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Lounge Walks

I haven’t posted on a Saturday, or at Outland in a long time, but I was more than happy to join the Pax.  Funny how Madison asks me to Q, but then he never shows up.  At least EE was there.  I will admit I had to pull a map up of the AO to refresh my memory of what I wanted to do.

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot between two elementary schools for our warm up.

20 x SSH

20 x IW

Line up abreast and merkin suicides using the bus parking spots.  We went from J all the way down to A.  We skipped K which offended Horshead.  5 merkins at each parking spot for a total of 50.  Mosey over to picnic area/playground.  5 pull ups, 20 dips and run a lap around the track.  5 times.  Wall sits for some recovery with 100 air presses.

Mosey over to parking lot next to SV elem.  Lunge walk to the last handicap man (not HH) but the actual painted symbol on the pavement.  Lunge walk back.  Then we ran a few laps.  First lap do 10 merkins at each light pole.  Second lap 20 squats at each light pole.  Last lap 20 LBCs at each light pole.

Mosey back to the cars for a little abs.  10 x canopener on each leg, 20 x Rosalitas.  Time.



Great group of guys and really enjoyed leading.  Horsehead is always entertaining with his banter, and Mimi came out for his first workout.  He isn’t an FNG per se, but this was his virgin workout post.  Since he didn’t throw up or pass out he said he would be back.  Good to hear.  Thanks for the take out Hairband.


Pool party on June 8 at Lawson to raise money for Sandbox.

Memorial day convergence for WW2 veterans.

Ben Nevis – The Gift That Keeps on Giving


  • Warm-up through the Bull Ring to parking lot
  • Dynamic stretching – heels, toes, high knees, butt kicks, lunge walk, b-skips
  • Head to Ben Nevis for the following:
    • 90 seconds hard effort uphill, recover to the base
    • 45 seconds hard effort uphill, recover to the base,
    • 15 seconds max effort uphill, recover 2 minutes
    • Repeat until 5:07 (4 rounds)
  • Head home the long or the short way for COP with Bagpipe



Ben Nevis is a beast of a hill and proved just right for this morning’s repeats. The idea was to run hard uphill for long enough, with a short enough break, that we built up some nice lactic acid in the legs and had to push through and keep our form in the final 15 second sprint. Worked out well enough although we probably went a little too hard on the 90 second efforts — par for the course at Swift. Saw some competition out there on the 15 second sprints — Haggis / Bratwurst showdown; Gumbo / Bunker duel; Woodson / Thin Mint drag race (Woodson by a mile).

Pleasantly surprised seeing One Niner out at Swift in spite of his tumble down a ravine a few days prior at PMBAR. Beast. Also good seeing Fire Hazard post somewhere other than the YMCA as he comes off his injury and great having Depth Charge back in the regular schedule (except for when he Qs mile repeats which YHC mysteriously did not attend). Awesome work by Magic Attic coming back to his 2nd Swift in 2 weeks. 5 minute T-pace intervals last week followed by Nevis this week is a strong start to a Swift career.

Near anarchy when lunge walking was called during the dynamic warmups. We survived. Such is the world of Swift in a post-Bratwurst era. New things will happen, mistakes will be made (although lunge walking was definitely not a mistake — if it’s good for the glutes, it’s good for the running). My only question is who’s running the pool on how long it will take before Bratwurst throws the amateurs out of the saddle and takes the reins back.



  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:
  • F3 Dads camping trip to Julian Price Park 7/20-7/22. $40 total for 2 nights. Lots to do including hiking, canoeing, rock climbing. Frasier needs HCs by 5/27 to make reservations. Talk to Frasier or check the #f3dads Slack channel for details.
  • Great Wolf Lodge family outing the weekend of 11/9. Discounted room rates are available now. If you plan to attend, the sooner you can sign up the better as it will help MT gauge how many more rooms we need to add to our block:
  • Upcoming date night at the Whitewater Center (paddle & dine) on 7/21. Need sign-ups in the next couple of weeks so we can make reservations:!/showSignUp/20f0a4eaaaf2ba1fc1-f3sob2nd

Even Less Clever Than Fuse Box

7, make that 8, came to The Brave in spite of weather forecasts to finish their week right. 5+ miles later, they hopefully found what they were looking for. Quoting from Fuse Box’s backblast posted a few minutes ago: “In my haste to post a back blast before getting to my Saturday Honey Do’s, I failed to come up with a clever workout name.” (



