to driving my 2.0 to school at 650 AM every morning… and then… 5 Months later, I get the question again with a:  Your 2.0 is not in school now.. No backing out now and I finally took up Posse’s invite to Q Watchtower.  A 25 min drive to post, but considering YHC drives up to 8hrs to post in other regions, there should be no excuses to not except the honor of leading the Beast of Weddington through a multi-region Gypsy Q on a fine summer morning.

Parked on the far side of the campus to drop off a few coupons and head on over to the launch site. Rounding the corner at 5:29 (with Nutter Butter in tow as we both parked on the other side of the Weddington campus and started the post with a nice F2 pace warmup.), 12 Pax were waiting as I moseyed up to the launch point.  Arriving just in time to kick this boot-camp off and make the standard announcements:  Can’t sue me, Posse, Weddington High School, or F3…  follow me if you like, but I am here to work out on my own and if you would like to join me I just ask that you modify as needed.

Let’s Mosey:


  • Low Slow Squat IC x 20(SLOWWWWWWWW)
  • 1.5 Merkin IC x 20
  • Side Straddle Hop IC x 20

Short mosey to Tennis Courts

Thang 1: (Hampton Roads VA Dora 1,2,3)

Pair up:  Pax 1 performs set exercise with Pax 2 runs to far tennis court boundary line for 2 burpees and return to swap out with Pax 1.  Continue until completion of called exercise count is completed.

  • 100 Scorpion Merkins
  • 200 Peg-leg squats
  • 300 Crab-Cakes

Mosey to the hills

Thang 2: (Birmingham AL 7 ladder)

Keeping same partner from Dora (for accountability)

Bottom of hill burpees top of the hill Bomb-Jacks

  • 1 Burpee – 6 Bomb-Jacks
  • 2 Burpees – 5 Bomb-Jacks
  • 6 Burpees – 1 Bomb-Jack (LBCs to hold for the 6)

 Mosey to the Rock pile and bus parking lot

 Thang 3: (Unionville NC fire department coupons)

All Pax members grab a rock and circle up.  Count off by 4s.  Separate out into your number group… OK… coffee not set in for most the PAX on the 1st try as many forgot to remember what number they were.

🙂  try again… 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2..

Well look at that… there are four 25 ft x 5in Firehose there as well.  Each number group to a fire hose.

1 pax drags firehose over the far speed bump and back as the remaining pax performs a called exercise with the rock.  Rotate pax dragging the fire hose until all members in the group had a turn.

Exercises:  Overhead press AMRAP followed by curls AMRAP

Return the rocks and mosey back to the launch site.

5 MoM:

  • 25 LBC
  • 20 Dollies
  • 15 Heels to Heaven
  • 10 Rosalittas
  • American Hammer until 6:15



1st and foremost I want to thank Posse for staying on me to come out and Q Watchtower.  This was my 4th post to this location over the last year (excluding the Brolympics) and every time it is a SOLID group of BEASTs that post out here.  It was truly my Honor to lead today and can only hope the members of the Western UC PAX enjoyed the beat down with 2ish miles of running mixed in.

My partner today was Frack… if you ever need a pax for a partner exercise that includes Burpees, he is your guy…that guy seriously can pump out some burpees!!!

Beware guys of WUC, rumor has it that Damascus enjoyed the firehose so much he is on an all-out hunt to find a set for you guys… I might know where he can find a few.


  • Special Wednesday July 4th Dromedary workout at holiday time of 0630.
  • SFN: 4 miler 4th of July race tomorrow (Tent will be at starting line)  Race starts at 0730 on Charlottetowne Ave Charlotte, NC

I hope to SYITG soon.


Don’t make the Q angry – especially when he’s old

7 dudes showed up for the best workout at Charlotte Latin on Tuesday am (sorry Fast Twitch) to get ready for the pool on the 4th.  Great to see Hopper even though be led the mutiny of our BRR team (and even though he heckled my form – more later).

