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The Pellyn Wood Money Hill

Honored to be invited to Q DMZ even though YHC has not been posting regularly. Having been sucked into the vortex of the Muthaship and now Prestige Worldwide, travels to Carmel Park are not frequent even though it is much closer to home than the big city AO’s. Did not want to disappoint so had to do a little recon by internet. There are no parking decks near Carmel Park – what to do? What is a Monday without a deck? Maybe the hills of McHorsey? Heard that AO has gotten a little sketch though. Thanks to Google terrain view it was determined that there is a sweet set of hills with a view of the lake and some really big houses that people like Hillary live in. The bonus is that it is over a mile away so YHC could make it feel like a trip to the Mutha from PWW (which was supposedly exactly what I was missing at PWW today). As Pax gathered someone mumbled that they hoped Aquafresh was not Qing as they were going to go home if he made them do a bunch of Merkins – oops, one of my favorites – just kept my mouth shut. Then as the clock struck 5:30 we were off – well actually we stayed in the lot and did a little COP to wait on a few stragglers. Was expecting one to be Swiper as he promised he would be out this am but he never showed – sad.

The thang:

COP with SSH, Mountain Climbers and my favorite – the True American – hand release merkins with a plank jack.

Fast Mosey to Pellyn Woods, stopping at every cross street and corner to enjoy a variety of merkins and squats

The main event – find the big double hill that crosses the bridge over the lake on Gorham Drive. Do 7’s+7 with burpees at one end and True Americans at the other and 7 Sumo Jump Squats on the bridge every time you crossed it.

Fast Mosey home with a variety of merkins and squats

In the lot, Jack Webbs to 10/40 or so.

The Naked Moleskin:

Great group this am. Some complaining along the way on the lack of creativity at the cross streets. Mumble chatter ended on the Pellyn hill. Those things are steep and long. One Eye and Lewinski were out front pushing it.


USMC Mud Run – May 19

Convergence on Memorial Day at Southpark – SpeedforNeed 5K afterward at the Patriots festival



Looking For A Jam

9 PAX ran the Reverse Flat Branch route, while 1 PAX took a short cut trying to catch up to them in the latest episode of Blakovery.


Run up Rea Rd in the direction of 485, left on Demaine Drive, then right on Elrose Place, past the traffic circle then make a right on Gander Drive.  Left on Parks Farm Rd, right on Blakeney Health, right on Elm, right on Willams Pond Rd, cross of Rea Rd and make a right onto Provincetown Dr. A long stretch until Lancken Dr., then right on Bryant Farms Rd., left on Dennington Grove Lane, right on Darcy Hopkins until reaching Alma Blount and make a left.  Wind through Blakeney Greens and back to launch for stretching led by Paper Jam.


It was apparent from the beginning that folks were eager to run this morning. Bratwurst arrived 5 minutes early to confuse everyone.   Wingman, El Guapo and Hoot darted quickly ahead. Picasso, who was dressed for summer, had no side effects from the weekend to slow him down, and kept up with all of them.  Even JRR Tolkein left me in the dust.

By the time I reached Elm, it was determined that an adjustment would have to be made. Since this is my hood, I knew there were two short cut options to catch up to the other recovery runners. I made a detour down Rea Rd and darted into the Ravenscrest subdivision with the goal of meeting the rest of the crew at the corner of Bryant Farms and Dennington. It wasn’t too long before I heard foot steps coming up fast behind me. It was Bratwurst.  Eventually I was able to rejoin the group and help them avoid going down a wrong road.

One of the tenants of F3: leaving no man behind…even when he ventures out on another route.

It makes me appreciate the bond that we have created in F3 Nation.

Another great Monday.

Operation Sweet Tooth Virtual Race Recap

Had to start the disclaimer at 6:28 because I had a lot to say and didn’t want to have it cut into the solid run time.  When I got to the legal portion of the disclaimer, they seemed confused when I used the juris jargon of douchbagery and ass-clownery.  I can tell because they kept bringing it up throughout the workout. Mostly used in the wrong context and naming me as the object and/or propagator of such terms.

