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Mumble Chatter Mayhem

I guess the old saying is true (is it really that old?) “You get what you ask for”.  On my last back blast I commented on how the mumble chatter was down that day.  Whether the guys today came out guns blazing intentionally to show me up from my last back blast or not is a mystery.  My guess is, I just gave them plenty of ammo to talk.


Warm Up: 

Mosey to lower bus parking lot.  Asked the pax to partner up and start comparing interest to come up with a team name.  I also asked them to be creative- for example, if you both like bourbon, don’t be team bourbon.  Go with something creative like team neat.  Apparently that was all Bottle Cap and Money Ball needed to start the talking.

20 Side Straddle Hops

12 Mountain Climbers

12 Peter Parkers

12 Parker Peters

20 T Merkins

12 Potato Pickers

The Thang

I asked 6 guys to grab rocks (confusion starts right about here) and asked the remaining pax to do burpees until they returned.

Station Work:

  • Curl Press
  • Bench Up and Over (Gave plenty of demonstration on this one – again.  I believe Pax are now intentionally doing it wrong to attempt to get me going.  I remained calm.)
  • Dips
  • In & Outs
  • Derkins
  • Run Bus Loop – also will be our timer

A quote from Bottle Cap a few months ago “I can’t wait to read the backblast so I can see what I was supposed to do”.  So here is what the plan was supposed to be.  After a Q audible and pax that don’t follow directions well, it turned into something else.   The change out of stations was supposed to happen progressively (like the waterfall drinking game if you will – or don’t will; I don’t care).  Starting with the runners you tag out the next group who then tags the next group and so on.  Initially I had though that you would yell your team name as you tagged a team.  However, upon review of the pax ability to follow directions (or some would say the Q’s ability to succinctly provide directions in an understandable fashion) I decided to nix the team names.  So, how could this tagging out go wrong you might ask yourself.  Seams easy enough right?  Well………upon starting the exercise, three pax took off running.  If you are following along…it should have only been 2 pax (1 team) that ran.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…lets regroup and explain again.  Everyone got it? Ok, good lets get started.  Wait, Dirty Bird – who is your partner…..”

And off went Dough Boy halfway around the bus lot (good speed by the way).   As the first set of runners came in, people started switching before being tagged, others got way into the tagging part of the workout (Damascus and Bottle Cap).  Almost to the point that I worry they troll elementary school play grounds just looking for a good game of tag to jump into.  Towards the end Bottle Cap and Money ball just took off anytime the runners came back saying the heck with the progressive tagging part (which by the way cut down on our work at the end since they were the last run team.  Some may be mad that they lost that extra work…I, however, graciously thank you.)

After 2 rounds of station work we moseyed to the railings for supine ladders.  10, 9, 8…..   At 3, 2, and 1 we held for 5 seconds to get an extra burn in.

Partner Push back to the rocks. Shake N Bake was aggressive out of the gates and ran me up Dough boys (I think) leg.  Sorry Dough Boy.  A less compassionate person would say get off the tracks when the train’s coming through…but not me.

As we returned to the rocks I asked those without rocks I asked to grab one.  Those with rocks – burpees until the 6 is in.  I return to find my partner – Shake N Bake with no rock.  Then I find those with rocks standing around.  Since most here are transplants, maybe its my native southern twang they can’t understand?

Rock work:

  • 21’s that once again turned into 30’s, though the Q improperly explained and at 7 said we are going to 7 (should have said 10) instead of 7 which left everyone udderly confused.  Money Ball made sure to call me out on it.
  • Press Ladder with a hold.  Changing rocks every couple counts – though once again I was accused by Money Ball of changing to the right because the rocks were smaller (He really stepped up his mumble chatter game towards the end).
  • Low Slow Squat ladder (though Shake N Bake questioned the slow part).  Shake N Bake also tried to throw a 4 count in there on me.  I was close to obliging….but I was gassed so we kept going single count to finish it up.

Mosey to the front of the school, Burpees while we wait on the 6.  Bottle Cap was first there but acted like the 6 was already in so he didn’t have to do burpees.  1 minute left so a jail break back to the cars.


Mole Skin: 

Judging by the amount of sweat dripping and being rung out of gloves and shirts, it was a good workout.  Even despite the inability of the pax to follow directions of the Q to properly describe the exercise rotations.

Loafer brought out an FNG (Slap Stick) who worked hard today for his first time there.  He is trying to make the Liberty Hockey Team having just completed Lacrosse season at Arkansas.

Shake N Bake worked hard as usual.  He talks to himself and attempts to motivate by calling himself fat boy.  I love it.  I thought about joking with him during the workout, but figured I would leave it for the back blast (or maybe I was too gassed to talk).

The usual suspects turned out some extra mumble chatter today.  Damascus really stepped up his trash talk game today.  I was impressed.  Bottle Cap started strong, but Money Ball gave it hard the last third of the class (That’s what she said?)

Dirty Bird continues to post and put forth a strong effort.  He gets a break for following the rotation as explained, but lets be honest….neither you or Dough Boy understood it….Dough boy was just the unlucky one who ran first.

