Monthly Archive February 2018

McAlpine Elementary School has gone down hill since we left

11 Men posted at Rock Zero this morning braving a forecast that was guaranteed to be somewhere between perfectly dry and a monsoon.  But the 52 degrees was a nice change from the bitter cold so the light steady rain wasn’t much of a factor.

Gave a disclaimer before we launched, all confirmed I was not a professional, then we twiddled our thumbs while Run Stopper casually got out of his car, full gun show on display.  He likes to make an entrance.

Mosey around the lot and over to the Hot Box for short warmup.

Derkins, Step Ups, and Imperial Walkers (crowd favorite).  Original option could have been to stay in hot box for the full workout and avoid the rain, but that sounded terrible.

So off we went heading West on 51.

Stop before the first intersection and do some lunge walks so the 6 could catch up.  Hoover kept the running pretty close, even with the Ruck on.  Do some reverse lunch walks down the street to the school, again waiting on the 6.

Head back to the rear of the school for some pull-ups to find the place littered with Purple Haze’s coats and jackets.  Seriously like 50 of them over every railing and fence.  And also the pull up bars were gone.  Completely.  With grass where Philmont and his son once completed an Eagle Scout project.  Bummer.  Head back to the basketball courts for instructions.

Run loop around field.  Corner 1 – 10 jump squats,  Corner 2, 10 jump squats & 10 merkins, Corner 3 –  10 jump squats & 10 merkins & 10 step ups on the wall, back at basketball court – 10 jump squats & 10 merkins & 10 more jump squats, & 10 burpees.

Repeat the whole thing with 20x of each exercise.  Also throw in lots of complaining and refusniking.  Back at the basketball court provided “encouragement” to let folks know that standing around was not an acceptable modification from the called 20 burpees and maybe try some Mary.

Over to the base of the hill at Carswell and Bevington.  Run up the hill, 10x Romanian Dead Lifts each leg (by request), and 10x 8-count body-builder’s at the bottom.  Complete 3 rounds.

Run out Bevington, Left on Rea and Left back into Cavalry with stops along the way for some Mary and to let the 6 catch up.

A few extra minutes for some lifting rock work.  15x bent over rows, good mornings, curls, and triceps.  2 rounds.

Mosey back to launch.  End.


It’s important to remember your roots, so the occasional trip back to Day Zero is needed.  Man has the place gone down hill.  The even remove the monkey bar dome thing for the kids.  Haze and Radar would be disappointed at the state of affairs over there.

Strong work by all the guys.  2 Respects in Big League Chew and Marlin were hustling.  BLC was apparently trying to use this workout as a detox from a trip to Vegas.  You might need more than one workout for that!  Boerwors and Hammer had to peel off from the PAX at McAlpine for Hammer’s twisted ankle.  Strava still has them at ~4 miles so they must have made it back and did some work.  They did join us for the rock sets at the end.  Hoover was reminiscing about the days when he was 80 lbs heavier so he kept the ruck on with the blue tooth speaker blasting the toons the whole time.  Flipper was feeling the pain from too much fartsacking and a fast pace run yesterday.  He hung back to keep the Rucker company.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  This was my 3rd workout this week with both Rachel and Purell in attendance.  And in case there was any question I was behind them for the 3rd time this week.  Gummy had lots to say.  Mostly trying to disrupt the Q, to no avail.  Now he will likely review this backblast for all of my grammar and punctuation mistakes.  Hopefully it’s chock full of them.  The rock set was an audible with the time left, but I couldn’t let Run Stopper where the sleeveless shirt and not get some bicep work in.

Most of the crew made it to Starbucks for 2nd F.  Including M Runstopper.

Thanks to Flipper for the takeout.


Frozen Tundra of Stonecrest

Better late than never.  9 showed on the frozen tundra of Stonecrest for some laps, chest, and legs with a bit of up and down dog for the not so faint of heart.
Disclaim given and we mozied.
SSH, IW, a few mercks, some abe vigodas and a lot of mumble chatter about how cold it was
Key takeaway was to keep moving.
Do a lap around the complex on the ‘main’ road stopping at every other speed bump and stop sign.  Alternate 10 merkins and 10 jump lunges. lost track but think it was about 100 each
Start near cinema, up past Wendy’s & Chic Filet, up to GNC, take right around back of Target and Teeter back to Cinema, maybe a mile all the way around. once finished go back and get the 6.
Circle up for some more stretching including up/down dog
Repeato with Carolina dry docks and regular squats 10x each. Go back and get the 6.
Mozy back to launch for some Mary. Pax calls it and counts it. Finito.
Not much I remember. Everyone was pretty cold. Appreciate the opportunity.
Announcements: Happy New Year


