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South African Freedom Day at RockZero

Quick summary of South African freedom day, 24 years ago the first free elections were held in South Africa… but that right to vote didn’t extend to any of the Pax.

Prompt start to the workout, since we were on African Time. Bug eater had to catch up, no waiting.

Warm Up:

Mosey over to a very busy looking soccer field, some high knees, butt kickers and confused directional karaoke on the way there.

Circle up for some SSH, Mountain Climbers, IW, copperhead squats and the very popular windmills.

The Thang:

Over to the slight hill / incline on the side of the soccer field, doing some ladder/8s with burpees on top and LBCs at the bottom. Another popular exercise due to the frost on the field. I’ll admit that my hands were pretty frozen after this, gotta love spring this year.

Avoid the crowd and head over to the hotbox and grab some wall.

Wall sits with arm raises, and hip slappers, quick loop.

Wall sits with air punches, donkey kicks and quick loop.

Wall sits with foot raises, balls to the wall toe taps, quick loop.

Wall sits with some zombie arms, more donkey kicks, and quick loop to finish it off.


Got tired of the crowd, so we headed off to the baseball field.

Picked up some rocks, there were heavy complaints from Flipper about following the RockZero light rules, but this is South African Freedom Day, so he was ignored.

Partner up Baseball loops, with one partner doing Curls, overhead press, tricep ext and rock squats.


Rocks were returned except for the amazing boerewors diamond stone (clearly one of the heavier stones in existence), which was places strategically on the baseball field to give us a good target.

Lots of very creative, fully pre-planned field exercises were performed, mostly in cadence and some running. The Pax were convinced I wouldn’t be able to recall all of the exercises for the backblast, but I know they really just want to copy the workout, so I’ll skip the details.

I think the stand out exercises for the day were the bearcrawl slaloms and plank slaloms, clearly a crowd favorite as the field nicely thawed and turned into a muddy/grassy mess.

After a quick extra loop to recover the diamond rock and futile attempt to get some extra mileage to meet the 3 mile limit, we added some dips before a return to the starting location.


Quick mary with an excessive amount of LBCs while the last seconds counted away to stop on exactly 1hr.


Good job to all the Pax, especially Bug eater that managed to find us after we ran off exactly on time. Quite a sneaky entry too, went completely unnoticed by the Q until he sounded out.

Flipper’s new favorite exercise appears to be the windmill, although we did do some late american hammers and it did seem to win him over.

Great seeing Safelite out again, first time this year, bringing in the South African support.

Great job by the rest of the Pax of regulars at RockZero, it is a honor to lead a workout.



  1. Check out #the_sandbox on slack to see where you can help out with some yard work for people who need it. Otherwise hit up Flipper for more info.
  2. The high heel shoe run is next week, check with Jetfuel for more info, sounds like beer might be involved.
  3. South African Braai (BBQ) next week saturday at the Charlotte Rugby Club (10-4pm), free for anyone, come say hi if you are  interested in finding out what Boerewors really is.

The Tulip blossoms

(Posted on behalf of Tulip)
10 men showed up by 0530 for a cold morning. Disclaimer given and we began…
  • Lap around the track
  • Side Straddle Hop (x25)
  • Imperial Walker (x25)
  • Lunges (10/leg)
  • Lap around the track
  • Burpees / Low Slow Squat w/ Bell / Swings (1st Rd: 5/5/10, 2nd Rd: 10/10/20, 3rd Rd: 15/15/30)
Line up inside the track facing away from the parking lot. Perform 40 seconds of each exercise below with bell focusing on form and quality. In between exercises, run to the opposite end of the track and back (we gradually increased our running speed throughout the workout).
  1. Squat
  2. R/L single-arm chest press
  3. R/L single-arm cleans
  4. Overhead press
  5. R/L single-leg dead lift
  6. Russian Twist
  7. R/L single-leg lunges
We got through a little over 2 rounds.
It was a smaller group this unseasonably morning, but the pack put in good work. Props to those who braved the unseasonably cold temps. Burpees don’t seem to be getting any more enjoyable…

Doc’s Chestravanza at the Floater

Almost missed my very first Q at the Floater, overslept a little and was rushing to get there on time, pull in the parking lot about 5:27 and there was nobody, I thought that maybe the WUC Pax got scared and were hiding/fart sacking, but then about 5:29 6 guys arrive and off we went.

