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Relighting the Antlers

Like the quadrennial lighting of the Olympic flame, the relighting of the Antlers chandelier brought in 8 pax like stiff moths to a flame, eager to loosen things up a bit.  With a few of the pax just returned from a pre-run, we were ready to go.

The Thang


Savasanna – corpse pose


Relying on God’s Grace

1 Peter 2:21 (HCSB) – 21 For you were called to this, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you should follow in His steps.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (HCSB) – 16 Therefore we do not give up. Even though our outer person is being destroyed, our inner person is being renewed day by day. 17 For our momentary light affliction is producing for us an absolutely incomparable eternal weight of glory. 18 So we do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

What began as a call to humble willingness to suffer [in Jesus’ name, as He did, may become] an insidious tool for self-righteousness.

Perhaps the most difficult task for us to perform is to rely on God’s grace and God’s grace alone for our salvation. It is difficult for our pride to rest on grace. Grace is for other people—for beggars. We don’t want to live by a heavenly welfare system. We want to earn our own way and atone for our own sins. We like to think that we will go to heaven because we deserve to be there.

All the suffering I could possibly endure could not earn me a place in heaven. Nor can I merit the merit of Christ through suffering. I am altogether an unprofitable servant who must rely on someone else’s merit to be saved.

With Paul we can rejoice in our sufferings if they enhance the glory of Christ. We can rejoice in our persecutions and look forward to the promised blessing of Christ. But the blessing Christ promised, the blessing of great reward, is a reward of grace. The blessing is promised even though it is not earned.

Augustine said it this way: “Our rewards in heaven are a result of God’s crowning His own gifts. Sola gratia.”

Ephesians 2:8-9 (HCSB) – 8 For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift— 9 not from works, so that no one can boast.

Adapted from Dr. R.C.Sproul at


  • Bridge – double, then single legs
  • Cat – Cow – Check Your Six
  • Several rounds of: High plank, low plank, high plank, low plank… (aka really slow, deep, good form merkins #promove) (#crowdpleaser)
  • Sun Salutations

Chair & Tree series:

  • Chair
  • Mountain
  • Tree – right leg bent
  • Twisting Chair
  • Tree – left leg bent
  • Twisting Chair
  • Mountain

Standing Balance flow:

  • Dancer – right leg bent
  • Eagle
  • Pyramid
  • Triangle
  • Half Moon
  • Warrior 3 / Airplane / Superman (whatever, it’s fun)
  • Repeato on left

Vigorous flow:

  • Standing
  • Forward fold – ½ lift – forward fold
  • High plank – low plank – high plank
  • Down dog
  • Warriors rise – Left leg forward
  • High plank – low plank – high plank
  • Down dog
  • Warriors rise – Right leg forward
  • High plank – low plank – high plank
  • Down dog
  • Jump to top of mat
  • ½ lift – forward fold
  • Rise to salutation
  • Repeato 2 or 3x total

Lunge series:

  • Low lunge – right leg back
  • Balancing low lunge
  • Crescent lunge (optional quad stretch offered)
  • Prayer twisting lunge
  • Groin stretching lunge
  • Runner’s lunge – toes down, then toes up
  • Toe & plantar stretch – aka sit on your heels
  • Repeato on left

Pigeon – right then left

Devotional encore

Ephesians 2:8-9 (HCSB) – 8 For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift— 9 not from works, so that no one can boast.



Limber Moleskinne:

Apologies for the delayed backblast.  It seems YHC has gotten out of the habit, but that’s no excuse.  #cobains

Great group today.  YHC has missed the group, with varied reasons week to week (sleep in day, running, etc), and the stretching.  It is vital, and this is a great option to have within F3.

Hopefully you all left more limber than you arrived.  If not, at least we had some fun with old TV and movie theme songs – Knight Rider, The Munsters, Mission Impossible, among them.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q and for your leadership of the site, Swiss Miss & Tweetsie!


Exploring the Land of Dumpster

5 Pax joined together on a unseasonably mild morning. Disclaimer given. Mosey out to 51 and towards the sprawling downtown Pineville area. We circled up within eyesight of Kit’s and Pintville, unfortunately it was not time for a cold one.


Cherry Pickers, Shoulder Circles, Ave Bigodas, Mountain Climbers?