Warm Up & The Thang

Run to While Waiting for the 6 to Arrive Exercise While Waiting for the 6 to Finish Comments
Bus parking lot ———— High Knees
Butt Kickers
———– Once I said Butt Kickers, some immediately asked for A Skips & B Skips. Sorry, you only find those Prancing Unicorn warm ups at places like Pursuit.
Student parking lot ———— Karaoke L / R
Side Straddles L / R
Peter Parker Gave Pax 3 options to get from student parking lot to behind the school, based on total distance. This seemed like a good way to keep the Pax together; different Pax with different speeds take different paths to get to the same spot in relative synchrony. I took the shortest route. Suggested Bottlecap and his kind take the longest option. This took way longer than I thought for the long way group. For a minute, it felt like they started Coffeeteria early.
Blue handrails Supines Loop with squats x5 Parallel Supines 1 squat at 3 of the corners in each loop.
One corner was a spot 50 feet from where we work all around, but never saw any work done there before. #UndiscoveredCountry #Deflowered
———— ———— Lunge walk across bridge
Backwards run uphill to flags
Air presses against concession stand Recalculating can run faster backwards than forwards. There’s a joke in there, but I’m too bemused to come up with one.
Center of practice field Plank Jacks Starfish Burpee Heels to Heaven
Plank Jacks
Side Straddle Hops
Moneyball screams as we head toward the field.
We get there as a group, so no plank jacks. Don’t know what to make of that. So I push the plank jacks for fast finishers. Bottlecap plants the refusnik shovel flag by doing Side Straddle Hops instead.
Trail run to Elementary School gate Drop it like its hot (fence squat) SSH Suicides Jack Webb in the grass
Something must have happened to the Pax at the Floater on Thursday. They have that look in their eye that IED’s have been implanted into their shoulders. One shoulder heavy exercise, and it’s over. Who could have done such a thing? Glad I never go there.

But their anti-shoulder choice feels more like an inFRACKtion has spread within the Pax. I felt like I was on the wrong side of history as early finishers chose to have a crunch in, or LBC-in. The silent protest was deeply moving.

Bus parking lot ———— Bus-i-cides Clock Merkins
Stand & Stare “Pass on Grass!”
Rockwell’s Clock Merkins would have been perfect here. Another refusal. Now Moneyball is invoking his credo – Pass on Grass. Saying it loud & defiantly. It emboldens the others. My feelings are starting to get butthurt. I’m too tired to think of anything else. I’m so locked into this plan & I feel like I emptied the Exicon on this one. I suppose if they are staring, then maybe they are a scoonch tired, too?
Manhole cover Dips Bobby Hurley / Step Overs Curb Agilities Staying pretty tight as a group. Some are confused between a manhole cover and a drain. Damascus begins to tell us everything he’s learned about manholes, but we gotta get going. Starting to get a little behind schedule.
Blue handicap spots Rosalitas 4 Corner Mountain Climbers Amy Grants (J. Lo’s) Mad Dog finds his second wind here, running way out front with authority to the next location!
———— ———— Up Middle School road | Imperial Walkers EITHER:
+ at every light pole AND sign
+ at every light pole OR sign
+ at end
Monkey Humpers By ignoring Moneyball’s request for A / B skips earlier, he retaliates with Imperial Walkers plus kick-ball-change. There may have been jazz hands, but the sun was in my eyes (or his bedazzled toboggan was catching the rays just right).

Pax are now frolicing with their Monkey Humpers, keeping it all nice & adolescent, until someone mentions Human Centipede Monkey Humpers. Ew. That got dark real quick. We’ve been out here too long. These boys aren’t used to being so far from the high school. Let’s get them back home.