Mosey down the hill on Church Street, the attending PAX were dragging way behind YHC at a very slow pace, I realised then that they like to chat as they warm up into a gentle mosey, so YHC decided to give them that and slowed down. Stopped at a parking lot near the intersection of Church and 16 for COP.


Gave the proper disclaimer

Did some SSH IC about 20

Imperial Walker’s IC x 20

The thang:

Plank Webb’s it went like this:

Pax gather in small circle holding the plank for the entire exercise. Start with plank position, do 1 merkin and 4 shoulder taps, then 2 merkins and 8 shoulder taps, then 3 merkins and 12 shoulder taps……..all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 shoulder taps. Gave notice before hand that this exercise is to failure, you fail, you shake it off and get back into it, Plank is the resting position. I have to say that from all the times I have done this exercise when Qing this group has been the one that had pushed the hardest so far, no one was slacking or taking long breaks, good work!!!

Then we did Jack Wabs, same concept but replacing Merkins with Heels to Heaven and Shoulder Taps with LBCs.

Next we did 10 of each, Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Diamond Merkins then run back to the water tower stopping at every light and doing 5 Jump Squats I think there were about 15 lights. Mosey around the corner next to Black Chicken and stopped at the side walk that has a short wall here I introduced the PAX to something that can be call Dip Webbs maybe?, same concept as the Plank Webb’s above but replacing the Merkins with walk out merkins (Go from standing position, keeping your feet in place, walk out with your hands to a plank position do a merkin walk back with your hands to a standing position) and replaced the shoulder taps with Dips working our way all the way to 10/40.

Mosey to the front of the brewery here we started with 10 of each, Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins and Diamond Merkins then do Triple Nickel 5 LBCs at bottom, run to top of the bridge do 5 Merkins  repeat 5 times.

Had some time left so decided to finish with Burpees IC x 30. Then run back to start for COT.

The Moleskin: 

Proud of this group today everyone pushed hard and they worked to failure with little rest and got back to it as soon as they were ready, besides the mosey in the beginning there was no mumble chatter at all which makes me feel accomplished.


Christina Latini Memorial 8K, 2 Mile Walk and Virtual Run Benefiting Operation Sweet Tooth. Sign up and support our brother Olive and his family.

Third F Open Door on Sundays at a Five Stones Church on Cuthbertson Road.

Thank you Moneyball for taking us out.

Have a great weekend brothers,


Jim Wibb

I had all my plans ready to convince Fireman Ed to go to coffee instead of working out, but Ductwork and Baracus showed up to ruin my plans. So off we went into my 4/20 themed workout.

I set a timer on my phone that went off every 9 minutes. Every time it went off we would stop what we were doing and do 20 merkins.

20 side straddle hop

20 imperial walkers

Left campus and jogged down to the light at Sardis Road North. At the light we did:

20 lunges, 20 squats, 20 sister mary catherines, 20 speed skaters and 20 jump squats

We ran back and jogged down to the field for the next set.