Mosey towards the Park, brief stop at the GraceLife Church to plank and wait for six….we then continued to Belle Johnston Park

Grab a lifting rock by the shelter, Private Benjamin picked a boulder

20*curls, 20*overhead presses, 20*tri-curls….leave lifting rock for later

Partner up, take a lap around the lake (much further than YHC realized), partner 1 does 10*merkins and then catches up with partner 2, who then does 10*merkins….alternate until 1 lap is complete

Retrieve lifting rock

20*curls, 20*overhead presses, 20*tri-curls

On your own, take a lap around the lake stopping at alternating street lights to complete 10*mountain climbers?…halfway through YHC called an audible and we began doing 10*squats at alternating street lights lung walking to each…once we made it back to the shelter

Retrieve lifting rock

20*curls, 20*squats

Placed lifting rock precisely where we found them

Moseyed back towards launch. Stopped at GraceLife Church for some Mary. Planked near 51 waiting for the six. Sprint all you have back to launch.



Enjoyed leading the group and trying to keep up with Yomo-Chunder on the partner run. Always good to start out the week with a great group of men.

Brolympics – Feb 24

Richard Sheltra 5k/10k – April 28


24 men braved the Windy City like conditions to get better at the latest installment of Bagpipe.

The Thing:

Began in the doctors office parking lot.

COP (all IC) = SSHx15, IWx15, Cherry Pickersx15 and Mtn Climbersx15

Jogged to one end of the parking lot.  Here we ran to the other side stopping at each parking line to do 10 diamond merkins and 10 squats.  Once we reached the other side jogged it back.  Repeated this one more time but replaced diamond merkins with wide armed merkins.

Now that our tri’s, chest and lower halves were warmed up it was time to mosey to Ballantyne Village.  Here we went behind Mellow Mushroom and Blackfinn to utilize their wall and the benches.  Everyone partnered up and P1 ran to a bench and did an exercise while P2 grabbed some wall to do a wall sit with overhead arm presses.  Once an exercise was completed the partners flapjacked.  The exercises consisted of derkins x8, incline merkins x8, box jumps x8 and dips x8.

Next, over to the parking garage for some Paula Abdul with 10 jump squats on the up and 5 Carolina dry docks on the down.  After finishing this we took it back down the garage alternating between running forwards and backwards on each ramp.

Finally, we ran back to the doctors lot for modified Mary.  Partnered back up for 10 leg throwdowns followed by 10 hand slap merkins.  Finale was P1 hit their six for continuous leg flutters while P2 ran a lap around the lot and then flapjacked.  One more round of this with heels to heaven replacing flutters.



In full disclosure YHC has not owned a digital watch since about middle school but figured that I needed to buy at least a cheapo one for the VQ.  Apparently it was a couple of minutes behind actual time because the guys with the fancy schmancy actual time watches informed me it was 5:30 when I was showing a couple of minutes left.  So we will go with the actual world time and YHC proceeded to deliver a very formal disclaimer.  Not going to have any legal issues on my VQ watch.  We moseyed over to the doctors lot for COP.  In the weeks leading up to the VQ several guys had advised me to make sure and keep the COP cadence slower than I think because you get all amped up at a VQ.  So YHC made a concerted effort to start the COP with a regular speed cadence.  I think we got to about the 3rd or 4th SSH when Frehley asked to speed it up because it was cold and windy.  After YHC laughed inside at the irony I quickly realized what the most difficult part was going to be of the VQ…tuning out the hazing mumblechatter (hazingchatter if you will).  More hazingchatter ensued asking if we were travelling to spots either indoor or where the wind would be blocked.  Nope, your YHC has a plan and is not going to let a little breeze alter that.

Over at the BV the Pax killed the bench/wall exercise that I came up with. I thought there would be a six but there was not one. Everyone finished together which was awesome. I like this exercise so don’t be surprised to see it at a future War Eagle Q except maybe doubled with increased reps. Then over to the parking garage for Paula Abdul. Admittedly YHC had a big crush on Ms. Abdul in the early 90’s so this exercise has a special place in my heart. Tagalong let me know that he and Thin Mint had a Google bet and the song actually says 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. Dangit Tagalong!  That does not work with our exercise…please stop bringing logic to the workout.  Again the group nailed it and everyone finished pretty much at the same time.  When I did a practice run for this Q (thanks Thin Mint for meeting me one early morning for a dress rehearsal) I planned for some six time.  It became evident there was not going to be any of that today.