Gate Dying Cockroach 5 Tree suicide | Open / Close gates Brick work This was the first time I remember having the open & closed gates as an exercise. Most guys do it warming up, so I thought it wouldn’t be that big a deal. But judging by most Pax’s execution of said exercises, you would have thought I gave each one a bottle of lotion and told them to go explore their bodies. I think they doth protest too much for Man Touch Mondays.
Watchtower parking lot via trail run Bearwalk | Crabwalk | Duckwalk to other end (any combo)
Sprint to pedestrian crossing Hug Poor directions here led to the group getting spread out too much. We got to the light right at 7:30, but BC & MB had soccer games to catch & had to leave on the minute. For those who could stay, they emptied their tanks on the final lap. Especially impressed with how Fusebox had plenty to pass me on Turn 2.

Moleskin Realizations

  • When Olive first announced this race, I knew I wanted to go. An early morning 2.0 soccer game, however, made that impossible to accomplish both. When he allowed for virtual running, I thought it could be done as a workout. I can run 6 miles in an hour; wouldn’t running 5 be easier? No, as it turns out.
  • Once I claimed the Q spot for this day, I really only expected 2, maybe 3 Pax.  Speedsters would balk because maybe that didn’t seem like much of a workout. Clydesdales would refuse because it was farther than the typical 2-3 mile workouts we are used to. Wrong there as well.
  • I had a different sense of motivation for this workout over any other. It seemed like an aggressive ask:
    • 5 miles in an hour
    • still keep it boot camp-y
    • keep Speedsters & Clydesdales together
    • allow for massive modifications
    • avoid the track
    • diversify the workout
    • no time for 10 counts
      And I could not modify. Strava is running on my arm. If I’m not taking the steps, it’s not counting.
  • In chatting with Olive post race. I’m now realizing that by me not going on site, paradoxically more people got involved in the race. I’m still confused by that math.
  • Normally I’m hanging with the 6 and talking to any FNG’s. This time, though, I was so focused on timing and mileage that I just didn’t have the bandwidth for that. What did warm my heart, though, was seeing others fall in beside our FNG, Spicoli, throughout the hour. While I’m sure there were more than Fusebox, Bottlecap, & Transporter, those were just the ones I remember seeing. Some days, when I get really full of myself, I think, “Would anyone else out here be with the 6 if I didn’t?” Today’s realization was a strong yes. Even more sobering, there was a bonus realization that maybe I should be working harder myself; move up to the middle of the pack, and let others go back for the 6. Maybe I’m taking away someone else’s opportunity to be that encouragement. I do have plenty of other things I can work on, like #WatchtowerQWhispering.
  • I had several bullet points of half thought through emotional points. I kept coming back to them, but couldn’t get a complete message out of them. That’s what took so long. Finally, just had to scrap it. That just means I have to Q again to complete another novella.


Spicoli takes the prize for best FNG story. He first meets Transporter because Trans wants to rent Spic’s conversion van for the P200 race. Couple days later, they find each other at the same church. They’ve only known each other for about a month. Spicoli’s from Southern California. The Fast Times reference is completely lost on Transporter, having never even heard of the movie. Even StubHub looked over at him and said, “Seriously, dude?” Other nuances that let me know this was a perfect name – he arrives the day after 4/20; he’s almost the same age as Sean Penn.


Lawson Vendor Fair is tomorrow, I mean, last week. It will bring out at least 3 FNG’s, I guarantee it. #MoreThanACraftFair

To Get to LC of Course

9 pax came out to get their weekend started the right way. We indeed found out the answer to why did the pax cross the road. Here’s what we did.

The Thang

Mosey around the perimeter of the Calvary parking lot eventually making our way to the rock pile near 51. Grab a lifting rock and circle up for COP. It went like this:

-10 SSH in cadence, 15 rock curls OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

-10 IW in cadence, 15 triceps extensions OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

-10 Merkins in cadence, 15 flutter presses OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

-10 LSS in cadence, 15 Thrusters OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