Round and round we go

16 PAX gathered in the gloom to do some work at Rebel Yell.  It was good to see Strawberry back out after recovering from pneumonia.  As the PAX were greeting each other there was mumble chatter about not going to the Murderhorn, luckily for the crew that was not in the plan and that wasn’t going to change.  After a brief disclaimer was given we were off…


The Thang

Mosey around Regal parking lot for some warm up:

all in cadence – 10 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Merkins, 10 Low Slow Squats


quick mosey back to entrance to Regal, partner up – 1 PAX runs lap around the outside of the Regal parking lot while the other does exercise, then flap jack, plank and wait for the 6 after each team finished one set.  1st lap = Carolina Drydocks; 2nd lap = Freddie Mercury’s; 3rd lap = Squats.


Mosey behind Jersey Mike’s, stop at each speed bump for 5 merkins and plank wait for the 6 at the end.  Grab some wall for People’s Chair, go down the line for 10 presses (civilian count).


Mosey to the fountain, on the way your’s truly got lost for a minor detour.  Partner back up – 1 PAX runs lap around both buildings while the other does exercise, then flap jack until 150 dips and 100 step up were completed.  Mary and wait for 6.


Mosey back to the launch and circle up for Mary, go around circle with each PAX calling an exercise.  Frehley’s Comet managed to make the circle a half moon – respect given for open air gassing that many people.


thanks to all the PAX for coming out, strong work by all.  I appreciated the opportunity to lead

The Day Jack Webb Arrived at Burpback Mountain

Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

On Friday, February 9th, at approximately 7:48 am , Madison put out an all-points bulletin letting the unit know that due to last minute “biological issues” the Q for next day’s AO would be unavailable and a replacement Q was in need.  YHC, with his own case of Jello-arms, reluctantly volunteered to lead the PAX into the gloom.  However, YHC’s activities of that evening would prevent him from writing up a well thought out and executable weinke.

This is the gloom. It sucks and I’m Q

YHC woke up this morning with no written weinke and debated whether or not to show up to his own Q.  Not to pull a Madison on Madison’s own site, YHC decided (reluctantly) to show up.  What you are about to see is the depraved mind of one, Q, who decided to wing it,

YHC arrived with 3 minutes to spare with Dr. Thunder warming up and Arsenal, per usual, hiding in his vehicle (maybe he too foresaw the events of the day shaping up and was debating whether or not it was worth it.  Shortly after, the rest of the PAX arrived. At 7am YHC announced the start of the workout by announcing a Mosey.  Up the sidewalk we ran.  In the middle we switched to Kareoke right, then left, then a backwards Mosey before finishing the Mosey down towards the bus lot and into the middle of the parking lot.

Circle Up



SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

LSS x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Mosey towards the tennis courts.  We stopped on the small access road going towards the side of the school to begin a set of exercises commonly referred to as The Thang

The Thang

Deconstructed Burpee Countdown.

This consisted of breaking the burpee up into 4 exercises and doing 10 reps of each and then counting each set down to 1. However, it appeared to miscommunicated to some of the PAX that there were actually 4 components to this workout and the beginning set of 10 may have not been done completely said PAX.

Mosey to the hill next to the tennis courts

Burpback Mountain.  Split into partners.  Partner 1 does burpees at the bottom of the hill while partner two runs backwards up the hill and forwards down 5 times.  The partners then switch.  This continues until the cumulative number of burpees amongst the PAX reaches 100.  Smokey made an off-hand remark about the unfortunate naming convention of this workout.  Little did he know what other unfortunately named exercises await.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Pain Stations.

Pain Stations.

The parking lot was divided into 4 quadrants or stations.  At the first station, 20 merkins.  At the second station, 25 CDDs.  At the third station 35 LBCs.

At this point, YHC’s audible ran into a road block causing a few grumbles of how well planned this Q really was.  Bonhoeffer suggested monkey humpers for this station and so we had 40 monkey humpers.

Dr. Thunder asked for a demonstration of this at this point.  To which Smokey had to provide several disclaimers, and much to his dismay demonstrate the workout.  A catch was thrown into this in that before you could advance to the next station, you had to make a lap around the parking lot first and then proceed.