  • Long, fast mosey all the way down Community House towards Johnston to the new hotel on the left
  • COP in the parking lot (Merkins, Mtn Climbers, 6-inch toe tappers, low slow squats, IW)
  • 7s on the decent sized hill in the parking lot (burpees / jump squats)
  • Run fast back up Community House stopping at every road sign on our side of the street for 10 merkins
  • Stop at entrance across from launch and head back north by the parking decks towards THE deck. Stop at every bump for 10 jump squats
  • Deck work – partner up
    • First Set
      • P1 up the stairs to 8, head down the ramps;
      • P2, head up the ramps;
      • When you meet, 10 handslap merkins;
      • Go back the way you came and meet at the bottom for 5 dumbocrats each;
      • Flapjack and repeat;
    • Second Set
      • P1 up NW stairwell to 8;
      • P2 up SE stairwell to 8;
      • Meet at the top for 10 handslaps;
      • Go back the way you came and meet at the bottom for 10 handslaps;
      • Flapjack and repeat;
  • Jail break back to launch
  • Finish your last handslappers if you missed them
  • Done



Solid crew at The Brave today, as always. You can guess who was out front with names like Purrell, Rachel and Frasier on the PAX list. You can also guess who was late with a quick glance at the PAX list (hint, he made a bathroom stop on the way). What you may not have guessed (but only if you haven’t been paying attention lately) was Paper Jam coming out to The Brave for his 2nd or maybe 3rd time in a month. The whole “Paper Jam is not a runner” thing is pretty much played out at this point (Snopes officially gave it a “False” rating), but it’s really great to see new faces such as his becoming semi-regulars at my favorite place to be on Friday. Now we just need some of our old regulars back out there (I’m looking at you General_, Ringer (is this guy allowed to cross the border?), Argo, Goonie, Market Timer, …) and even more new faces coming to see what they are missing.

Forecast called for possible thunderstorms this morning which also ended up being false. Humidity was some high number, but that’s pretty much a given this time of year. Broke my promise a little and stayed away from the deck for the first half of the workout or so. Thought it would be nice to get some miles in the fresh, moist air first. Much confusion over what a “street sign on our side of the street” was, so instructions were modified to “any sign attached to a metal pole with small holes in it that is in the grass immediately to your left.” This seemed to appease Frasier and the correct number of merkins got done. Had trouble following my own directions in the parking deck, but that’s different.

Anywhere between 4.5 and 5.5 miles today, plenty of elevation change and no man left behind. Only 6 days left until another Fun Friday at The Brave.



  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:
  • F3 Dads camping trip to Julian Price Park 7/20-7/22. $40 total for 2 nights. Lots to do including hiking, canoeing, rock climbing. Frasier needs HCs by 5/27 to make reservations. Talk to Frasier or check the #f3dads Slack channel for details.
  • Great Wolf Lodge family outing the weekend of 11/9. Discounted room rates are available now. If you plan to attend, the sooner you can sign up the better as it will help MT gauge how many more rooms we need to add to our block:
  • Upcoming date night at the Whitewater Center (paddle & dine) on 7/21. Need sign-ups in the next couple of weeks so we can make reservations:!/showSignUp/20f0a4eaaaf2ba1fc1-f3sob2nd



The No Name Workout

In my haste to post a back blast before getting to my Saturday Honey Do’s, I failed to come up with a clever workout name.  After 5 minutes of day dreaming about neighborhood pool moms staring at the computer screen, I went with the very uncreative No Name Workout.

Six pax showed up to see what exactly my guarantee was.  At the end, I think most would agree it was epic, legendary, a beat down, only tough because it was humid.  (If you haven’t noticed by now, I read Foundations recent back blast and figured out how to do a strike through… may get excessive during this back blast).


Mosey around school buses and half way up the  parking lot. Warnings, Form Threats, Disclaimer Given.

25 SSH

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Peter Parkers

10 Parker Peters

15 Potato Pickers (Through the hole is not a thing, except in the bedroom)



Mosey back towards the school warning the pax along the way that I wanted to try something new and that it would probably suck.

Circle up in the grass for Ladder Merkin down mixed with Ladder Maktar Jai (Spelling?) going up.  With a tip of the cap to Recalculating I did mention it was a version of Catalina Wine Mixer.  So…..9 Merkins & 1 Maktar Jai, 8 Merkins & 2 Maktar Jai…..   Around the 4 Maktar Jai mark, I decided that yes, this exercise did suck as bad as I thought it would.  I gave the pax the audible if they chose to take it to continue on with only Merkins.  4 Pax joined me in that modify, but 2 stayed strong and completed the true ladder.  I expected it out of Dasher because, well he’s dasher;  but I was very impressed with Mad Dog pushing through.  Good work.