Chipolte had a good showing today.  I believe one of the few that understood what I was going for.  I though Shake N Bake were on that same wave level too until I saw him rockless.

Mad Dog intentionally flubbed the up and overs and looked over at me with a sheepish grin only a mother could love.  I said my “Woosah’s” (spelling?), took 2 deep breaths, and returned the smile.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the workout despite my Q’ing inability.  Good group today.  Lots of great commentary.  Good work.



Sandbox Pool Party at Lawson Pool.  June 8th.  8:00-10:00.  Beer and Pizza provided.  $40 per family.  Sign up via sign up genus posted on slack and groupme.

The Marshmallow Test

In the late 60’s / early 70’s, a group of Stanford professors began studying delayed gratification in children by using this marshmallow test. In these studies, a child was offered a choice between one small reward provided immediately, or two small rewards if they waited for approximately 15 minutes, during which time the tester left the room and then returned.  In follow-up studies years, even decades, later, the researchers found that children who were able to wait longer for the double reward tended to have better life outcomes, as measured by SAT scores, educational attainment, body mass index , and other life measures.

I like tests. I wanted to see if I could replicate this test in a workout.

The last several workouts I’ve Q’ed, I saw a strange look in Pax’ eyes. Finally, BottleCap just opened up and said, “Eh, I was expecting some music, too.” Hmm. I thought I had outgrown that phase. Thought it was too childish for F3. OK, I’ll see what I can do.

Disclaimery before Tomfoolery
“Marshmallow World” Dean Martin
THE Grease Monkey shows early. As the saying goes, the early Monkey gets the Respect shirt. An outstanding man, who I wish could/would post more than once a week. F3 would be better with more Grease. He’s so excited with the shirt, he swaps right there. Looks good on him.

As I try not to watch another man undress, a third guy walks up. “Is this the place for the F3?” I smell an FNG!  Gabe was told about F3 from a friend in Raleigh. He doesn’t know the dude’s F3 name. Just found us on the site and came (T-claps to Wingman for keeping the electrons in line). I try to give a pre-disclaimer, “Listen, I’m leading the workout today. This is…different…from most other workouts. Don’t judge whether to come back by what you see today.”  Seems unfazed by this warning.

Song’s over but it’s only 0528. That’s because there’s a disclaimer PLUS the test structure. Those wishing to sue me, the school, or F3 were directed to watch Petey the Don’t Sue People Panda video before taking legal action.
Because I have only bad ideas set to worse music, I advised that their best choice was to take one of my fist-sized marshmallows and leave right now. No one took me up on it.
OK, if you can wait 45 minutes, you can have *2* fist-sized marshmallows when we get back. Mild interest / bemusement. Everyone is going to have to take a turn lugging around the marshmallow sandbag – a Tupperware container filled with these marshmallows. WAY more clumsy, awkward, and silly than heavy. But they bought into it. You people are idiots.

The Warm Up
“Love Runs Out” One Republic
Mosey to the front of the HS.
I don’t like to Q, but the Qdrenalin rush is intoxicating. All the soreness in my legs for the last few weeks is GONE. Why can’t I feel this good during the other workouts? Circle up for the crowd pleaser…

“Shout” Isley Brothers
Burpees on chorus
‘I still remember’ = Supermans
‘I want you to know’= Plank Jacks
‘Now wait a minute’ = Peter Parkers
‘Little bit softer now’ = Squats
‘Little bit louder now’ = Jump Squats
‘Hey Hey Hey Hey’ = Mary Catherines
‘Jump up and shout it now’ = Tuck Jumps
Transporter can sing while doing burpees. Don’t let him do his burpees any other way from now on.

The Thang
The Bear Necessities” Disney
“I am a Gummy Bear” Gummibar
“I Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear”
Build a Bear Workshop – bear crawl up the ramp; rail walk back down; run to the other portico and bear slalom around the 3 silver columns. Do each station 3x.
Test – Does doing a hard thing while listening to bad music make the thing harder or easier? I think the Pax say easier. You can’t pay full attention to the physical pain, so there is perceived less pain.
Life Lesson: When something sucks, but still needs to get done, distract yourself just enough to keep doing the sucky thing. It’ll suck less.
Shop Dawg is singing Bear Necessities every time we cross paths.
A workout built for Doughboy, but all I remember hearing is Shake N Bake declaring his hatred for the Gummy Bear song.
While I’m on my last round, Doc & Transporter, of course, have finished first. I ask for side step ups on the benches. There are at least 5 benches around, but they choose the same bench, in sync, eyes locked on each other. Maybe these songs are aphrodisiacs?

“Band on the Run” Foo Fighters
Mosey to the end of the yellow buses.
Cheddar weave
This wasn’t in the plan. But when I realized there was no school, and my all-time favorite routine in my all-time favorite location is available, and it’s not summer, I gotta grab that cheddar flavored marshmallow.
Whoever finishes first needs to start labeling the rest of the Pax 1, 2, 1, 2. The second finisher leads the group in Heels to Heaven until the 6 come in. That’d be Doc & Transporter.

Mosey back down the sidewalk, about to the halfway mark of the buses.