The Thang:

Mosey over to walkway beside football field for an ark loader.    Three times up the incline walkway with 5 burpees at the top and 5 squats at the bottom:

  • Bear crawl up and run down
  • Crab walk up and run down
  • Lunge walk up and run down

Mosey over to football field for 4 corners.  Run to each corner of field and perform 10 of called exercise:

  • Round 1 – Merkins
  • Round 2 – CDD’s
  • Round 3 – Squats
  • Round 4 – Lunges (4 each leg)

Mosey up to nice (and dry) field next to Swim MAC after stopping on the bridge for 5 burpees

A few minutes of mary with Rosalita and dolly/flutter.  Partner up with partner 1 sprinting and partner 2 performing called exercise until partner 1 returns and switch

  • Round 1 – Merkins and mid-field sprint
  • Round 2 – CDD and mid-field sprint
  • Round 3 – Squats and full field sprint
  • Round 4 – Lunges and full field sprint
  • Round 5 – One legged squat and mid-field sprint
  • Round 5 – One legged squat and mid-field sprint

Up to pavilion at top of parking lot for more partner work.  Partner 1 sprints up stairs and around porta-john and back while partner 2 does peoples chair then switch

  • Round 1 – Regular peoples chair
  • Round 2 – One legged chair
  • Round 3- One legged chair

Mosey down to the bridge for some merkins

  • Round 1 – 20 extreme decline merkins
  • Round 2 – 20 incline merkins
  • Round 3 – 20 extreme decline merkins
  • Round 4 – 20 incline merkins

Back to walkway by football field for one more arc loader – bear crawl and 5 burpess

Mosey back to base for a 2 minutes of LBC’s

Naked Moleskin

We didn’t have qualified form police this am so Hopper decided to try his hand at it with critique of my merkins.   #firewood  I appreciate the love but even a professional like Champagne can’t fix my form.

Orange Whip let me think I would be the rabbit this morning but finally let his inner ego (and youth) take over and jump out front.   Stayed there most of the morning but it did help me push harder – thanks brother

I’ve asked O’Tannenbaum his name like 4 times – I’ll get it right eventually brother but I think you keep changing your make-up and hair style (yea – right) to confuse me.

Pretty sure we worked harder than Fast Twitch crew even though they were at it for 60 minutes.   Effective and efficient is my motto.

European Vacation is more important than a BB

Shoe was supposed to remember the count (and write a BB) but he skipped town for a European vacation (coach class – really?).   I think it was 8 that posted at The Fishing Hole ( actually remember 7 after 5 days) but I could be wrong.   Shoe was too busy preparing for vacation to write this BB so he turned it over to YHC.   As such, anything written in this BB may be incorrect, false, misleading or never happened (you can bet on all of those).  It for sure was easy – no way was Shoe risky injury before his flight to Germany.

We covered about 0.75 miles doing lots of imperial walkers and cotton pickers (Shoe likes those).  We also discussed Shoe’s travel plans.   One would think a man his age could afford something nicer than a hostel but I guess he’s making his boys learn to travel on a budget.

Strong work by all, especially War Daddy Boomer who is something like 67.    Chopper was just glad not to be War Daddy for once.

Do your legs hurt?

This morning was another addition of a humid southern morning with my F3 brothers at Bagpipe.  We had 18 PAX this morning for a full body beat-down.

After a quick disclaimer, we moseyed over to the parking lot by Loch Ness for some warmup:  SSH, imperial walker, windmill, mountain climbers, and merkins.

Mosey to the pond.  At the pond, we spread out for a couple rounds of Aiken Legs:  20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges, and 20 split jacks followed by a lap around the pond.  Repeat.

We then moseyed over to the grassy hill at the base of Bagpipe hill for some 7’s (maybe there is another name).  Start with 6 burpees at the bottom of the hill, run up the hill and do 1 squat.  Decrease burpees and increase squats by one after each set keeping a sum of 7 reps between the two exercises.  For extra fun with hills, we ran once up Bagpipe hill, since we were already there.

Mosey over to another parking lot for some upper body work.  Using the parking lot sections as markers, bear crawl to first section of parking spaces, do 15 merkins, run back to start.  Suicide style, bear crawl to the second section of parking spaces, 15 merkins, run back to start.  Then, one more bear crawl to the end of the parking lot, 15 merkins and run to start.

Gather up the 6 and mosey back over to Lock Ness for one last thing.  Run to the benches and do 15 dips; continue counterclockwise around the pond and do 15 derkins at the building; run to the next building and do 15 diamond merkins and head to COT.  At COT, we were joined by the 14 PAX of Swift this morning.