Partner up and grab 1 heavy rock per team:

  • Partner 1:  Low Slow Squat with Rock.  Partner 2:  Run Bus Loop.  1 Round
  • Partner 1: Curl.  Partner 2: Up and over on the benches 20 times total.  1 Round.  (After thorough form demonstration that only Doc McStuffins would be proud of, half the pax still did the up an over’s wrong).
  • Partner 1: Press.  Partner 2: 1 legged lunch with back foot on the bench – 10 each leg.  1 Round.

Everyone: 15 Derkins.

Mosey to Railings for Supine Ladder staring at 9 and going to 1.  At 3 I added a 5 second hold at the end of 3, 2, and 1.

Lunge walk across the bridge with a jailbreak up the hill to the short wall.

20 dips, inch worm merkins to the wall, 10 donkey kicks, inch worm push ups to short wall.  2 Rounds total.  I believe Dasher was the only one to complete the two rounds (Surprise, Surprise) before YHC called an audible.

Mosey to the brick pile.

Partner 1: Curls with Elbows rested on belly.  Partner 2: Run down hill, hold fence for 10 low slow jump squats and back up the hill.  2 Rounds.  I gave modification option of taking gravel stairs to stay off the grass.  Finch and Shop Dawg laughed in the face of that modification.  At this point, I was pretty gassed and knew we had plenty of cardio coming so I modified (seems that’s becoming a trend with this workout).

Circle up as a group for brick work.  No specific count, just go until it burns, then put bricks down and continue without bricks until it burns.

  • Tricep kick back
  • 4 count front raise/side raise
  • Reverse Fly

Mosey to trees behind baseball field.  Hills – up and around the tree (Clydesdale modification was just to top of hill).  Tree 1, 3, 5, & 7 were front hill runs while tree 2, 4, and 6 were backwards hill runs.  I gave an extra disclaimer about wet grass, being careful, and modify if you feel unsafe.  When I was done I look up to see Dasher already running back up the hill.  Even with the modification, Dasher was on tree 7 as some of the Clydesdales entered tree 5 with heavy breathing.  I audibled and had everyone stop where they were and meet back at Bricks.

Burn out triceps one last time with 20 tricep kickbacks.  Bricks up and mosey to the bridge.  On the way there I warned Shop Dawg and Southern Belle that they were going to hate me for what I had planned for the final 8 minutes.  Shop Dawg said bring it, so just like the crappy cheer leading movie from the 90’s – I brought it.

Partner Pushes from the bridge to the left side parking lot.  Flap Jacking whenever the pusher gets tired.  I gave my partner Mad Dog the good news that I in fact did remember to brush my teeth this morning since we were going to be in such close quarters.  Unfortunately for me, he failed to do the same.  Mad Dog and I mary’ed with heels to heaven waiting on the 6.  Based on the remaining 4 walking in, I assume that was a beat down of an exercise.

Partner Pull from bottom of parking lot to the cars (at least that was my intention) flap jacking when the puller gets tired.  At the top of the parking lot, most of the pax were spent so I audibled (once again).

Walked for 10 seconds to catch our breaths then did a jail break to the crosswalk to end the class.  Dasher jumped out to an early lead, but apparently he never read the tortoise and the hare book as a kid because in a surprising upset, Shop Dawg brought home the gold.  We may have to incorporate some horse racing odds next time because Shop Dawg could have earned some big money on that win.


A great group of guys came out today.  A smaller group than usual, but quality over quantity today (those that usually come please don’t get offended, that’s a joke).

Very little mumble chatter today to spice up the back blast.  Dasher tried his best to add some lively discussion.  I realized today that all the good talkers are gazels.  Bottle Cap, Money Ball, and Goodfella just to name a few.  I’m beginning to think its not a personality thing (introvert vs extrovert), or an intelligence thing (as obvious with Money Ball going to Tennessee – I’m kidding of course), but I think its a Clydesdale vs Gazel thing.  I think us Clydesdale’s are so winded, that we physically can’t speak or think of anything funny to say.  I will continue to observe this new theory from the back of the pack and try my best to step up my mumble chatter game.

The towel made its appearance again this week.  Actually, I got tired of Recalculating asking about when it was making its return so I decided to bring him out of winter retirement.  I’m beginning to wonder if they (Recalc and my towel) have some weird side relationship that I don’t know about.  Either way, I asked the wife to use bleach when cleaning the towels.

Good work from Southern Belle.  He’s coming along nicely and improving with each post.  Thanks to those that continue to push the new guys and encourage them to keep coming out.

Shop Dawg put in some good work today.  Please take this as a compliment when I say this, but I hope in 20 years I can still post to F3 and keep up as well as you do.  I was shocked as you came flying past me during the final jail break.  Loved that you beat Dasher.