“Apache – Jump On It” Sugar Hill Gang
There are horseshoes painted every few feet. 1 burpee per horseshoe. The trick, I said, is to NOT walk from 1 horseshoe to the next. I didn’t tell them to run, just to not walk. I was expecting things like bear crawling or jumping or something creative to get them from one horseshoe to the next. Nope, most everyone chose to run / jog / not walk. Simple. Effective.
Test – In the Stanford experiments, those kids who could not delay gratification were offered insight from the kids who could delay gratification. With the new techniques, the kids who initially failed now performed nearly as well as the other group. And the effects lasted for several months.
Life Lesson: Sometimes we only need a gentle reminder that a temptation / easy path is ahead. By making it a conscious pre-choice (instead of an unconscious reflexive choice), we stand a much better chance of overcoming the temptation.
As I came up for one of my burpees, I saw Jingles dance between 2 shoes that just stopped time. It was a move I only thought possible on the skating rink. Can’t describe it, other than to say I felt like I was peeking into a glade full of unicorns at sunrise. Magical.

Mosey around the corner to the tennis courts.
2 long benches the width of the tennis courts. The 1’s go to the left bench; 2’s to the right. Hop over from one side to the other along the entire length. Then go around to the other side of the court where you can find a single long bench. Merge the two lines into one and continue traversing. Total of 2 full laps. Rosalitas while we pick up the 6. Thanks to Abacus for getting my sound supplies. It’s the little things to help the Q with his timing. Shop Dawg complains that this exercise has no music. Ahhh, my friend, that’s to help you appreciate the music more when we get to the next station!

“Born to Run” Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Mosey to the wall. If you get there before me, ping pong back for the 6.
Didn’t know Goodfella wasn’t going to be here until after the playlist had been created. This one was for him. He feels this song is ear-blasphemy. It should only be sung by Springsteen. No remakes. No covers. Oh, he would have stayed right next to me just to tell me how wrong this is. T’would have been glorious.
Test – When it’s 1,000% humidity, on a longish run, from a mostly tough workout, will you go back for the 6? Sadly, not today. I was in the middle part of the group here. I failed, too. Using the excuse that I had to prep for when to start the next round.
Life Lesson: At a loss here. No one’s perfect, I guess? Aim to do better next time?

Off the Wall” Michael Jackson
Series of wall-based exercises during the song. Air presses / jabs; donkey kicks; 6 count wall walking merkin; Mike Tysons; Bobby Hurleys.
I’ve been trying to give less complicated verbal instructions by sometimes walking the Pax through a “sampler platter” of what the next station really involves. I thought this was one of those times. So we only did about 5 reps of the Mike Tysons & the Wall Merkins pre-song, just to make sure we were straight on terminology. This ended up taking way longer than it should have, and it ate into what was coming up next.
And I struggled on this one. This one’s coming off the playlist for something better. And it has nothing to do with Das Boot & Doc swaying to the music when we were doing air presses. But I still can’t unsee that.
Test – When you’re in the middle of something sucking, what’s your reaction?  Among those I saw were: determination to finish; stopping & looking to see if the Q was still going; having fun while continuing.
Life Lesson: Like most things, there is no right answer. A deeper question may be, are you satisfied with your reaction? By looking around, you may realize you convinced yourself there was only one reaction, which was yours. By seeing another reaction from someone you respect, you realize there is a choice to be made, even if you didn’t realize a choice was available at all.

“Get Up” Van Halen
Mosey to the sidewalk between the cafeteria & the track. American Hammers while everyone gets in. Along the way, Sidewalky McShortCut, assuming to be the only one on campus, decides to see how fast they can speed down the sidewalk in a Corolla. “Car up!” never quite had that trill of urgency before. We all slide to the right, Corolla slides to the left, looking dangerously close to rolling over, but never slowing down. I’m grateful this happened in full daylight; pretty scared how this could have fared during the winter months. May need a mid-workout disclaimer: “Watch out for the car driving on the sidewalk, but they are not included in our litigation exclusion list.”

“2 Legit 2 Quit”M.C. Hammer
All the other stuff was leading up to this. Now, I can see the Cheddar Weave and the Sampler Platter took up too much time to fit this piece in its entirety. So, I won’t give away the whole structure; that will have to wait for another time.
Flutters to Failure – using PERFECT FORM (legs straight, toes pointed [as if you were actually swimming]), continue fluttering until you either pause, legs hit the ground, etc. Once done, run to the first light pole along the track and back. You can point out bad form in others.
Test – When given the chance to last longer than your competitors by cheating on your own, what will you do? First of all, many of you need to talk to your doctors about proprioception deficit. Most of you had knees bent, toes bent – it was embarrassing to see that in daylight.  Being next to Transporter & Doc, I was shocked at the amount of cheating they did to try to outlast each other.  I weep for our region.
Life Lesson: The male ego is a fragile thing. Those who have done well in a certain area can be tempted to cheat to maintain the illusion of mastery. The opposite is also true. Those who have not done well in a certain area can be tempted to give up too early to reinforce their mindset of amateurism. Those in the middle, ironically, can be the ones most likely to realistically assess their own abilities. So being in the middle can bring a lens of clarity that others may lack, depending on where they are viewing the same circumstances.