Suicide to the 20 yard line, run out, run backwards when returning, stop every 5 yards (x2)

stomaCH work in between

Round 1 – flutter and dolly (20s)

Round 2 – freddy mercury and can opener

Jog up to the playground for 20 pullups and 20 dips

Bear crawled up to the parking lot stopping for 20 supines at the halfway point

Jogged towards an open patch of grass for some Jim Wibb – 2 air presses, 1 knee-merkin, 4 air presses, 2 knee-merkins, etc. up to 20 and 10

20 merkins to finish

We had a great time! The only thing missing was Smokey. 🙂

The Battle of Slim Fast Hill

11 Pax kicked off their Friday with a hearty helping of hills at Mountain Goat. After disclaiming the Pax and welcoming site FNG HIPAA, we moseyed to Raintree Lane and gathered at the gravel parking lot for dynamic stretching. The usual assortment of heels, toes, butt kickers, and high knees helped to loosen up the wheels in preparation for the main event: a few trips up what is now referred to as Slim Fast Hill. Slim Fast Hill is a 0.29 mile (thanks Sensei) stretch of Raintree Lane from the gravel lot to the intersection at Four Mile Creek. It has two fairly long hills that leave most gasping for breath and begging for mercy. It’s a grind. But we do it because it makes us stronger, both physically and mentally. We attacked Slim Fast Hill on three separate occasions before heading back to base, but not without stopping at Rising Meadow to cap off the morning.

  • Strong, determined running by all this morning. HIPAA more than held his own and we look forward to having him join us next week
  • Lois has dialed in his Slim Fast impression and will be taking his show on the road to colleges throughout the Carolinas
  • Insomniac arrived after we departed and embarked on a #sadclown run. Great to see you at COT!
  • Lest we forget, Slim Fast and other Pax and friends are conquering the Smoky Mountain Relay today and tomorrow. Best of luck to them.

Hanging Around in Waverly


16 bros chose Waverly for the three headed panda workout called Cerberus.  We focused on grip strength and abs, using some less commonly used F3 exercises, and threw in some sprints just to make McGee feel good about himself. Congrats on smoking the 40+ year olds young fella.  3 miles were covered.


We did stuff…. whoever attended knows, and the rest… well, show to know! Here’s some of what we did:

  • Merkin up/down cadence ladder on the artificial grass pet pee-pad in front of Co
    • #35:  5reg / 5wide / 5diamond / 5R-hand fwd / 5L-hand fwd / 5R-leg up / 5L-leg Up
  • 3 sets of Bulgarian split squats, 10 each side
  • In deck, 5 rounds: dead-hangs exercises on overhead cement ledge, then race around the deck level.
  • In deck, 5 rounds: 10 dragon flag ab lifts… for proper form watch this:
  • Top of deck, 2 rounds of alternating hip slappers on the top wall.
  • In deck, challenge longest dead-hang on overhead cement ledge
  • Series of AYG sprints outside, until we got back to launch
  • Finito!


After attending the launch, YHC was excited about the new Waverly AO and was excited to Q Cerberus for the first time.  The opportunity arose when Argonaut asked for Q’s a few weeks back.  Too bad Menchi’s isn’t open that early for some salted caramel soft-serve and infinite mixins!

Couple of musings, before work duty calls…

  • Doc McStuffins held his own <weight> on the parking garage ledge hangs. But not enough to take down Cottonmouth in the main event.  YHC got him once or twice… but who’s counting. He’s still the BROlympics Dead-Hang Champ until 2019, even with his cheating ginormous mits.
  • Yes, Nutter Butter (somewhat of a Frasier lookalike) was there for those of you looking at me funny when YHC asked him to 10-count.  It’s ok… YHC is used to funny looks, and looking funny.
  • No, it’s not Lazy Boy’s birthday yet, he’s still 49.  But thanks for making us do 50 reps of some exercises because of the supposed 50th birthday Cottonmouth.
  • Good to see BillyGoat back from a back injury. Not only did he pre-run but he lifted all 54lbs of Turkey Leg to reach the pull-up ledge.
  • Turkey Leg showed no ill-effects after crushing the Boston Marathon on Monday.  Sneaky guy found a way to ask me what my Kiawah Marathon time was(my PR), and wink at me that his 3:17 on a hillier course in the rain > my 3:16. Well played little guy.
  • Mentioning UFC rules on Slack, Mighty Mite showed up ready for a battle with YHC, but backed down when YHC mentioned he would get beat like a drum with my Shaolin Monk skillz.  You too can develop those skillz by watching the instructional video:
  • Always great to meet different F3 men, or men YHC hasn’t posted with in some time.  Nice meeting / seeing you Astro, One Star, Schmedium, CottonMouth, Zeke Face, Good Hands, Lazy Boy, Nutter Butter and thanks for coming today.