Finch was getting very close to having his Clydesdale card pulled the last couple of workouts.  He was approaching back of the gazel pack territory.  Good work lately Finch.

I thought Southern Belle and I were going to be the first ones there this morning.  As I round the corner into the school I see Mad Dog planting the flag in the ground.  Dude worked his butt off today.  Pushed through the full set of Maktar Jai’s even after I gave a chance for modification.  He even posted while on vacation – impressive.  Glad to have you as a site Q on Saturdays.  You and Popeye make a good team.

In case no one knew, Dasher is fast.  I tried my best to handicap him today, but to no avail.  He also pushed through the full set of Maktar’s.  Good work.



Third F opportunities:

Sunday 7:00 5 Stones Office building.  Studying the book of John.

Monday evenings @ 7:30 Brooklyn Pizza.  New book starting this week.  Come to get a copy of the book and drink beer with Shop Dawg.

Sandbox Fundraiser Pool Party June 8th @ Lawson Pool.  $40 per family.  Pizza and Beer provided.


Be more

Just sliding this one in the last minute but it needs to be written as some things matter more than a workout

Background: Two weeks ago, I went with my church’s youth group, and my oldest daughter, on a mission trip to Asheville to serve with YWAM (Youth With a Mission). We ministered to the Travelers and Homeless in Asheville. One of my convictions is I knew more names of homeless in Asheville than Monroe. That is not loving my community well. Careful what you are convicted on….

4 for a 5 miler around uptown Monroe that included seeing an armadillo. Didn’t know those were a thing in NC much less near uptown Monroe but apparently their range have been spreading north. Weird stuff

The Thang:
Hoffa, slowly, pulls up on his little bike. Come on Hoffa!!! Guess I should just be happy he hasn’t cussed me out yet so let’s go.
Mosey to the courtyard

SSH IC x25
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10
Mountain Climbers IC x20
Low, Slow Squats IC x20

Mosey to the new parking lot.

Starfish points:
1) Run to the playground and 10 donkey kicks on the swings
2) Run to the tables and 10 step ups each leg (20 total)
3) Run to the main parking lot and do 5 burpees (burpees are half off today)
4) Run to the rails for Tonawandas (Rail Slide w/ Merkins)
5) Backwards run up the hill and do 10 bombjacks at the top

After each point, come back to the new parking lot and do 10 jump squats

We each went to #1 first, back to the lot and then all four of us went to #2 where there was a homeless guy sitting on one of the tables. Well, I gave my conviction above and we finished #2 but instead of running back, we took a moment to talk to the homeless man named Benjamin and to get his story. Then we asked if we could pray for him and what we needed to pray about which he said pray that the system will remember him basically. So, right there in the middle of the workout, we prayed for Benjamin. Then we took off again to finish the starfish.

Round 1 done.

Round 2, we double everything.

This time at point #2, it had hit me that the least I could do was to invite Benjamin to Juds with us afterwards so I did and he accepted. Told him to hang around till 8 and he could go with us.

We finished Round2.

Mosey back to the playground for some extra work.
Supine Pullups using the swings x10
Donkey Kicks using swings x10
Decline Merkins w/ feet in swings x10

Repeat for 15
Repeat for 20

At the new parking lot, lunge walk across. When across, backwards lunge walk back.

Mosey over to the hill for 7s.
Backwards run up and lbcs at top. Run back down the hill and on your back, do knees up to chest. Combine for 7.

Mosey to the rail
Tonawanda Rail Merkins x3 full rounds.

Got like a minute before planned Mary so sprint up the hill to the flagpole and then back down on the other side.

Mosey to the courtyard.

Rosalita IC (en espanol) x25
Backscratchers IC x20
Feet 6 inches high and hold arms out in front of you until the time hits 8. About 30 seconds worth I believe but the groans of not knowing how long we would be like that were awesome.


Grab Benjamin and off to Juds we go.

What are we? Are we just a group of guys working out? Are we anything more? What are we here for? Is it for us? Is it for something greater? If we are honest, these questions haunt us. Most of us are Christians and so we think we have these mostly figured out but then we are bothered in those quiet moments when we reflect on how we are living out our Christian lives. Jesus hung out with the outcast yet we avoid them. And we all think that’s not us and it’s those other Christians not doing their job but we know the truth whether we admit it or not. It’s also us. It’s also me. Jesus loved the least of these and I tend to avoid the least of these as much as possible. It was my conviction and here’s the blunt truth, we had seen Benjamin in the park before. We, no I, had avoided him mostly. Does anyone think Jesus would have avoided him?