Mosey back to start. Arrive 1 minute late.

As people circle up for COT, I pass around the hand sanitizer. Why people are freaked out about that, I can’t figure out. If you’d rather eat your marshmallows with filthy hands, that’s on you, but hasn’t your Mom ever taught you about cross-contamination? It’s been an eye opening Q, folks. Behind the sanitizer, the marshmallows get passed around. Doc mentions that if one of them has a different flavor, that is probably his when he had a turn carrying the tub. Several are taking a hard pass on the marshmallows. Do you think this is another test? Yeah, I could make a case for it, but I won’t. I was expecting most Pax to do Name-a-Rama with the giant marshmallows halfway down their gullets à la Chubby Bunny. We appear to be too sophisticated for such adolescence. I cry inside again.

Name the FNG – Gabe works in lighting, but Transporter remarked at how well he did on the rail walk during Build a Bear. Somehow that got shifted into Pole Dancer. I love the name; just wish I had a better story for the guy.

Let’s bring it in.

Assuming Doc was still upset at not winning Flutters to Failure with bad form, he cites Dromedary with bad COT form. Says that we should be in more Ball of Man formation instead of a circle. In the absence of any current or former Dromedary Site Q’s to question the policy change, the Pax comply into a standing BoM.

I am simultaneously an obsessively compulsive, contrarian, and secessionist Sandlapper.  So when this affront to our geometric way of life occurred, I went off the rails. I invoked the clause that we don’t have to close up shop with a prayer. Because we are not a Christian organization, no one is obligated to pray us out. So I used the time instead to tell ’em about my

Gave the Pax the details of the Marshmallow test. In life, we are always tempted to take the quick 1 marshmallow reward. Getting to the 2nd marshmallow always takes time, effort, and being uncomfortable while doing it. But I notice the 2nd marshmallow isn’t just twice as good as the first; it’s a whole different level and type of reward. For example:
+ setting the phone down to engage with your family
+ stopping the porn to have a meaningful relationship with your wife
+ not goofing off at work to do what you’re paid to do

To summarize:

  • There are more marshmallow tests you experience than you may realize. Become aware.
  • When you fail the test, acknowledge and forgive yourself. Know another test will be coming soon.
  • Failures are rarely the result of character flaws. Given the right conditions, anyone is capable of anything.  And you can mold your conditions.
  • Look to others who pass similar tests that you fail. What did they do differently?
  • Roles will reverse. You will be able to share your successes. Be humble and kind in the sharing.



Pool Party to raise funds for #Sandbox
Friday, June 8, 7:30 – 10:00 PM
Lawson Pool 2306 Lawson Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173
$40 / family (payable on site or in advance at to RSVP (so they can get a count of pizza and beer)


Sanctuary begins a new book about the parables of Jesus
Monday nights – Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel

The Ocho

Muggy morning with plenty of chatter early.  The QIC may or may not have started 1 minute late depending on who’s watch was used to determine the start time.  Regardless all in attendance got their money’s worth.


Quick jog to the track with a run up the far hill (that is 1 hill).  At this spot the pax were able to get the warmup needed and instructions on the next iteration of the workout.

SSH, Squats, Merkins and Mtn Climbers

5 Rounds of the following on the “half pipe”

Run from the top playground down to the track and up the hill to the opposite playground – 20 dips

Run back down to the track and up the hill to the top playground – 5 pullups

Dollywood and Laronda were setting a blistering pace with the rest of the pax content to just finish the round.  Nice work done by all.

(total hill climbs = 6 with 1 warmup and 5 from the exercise)

4 laps on the track (1 mile)

at each corner an exercise was performed

1st corner – 10 Merkins

2nd corner – 10 Squats

3rd corner – 10 Carolina Drydocks

4th corner – 10 Lunges (each leg)

Each lap was a little different for the run – forward, backwards, shuffle and last always face the school


4 more hill climbs

climb the far hill and do 5 pullups at the top

(total of 10 hill climbs throughout)


1 round of situps (20) merkins (20) and 25 yrd sprint

Mosey back toward the start

Heckled the Charlotte Christian students dressing up as bears on the run back to the parking lot and Gummy made sure to heckle one of the dads dropping his kid off who looked like he just rolled out of bed.  Same Dad made a point of trying to run down Gummy 2 minutes later in the parking lot.

Great morning with the crew getting in some cardio and pullup work.


F3 Dads for Area 51 is starting each Saturday in June at 9am Col Francis Beatty Park

Let’s not stand around

With 19 PAX ready for a mid-week workout, a long and lengthy disclaimer was given one minute to go that basically told the PAX, we’ll be moving around the campus of Marvin Ridge today.