At the beginning of this ordeal, YHC, had ripped a hole in both pairs of shoes causing his soles to protrude out.  In stopping to adjust for this inconvenience, Bonhoeffer exclaimed that I was now soleless and the workout had become so.

Line up against the wall for People’s Air Presses

1 set x 50 civilian count

2 set x 100 civilian count

at the end of each set, balls to the wall was done with a 10 count from both Smokey and Arsenal.  The credit for this portion of the audible was granted to Lumberjack.

To the covered lunch area we went only to find a special guest was awaiting…Jack Webb..,no need to explain




The Moleskin will be summed by Smokey’s FB post after the workout: “I am going forward tomorrow after church for prayer…I am also praying with some rosary beads currently and contemplating finding a confessional booth with a priest (and I am not even Catholic)”

As always it was an honor to lead the PAX this morning. Thank you, as always for the opportunity


CPR Training.  The deadline to sign up is Tomorrow!! It will happen next Saturday 02/17 at 9am  Not sure on the location, see Madison.  Sign up sheet is on FB page and the registration fee is $35.  This is a good opportunity to get CPR trained and it is coming at a steep discount.  (Usually runs for $100)

Madison will have his redemption Q (baring any alarm clock fat thumb malfunctioning) this Tuesday at Thrive

Conviction will be closing down this Wednesday for a Mid-Week convergence with F3 Mint Hill at Pain Academy (Bain Elementary School).  Lets show some support for our F3 Mint Hill brothers as they showed us when they came to Conviction a month ago.

Redemption: The Story of Bullwinkle J Moose And The Relentless Fartsack

YHC had promised the day before that he was going to do the following:

  1. Show up to his own Q
  2. Provide Glorious Pain
  3. Make Sure the Workout leaned more towards George Carlin’s football analogy than his baseball one

His audience however, was a hard sell to convince for all 3 and on number 3 it became apparent that the goal of this workout was to “be safe and go home”  And here we…go

YHC arrived, much to the surprise of all. Goal number 1 achieved  At 30 seconds past 7, YHC yelled out Mosey and the work out began.  Mosey up the side walk, Kareoke once at the top, though YHC’s words were not conveyed effectively, E-harmony seemed to chime in to finish the sentence (right).  Once the middle of the side walk was reached, backwards mosey down the hill.

Circle Up



SSH x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC


The Thang

Gypsy Bell

Grab a bell and circle up.  Do 20 of called exercise and pass the bell to your right.  Continue to do 20 of said of exercise until your bell has made it around to you.  As there were 14 participants, we only had time for 1 round.  20 Curls it is.  Apparently there was a lot of moaning and groaning about having too many reps.  Also there was some questionable questioning about YHC’s form.  YHC therefore stopped the revolution halfway.

5 Burpees OYO for questioning Q’s form.  (Because only North Korean style authority will do when YHC is on Q)

Pain Stations

6 Stations-1 Timer

Some background.  YHC had politely asked Hairband to retrieve his body..I mean sand bags for this very purpose.  Too bad someone did not receive said message until 5am and found his garage too cluttered to retrieve said bags (or maybe they were in actual use after one too many short jokes)

Station 1- People’s Shoulder Presses Against The Wall AMRAP

Station 2- Mini Hair Burners AMRAP

Station 3- Tricep Extensions AMRAP

Station 4: KB Swings AMRAP

Station 5: Lawn Mowers AMRAP

Station 6: Clean and Press AMRAP

Timer- Farmer’s Carry to the end of the parking lot and back

Now, YHC assumed that since there were 14 PAX, this would all be done in some sort or order going from back to front.  However, YHC’s lack of words (maybe I should have also added in the disclaimer that I am not an English major) led to multiple people doing the same exercise on any given turn with Sticky Note and E-Harmony double up on the shoulder presses and no one doing the KB swings at any given point.  Also, the token state and duke fans (shall not be named) apparently stopped along the way during the first farmer’s carry to chit chat about life and took 5 minutes to return.,.But I digress

People’s Shoulder Presses Against The Wall x 50 Civilian Count.  (YHC again called out for not being able to complete said task, though YHC only accidentally dropped his KB.  YHC decided to spare the PAX any burpees at this point, because the next exercise was…)

7’S on the hill- Starting with 6 flutter presses at the bottom of the hill, and then 1 burpee at the top



The End


Big shout out to Madison.  For while, he did not show up to said workout, his fartsacking of his own Q (due to “technological alarm clock difficulties”) provided some cover for YHC and appears to have lowered the bar some of what is required to Q (apparently just showing up is good enough now)

Bernanke was blabbering on about how the repeated arm curls might “hurt someone”, though what would you expect when your own workouts include strolls in the park and Glass Joe Merkins, that when actually required to lift something heavy, it will hurt.  Imagine that!