Here are some Benjamin facts: He is homeless. He was very appreciative we invited him to eat with us at Juds. He used to work. A car accident left him with a severe back injury and if you’ll watch, you’ll see his hands jerk some which is due to nerve damage. He doesn’t like pork product so he avoided bacon and sausage at Juds. He laughed at how angry Hoffa is. He has 11 brothers and sisters. He has one book bag of clothes and a sleeping bag. He was recently robbed of some items while at the homeless shelter and is rightly upset that people would steal from him.

I’ll give one more fact: He is loved by Jesus. He should be loved by us and not avoided. We can’t solve all his issues. But, I did invite him to breakfast every week with us. He has an open invite at 8 AM to meet us at the park and go to Juds and we can make sure he gets at least one good meal that day. Isn’t that the least we can do?

I pray we get to know Benjamin more and we can learn how to serve him even better. We can’t just ignore and overlook the Benjamins of the world. Not when a Savior died for him on a cross just like us.

Rain Rain Stay Away From Cerberus

It was a dark and stormy morning…  Actually, the storms thankfully stayed away and we were just left with a swampy day in South Charlotte.  15 PAX showed up with no clue who was on Q or what to expect since @Transporter decided to crush FNG day the week prior with parking garage hair burners (really???).  Imagine the look of disappointment when they realized there was a South Charlotte Clydesdale leading them this morning as opposed to the usual six pack crew.


The Warmup

  • Circle Up / Give disclaimer
  • Quick mosey around the parking lot
  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • Merkins x 10
  • Potato Pickers X 10

The Thang

  • Station 1 – Parking lot merkin suicides
    • Run from start to 1st island – 1 merkin
    • Run back to start – 2 merkins
    • Run from start to 2nd island – 3 merkins
    • Run back to start – 4 merkins
    • …..
    • Run from start to 6th island – 11 merkins
    • Run back to start – 12 merkins
    • Marry for 6
  • Station 2 – Partner work
    • Mosey to green belt
    • Team total = 200 box jumps + 200 dips
    • P1 = exercise
    • P2 = run around the circle
    • Marry for 6
  • Station 3 – Parking garage fun
    • Mosey to the parking garage
    • Ascent to top deck = 5 burpees at the beginning and end of each ramp
    • Descent to ground floor =  5 merkins at top of each ramp / 10 squats at the bottom of each ramp w/ a return to the top of that ramp before descending to the next one
  • Station 4 – 4 corners
    • Mosey to Desano’s Pizza / lap around building
    • Corner 1 = 10 merkins
    • Corner 2 = 20 LBCs
    • Corner 3 = 10 merkins
    • Corner 4 = 20 LBCs
    • Total of 2 laps
  • Mosey back to the start
  • Complete


  • 3rd F Sanctuary – Monday’s 7:30pm at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel – Will begin a book studying the Proverbs
  • 2nd F Pool Party – Lawson pool (6/8/18, 8:00pm) – Cost = $40/family which covers life guards, pizza, and beer as well as contributing to the Sandbox fund which is an account to be used for F3 service opportunities without having to ask for donations each time.


  • I truly enjoyed being on Q today and catching up with some guys I had not seen in a while (Brat, Wild Turkey, Madison, Das Boot, Bunker, Mighty Might) as well as posting for the 1st time with others (Astro, Billy Goat, Laronda, No Regerts, Uncle Leo, Zeek Face – who left early and almost cause a throw down as YHC mistook Billy Goat calling his name out in COT for a new nickname I was getting 🙂 )
  • Dirty Bird & Shop – We see each other all the time, but it’s still good to post with you
  • The group crushed it today.  This was supposed to be a lite day for YHC due to tomorrow’s Savage Race, and me being too Clydesdale-ish to post the day before such an event, but @Transporter suckered me into Qing on this fine morning about a month before, so here we were.
  • For those who can do coffee-teria in the future, it’s well worth the time to get to know your F3 brothers a little more.  Thanks to Shop for sponsoring this morning!

15 seconds with rusty balls goes way too quick

You’re probably reading this by accident. You must have been lost or bored on the internet. You were scrolling the site and title grabbed your interest. Now that you here, you might as well stay and read about the high jinks we got into.

Wow where did the humidity come from? It must have been 917% humidity. It’s the kind of day you sweat before you even start to workout. Well at least I’m the only crazy one. 8 other gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) joined YHC in the muggy gloom. If you were there, you know the fun we had and left a better man. If you weren’t, you can read about it and regret not going. The only workout you regret is the one you don’t do.