I was glad to have the opportunity to Q Bagpipe this morning.  Thanks to all the PAX for pushing it with me.


American 4 miler tomorrow.  Today is the last day to sign-up.

0630 July 4th workout at Dromedary in honor of Carolinian heroes from the Revolutionary War.

F3 Pokey next Monday at Elevation Church Blakeney at 0545 with a pre-run option at 0515

Timekeeper continuing a topical discussion at 0630 on Tuesdays at Einstein Bagels across from AO start.

Don’t Overthink It

The Matrix Q schedule is planned 12 months in advance, and if you’ve ever posted there, you are on the list.  I was reminded at 9:30 PM (thanks Gypsy) that I was on the list for today.  The news would normally have sent YHC into a panic, but a few cold brews at a neighbor’s cook out kept me from totally freaking out.  It was too late to get too creative, so I decided to go with a meat & potatoes boot camp that consisted of lifting heavy things & running, & then lifting some more.  I thought I had a good plan…  Then the PAX showed up.  The dudes that post at The Matrix are beasts.  When I looked around the circle of HIMs waiting for me to give the disclaimer, I instantly had second thoughts about (what I perceived as) the lack of planning.  I was just hoping to make a few of them break a sweat.

The Main Event

Disclaimer.  Mosey from the cars, down & around the lower lot, back to the cars and out into the wet grass a/k/a the soccer field for COP.

SSH x 25 IC / IW x 20 IC / Hillbillies x 20 IC / Low Slow Squats x 20 IC / Partner up

Mosey to rock pile & grab a lifting rock.  Mosey across wet grass a/k/a soccer field back to lower lot.  The mosey call with a lifting rock was obviously a crowd pleaser because several broke their silence and expressed their (lack of) appreciation.  Halt at the parking island for partner work.

P1 performs called exercise while P2 runs a lap.  Relieve partner 1.  Repeat

  • exercise 1 = lift rock above your head and walk a lap (some sort of demented CMIFC)
  • exercise 2 = overhead press
  • exercise 3 = goblet squat
  • exercise 4 = curls
  • exercise 5 = flutter press
  • exercise 6 = tricep extenstions
  • exercise 7 = walking lap holding the rock above your head

Drop the rocks & line up (with your partner) on the middle parking line facing the curb.  P1 performs called exercise to curb & back while P2 planks.  Flap jack

  • exercise 1 – lunge walk with overhead reach / regular plank
  • exercise 2 – side lunge / R arm high – switch to L arm when partner starts his return
  • exercise 3 – lunge walk with torso rotation / regular plank – switch to 6″ when partner reaches the curb
  • exercise 4 – bear crawl / reverse plank (think table top)

Return rocks to pile & mosey back to cars for 8 MOM

LBC x 20 IC / Dolly x 20 IC / Rosalita x 20 IC / American Hammer x 20 IC / WW II sit ups x 10 OYO



The PAX began showing up early and kept rolling in even after we started our mosey.  The guys are definite beasts, and many are training for the BRR or some other crazy event, so I was honored to lead them this AM.  Lots of chatter in the morning soup known as July humidity.  The constant sound of whatever nonsense comes from the likes of Alf, McGee, Prohibition, Lex Luther, Gypsy, etc. is considered some weird form of motivation.  Keep up the smack talk — it builds camaraderie.  The form on many went from bad to worse as the workout wore on.  Guys need to pay more attention to the likes of Rachel and Squid.  #strengthenyourcore  The laps around the parking lot generated some friendly competition in the form of sprints.  Christmas, Tulip, Drive By, Laronda & Tebow showed that they have a 2nd gear on the back stretch #sandbagging.  Some, like O’Tannenbaum, Ocho Cinco, Grape Juice, Smedium, Cage,  didn’t fall victim to the hype and kept digging & giving 100% the entire way.  Despite the heat & humidity, no one mailed it in today.  The guys came expecting to work, and by the looks of the PAX wringing out their shirts at the end, they got what they came for.

It is always an honor to lead, to be recognized by, and to be considered a friend by the gang at The Matrix.