  • Follow the Q on a mosey to the Middle School back porch.  Once there, plank with your feet against the wall to wait for the six.
  • Opening COP:
    • Mountain Parkers (something between a Mountain Climber and a Peter Parker, but done in slow cadence bringing the foot up to plant flat besides the same sided planked hand) x 20 In Cadence
    • Don Quixote x 20 IC
    • Merkins x 10 IC
    • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Move towards the circular tables, no more than 2 per table.  With dry shoes, we’re going to leverage the tables for some Burpee Jump-ups (onto the seat) for 1 minute.  Begin
  • Move towards the end of the sidewalk near the buses.  Hold an Al Gore until it’s your turn.  Three sections of wall.  Section 1 – plank with feet on the wall moving laterally.  Section 2 & 3 – put your hands on the wall (at or below the dark brick section) and move laterally.  Hold plank until the six finishes.
  • Mosey towards the fields behind the tennis courts.  Plank for the Six.
  • Using the hill under the power lines, 7s with Merkins at the bottom and World Champion Burpees at the top.  For more on World Champion Burpees, go here: Plank for the Six
  • Mosey a few yards to line up shoulder-to-shoulder along the goal line.
    • Bear Crawl 10 yards, jog back. Bear Crawl 20 yards, jog back.
    • Crab Walk 10 yards, jog back.  Crab Walk 20 yards, job back.
    • When done, on your six and hold feet 6 inches.  Go down the line with each PAX calling a Protractor Angle between 6 inches (technically not an angle), 69 degrees (snickers all around thanks to Shake & Bake), and 89 degrees (no one has flexible hamstrings that I observed getting to vertical).
  • Jacobs Ladder with Carolina Dry Docks –
    • run out to yardage line #1 (10 yards), 1 CDD
    • run out to line #2 (15yd), 2 CDD
    • run out to line #7, 7 CDD
    • Keep repeating to Line #7 until the Six is in.
  • Mosey towards the traffic circle globe and stop at the yield sign before the big straight away.  Hold Al Gore while getting instructions.  At each bush, pole, or tree that is within 10 yards of the side of the roadway, perform a Full Burpee (not of that World Record Stuff).  Do this OYO until the end of the straight at the light pole.  PAX lead some Mary until the Six is in.
  • Mosey back towards the cars and circle up for some closing Mary.
    • Side Plank with Leg Lifts x 10 IC each side
    • Inchworm – walk hands out, hold plank for a second, walk hands back up – for 1 minute
    • Marching Bridge – on your six, raise butt in line with shoulders that are contacting the ground and quads. In Cadence, raise your Right foot off the ground and march your knee towards your chest.  x10 then Flapjack to Left side.
    • Plank March – hold plank, In Cadence lift your right foot off the ground, put it down, then Left foot off the ground, put it down.
  • Done at 615!


  • Continual movement, some longer moseys, several small sections done OYO, but not a ton of running was the goal.  YHC was smoked at the end for something that seemed pretty simple.
  • Glad to see many PAX like Jingles getting back out there, the new streak of Abacus, an old familiar face in Ice9, and one of my newer running buddies Stub Hub with his co-HateHate Half Back.
  • On several of the longer OYO sections, there were the normal Larry Birds eating it up, with of course Goodfella leading anything that involves Burpees (of the World Record variety most likely), and two PAX that pushed past YHC on the final run back to the circle, but the fogginess of trying to remember what was coming next has pushed their names out of the memory bank.
  • Goodfellas feedback session was abbreviated.


  • Bottlecap is on Q next Wednesday.  Delta is on Q the week after.
  • EOG Proctoring at Cuthbertson Middle School on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • 1st Sunday of the month for June – Church on the Street with other Union County PAX.
  • Pool Party on Friday June 8th – Sign up and donate to #Sandbox
  • Prayers for Brooks family and their daughter.

Sprint a Mile

18 PAX made it out for Sprint Week #3 of the new weekly rotation (where Sprints are week #4 of the month) at Swift this past week.  While there wasn’t as much “demo” as prior weeks’ sprinting form, we blended more traditional intervals in Prep for the 1600m Time Trial next week


  • 0500 – Small early crew already shirtless rounded the 1.3mi powerline to Rushmore to Bull Ring loop.
  • 0515 – Rest of the 18 PAX gathered to head off in a similar direction down the power lines to Rushmore to the Bull Ring.  Instructions to “take it easy” and “shortcut the Bull Ring if necessary” fell on deaf ears, for this was a warm-up with a little too much vigor.
  • 0525 – Traditional heels and toes, but also mixed in the walking piriformis stretch, glute stretch, and hamstring stretches.  Arm circles. A-Skip x 2.  B-Skip x 2.
  • 0540 – Line up for the 1st round and round the Bull Ring which was a 16x100m Interval at 1-mile goal pace, with a 100m jog recovery.  Cones every 100m, but watch for the “gap” cones.
  • Mosey back and catch the Six once most PAX had finished.  Setup on an interval to give a good ending to the next round.
  • Three rounds of 300m (200m at 1 mile goal pace, 100m Sprint to finish) and 3:00 recovery.
  • 0610 – Mosey back to COT.  Over-achievers Citgo and Frasier pushed to one more round of the 300m Interval.
  • COT