  • Mosey around the parking lot. Hairband came in hot at 5:32. Conveniently missing the mosey.
  • Side straddle hops IC x 20
  • Empirical walkers IC x 15. That’s not a typo. That’s what I called. Blame it on too much F3 happy hour last night. Even though I butchered the name, the PAX knew what was meant and jumped right in
  • Mountain climbers IC x 20
  • Arm circles OYO x 10 each direction

Enough warmup. If you’re not warmed up between the temperature and humidity, you’ll warm up as the workout progresses.

The beatdown

When I come up with workouts, I try to think outside the box and do stuff that isn’t done on a regular basis. I haven’t been to a Tabata style workout so I thought it would be a good idea to create one. Turns out it was a terrible idea. For those of you who don’t know Tabata is a Japanese word that loosely translates to “holy crap this sucks”. It is named after a Japanese speed skating coach who found that high intensity training increased the athletes aerobic and anaerobic systems. Now when that comes up on Jeopardy, you’ll be able to answer it. In a nutshell, it is a period of exercise followed by a period of rest. Each exercise was 8 rounds. 30 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest.

  1. Kettlebell swings
  2. Kettlebell bob & weave
  3. Lawnmowers (switch arms each round)
  4. Kettlebell double lunges (front lunge to a reverse lunge, switching legs each round)
  5. Curls
  6. Calf raises with kettlebell

Mary – whoops. I look down at the trusty timepiece and it is 6:15. No time for Mary.


BIG shout out to Snookie. He is our 62 (not a typo) year old PAX. In November, he was injured in a motorcycle accident when he crashed trying to jump 5 school buses. Today was the second or third time he has been able to get a shoe on. He may have been on the disabled list for 6 months, but he certainly picked up where left off. I hope I’m half the bad ass he is when get to that age. Great job and welcome back Snookie.

Hoffa was actually pleasant today. There may have even been a smile a couple of times. He might have been in a better mood since his bromance wasn’t there. This also means that our ears didn’t get quite the workout that they normally do. I don’t think anybody is upset at that fact.

We were talking about the new Panthers’ owner and how he was able to pay 2.2 BILLION in cash. Somebody said he should deliver the money in pennies. (I had to check the spelling of that last word a couple of times. I can’t afford that misspelling). Jabberwocky mentioned that Rusty WALLACE had received a fine and paid in pennies (again with the spell check). The thing is, none of the PAX heard WALLACE. It sounded like Rusty Balls. I didn’t know who he was talking about since I misheard. For a good 30 seconds, I thought Rusty Balls was an F3 name. Who knows it may end up being one.

Cyrpto is relatively new. I can definitely see improvement in strength and stamina. Keep up the great work. The workouts don’t get easier, you just get stronger.

It was good to see Bullwinkle in the gloom with his shiny new kettlebells. Yes Bullwinkle comes prepared. He now has 2 bells (again checking to make sure I used the right word). He’s like a human Shazam. Any song that came on during the workout he was able to identify. My M and I have an inside joke, that if we didn’t have so much useless crap (movie quotes, song lyrics, random information) in our heads that we could have devoted our brains to some more important. We could have cured cancer, if Forrest Gump quotes weren’t taking up so much space up there.

Hairband was swinging some serious weight. I’m sure he’s going to feel this workout. Good job. Thanks for taking us out this morning.

Another solid performance from Woody. He doesn’t talk much during the workouts, but he does it usually to drop “this is a bucket of suck”. If you’re not right next to him, it does NOT sound like bucket. I also like in the name-o-rama when he says his hospital name it sounds like temperamental.

A quiet but steady performance from Bernanke.

I know this was going to be a tough workout when I was making it. It was quite a bit tougher than expected. 15 seconds seems to fly by when you’re resting, but 30 seconds during an exercise feels much longer. Everybody did a great job and it was my pleasure to lead this morning.


  • Pray for the victims in the school bus crash in New Jersey
  • Pray for Snookie’s friend, Steve who has a rough case of the shingles.
  • Poptart on Q at Outland tomorrow
  • Conviction is moving to Shiloh Elementary on 5/30 @ 0530. It will no longer be a “moderate” bootcamp after the move.
  • If you’re reading this sign up to Q a workout.


Buckets, Rocks, Tires, Twerking?

YHC hears alarm go off this morning and then hears a whisper in ear receives a text that clown car partner Deflated is fartsacking today.  This is ok as it gave me extra time to do a quick scout of the area that Hooch brought us by during OT on his last Q that has some tires available to use and quickly update the weinke for today.