Return the rocks back to the pile. Mosey across 51 and enter into the Whitegate neighborhood. Stop at the Calley Glenn and Five Knolls intersection. Next set was to run down Five Knolls making 3 stops on the way out (Macdara Glenn, bottom of LC, Whisperwood) and 3 stops on the way back (bottom of LC, Macdara Glenn, Calley Glenn) doing called exercise at each stop. We did 2 rounds. The first was 10 jump squats at each stop. The second round was 5 Burpees. Mosey a little closer to LC stopping at the man hole cover at the top. There are 6 man hole covers on the slope of the LC. We would run down to the bottom and then do called exercise at each cover on the way back up. We did 3 rounds. Round 1 was 10 mountain climbers. Round 2 was 10 plank jacks. Round 3 was 5 monkey humpers. Gather everyone up and head back to the rock pile where we started. Grab a lifting rock. 10 Thrusters, drop the rock, run around the trees in the field and back. Repeat but with 10 Rockies. Return the rocks. Head to the launch. Done.


Great work today men. That was fun. Welcome to FNG Tek who Flipper brought out. He’s an IT guy and hates Virginia Tech (he went to Virginia) so the name seems fitting.


The beer mile is on 5/11 at 6:30. Location is TBD. Talk to Gummy or Hoover for details.


Crawling around Conviction

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, I broke county lines to lead the 4 Pax at Conviction. Here’s what we did:


Mosey around the parking lot to warm up


20X Hillbilly

Mosey to Playground area

Plank it up

Mountain Climbers X20

Peter Parker X20


Mosey onto the track

Four Corners-

1st Round- Running

2nd Round- Bear Crawl

3rd Round- High Knee Skips

4th Lunges on the straight away Spiderman Crawl around the turns


Corner 1- MerkinsX 10

Corner 2- Jump SquatsX 10

Corner 3- Reg SquatsX10

Corner 4- BurpeesX5


BROGA BREAK- Sun SalutationX2 (yes on pavement)

Mosey to the Sidewalk

Partner 1- Exercise

Partner 2- run to the baseball field

Exercise 1- Monkey Humpers

Exercise 2- Russian Twist


Mosey halfway back to launch, then AYG to the parking lot




I always enjoy making the epic trip from Mecklenburg county to Union- those ten minutes transport you to such a different world (not really)

Normally my Wednesday’s are a strict recovery day- you’ll usually find me at Gumby stretching it out (5:30 at Matthews United Scout hut *Cough *cough). So while I wanted to bring a beat down- I also wanted to educate the Pax on the beauty of the Broga- and I’d say the melding of the two was pretty successful.

Lois struggled early with the wet grass during our first Broga Break- he transition to pavement and promptly recovered.


Honestly… i misjudged how long the track at the school … or it just is longer when you are bear crawling it. Initially the plan was to Spiderman crawl the entire thing- but quick Q audible after the bear crawl… it was rough!


The Po-lice rolled up on us at the track- as Gypsy hurriedly consumed all the moonshine he had brought to stay hydrated. We then hastily explained to the officer that we were working out. Satisfied he rolled out- not before denying Gypsy’s invitation to join… something about it being to early ( #sadclowncop)

Great job guys cranking it out- Lois joined me for the trek to Union County and brought the pain.

Gypsy is a machine- I was tempted to add additional 10-counts to the workout just to see how many Merkins he’d do.

Crypto cranked it out as well- bad back and all!


Thanks Gypsy and BullWinkle for letting me lead- this is always an awesome Q and a great workout to be at (especially when EHing New guys).


Until Next time- Aye!



The Internet is Going Crazy Over this Backblast

Clickbait – it’s the worst. On to the real story.

Prequel – Mary Kay, Frasier and I pre-ran Ben Nevis Hill. The internet can’t believe how fast Frasier. Celebrities can’t stop tweeting about Mary Kay’s F3 transformation. #beast

AC/DC’s Thunderstruck boomed from my cellphone. Every time Brian Johnson shrills, “thunder” or “thunderstruck”, you do a burpee. The internet can’t believe it’s a total of 33. (Toolbag “couldn’t hear” well, so he may have missed some.) #accountability

The Thang
We left the lot, cruised through the Bally Hotel. Safety note, it always smells like a gas leak. No that is not a Frehley’s Comet joke. He had tennis today. We stopped at the putting green in between the two parking decks. Inspired by a Tuck Q that happened so long ago, it’s public domain, we first raced to determine speed. Then equally distributed the fast guys and slow guys. Each team had to run a deck, stopping for 10 hand release ‘Mericans at each ramp. First entire team back wins. Flapjack, rinse and repeat with 10 heels-to-Heaven at each ramp. My team lost twice.