– Represent F3 Nation in your community by simply registering for 1 SPEED FOR NEED race this year. Pick whatever race you want of the near 50 events we’ll be supporting, run the race however you desire (alongside racing chairs, pushing a chair, solo for a PR, or with your kids). Be an example of male leadership in the community.  Check out our website at to see the event schedule.  If you’re unfamiliar with SFN, check out a video, or two, or three… LOOK, here’s the link to one:

Have a Great weekend men.
SYITG ~ JRR Tolkien

Hydra – 4/19

My first time Q at Hydra today and I was welcomed by 13 brave men on a beautiful spring morning.  Quiet crew overall…heard some chatter from of the heathen bama fans in the group and some reminders that exercises are “optional”, but no complaints about the weather.  Goal was to make us all sore.  Worked for me.

The Thang:

  •         Standard warm up with 20 reps of SSH, Imperial Walker (wheelhouse), Mountain Climber and Low Slow Squat.
  •         Warm up lap through the hood
  •         75% sprint across football field with 20 merkins on one end and 20 jump squats on the other

o   Repeat X 5

  •         Max set of merkins…Bulldog did 7
  •         Moved to playground and partner up

o   50 Pull Ups combined with partner

o   LBC while you wait your turn

  •         Run across the street to the church parking lot…pick up a lifting rock and partner up

o   2 rounds of shoulder press while partner runs parking lot loop

o   2 rounds of curls while partner runs loop

o   Straight arm shoulder raises X50 with partner

  •         Back across street to school to the track

o   1 lap with 20 merkin / 20 jump squats at the “corners”

·         To the parking lot and circle up for Mary

o   20 X Flutter

o   20 X Dolly

o   20 X Freddie Mercury

o   20 X Slow LBC


Until next time…


Of course it is flat… I think

8 PAX at Devils Turn for some running around the hood.

With the Smokey Mountain Relay crews on full rest Thursday, and Meatloaf fart sacking at home, the numbers were more on the low side, but the quality was still high.

This is a new route for Devils Turn (as far as I know).  So with some descriptive chatter (including a picture of the loops as show and tell), and a detailed ‘don’t run in front of cars’ and disclaimer… we were off.

Commute:  Head down Bevington, Elm, 51, Rea, to the entrance of Carmel Estates.  The Loops:  2 loops, 2 miles each, in Carmel Estates going counter clockwise, and then head back, straight down Rea for COT.

Some mole:

Upon our commute to the hood, Stone Cold asked if there were hills on these loops.  YHC responded… “only a small one at the end of the loop”.   I was of course incorrect.  The first portion of the route was quite nice, with most of the PAX staying together at a relatively brisk pace and with  some friendly chatter as we selected Woodson’s future homestead.   Upon reaching the larger loop-within-the-loop, I realized I may have in correctly judged the bumps in the road (aka random hills).  Nevertheless, we pressed on and started the 2nd round through the estates.  You learn a lot about someone as you run in a group.  Lessons learned:  Enron’s skills in estimating home values may need some help, or the volume of pollen in the air was throwing off his senses.  Pop Tart actually knew this route and neglected to fess up that there be hills.   I don’t think Woodson ever noticed we were on a hill.  At least his pace did not show it.

Thanks all for the solid effort out there.  And thanks for closing us out Stone Cold

Announcements:  Keep Bout Time’s family in your prayers.  Enron on Q next week.