American 4 Miler is Wed.  Bring shovel flags

Check social media for various convergences


TCLAPS to Squid for the solid take out

Fleetwood is Fast But He Won’t Flash

It was another soupy summer morning and 7 PAX gathered at the fountains of Blakeney Shopping Center for our 5 mile Monday run. It was 5:15 and we were about to leave until we saw the silver bullet carrying Bratwurst. With a spring in his step and no disclaimer he passed the baton to YHC to choose the course. It was time for the PJ route, so we were off.


Up Rea Rd towards Stonecrest, make a left on Williams Pond, left on Elm St, past the Morrison YMCA, left on North Community House Rd, left on Ardrey Kell and back to launch for stretching by Paper Jam.


We enjoyed a guest appearance from General this morning. He was a little confused when we told him he did not have to swing a kettle bell, do 100 pull ups or use any other gear except a broga mat.

Fraiser and Bratwurst have clearly defined a recovery run as an under 8 minute mile as they were out in front with Fleetwood, Enron and General not too far behind.

While performing the broga butterfly we discovered that Fleetwood can place his knees and thighs on the ground. Accused of being a Brogi, he was kind enough not to face the rest of us while he was showing off his flexibility.

Thank you General for taking us out.



Q of Shame

YHC dropped the ball Saturday with a no-show Q at Commitment, hence the Q of shame today.  Thankfully, Popeye stepped in as emergency Q to save me Saturday, so I had to try to make it up to the PAX today.


Warm Up

  • Quick lap around parking lot
  • SSH x 30
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • Calf stretches
  • Low Slow Squat x 15


The Thang

  • Mosey to front of Middle School
  • Station 1
    • 4 corners x 3 laps
    • Corners 1/3 = 10 burpees
    • Corners 2/4 = 20 squats
    • Faster guys circle back for 6
  • Mosey to benches
  • Station 2
    • Aiken Legs (AMRAP x 3 min)
      • 20 squats
      • 20 box jumps
      • 20 1 legged squats
      • 20 split lunges
  • Mosey to bus line
  • Station 3
    • Alternate every other bus
      • 10 jump squats
      • 10 Merkins
  • Mosey to Transporter’s Shed
  • Station 4
    • Alternate at each light post
      • 5 burpees
      • 10 squats
  • Mosey to Parking Lot
  • Station 5
    • Partner up w/ Sand Bags
    • P1 = exercise / P2 = run to end of parking lot and back
    • Team total (or until time ran out)
      • 100 curls
      • 100 clean and press
      • 100 rows


Moleskin / Announcements

  • Welcome to our 3 FNGs, who all killed it on another swampy morning
    • Matt – Granny Shot (named due to his affinity for hoops.  On a side note, this NE fan has 7 kids, so not sure when he found time for b-ball)
    • Desmond – Twinkle Toes (This ex-Marine (thank you!) was named due to his love for country dancing.  He tried to name himself, but that’s not allowed.  He did earn his name tho by smoking many of the PAX in his 1st time out)
    • Nathan – Anvil (named due to his profession as a blacksmith / horse shoe er, which is actually called a Farrier, but he somehow left that detail out)
  • We have 2 competing 4th of July parties open to all families
    • 3:00pm at Foundation’s house – BYOB and Chair
    • 6:30pm at Marvin Ridge HS
  • Dromedary is operating on holiday hours Wednesday – 06:30 at Marvin Ridge HS


We set up the Elon Park Elementary school parking lot with kettlebell stations on one side of the lot and boxing gear (gloves/pads and jump rope) on the other. Get in a station and repeat exercise until time is called. Runner is the timer.

KB stations
10 high pulls ea. side / 10 rows ea. side
10 snatch ea side / 10 American swings
10 skull crushers / 10 sit-up and press
20 alternating swings / 10 dead lift
10 thrusters / 10 cleans ea side
10 goblet squats / 10 ‘mericans
5 pull-ups / 5 chin-ups / 5 burpees

Boxing stations
Jump rope
Gloves and pads

OneNiner broke my jump rope.
Chopper fixed it.
VanDamme gave Erector some boxing lessons
Cobbler punched a 9 year old. (His son, so it’s cool.)
Frehley’s Comet battled a head cold and mostly kept quiet.
YHC and Chipolte managed to not our teeth out.