We ran past the helipad to the weird stone mini-amphatheatre on the golf course. Partnerships were formed.
P1 10 step-ups, 10 D’mericans P2 runs to the helipad for 10 jump squats.
Rinse and repeat.

Loooooooooooooooooooooong run back to home base. The internet is still freaking out over it.

I hate hype, especially corporate phoney enthusiasm. Be real.

This was my third Q this week. My fault, I did it to myself. It wasn’t easy, but that’s the point. Thanks to all who joined me at any post. We covered 4ish miles today, and that may have been a little more than comfortable for some. That’s what F3 is all about, doing stuff that’s hard, but doing it together.

Cerberus FNG Day – May 11. Bring a Facebook friend.

Next week at Stonehenge Cul-de-Sac earns respect. Word on the street, the bar will be open.

A Clydesdale Call Out

Sixteen pax showed up for a Saturday morning beat down.  Four pax who have been MIA were called out on GroupMe and sent a personal invitation to join.  One accepted that invitation, though I think he regretted it soon after.


Warm Up

Mosey to top of parking lot.  I soon heard what I though was flat foot behind me, quick over the shoulder check, affirmative.

30 SSH

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Peter Parker Push Ups

10 Potato Pickers

Mosey to benches at school and partner up.

Partner 1: Derkins.  Partner 2: Run a Lap.  Transition was going to be a joint squat with your partner holding hands all the way down, but to the ground, then pulling on each other to help back up.  I attempted to demonstrate with Transporter.  It was not going as smoothly as I had hoped and as soon as I heard “why don’t you just kiss him” from the peanut gallery, I decided to change it up.  10 Squats to transition exercises.  2 Rounds.

Partner 1: Bench hop over.  Partner 2: Heels to Heaven.  Transition: 5 Push ups.  Some pax had great form (Cyrus).  Others didn’t quit grasp the up and over (I will leave those nameless but it rhymes with eagle room.) 2 Rounds.

Partner 1: 1 legged lunge on bench.  Partner 2: Run the loop.  No Transition.  2 Rounds.

Mosey to Rocks and grab a heavy lifting rock.

30’s (Curls) 10 bottom half, 10 upper half, 10 full curl.  Made sure to call out those that use the swing of their body to do a curl.  Wasn’t planning on calling anyone out but Bottle Cap stepped up and called himself out.

Military Press Ladder with a hold.  10, 9 + 1 second hold, 8 +2…..

Shoulders were burning so decided to throw in a quick mosey to the speed bump and back before starting next exercise.

Squat Ladder with a hold.  I was getting gassed.  Thanks to Recalculating for stepping in for a quick count while I caught my breath.

Mosey to back of school for Supine Ladder.  I had a quick thought of adding the hold in there, but that it would be too much.

Jailbreak to the short wall.

20 step ups, bear crawl to wall, 10 Mike Tysons, lunge walk back to wall.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  Time check – make that 2 rounds.  Time check again – yeah, we better mosey.

Mosey to Brick pile, wait gate is locked.  Posse said something about moseying around football and baseball fields…um, no.  Mosey back bast tennis courts.

Grab two bricks for shoulder work.  4 count front raise, down, side raise, down.  I think we did 20 of them?  Bricks down and do it again with no bricks.  For those questioning the counting…I just did it until it burned.  No rhyme or reason other than burn factor.

Lean over for reverse fly to work back deltoids.  Again, I think count was around 12, drop bricks and do until it burned.

Stay leaned over for tricept kick back.  12 with bricks.  another 12-15 without bricks.

Mosey through woods to parking lot.

Partner up for partner push (2 rounds), followed by partner pull (1 round).  Some how my partner (Run Flat) was stolen from me.  All good, partnered with Popeye.