So with plan in place it is 5:30 and we have 16 Pax ready to go at Impromptu.  Quick mosey around parking lot in search of Jingles, Posse, or other pax that may come in on 2 wheels but seems all that will be in attendance are on time today.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Through the Tunnel
  • Merkins


Grab a 5 gallon bucket with your partner and begin mosey to rock pile.  Each person grab 1 rock and insert into your bucket.  Down concrete path alternating at each light carry bucket overhead and complete 10 merkins.  Finish at the shed.  Complete some Mary while waiting for the 6.

With your partner grab some wall for people’s chair.  P1 remove a rock from the bucket and complete 20 x Overhead Presses.  P2 hold the bucket with single rock in at eye level.  Flapjack and complete 3 rounds each.

Mosey while alternating carrying the bucket down to football practice field.  Put buckets down and team up into group of 4’s.    3 groups find a tire and 4th group each person grab two buckets

Round 1: Groups on tires do partner tire flips back and forth.  Group with buckets go to end of concrete path with bucket carries and back.  Rotate through until each has chance to complete bucket carry.

Round 2: First group on tire do toe taps, 2nd group do box jumps, 3rd group do tire flips, 4th group bucket carry.  Rotate through until each has chance to complete bucket carry

Regroup with your partner and bucket of rocks and mosey back to parking lot.  At top of parking lot remove 1 rock from bucket.  P1 do squats while holding fence.  P2 use rock and complete 20 halos while wathcing partner twerk.  Flapjack and complete 3 rounds.

Mosey back with bucket of rocks.  Shed a single rock at rock pile by shed, and make a few stops along the way to gather the six.  Return final rock to pile and head back to COT.


  • Great work by group, provided something different and did not include potential for ticks/poison ivy from the logs in the woods
  • Early chatter from Fuse Box this morning related to method of which I received notification of fartsack from Deflated
  • Moneyball quickly looking for clarification on proper bucket overhead carry form.
  • Bottlecap not comfortable with watching partner twerks/squats and quickly decided to about face and look to parking lot
  • Halfback had flashes back to his brief stint at Crossfit with tire routine today.  Believe he even mentioned WOD.  Will be sure to send him monthly invoice of $199 for attending this Q
  • Believe Rockwell was doing tire flips with 1 arm today.
  • Based on story below appears we should be leaving the rocks on site


  • 3rd F Opportunity this Sunday 7:00 am at Five Stones Office, reading book of John.  Discussion this week is on chapter 12
  • F3 fundraiser for Sandbox on Friday June 8th from 8:00 – 10:00 pm at Lawson Pool.  $40/family includes pizza/beer
  • Remember to continue to reach out to Pax both in attendance and not, check in with them see how they are doing.  This is big part of the brotherhood we share and it goes along way.
  • Flash on Memorial Day will be at 6:30 with Popeye on Q, if you have not attended in the past this is by far one of the greatest Q’s of the year and offers great ability to remember those who gave their lives for us in the line of duty.
  • Commitment this Saturday being led by Fusebox – sure to be a clydesdale and 2.0 friendly workout “guarantees it”



Modified Beast with Pavers – The Beast WON

18 PAX joined YHC even though many had correctly guessed that we would carry some extra weight this am.  The heckling started exactly 6 days, 23 hours, and 15 minutes ago as Purple Haze noted last week how easy this week would be #firewood.   Then my own brother (pretty sure he was adopted from a pigmy tribe in the south Pacific) jumps on the pile right before we start this morning with a snarky comment about an easy workout.    They might think otherwise next time (and I should learn to ignore their taunts but not likely that will happen).

The Thang:

Grab two pavers and head out of the lot.  The Q promptly trips on the barrier next to the bus and smashes both pavers (saved me – now Beaver and I are the only two to trip on that damn thing).  Runstopper takes the PAX for some warm-up while YHC circles back to grab two more pavers.   No real damage #stuntman

COP – Warm up with SSH led by RS, and then merkins, mountain climbers, parker peters and man maker merkins.

Mosey to parking deck for the main event – Modified Beast.   Six trips up the parking deck (long ramp up to 3, down to other end of 3, half ramp up to 4, and stairs back to start) with 6 reps of called exercise at 6 stops (half ramp at 2, top of ramp at 3, end of level 3, top of 4, and back at bottom of deck.

  1. Squats
  2. Merkins
  3. Push presses
  4. Knee ups (these sucked as well with the pavers)
  5. Lunges
  6. Hand release burpees (that round hurt YHC)

Mosey down to parking lot at end of football field for a few minutes of Mary – shortened since the Q can’t remember the difference between a dolly and flutters.      We did dollies/flutters, flutters/dolly, rosalita and that was it (Q was smoked at this point and things were getty hazy).