In order to see who was awake at 6:00 I tested the Pax by telling them we would head back down the garage running forwards on the down ramps and backwards on the up ramps.  Ever the speaker for the group Frehley alertly and correctly said, “That’s going to be hard when they are all down ramps”.  He is not just a pretty face folks.  On the way down I heard chatter about running backwards on a decline ramp not being great for the Achilles.  Not being a runner I didn’t even think about this but in hindsight it makes sense.  So scratch that one from the list on future Q’s.  We ran down, headed to the doctors lot for modified Mary and finished just as Swift was coming in.

Overall the Pax killed this workout.  Luckily YHC had extra exercises just in case (thanks Mary Kay and Billy Goat for the advice) so there are a few left in the hopper but we definitely got through more exercises than I anticipated.  Thanks Tagalong for the opportunity to lead as it was a pleasure and honor to Q this group.  Thanks to Hops for the takeout.

War Eagle


-Brolympics February 24th.  Sign up to participate or volunteer.

-Madison has sign up for the CPR class February 17th.

-Fredo has his 1 year anniversary Q at Rebel Yell this Thursday.

Howl at the Moon

Teen Wolf (1985 movie, not the millennial trash tv show)  – Coach Finstock: There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Now you stick to that, and everything else is cream cheese.

Well, I certainly broke the first rule, as I was awakened at 0430 by the blinding light of the Full Blue Blood Supermoon beaming through my window.  I thought that an enthusiastic Gypsy (pax, but a real gypsy would be a better story) had set off my motion lights out back, anxious to get an early start on the workout.  Apparently he likes to start his twitter wrestler feed on Saturday night for this Wednesday workout,  which is when he began soliciting me for information.  Well, he wasn’t there.  Good thing, because I would have totally tased him with the taser that my sister-in-law gave my wife for Christmas two year ago.  True story.  Let’s just say that I sleep with one eye open and my massive eyebrow slightly raised.


4 corners to this property, established during the warmup with a traveling COP, to which we assigned 4 exercises.  Added in a #candyland shortcut for those so inclined to modify the running distance because #moderate.

  • 25 LBCS
  • 25 Merkins
  • 25 Heels to Heaven
  • 7 burpees  – because #moderate

Run the 1/2 mile loop AMRAP and drop an exercise of your choosing with each subsequent trip.  Nice try Shake and Bake, but you cannot drop the running.  By the way, TClaps for posting solo on the prerun in the 20deg weather.  I was (not even) there in spirit.

We ran this jewel until 6AM and then moved on to the next thing.

Modified Beast – using the big arrows in the parking lot.  After some discussion and significant distrust at my perfectly engineered plan to do exercises at the 6 sets of arrows we eventually got it done.  Guys argued that there were only 5 sets instead of 6, which in actually there were 7 #bonus.  The last set was extra-credit and skipped by most.

  • Squats – Bullwinkle wheelhouse
  • Merkins – no Glass Joe #squirrelhumpers allowed
  • Something else? – I forget.  Probably amazing.
  • Burpees – only 3 at each stop because #moderate

Cut that short for Mary, which was unremarkable except for the Q’s interesting version of Crunchy Frog at the end with uncontrollable accompanying sound effects.



That SuperMoon was bright.  It was a little eerie out there in the countryside.  I came out for a pre-scout to see if the big field was in play, but it was booby trapped with ice puddles.  I think I found the Shrieking Shack in the woods, but I got back in my truck before Professor Lupin found me.

Apparently, we had some sort of Family Dollar / Dollar Tree convention going on with folks traveling in from Georgia to post.  I think this involved Drumstick, Scratch and Sniff, and Homeboy somehow, but I missed the connection.  Keep selling that Chinese product boys, it’s what makes the world go round.  If I can’t buy it for a buck and throw it away that same night, I probably don’t need it.

Bullwinkle took off like a Quick Trip sushi shart during the 1st round of the beast.  Shenanigans indeed.

I never know if things are moderate enough or not.  I figure that if I can reasonably keep the group together than it’s a success.  I know one thing, I hate standing around in the cold – hence the continuous running today.  Hopefully it was in tune with the spirit of the site.  If not, I may be in trouble.  Not as bad as as the kind of trouble you get in from picking out someones wedgie in church unsolicited, but some sort.