T claps to the light pole and then jail break to the finish.

Ran (slowly walked) to get my phone and return to find the pax doing burpees.

Mole Skin

Great work today.  I had intended this to be a Clydesdale friendly workout (meaning less running, more lifting).  That being said, I was wore out by the end and breathing hard.

Thanks to Beltway for accepting the call out and showing up today.

Cyrus has been a great addition to the group.  Some young blood.  This was his 4th workout of the week.

It was good to see Transporter out at a WUC workout.  Always a positive attitude and pushes the rest of us to be our best.

Always enjoy seeing the 2.0’s come out.  Popeye’s boys are getting stronger.  Great to see their stamina improving with each post. (Now if they could just pass that on to their father – hey oh!).

On a related, but side note.  A big group at Coffateria today.  Ran into a recent FNG Wild Thing and his 3 girls.  Transporter went out of his way to introduce himself not only to Wild Thing, but also his girls.  Great to see the welcoming attitude and just general all around good spirit.  Hoping to get Wild Thing back out soon.

Also the power of F3 Networking was shown as we found out Cyrus is a welder currently in between jobs.  Several pax connected with him and potential opportunities/leads they might have.

Chelms or CheckPoint in the Centurion Mile?

22 met on a pleasant morning at CCHS to either see if an old man could Q a decent workout, or more likely to see the long awaited showdown between Chelms and Checkpoint (YHC). It all started a while back when YHC was noticeably missing from this fine AO which is much closer to my home than the Metro workouts I had been frequenting in prep for a marathon. Chelms started a little twitter war taking away my Centurion membership card (wait, I thought you didn’t have to join F3 – core principle?). Fortunately Margo said YHC could earn it back in a little footrace over the Centurion mile.

The Thang:

Being a gentleman, after some SSH, mountain climbers, and true americans, YHC spotted Chelms 15 seconds and the race was on. It was an amazing finish. At some point since regularly posting, the pax have decided that the climb to the top of the parking deck is part of the mile instead of the extra credit. Imagine the surprise when the fleet footed Ice9 and Scabby navigated the traditional mile loop and arrived at the finish only to find the rest of the pax comfortably breathing during some mary led by Hops. I guess YHC still does not have his membership card back.

YHC sucked it up and thinking of Ice9’s good friend, Stinger, channeled a little angry bee.

4 corners of the parking deck – climb the stairs, 5 burpees, across the deck, 10 true americans, down the stairs, 15 sumo jump squats, across the parking lot, 20 LBC’s (originally called for LBJ’s cause I was missing my Metro friend, Little Baby Jesus). Do that 3 times – not enjoyable for many. It paid to be a winner – in a perverse way – as winners got to do an extra trip to the top and merkins while waiting on the six.

Fast mosey across 51 to the big lot. Merkins while waiting on the six. 5x merkins at every crosswalk and 5x sumo jump squats on return. Someone counted and said there were 16 – they look out for pedestrians over there.

Jack Lalanes (merkins and air presses to 10×40) until the six arrived. Very fast mosey to make it back at exactly 6:15.


Scabby, Ice9, and Brillo were out front. Mermaid and Snooka who smoked the 3×4, were close behind. Not a lot of mumble chatter so not a lot of scoop to share. Even Chelms did not boast about his big win.

Glad to have a great group. Appreciate the lead Margo.


Need Q’s for Centurion

Two Speed for Need races this weekend. Always looking for Track Commanders

Udder shared a link to an Amazon page where you can buy needed items for About Time who has relocated the family to Memphis for 100 days for treatment and recovery for Jennings. I looked at the page and it seems as if all items on the wish list have been purchased – consider cash or gift cards?

USMC Mud Run on May 19 – Dredd is leading a team that hopes to return Charlotte Metro to glory – Sign up and join in the fun.

I love pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food

Shovel flag was planted, and the disclaimer was given, “I’m not a professional, but I love pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food. (Parks & Recreation Ron Swanson reference).