  • Today’s workout was one created from two good 1mile Prep workouts that YHC found when poking around on the Interwebs.  It was one that allowed us to combine the 1 mile goal pace and some Sprints.
  • The first part of the workout was from a 32 x 100m at 1 mile Goal Pace with 100m recovery.  Would have been best to do this on a track with jogging the corners and 1mile pace the straights.  Purpose is to try to feel that pace in your legs without getting too much fatigue.  However, after some PAX were struggling with this first half of the workout today, it was evident that the 100m recoveries were likely not much of a recovery.  Instead, just slower than the 1 mile goal pace.  So, in the future, in a workout like this, learn to recover properly.  There are some workouts designed with an aggressive recovery (very short, fast jog, etc.), but this was not one of them.
  • The second part of the workout was one that would be 4th or 5th in a cycle of these types of workouts, but we cut it down from 6x300m to our time and fatigue constrained 3 x 300m.  Again, feel the 200m pace in the legs for consistency, but then use good finishing speed (just like you will when coming off the last corner of the 1600m time trial tomorrow) to bring it to the finish line.  Aggressive in nature for sure, but more like the fatigue you will feel at the end of a race.
  • The 5th Tuesday of the month’s rotation is a bit of a drive – Charlotte Latin is not close to many of the SC and Union County PAX, but this will be a test you don’t want to miss.  There aren’t many opportunities for us to push ourselves to our limits individually to meet a “standard”, but this is certainly going to be one of them.  With a proper warm-up, fast surface (rubberized track), and warm temps, most things will be just right to produce an effort to help gauge your fitness.  Then, in two months when we have another 5th Tuesday, we’ll have another measuring point to note our progression.  Even though writing all of this is making my heart race increase and the butterflies flow, the short discomfort of four laps of the track will be worth it.
  • Here’s a strategy for the 1600m tomorrow.  Say you’re shooting for a 6:00 finish, so those perfect 400m splits would be in 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00.  Without someone pacing you, it’s next to impossible to try to hit those exactly, and with all of the adrenaline, the first lap is likely to be faster than it should be.  So, let’s say the first lap is 1:27 (displayed on an iPad at the start/finish line), shoot for making the second lap 1:30 (right on pace, but still under goal time), knowing fatigue will set in for the third lap in perhaps a 1:33, but then you can bring it home with a 1:29 (not as fast as the 1st, but faster than the 3rd because you can smell the finish line and use that awesome Sprint speed) to coast in right at 5:59.
  • Plan for a strategy, and then hold to it even when the legs and lungs revolt!



  • No Timekeeper this week.  We’ll resume next Tuesday 6/5 back at Einsteins.

Stretching Around a Fountain Gets Damp Chakras

9 PAX were not dismayed by the delayed Memorial Day start or threat of rain to post for 5 miles and damp chakras at Blakovery.


With the sun up (although we could not see it for the clouds) and light on our side, Bratwurst called the PJ route. Here it is: up Rea Rd towards Stonecrest. Make a left on Williams Pond Rd, left on Elm and continue on Bryant Farms Rd. Go past the Morrison Y, make a left at North Community House, left on Ardrey Kell and back to the AO.


This morning we had some of our core group (Bunker, Gumbo, Fleetwood, Madison), two site FNGs Marlin (R) and Mighty Mite. and a new regular One-Niner.  This morning marked the first (and probably only) Blakovery double down. Mighty Might posted a Voodoo led  Fox Hole then made the short drive to join us for a run. Quite impressive.

There was no rain but it was still damp but another great start to the week.


In June there are alot of F3 Dads events happening. Workouts on Saturday in SOB Land and Area 51 and a Knights Baseball game. Get on Slack to keep up.

Thank you for the take out Marlin and the reminder of the sacrifice of the brave men and women who fought for our country and the ultimate sacrifice by Jesus Christ who willingly died for us so that we could live.

Committing burpicide

10 uninformed pax found themselves in a pickle when they arrived and YHC was the replacement Q. What would we do with 45 precious minutes of pain? YHC had the plan and with no FNGs we set off… to the very next parking spot.


SSH x 15 IC. Mosey to end of lot. IW x 15 IC. Mosey to next lot. Merkins x 15 IC. Mosey to end of lot. Squat x 15 IC. Mosey to next lot. LBC x 15 IC. There were some mild groans from the sisterhood of the traveling COP but YHC was used to this group. Mosey around outer driveway to 51 entrance. No one bit it on a speed hump.

The thang part 1

partner up x 3. Partners 1 and 2 head to opposite ends of lot. P3 runs to relieve. Flapjack and repeato till finished with all exercises. On each end of lot – 100 Merkins, 200 Squats and 300 LBC. Totaling 200, 400 and 600 for the partner trio.

Thang part 2

Mosey over to parking lot beside 51 and YHC laid out the Burpicide. Increasing burpees every island. 8 islands equal 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 burpees. Suicide back each island but, stop at each island and perform that islands number. Which means 1,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5… to 8. #crowdpleaser. YHC had only planned 10 mins for this and that’s all that was needed to yield an all out rebellion. I think McGee got to 6.

fully smoked we mosey around back to the launch for some Mary. Everyone called an exercise then with 2 mins left we head to end of the lot. 5 burpees and all you got to the start.


