Box of wine named MVP of Super Bowl and a Happy Birthday to Crab Cake

Box of wine named MVP of Super Bowl and a Happy Birthday to Crab Cake

5 of us didn’t let any super bowl parties keep us from The Big House this morning. Not even with an offensive explosion from a Box of Wine. In the end, we sweated out any remnants of food an alcohol; which is pretty extraordinary in 30-degree weather.

What we did:

  • Bad disclaimer given (cobains) and quick mosey to park loop. Indian run around loop for our warmup. Circle up for: SSH, IW, LSS. All a short 10 count cadence.
  • Circuit work between shelter 1 and 2:
    • 20 dips, derkins, and incline merkins at Shelter 1.
    • 10 box jumps at concrete squares, 10 more at benches
    • 20 knee ups, flutter, and LBC at Shelter 2.
    • Jog around loop.
  • Peoples Chair to catch breath. Here we held our arms out and did air presses with increased speed ~ 30 count.
  • Back to circuit work described above but up counts to 30; followed by another jog around loop.
  • Another round of Peoples Chair.
  • Last Circuit with count upped to 40 each exercise movement.
  • Short loop back to launch for 2 minutes of Mary – 40 x Dolly and 15 x Rosalita.


  • Bad idea: drinking out of boxes of wine
  • Good Idea??? – posting this workout after drinking out of boxes of wine
  • Brilliant Idea – choosing the shortest part of the concrete squares to do box jumps.
  • Winner of all the above – Tool Bag. He also wins the award for the most entertaining.


  • It’s Speed for Need / running season starting back up.
    • Go Jen Go / Run Jen Run is the next Speed for Need event. 3/3/18 – register and talk with Frazier about pushing the Speed for Need chariot.
    • Richard Sheltra Memorial Run is another Speed for Need event. 4/28/18. Dumpster Fire is trying to work out a partnership with the Fire Dept. on the chariots (with whom Richard Sheltra was a part of and through his service lost his life).
    • Brolympics are 2/24/18 (why the winter?) If your disappointed that they are not having football throw and keg toss, you can help out with admin. Duties. There’s a pre-blast courtesy of Transporter with details.
    • F3 Dads has 2 events coming up: 3/17 for Charlotte Checkers and Camping at Cane Creek Park: 4/20-22. Go to F3 Dads on Slack for Details
    • Talk to me about serving at Church on the Street. It’s an incredibly humbling experience, and we are serving Christ as we serve our brothers and sisters.
    • Keep Private Benjamin in your prayers. He had surgery and is recovering.
    • Happy 48th Birthday to Crab Cake. Getting closer to #RESPECT


  • Thanks to Dumpster Fire for the great takeout and the opportunity to lead this morning.


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FredoPosted on7:04 pm - Feb 5, 2018

Nice BB – Good to have you back out in the Gloom!

toolbagPosted on7:58 pm - Feb 5, 2018

Showing up to workout is the best hangover prevention! Thanks for a great Q!

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