From Brazwell’s we headed north up Ballantyne Commons all the way (1.5 mi) to the Uhwarrie (baby) Deck.

Triple Nickel
Base of deck – Double ‘Merican burpees
Top of deck – Donkey kicks
Some guys finished early, Triple Sixtel?

We left the bank and headed east on Rea Rd to the (Robinson) Farm.

Sevens on the Balcony
Base of Stairway 1 – Hand-release ‘Mericans
Base of Stairway 2 – Heels-to-Heaven
Before leaving, we did some more ‘Mericans
10 regular
10 Stagger right
10 Stagger left
10 Diamond

We left the farm and ran to the St. Matthew wall on Elm.

Sevens on the wall

Climb up wall x 6
Big boy sit-up x 1
all the way to
Climb up wall x 1
Big Boy sit up x 6

Back to base, some people are faster than others. They know who they are.

In the Brazwell Parking Lot
Round 1 Bear crawls
Round 2 Shuffle
Round 3 Backwards
Round 4 Alternating sprints
Round 5  All out sprint

A few observations
The new site is a real plus. Room 101 and Murderhorn are going to be staples, but you can definitely find other territory/challenges.
The route to each destination is 4 mi. However, with all the extra running we all hit 5+. Initially, I was really worried we wouldn’t finish in time, but I had to throw in the wall and parking lot stuff because y’all are too fast. (Perhaps I should have called 11s at Uhwarrie.) Maybe next time?

Wingman asked me what rep we were on twice, I gave him the wrong answer and was corrected twice. (Sorry, too much to think about.)


See me at Stonehenge tomorrow!!

May 11 – FNG Day at Cerberus (Waverly)


So this may tell you how sadistic I am but before we started the topic of burpees came up, One Star, started railing into some IDIOT (my words:)) doing a ridiculous amount of burpees to start a work out.   He went on and on,  me standing there part of the conversation realized quickly that he didn’t realize that the IDIOT that was ME (must have been the toboggan)! That said, I did plan on doing the burpees today but I was going to break them up during the work out but after hearing One Star,  I had no choice, we had to do the 12×12 again.  Sorry One Star,  it was your fault:)

WU:  20 SSH, 10 merkins, 20 MC, 15 IW

The Thang:  12×12 burpees,  simple 12 burpees a minute for 12 minutes.  Mosey over to the parking deck up the steps.  Rotate down each flight 5 burpees each flight alt. staircase.  Last,  5 times Squats at the bottom while running the deck as the loop.  Finished with some Mary at the bottom.


Moleskin:  So by the lack of discussion and what appeared to be some potential Merlot Tossing,  I think the 12X12 got everyone’s heart rate up, its a tough grind but these men hung in and pushed themselves. That said I think I saw Doc taking a nap around the 11th round for his 15 seconds of recovery.  Das boot, Snowfake and Madison worked their magic and pushed themselves,  ALF is a beast and it was great to see Hollywood back in the mix, always has a smile on his face.  Market Timer and Pop tart I think were cursing me the whole time while Cheddar and Turkey leg had the glory of less running after their recent running achievements (nice work men!).   As always I look forward to getting to know some new F3 folks and it was nice to connect with Astro for a few minutes after COT.  Nutter, Zeek and Uncle Leo looking forward to getting to know you all better and I promise the next q I do will not have burpees.  As always, honored to be part of F3 and given  the opportunity to lead,  love the fact this site is beginning to be a solid mix up of the 3 regions, folks like Crabcake, Snow, Das, Madison, Cheddar and Doc continue to bring unity to the regions.

Last,  just a thought,  I chose to work out in a well lite area for part of our work out so that we can “advertise” ourselves a little bit more to the area.  Lot of folks driving down 16 may see us and wonder,  so just food for thought as those apartments fill up we may want to make ourselves visible as best we can.



June 8th-  Pool Party  8-10 PM Lawson Pool Waxhaw- Cost $40 to raise funds for Sandbox (promise no additional Shake downs)

Prayers- Madison’s Father in Law,  Bucky’s Daughter