DMZ Breaks Space-Time Continuum


DMZ Breaks Space-Time Continuum

Wait, what?  Didn’t you already read one DMZ backblast this week?

Yes, you did. Hops led a bootcamp in Elizabeth and we got to spend some quality time with Bout Time. It was well attended.

However, despite 800 posts (give or take) to Twitter, Slack, Strava, multiple F3 websites, etc. (even an email went out), a few pax posted to the regular AO. This was actually a good thing just in case an FNG came out of the woodwork. I’m sure, in the moment, there were also some kind words for the site Q. Undaunted, veteran Chappy took the reins and a crew of five headed off into the gloom*:

*as recorded by Frack

Speedbump Burpees, 5 each
Cul-de-sac ladder run (6 total reps per cycle)
– Up the hill, 5 burpees
– Down the hill, 1 air squat
– Up, 4
– Down, 2
– Etc.
– End with LBCs OYO
Mosey to Carmel Middle
– Rail slides
– Bear crawls
Mosey to parking lot
– Single-leg line jumpers
– Slalom jumps
Mosey to rock pile, choose small-medium rock
Mosey to parking lot, exercises with rock
– Single-leg line jumpers
– Slalom jumps
Mosey to track, exercises with rock
– Run 400m with rock straight overhead
– Overhead tricep curls
– Curls
– Double-leg line jumpers
– Onos (speedskaters)
– Run 400m with rock (any position you choose)
– LBCs with rock on chest
Mosey to rock pile and return rocks carefully, ensuring a pleasing aesthetic upon departure
Mosey to parking lot, more exercises, including
– LBCs
– Merkins
– Diamond Merkins
– Wide Merkins
– Carolina Drydocks
Mosey back to Carmel Park, including a few final exercises



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