NMM: This has been in the draft bin for 4 days now. That’s my bad. Had a few individuals in mind with the burpicide and they must have had burning ears cause they didn’t show. Oh well, the pax present recieved the punishment for allowing YHC to lead. You’re welcome. McGee and Lorax were out front. Surprise surprise. I did manage to quiet the mumblechatter quite quickly. #myworkhereisdone All that said everyone accepted the challenge and threw down all they had. Great job.

On a side note we did have a medical moment. This serves as a constant reminder that we need to stay vigilant to our pax needs and be ready to act. Site Q’s are strongly advised to keep a phone on them if going far away from the launch. Also if you do have any condition or begin to feel “off” speak up and let fellow pax know. Safety first

Announcements: the Memorial Day convergence already happened.

Patriot 5k Monday with convergence before during and after. This is an experience for sure. Check it out. (Also was YHC first post 5 years ago)

Link for pax emergency info. Fill it out.

Back to the Hills

At F3 Mountain Goat, one thing we like to do is keep the muscles, lungs and hearts confused.  After 2 weeks on the track, it was time for a trip back to the hills… the Hills of Raintree, that is!

Easy enough plan:

  1. Mosey to bottom of Raintree Ln/Raintree CC gravel parking lot
  2. Dynamic stretching
  3. I-pace to the top of Raintree/4-Mile Creek intersection x 3 with mosey back to the start.
  4. 4th time was 2:00 minutes, then return to SCMS parking lot.

DONE!  Everyone got between 4.5-5 miles total!  Excellent job!


A trip to “Slim Fast Hill” is always a good time.  I promise you, adding that workout 1-2 times/month will guarantee us to be ready for BRR!  You cannot get to the top without being completely winded!  And that is GOOD!

Fleetwood led the way, with Sensei, Nomad, Strange Brew, Retread, Insomniac, Drano and Jello giving chase.

T-claps to Gullah, Kilowatt, Damn Gina and Pele for giving 100% every interval!  You guys keep getting stronger!

Lois… tremendous improvement every week!  The training is really paying off!

Final recognition to Spidey (Ayden Pauls)… Way to give it all you had!  We’ll look forward to having both you and your Dad back anytime to join us!

Special thanks this weekend to those who have protected our freedoms!  Jello, Nomad and Strange Brew…. thanks for your service!!


  1. Area 51 Convergence – Saturday 0700 at Calvary.
  2. F3 Convergence – Monday Memorial Day 0700 at Symphony Park, followed by PatriotFest 5k run.
  3. Let Retread or Kilowatt know if you’re interested in BRR… and aren’t already on a team!

The Cost of Freedom – 5th Annual Memorial Day Weekend Convergence

58 brothers (including 3 FNGs) gathered at Calvary this morning to honor the fallen and put in some work.

Purple Haze Q

0655 – 0700        Disclaimer. Explanation of Workout. Share Numbers of Soldiers’ Deaths.

American Soldiers lost during:

  • World War I – 116,516
  • World War II – 405,399
  • Vietnam – 58,209
  • Iraq/Afghanistan – 6,713

0700 – 0715        Ask Respects to grab shovel flags. Run to a designated parking lot.

  • Bring it in, take a knee for Citation #1 (see below)
  • Circle up for COP:
    • IWs x 10IC
    • LSSs x 10IC
    • Merkins x 10IC
    • MCs x 10IC
    • Diamonds x 10IC
  • Count off in groups of 6

Rachel Q

0715 – 0745        Ask 2.0s to grab shovel flags. Run to front parking lot.

  • Bring it in, take a knee for Citation #2 (see below)
  • Teams drag fire hose, carry sandbags, carry plates, carry KBs and carry rocks around designated routes:
    • Round 1 – Main road around campus
    • Round 2 – Short road down the avenue of trees (at this point the rain started falling…it was epic)
    • Round 3 – Out and back in front parking lot
  • Teams that finish go back and help teams still working

Prohibition Q

0745 – 0800        Ask Veterans to grab shovel flags. Run to Rea Road softball field.

  • Bring it in, take a knee for Citation #3 (see below)
  • Circle up for 100 burpees OYO. Suffer in silence.
  • When you finish, help teammates finish.






For service as set forth in the following CITATION:

For extraordinary heroism against an armed enemy in the vicinity of Sommocolonia, Italy, on December 26, 1944, while serving as a member of Cannon Company, 366th Infantry Regiment, 92nd Infantry Division. During the preceding few weeks, Lieutenant Fox served with the 598th Field Artillery Battalion as a forward observer. On Christmas night, enemy soldiers gradually infiltrated the town of Sommocolonia in civilian clothes, and by early morning the town was largely in hostile hands. Commencing with a heavy barrage of enemy artillery at 0400 hours on December 26, 1944, an organized attack by uniformed German units began. Being greatly outnumbered, most of the United States Infantry forces were forced to withdraw from the town, but Lieutenant Fox and some other members of his observer party voluntarily remained on the second floor of a house to direct defensive artillery fire. At 0800 hours, Lieutenant Fox reported that the Germans were in the streets and attacking in strength. He then called for defensive artillery fire to slow the enemy advance. As the Germans continued to press the attack towards the area that Lieutenant Fox occupied, he adjusted the artillery fire closer to his position. Finally he was warned that the next adjustment would bring the deadly artillery right on top of his position. After acknowledging the danger, Lieutenant Fox insisted that the last adjustment be fired as this was the only way to defeat the attacking soldiers. Later, when a counterattack retook the position from the Germans, Lieutenant Fox’s body was found with the bodies of approximately 100 German soldiers. Lieutenant Fox’s gallant and courageous actions, at the supreme sacrifice of his own life, contributed greatly to delaying the enemy advance until other infantry and artillery units could reorganize to repel the attack. His extraordinary valorous actions were in keeping with the most cherished traditions of military service, and reflect the utmost credit on him, his unit, and the United States Army.