Glass Joe continuing to show everyone that the lord has apparently cursed some long-legged persons with bad form all around.

Playoffs-Kotters! Welcome back to the gloom!

It was an absolute honor to lead you all this morning PAX.  It is absolutely a testament to F3 that you all show up day in and day out to embrace the gloom and the suck to the fullest.  Thank you for the opportunity as always.


Sign Up for CPR classes.  Deadline to signup is 02/11.  $35 registration fee  Class is on 02/17 starting at 9AM. See Madison for location  This is a really good deal as it would usually cost $100 to take this kind of course regularly and it is good to be trained in CPR especially when in the gloom

Madison will have his redemption Q at Thrive this Tuesday, make sure your alarm clocks are set to AM and not PM.

Conviction will close down this Wednesday for mid-week convergence with F3 Mint Hill at Pain Academy.  Lets show some support for our F3 Mint Hill brothers as they showed up en masse last month at Conviction.

2 Teams Enter, 1 Team Leaves…The Cave

Yeah, F3 prides themselves on workout rain or shine, sweltering or freezing, yada yada. Yesterday, the forecast looked a bit rocky and YHC was craving a gear based workout and really any excuse to throw the change-up and hit shift Blackhawk to The Cave. Being out of the game for a week after a gnarly ski accident and sick kiddo, YHC wanted this one to be a smoker, a true grinder if you will. The best way to make said grinder a bit more enjoyable is to pit 2 teams against one another in some unfriendly competition working towards the same end goal…with music of course.

5.5 brutes (Dark Helmet joined late) took part in a 2.5mile pre-run, which did not include music unless you count Bounty Hunter crying “Why are running outside” and “I’m getting wet” repeatedly during the run.

630 hit the watch and we had 7….hmmmm the predicament of an uneven number. Boom, problem solved as Transporter came running up to even out the teams:

Team 1

  • Ringer
  • Transporter
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Fallout

Team 2

  • Copay
  • Atlas
  • Dark Helmet
  • General

The exercises were presented and the rules were simple…Be the 1st team to finish all of the Exercise Reps. YHC proceeded to struggle with technology in getting the music situation handled. T-claps to Dark Helmet for taking the reigns of the warm-up portion.




(look at General…still messing with music)

Mountain Climbers

(look at General…still messing with music)

Another exercise

(look at General…screw it let’s just start. YHC will figure this out while doing squats)


The Thang (be the 1st team to complete the grinder below):

  • 150 Pull-ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 50 Laps (around inside of parking deck)
  • 50 Hairburners
  • 300 KB Swings
  • 20 Bucket Carries
  • 150 Incline Merkins
  • 150 Decline Merkins
  • 200 Jump Rope

Each team started out with a different approach, which at the end of the day all came together in basically organized chaos. Team 1 chose to start off with knocking out the laps. Team 2 hammered out the pull-ups and squats to start.

The teams were very evenly matched and separated by 30sec or less with team 2 (deuces) taking home the W…although we are all winners (sike)

15min remain, so we finished with something light…I mean something that really sucked:

  • Mosey to the bottom level – All you got to the top
  • Mosey down to bottom level:
    • regular plank into 6inch plank, repeato for 10sec count around the horn
    • All you got to the top
  • Core Shredder Circuit
    • Pistol Crunch (10x each leg)
    • LBC x20
    • Box Cutter x15
    • Flutter x20
    • 6inch LBC aka The Crowd Pleaser x10
    • Superman’s (Lean right, lean left, hyper speed x2)
    • 6inch Plank, 10sec hold and back to regular plank around the horn