This Could Be The Whole Workout

10 men arrived at Brazwells this morning unsure of who the Q would be but ready to get down to work as we do at The Brave every week


Thin Mint – 1st Half

  • Run up BCP to Ballantyne Country Club entrance
  • Enter BCC and stop at Lederer and Ballantyne Country Club Drive for COP
    • 10 IW in cadence
    • 10 Windmill in cadence
    • Enough warmup
  • Long distance suicide running up BCC Drive, using the speed bumps as targets
    • When you are running out, run straight to your target speed bump (1st one 1st time, 2nd one next time, suicide style) and do 10 burpees
    • Then come back. On the way back, stop at every bump and at the start for 10 merkins
    • Goal was to get to the 6th bump by the clubhouse. Audible after 3rd bump to bring the suicide back down to the 2nd, then the 1st again, done
  • Quick mosey back across BCP to the basement of Room 101

Mario – 2nd Half

  • Stair suicide
    • Up all stairs to 8th floor and back down
    • Up to 7th and back
    • Repeat until done
  • Mary – Box Cutters, Flutters
  • AYG up the decks to the top floor
  • Wall sit
  • Back down the steps
  • Mary – Slow Windshield Wipers, Leg Lifts
  • Up stairs to the 8th floor then meet on the 3rd
  • AYG back to launch
  • Crazy Mary type sit up, leg lift, touch your toe, alternating, coordination thing



Mr. Bean had to pull out of his Q this morning due to IR. Apparently, he injured his hands doing so much spam marketing for The Fishing Hole and wasn’t prepped for a Brave Q. Lucky for us, he will be Qing in 2 weeks on 5/4 which is also his 4 year anniversary of F3. Probably don’t want to miss that. MT complained commented early (last night) that he was expecting an AMRAP — then he didn’t show to find out it wasn’t. The PAX were instructed to give him plenty of crap for fartsacking or going somewhere easier else, until YHC noticed a message from 0430 this morning that he wasn’t feeling well. All is forgiven. See you next Friday.

Always great having a Site FNG come try his mettle at The Brave. One Niner even stopped me at one point to ask who the heck was that guy giving Frasier a run for his money on the speed bump suicide. Yep, that’s Purell, making all most of us feel slow.

The goal was originally to get all 6 bumps in, but it quickly became obvious that this was not going to happen while still giving Mario his 2nd half of the Q. According to Haggis, YHC had a shit-eating grin on his face when announcing the suicide and it was as fun as it sounded. Frasier commented, accurately, that all 6 bumps could be the whole workout and we will definitely have to give this a go one day and see if anyone can get it done. My money is on Rachel. He was steadily making up ground on our 2 rabbits and would have taken them given a little time.

The stairs sucked, as always. We even had a refusenik, who turned into two, then 4 by the time the last trip up the stairs was called. They still ran, just not the stairs. Mario has been learning some new Mary moves lately, it seems. My abs hurt more than my legs at the moment which says something considering we got between 5 and 6 hilly miles.

Another tough morning at The Brave with no six left behind. Hope to see some more Site FNGs next week.



  • Dads and 2.0s camping at Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw tonight. Bring a tent and some food. Super cheap. Contact Frasier for details and come for one or two nights.
  • FNG/Kotter day at Cerberus on 5/11. If you have a new guy you have been thinking to EH or know a guy who hasn’t been out in a while, this is the event to bring him to.
  • Q101 on Saturday 5/26 at The Vine. More details to come.

WBTV. Wednesday Broga Temps Valhalla

Started with devotion. Famous speech from Theodore Roosevelt “a man in the arena.”

Child pose, table top, puppy dog, table top, cat/cow

Down dog, 3 legged dog, low lunge, high lunge, warrior 2, peaceful warrior, extended warrior, triangle, crescent, half angel, down dog.
5 sun salutations on your own

Chair pose, revolved chair, mountain, crescent lunge, star pose, low lunge, half camel, mountain.
Plank, cobra pose, locusts pose, down dog, pigeons pose, butterfly, corpse.


Introduced new pose of locusts. Daring, but we got they it. Always good when you break a sweat stretching!