Denomination Stations- Round 2 (for me)

On another beautiful, quite humid (duh it’s summer) morning in the heart of Matthews, NC, 14 men came on down to Peak 51 for another foray into the gloom. I of course obliged:

The Thang 

Disclaimer then take off running

Depart Matthews Elementary and head Southwest on Trade St. to Matthews United Methodist Front Parking lot

Circle up

SSH IC x20

IW X 20

Mountain Climbers X 15

Depart Matthews UMC and head north (via Main and S. Freemont) to Matthews Presbyterian parking lot.

Plank O’ Rama

Partner up

Dora- three rounds

Partner 1- Suicides up the parking lot hill

Partner 2- Called Exercise (partners then flapjack- keep switching until the amount of called exercise is complete)

Round 1 100 Merkins

Round 2 150 Squats

Round 3 200 LBCs

Depart Matthews Presbyterian- but first run up the church entrance ramp and down the stairs because we can and roll Southeast to First Baptist of Matthews

In the pack parking lot:

Sprint AYG to the bottom of the hill, recovery mosey to the top (X2)

Mosey for wall sits/Air Presses

Mosey back to launch and meet up with SPARTA!!!!! for some core work

RosalitaX 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC

Freddie Mercury IC X 10

Protractor- one round around the circle



Praise- Madoff’s sister’s biopsy came back- no cancer!!

Come on out Wednesday for the July 4th 4miler- you can sign up here 


Confession time- I really, enjoy this workout. It was introduced to me a couple of years ago from the twisted genius of Booyah! who last year gave me permission to use his work…. so I took some liberties with the Fair Use act (I’m not sure that’s an actual act but sounds right) and used it again (ask forgiveness instead of permission right). I really enjoy the blend of mileage plus workout plus boot camp plus getting to get offsite and see some of the beauty of Matthews. The other Booyah staple of the workout was the working out of our minds…. and again this group did not disappoint with their theological trivia knowledge (as it ensured we did not have to pay a penalty in burpees, which was even better!).

Thanks as always Booyah- hope life is well in the Mint Hill, but make it back to Peak 51 soon ok? We miss you (well Sensei and I do at least- I can’t speak for everyone….)

Awesome to see some of the new guys have consistently kept coming back, and really are now a part of the Peak 51 family. Thanks Bernie, Madoff- and thanks Madoff for letting us know the praise regarding your sister’s biopsy! When we can celebrate moments like this as a community it makes us bettter- thanks for sharing with us.

Thumper was up front most of the day looking strong- I don’t think that kid is is on a BRR team just yet, but it’s gonna happen. The past two weeks he’s been cranking it out. Furly was aback again a 2nd week in a row, proving his return last week wasn’t aberration… and speaking of return, kind of sorta welcome back to Peak Early Bird! Well.. he showed up to launch expecting to do the Peak workout without realizing that Sparta launches from the same area a little early…. and didn’t realize he was doing Sparta until he was too tightly in Nomad’s grasp and halfway up a hill and that he had made a TERRIBLE mistake. I mean who wants to do a running workout???? (side note, I’m Qing Sparta this upcoming Thursday- you should come out!).

And welcome back Robin!! Good to have you back for the summer man- hope you can continue making it out.

This was a pretty strong group today- the only complaint I think I heard was Sardine complaining that he KNEW that Martin Luther started the Reformation. Which is technically true- however, he needed men like John Calvin and John Knox to spread Reformation into other nations after Luther was gone.

And that is one of the main points I hope you take away from this workout- we need each other. While not expressed on Thursday, I think the other big reason I like Denomination Stations is that it highlights the differences in thought and belief that there are even in a small town like Matthews. However, when we let those things keep us in conflict and prevent us from (you’re welcome Lois) ” Keeping the main thing the main thing” well then we will fall. That is the awesome thing about F3- in the COT we had guys ranging in age from 9-55, coming from all different walks of life- coming together with the one purpose of making each other better. That’s what has made F3 stick- and has had it grow from Mothership to multiple other states, and is why F3 Expansion has more and more cities asking for F3 to be planted. We need each other, and we are better as men in every capacity when we seek to better each other, when we reside in community with one another. Men from all different walks of life coming together in unity for the betterment of each other can truly change a community, and I’m grateful for the continued opportunity to come together with you guys each Thursday morning.

As always thanks Lois and Sensei for giving me the reins- Peak 51 is a staple of F3 South Charlotte, and it’s in good hands.