Solid group of dudes today for the grinder. Competitive juices were flowing and everyone was getting after it and talking bleep to the opposition. First and foremost I would like to thank Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, TI and a handful of other artists for providing the musical inspiration during the grinder. I could see tears flowing down Ringer’s face as Extraterrestrial by Katy Perry came on…get’s him every time. Transporter made it out of the bed in which he only slept for a broken 25 minutes the entire night due to a 6 girl sleep over in which he stated “They were all wearing concrete boots.” Way to get after it man, everytime I looked over and tapped out from hairburners, you were starting another set. Fallout got out of bed without knowing what was in store, and was better today because of it. Solid work man, way to shake-off the rust after being in fantasy land for 2 weeks. Copay, the Twitter sensation…I mean a guy fresh of getting his Twitter handle dis-banded crushed through the pull-ups for Team 2 and proved that those jet engines still work on the uphill sprints. Bounty Hunter, although you complained during the entire pre-run you got after it in the grinder competition and also showed off the jets in the 1 of 2 sprints that you competed in. Atlas, good call on taking the lead on The Cave audible. Always good to change it up and appreciate you donating some gear to the cause. Solid work man, you were looking P200 ready on the laps. Dark Helmet, appreciate the lead on the warm-up as I struggled through tech setup. Single-handily conquered the bucket carries for Team 2 and made the War-Daddy’s proud…also the self proclaimed Fat Daddy.


BROLYMPICS 2.BRO is right around the corner, 2/24. Make an effort to be there and also pre-register using the link below to help the set up crew figure out the gear quantities:



Over & Out


Storm Trooper Olympics

Had a mediocre turnout for the 5AM trash pick-up, but what we lacked in numbers we made up for with effort.  Thanks to Margo, Lorax, Utah, Thunder Road, and Udder for pitching in. The prize find was a storm trooper Halloween mask (check twitter for the pic).  Strangely, the last time I was Q at Centurion we also had a trash pick-up so not sure what to make of that.  Have to say that bending down to pick up trash was not kind to my hammies which were still sore from the Wednesday pain fest at Anvil.

Did a quick disclaimer that mumble chatter seemed to indicate was overly polite so I will have to work on that in the future.

The Thang

Ran to the lower parking lot behind the football stadium.


Low-slow-squat x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mountain climber x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Moseyed over to the corner of the stadium to run a set around the stadium, stopping at each corner for 10 hand-release merkins with lunge walk on the short sides.  Repeat with diamond merkins, but no lunge walk.

Went over to the handrails and did the following set 3 times oyo:

10 pullups

20 incline merkins

30 dips

Next set was the triple tower.  Run up first tower for 10 carolina dry docks, back down to handrails for 10 pull-ups, same set up the second tower and third tower.  Last set was run up the short ramp all the way to the top and finish with 10 cdd.

Some mary at the top:

25 x FM IC

25 x LBC IC

25 x Flutter IC

Finished with 3 events:

Standing long jump race halfway across the deck

Low plank to failure

2 minutes of old fashion sit-ups

Ran back to launch lot.


Great work by the PAX that was 17 strong.  Mad props to Lorax for winning gold in the standing long-jump race, Champagne for edging out Marconi in the low-plank show-down (very impressive for both), and Udder for standing on top of the podium for the sit-up challenge.  I tried to get in some extra pull-up work this week as that is a oft-forgotten exercise in this AO and it balances out all of the merkin work we usually do.  Glad that everyone wore gloves because those bars were definitely frozen.

It’s great to see this group continue to show up week-in and week-out and it was an honor to lead the PAX today.


CPR Training 2/17/18 – They are looking for sign-ups and Centurion could use a few more guys certified as only Udder is currently certified out of the 17 today.

Brolympics coming soon – communication can be found on that somewhere I’m sure.

Pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, as they continue the fight against his cancer

Suicide Island

The lot filled up quickly with Kevlar regulars, some visitors and some F3 founding members in attendance. 13 joined what would be an offsite, slightly risky tour de downtown Matthews.


I gave my disclaimer letting everyone know that if I go down to not give me CPR and just let me die. Joker was having none of that and said he would welcome the chance of saving my life. Before things got too awkward, I increased the pace…


The Thang

Took the crew over to Aldi to christen the lot with sweat and celebrate their new building. If I had 25 cents on me I would have done some kind of shopping cart related warmup. Stupid expensive shopping carts. Quick warmup with IWs, Merkin/Mountain Climbers, SSH.


Gathered up and headed across Hwy 51. Looked like an easy cross at 5:35am but we all got stranded on the newly named “Suicide Island” due to the apparent Nascar race going on in Matthews this morning. Pop Tart suggested that we incorporate the island into our regular AO. Can’t wait for his next Q.


Went down Lois Dr. and had the PAX run their mile pace to the stop sign at Matthews Help Center – only Joker and Rhapsody seemed to know their mile pace. They set the tone early.


