Keep HOPE…Have COURAGE…SFN Supports Joe Davis Race

  • When:01/06/2017
  • QIC: Dark Helmet & Rock Thrill

Keep HOPE…Have COURAGE…SFN Supports Joe Davis Race

Not even a week into 2018 and SPEED FOR NEED is already off and running to a tremendous start. There is no better morning than starting with 200+ of your closest F3 Nation brothers on behalf of so many AWESOME causes.

Joe Davis was a devoted son, brother, and friend. Joe passed away too early at age 28 from a disease that he battled from his youth—addiction. Recovery from addiction is a process and, unfortunately, it is a disease that cannot be cured. Please go to the Joe Davis Run for Recovery website for more information.

Joe’s personal motto was, “Hope…never lose this.” The morning of January 6th was all about hope. On a morning where the temperature was a frigid 12°, over 200 F3 brothers came together to raise awareness for several causes including: KeystoneOperation Sweet Tooth, and the Run for Holland.

SPEED FOR NEED lined up the entire fleet of 6 racing chairs, including the newly dedicated pink, “Sweetness,” and yellow, “The Smoker,” chairs. Four of the racing chairs ran in memory of past track commander, Ava, our fallen brother, F3 Cheech, and all of those loved ones no longer with us that have left too early.

Holland (down syndrome), a 4 year old bundle of excitement, rode the full 10K in Sweetness’ debut whilst being pushed by her dad, F3 White Lightning, and a contingent of F3 Lake Norman pax. Noah (cerebral palsy), 2.0 of F3 Decibel, rode the full 5K in the green SPEED FOR NEED racing chair.

There were so many incredible moments at the Joe Davis Run for Recovery, and check out the first amazing video of 2018 (above).

Special thanks to Lexington PAX, F3 Thumbs Up for making the drive from Lexington to be at the race, and man the SFN Tent EHing many many men! Also special thanks to F3 Roy, Red October, and Borland from up North in Raleigh & Churham who came to help set up the racing chairs, and learn about SFN so they are prepared to bring SFN to their home regions for inaugural races in 2018!

Here are a few post-race comments from F3 Rock Thrill, Thumbs Up, and Decibel:

“What a special day this year at the 6th Annual Joe Davis Run for Recovery! One of my favorite aspects of the race this year was the unveiling of the 2 new Speed for Need chairs in memory of Cheech and Sweet Tooth, Olive’s daughter. The time of race that our race is held each year and the accompanying cold temps means it is far from an ideal SFN race, so I really appreciated the involvement this year, the travel in from other regions and was really moved at the thought of the “ghost chair” in Joe’s memory. It was honor to lock shields and have two wonderful causes represented! Thanks to the more than 230 PAX that gave support!” – Chris Davis, F3 – Rock Thrill, brother of Joe Davis and race organizer

“The loss of a brother in June of 207 hit is hard in F3 Lexington.  We struggled how to make a lasting memorial for our fallen brother Cheech.  The opportunity to memorialize John by partnering with  Speed For Need was the perfect fit.  THE SMOKER is not John’s chair, it belongs to something bigger than all of us.  Every time it rolls, every time it gives joy to it’s Track Commander, we have lived out Cheech’s mantra, #LeaveNoDoubt.” – Troy Fite, F3-Thumbs Up, Lexington Region PAX and SFN Regional Q

“Fire Chief Noah was pumped to be part of his first race and be part of a team.  The cold temperatures did not deter him at all.  He bundled up and along with Mainframe, NASA, Change Order, Longshanks, Decibel and many others along the way he took to the course.  Noah’s favorite part of the race was being part about of the team.  Having CP makes it difficult for him to join teams.  Partly because his difficulty with muscle control and partly because of the time his therapy takes.  Knowing he was part of the team had him excited beyond words.   Thank you for helping our son complete his first race and for giving him a team!” – F2 Decibel, Father of 2.0 Track Commander Fire Chief Noah




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