Mosey over to parking lot in front of swimming pool.    20 push presses than bear crawl up the lot and run backwards back to bricks.   20 more push presses, bear crawl up and backward run down, 20 push presses and backward bear crawl up and backward run back.   Push presses and curls for 1 minute and then head back to the starting point for COT.


Well that sucked.  I completely smoked myself so I hope a few of you got your money’s worth.    You can tell the boss it’s Chelms fault if you have to take a nap this afternoon.   The pavers do it every time – carrying them for 45 minutes is aweful.   Add the Beast, burpee finish and Purple Haze’s call for the backward bear crawl up the parking lot cummulatively made it really suck.  I often confuse dollies and flutters and this morning was epic since I got them backward sequentially.   I was deep in the pain cave at that point and not thinking clearly at all.

Everyone pushed hard and the gap between rabbits and six was much less than I expected.  The pavers tend to even things out a bit.   I have a camera up to “protect” the pavers so don’t get any ideas about taking them out.     We only use a few times per year and those times are “special”.  Mermaid and Haze especially like the pavers.

Flutie parks his rental in the middle of the lot – I guess that’s how he does it now that he is living up north so he doesn’t get snowed in by the plows.   Please remember it only snows once per year in Charlotte and NEVER in May.  Next time someone parks a car in the middle of the lot we will flip it a few times to work the shoulders.



Memorial Day convergence on Saturday at Calvary and Patriot 5k at South Park Mall on Memorial day.

Please pray for Utah’s dad, who is in critical but stable condition at CMC.

Great take out by Hops – he’s starting to really get the hang of this praying thing (only took a year since he started his ministry).




Royal Wedding

A dozen men ended the week with a solid workout.

Warm up jog to campus down the back road across the street to the parking lot area near the retention pond near Fullwood Lane

Standard warm up, but out of order… Merkins, Imperial Walker, Side Straddle Hop, Flutter, Dolly

Mosey to the back road

Run to every other light post… 10 merkins… to the end of street

Rinse and repeat

Backpedal to every other light post… 15 squats

Mosey to the benches… merkins / dips / derkins combo… three sets

Mosey to the closest building… wall sits with some arm raises… three sets

Most to the lower parking lot across the street from the middle schools for some team racing

Partner 1 runs the big loop with partner 2 does merkins / squats / LBCs… flap jack

For round two, mixed in some backpedal as part of the loop

Mosey back to our start/finish



As you might expect, Bulldog is a big royal wedding fan.  Which, I googled it, is scheduled for Saturday morning from 7-9AM EST… so, don’t expect to see Bulldog at a Saturday working… he will be drinking tea [or a pint] and enjoying the show.

I tried to give our exercises royal family names this morning… but I ran out pretty quickly once I got beyond Prince Harry.

Random observations from today… Pop Tart has serious hair envy for Spicoli’s long locks.  I’m sure it reminded Pop Tart of a young [much younger] Pop Tart, during the heavy metal [or John Tesh] days of his youth.  Speaking of Spicoli, his hair was a real challenge during the backpedal and drekins… time for man bun my friend.  Don’t worry, none of the older guys will give you a hard time about it [?].  Always great to see Cotton Tail… a regular at Kevlar [and the old days at Skunk Works]… and, as expected, he delivered an exceptionally strong prayer at the end… preach it man!  By the way, did anyone notice Bulldog was wearing a long-sleeve shirt? As usual, I couldn’t quite keep up with Rhapsody… it must be his black shoes. I thought Cage was trying to break into one of the school buildings, but I was reminded he works at Covenant Day… still, with this black hat, he looked like a cat burglar.  Night Court was on hand, and was close to making a citizen’s arrest.  Harley came to grind things out… he’s always game for anything… running, lifting, pushing, pulling… he’s all good… never complains.  Which brings me back to Bulldog… he tried to play a Jedi mind trick on me this morning, and I swear it almost worked… real subtle stuff like, “we should probably move on now… we should probably move in now… you don’t want to do that… you don’t want to do that”…. it was hypnotic for me… until someone pulled me out of the trance.  After all, Alex Guiness [aka Obi-Wan] was a Brit after all.  Always good to see and hear Horse Head.  Every workout should be required to have a Horse Head.  Tackling Dummy is a big dude.  Next time we do flag football, he’s my first pick… I’ll be Brady and he can be Gronk.  Fault Line and Orange Whip have a good thing going at Kevlar.  Great site and great group of guys.  I’m sure Bulldog would have like more merkins today… he loves his guns.  And Pop Tart’s Garmin was working backwards today… the more we ran the lower his mileage total.