Station 1 – Railroad tracks

  • Increasing Sister Mary Catherine’s at each lampost (2, 4, 6….to 12)
  • 10 burpees while we waited for the PAX
  • Partner Up
    • P1 – Runs
    • P2 – Derkins, Dips, Toe Taps (Flap Jack with 5 hand slap merkins)
    • x3

Station 2 – Pizza Peel

  • Same Partners
    • P1 – Runs
    • P2 – Burpee jump ups onto wall
    • x3 


  • Cross Street and back at lamposts increasing Squat Jacks (2, 4, 6….t0 16)
  • Run back towards school with reverse run, shuffle
  • Cross road – even trickier this time

Station 3 – Hill – Called Exercise

  • Merkins – Sprint Up Hill
  • Derkins – Sprint Up Hill
  • Carolina Dry Docks – Bear Crawl up hill


Station 4 – Wall work

  • 10 donkey kicks – bear crawl to sidewalk – 5 merkins
  • 10 derkins on wall – bear crawl to sidewalk – 10 merkins
  • 20 thigh slappers – bear crawl to sidewalk – 10 merkins


Circle Up

Full sit ups, flutter, merkins and….done!




Nobody died crossing Hwy. 51 today. We’re now 2 for 2.


We went pretty far offsite so mad props to those not expecting to run and to Cage who is nursing a sore (maybe torn?) ligament.


Great push to stay together by everyone. Busch, Rhapsody and Joker all were flying this morning. I always think the 40 year olds will start getting slower some day but Busch and Joker keep getting faster. Cocaine must be a hell of a drug.


Thanks to those of you who hung back to help cross the road. We’re gonna have to find a better place to cross, or just stay at the school.


Horsehead made sure to remind everyone that you need to raise your hands in the air for true Sister Mary Catherines. Confession, most of us cheat on those if that is a requirement. Just don’t go smelling your armpits with your hands beforehand.


Good to see Christmas out, I’ve seen him before but not much at Kevlar. Sunshine posted without his crew of Covenant Day peeps so he’s now officially hooked.


Announcements – 

Brolympics later this month – don’t have the details but you can find them somewhere on the internet


Mancave – come out to fellowship with other F3 guys at Panera at the Arboretum right after the workout. No need to study beforehand but we’re reading the daily devotion on if you want to get more involved. All are welcome.


Pursuit aka Millbridge Run #4: Kensington Loop

A fearsome foursome gathered at F3 Pursuit in perfect conditions to get 60 minutes of running in on a new course.

This week’s route was a 1-mile loop that was about 60% on road and 40% on a concrete path through the woods.  It was also a fairly hilly route, with 62 feet of elevation gain per trip.


We all got 5-6 loops in this morning, good for 5.3 to 6.6 miles.  Not bad, considering the elevation.

Bratwurst had a little calf flare-up, most likely due to a couple steep climbs, and had to skip the last loop.  Rest assured, he will be back at it on Saturday (on flatter ground).

Table Slam claims that he feels slower when he runs with us vs. when he’s on his own.  Got me thinking.  Maybe I’m always slow because I’m always running with other people?

Great running with Hollywood this AM.  We were consistently harassed by a bunny or bunnies throughout the run.  Luckily we survived to tell the story.

Goodfella texted in sick this AM.  Rest up, GF.  And thanks for waking me up w/ your text btw.

Pursuit will be back next week with an ALL NEW route in the Millbridge subdivision.  #postatpursuit

WHY are there spots?!?

I guess the old saying holds true…

He who complains about the cooking becomes the cook.  Well…at least the spirit of the saying did.

A few weeks back, YHC attended a boot camp AO in MECA called Piledriver Qed by Ribshack (hell-of-a guy to Q BTW if you get an opportunity to talk him into leading your AO).  I hated (in a good way) the beatdown so much that I immediately reached out to the Sparta AO site Qs and told them how awful it was and it would be perfect for an AO that has Running as the primary F1 function.  In typical Madison fashion, this turned into somehow YHC was now setup to Q what I just said was amazingly terrible.  The WIB is called “Old Glory” and went something like this:

Disclaimer given  (yup.. not a professional….I hate running….if you hurt yourself…sorry about your luck, but I have no money to be sued for.. following me on a run at 5:15 in the morning is your own fault and not F3’s or Socrates Academy so don’t go bugging them either if you get hurt.) and understood.