For service as set forth in the following CITATION:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty for service as a Machine Gunner with Company I, Third Battalion, Twenty Seventh Marines, First Marine Division in the Republic of Vietnam on May 17, 1968. While on Operation ALLEN BROOK, Company I was approaching a dry river bed with a heavily wooded treeline that bordered the hamlet of Le Nam, when they suddenly came under intense mortar, rocket propelled grenades, automatic weapons and small arms fire from a large, well concealed enemy force which halted the company’s advance and wounded several Marines. Realizing that key points of resistance had to be eliminated to allow the units to advance and casualties to be evacuated, Private First Class Burke, without hesitation, seized his machine gun and launched a series of one man assaults against the fortified emplacement. As he aggressively maneuvered to the edge of the steep river bank, he delivered accurate suppressive fire upon several enemy bunkers, which enabled his comrades to advance and move the wounded Marines to positions of relative safety. As he continued his combative actions, he located an opposing automatic weapons emplacement and poured intense fire into the position, killing three North Vietnamese soldiers as they attempted to flee. Private First Class Burke then fearlessly moved from one position to another, quelling the hostile fire until his weapon malfunctioned. Obtaining a casualty’s rifle and hand grenades, he advanced further into the midst of the enemy. Observing that a fellow Marine had cleared his malfunctioning machine gun he grasped his weapon and moved into a dangerously exposed area and saturated the hostile treeline until he fell mortally wounded. Private First Class Burke’s gallant actions upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.




For service as set forth in the following CITATION:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as Automatic Weapons Gunner for Naval Special Warfare Task Group Arabian Peninsula, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM on 29 September 2006. As a member of a combined SEAL and Iraqi Army sniper overwatch element, tasked with providing early warning and stand-off protection from a rooftop in an insurgent-held sector of Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Petty Officer Monsoor distinguished himself by his exceptional bravery in the face of grave danger. In the early morning, insurgents prepared to execute a coordinated attack by reconnoitering the area around the element’s position. Element snipers thwarted the enemy’s initial attempt by eliminating two insurgents. The enemy continued to assault the element, engaging them with a rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire. As enemy activity increased, Petty Officer Monsoor took position with his machine gun between two teammates on an outcropping of the roof. While the SEALs vigilantly watched for enemy activity, an insurgent threw a hand grenade from an unseen location, which bounced off Petty Officer Monsoor’s chest and landed in front of him. Although only he could have escaped the blast, Petty Officer Monsoor chose instead to protect his teammates. Instantly and without regard for his own safety, he threw himself onto the grenade to absorb the force of the explosion with his body, saving the lives of his two teammates. By his undaunted courage, fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of certain death, Petty Officer Monsoor gallantly gave his life for his country, thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.


Lucifer’s Ladder

18 men at Kevlar.  TR wasn’t there.  Again.   No more moobs Friday.  Not fun Friday.   He would’ve probably needed it too.  #selfish

We ran 2.3 total.  Mostly uphill.  We lifted rocks.  Some did burpees, others opted for Merkins.  Lots.   Of.   Merkins.   Squats.  Stomaché.  Dry Dogs.  You name it.  We did it.  It was amazing.

No records were set today but real men showed up.  Huge men.  Yuge.   Not the queer-like gentleladies that show up at the other Friday AOs.

Observations are only read by those that need lifting up.  However, I will do my best:

  • Busch barely ever shows up.   When he does he makes us all look bad.  Proud of you.
  • Bulldog opted for merkins over burpees today.  I love making an impact on people.  Burpees are lame.
  • Pop Tart lamented ALL MORNING about his beer mile loss.  Try harder.  Drink faster.  Seems easy.  BTW, saw OrangeWhip staring at your biceps.  Weird.
  • Sunshine is 18.  Dude doesn’t cheat on a rep.  Haven’t had a chance to talk to him much but I can get that changed soon enough.  Cheating on reps that is……
  • Didn’t hear Puddin flatulate once today.  Not enough stomachè called I guess.  Thank the Lord
  • I called the mountain climber the running man.  Blame the lack of booze.
  • FNG gave us more ammo than anyone I can remember in 6 years.  He also exclaimed, “Should’ve know better than to come and work out with a bunch of white boys”.  We named him Ziggy.  Terrible.  Where is TR during times like these?   Wtf man.  Horsehead texted later in the day saying he liked Black & Mild.  Way better than Ziggy.  What say you?


Check somebody else’s B.B. for announcements.   Can’t believe I did this much.  #overachiever