The Thang:

No time for warm up things like SSH, IWs, Hill Billie’s, etc …  this is a Running AO.. we have running to do… (YHC did forget it was a moderate… sorry guys)

Although the wienke for the WIB was already crafted for me, I still needed to find the best way to accommodate both clydesdale and rabbits.  The start and finish were easy enough, but the grind part of the beatdown was a challenge.

5:15 we launch on a 1 mile warm-up run leaving Socrates Academy parking lot toward Colonel Beatty park entrance sign and back to the Academy at a F2 pace to keep the PAX together. Instructions were given before we left that upon return is where the grind would start.  The AO for Sparta happens to be just square enough and just long enough (1/3 mile) to accommodate any potential clydesdale and rabbits that would post.

The Grind:


  • At turn one 25 merkins
  • At turn three 25 dips on the bench.
  • Repeto until 6 am.

This is where I get into trouble as a Q.. this stuff looks great on paper.. but dang.. in reality I want to kick the guy that writes my Qs up, but my legs aren’t working so good today and butt kickers are nowhere near anything I want to do right now to myself.

  • Lap 1, ALL good.. feeling warmed up from the mile run.. knocked out some merkins and dips, everyone staying relatively close together.
  • Lap 2, ok.. getting a little winded and the rabbits (aka Smokey and Madison) are pulling away.. no worries still in sight for Arsenal and YHC
  • Around lap 4 or 5, the bench for dips was getting more and more inviting to just sit on vs. doing dips.  Lost track of the rabbits.. oh well this is an OYO and I’m sure they are moving along ok.  Arsenal has now exclaimed this workout is as bad as I was thinking it was.
  • Lap 6 or 7, seeing dots is not normal.. why are there dot everywhere.. oh wait.. that’s right.. was so focused on making sure my feet kept stumbling forward I forgot to breath.. Ok.. dots taken care of but where is everyone now?  Great, I’m now lost; the rabbits and Arsenal are missing.. truly running OYO
  • Lap 8,  What is this nonsense?  REALLY?!  Voices in my head.. I knew I hated running, but the voices in my head now telling me to keep going as well!? Oh thank SkyQ!! YHC is not losing it!! It is just Madison lapping me at turn 3 trying his best to keep me going with encourging words. At least I was not lost any more.  😊
  • Lap 9 or 10, at this point I am comfortably numb, can’t feel my feet, shoulders, chest, thighs.. just mindlessly stumbling forward, doing the merkins and dips.  All I can think is COFFEE.. I need Coffee!! and we are almost done.

6am.  Finally finished…

But wait..what happened with the last 15 mins of post you ask?

There’s more!!

For the low low price of a Free F3 F1 post, you too get to run another mile because this WIB is called Old Glory and why not take Old Glory for a nice morning run too.  Off we go again on a 1 mile run leaving Socrates Academy parking lot toward Colonel Beatty park entrance sign and back to the Academy at a F2 pace to keep the PAX together. We take turns handing off our Great nation’s flag between pax to take the lead as we follow Old Glory down Wedding road for all the early morning commuters to see.

I would like to say that YHC was able to perform 5 mins of Mary.. but if you have read this far, you know I was not going to be able to do that.  Madison took the Q lead for this part and I vaguely recall some voices calling out stretching positions.  I tried a few, then realized that was not in the cards for today…


This is an excellent AO F3 Nation.  If you have not been out to this site, put it on your bucket list to attend a post in the near future.  The setup is to accommodate all our clydesdale and rabbits.  FNG friendly and 2.0 approved.  You push yourself as hard as you can but always have a pax nearby to lend a helpful word of encouragement to power through.  In all today we clocked around 5 miles and completed roughly 175 merkins/dips.

Final note for all my F3 nation brothers out there… Don’t ever recommend to a Site Q a potential workout: unless you are willing to show up and Q it yourself. (the good Lord knows I have learned my lesson on this one).

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him!  #credo




  • CPR class signup deadline is Sunday 2/11.  (Contact Madison)
  • F3 Night at UNCC on 2/17.  Tickets are 6 dollars online with F3 discount.  Full price at the door.  Contact Gypsy if you need more information
  • 1st official SFN race is the RunJaneRun 5k on 3/3/18 (F3 has a team to register with when you signup)
  • Conviction AO is closed 2/14 for a convergence with Mint Hill at Pain Academy (Bain Elementary)