Posting here reminds me of when Area51 used to be more into the whole F3 thing.  Back in the day, guys used to actually count during COP and wanted to do things like run around with shovel flags and crawl through the mud.  The edge has rounded a bit, but the workouts and fellowship are still good.  I think it’s just a natural progression of how people progress through this experience.  Still, it’s refreshing to go back in time a little every once in a while.


Probably some announcements somewhere . . .  Check the shack.




– Horsehead



Bro Speed 2 – Choose Your Own Adventure

24 PAX voted with their clicks on Monday to determine the venue for Tuesday’s Swift.  It was left up to the Q to prepare the spot of finely tuned distance intervals with paint and cones – just what the Ballantyne Corporate Park cops want – graffiti and litter.


  • Slack PreBlast seems like it may be a good thing.  Check the #run Slack channel on the F3SouthCharlotte Slack group for future week plans.  Sound off in the comments if you still want a PreBlast on this forum.
  • 0500 PAX time – Tuck, Wild Turkey, Hairball, Goonie, Fleetwood, Gumbo, Woodson, and Mario just couldn’t wait to get going and set out on a prerun.  Apparently, Bunker needed some extra warming at the CVS, or had a list of supplies to buy from the M, and caught up to the rest of the pack later.
  • 0500 Q time – try to act inconspicuous as you walk down the shoulder/bike lane of a 4 lane road through a major corporate park, wearing a headlamp, carrying a can of spray paint, pushing an orange wheel, and marking spots and dropping cones on the curb every 330 ticks of the wheel.
  • 0500 Das Boot time – Choose your own adventure and post at Community House Middle school track, hoping the other PAX wanted to run on the track also.  When discovering you are solo, reroute to the Vine.
  • 0515 PAX time – Pax depart the Vine parking lot through the Ballantyne Hotel lot and up Ballantyne Commons Rd towards the Met Life building.
  • 0525ish – PAX trained in the art of the warmup start some dynamic exercises and strides.  Somewhere during the A skips, the Q joins from the opposite direction into the flow of the PAX.
  • 0530 – Group up at the corner of North Community House Road (spelled it out for Das Boot) and Ballantyne Commons Parkway.  Note start point of the 400meters (measured at 1320 feet = 1/4 mile = 402.336 meters, so you actually ran a bit further than planned!) was at the “stop strip” near the intersection and runs all the way down to the next light’s crosswalk.  Every 100m (actually 330 feet) there’s a cone along the way.  Mostly slight downhill grade, but decidedly into a 9mph headwind this morning.
    • Start 400m interval at 1-mile Brolympics-planned race pace, recover back along the sidewalk with a jog.  Form some groups and stay together.
    • Continue rounds until 0605 with a goal to reach 8×400.
  • 0550 Goonie Time – Head back to the CVS to see if what Bunker found on special was still in stock.
  • 0601 Rock Thrill Time – Head back to your car at Earth Fare?  Did you forget where we started or just wanted some extra distance?
  • 0605 PAX Time – Head back to the Vine for COT with a cooldown jog.
  • 0605 Q Time – Find your vehicle parked nearby, pass the PAX on the way back to the Vine, but run around the Bagpipe PAX until 0615.
  • 0615 – COT
  • 0630 – Timekeeper at the “bagel place” with PaperJam bringing a discussion question.


  • Can’t say I was fearing for my life walking around Ballantyne Corporate Park with a can of spray paint this morning, but definitely feared for an end to a clean public record.  Definitely, don’t want anything to show up on a permanent record that speaks to defamation of public/private property.  So far, so good.  Now that I have access to a wheel, thanks to Barenaked, we’ll start measuring some more precise distances at the Bull Ring and other locales in the Ballantyne Corporate Park that will allow for easier recall of intervals that we can be better with timing.  Thoughts on a template/symbol to use with spray paint, or the more generic/incognito the better?
  • Why do we need measured intervals?  Because while GPS is decent at figuring pace per interval/lap, it’s not quite the accuracy needed over short intervals.  A Lap button is much better and you can track intervals with a simple stopwatch.  Even Fletch learned how to use his lap button this morning!  Mario is getting
  • Late January bringing out the PAX – 24 is definitely above average by a handful.  Weather is cold. Distance is medium length.  Still a good turnout.  Well done men!
  • Several groups this morning.  Group with Fleetwood, Hairball, Enron, Bunker, Woodson, and Gumbo (and Soft Pretzel?) held on and never let a large gap widen to the PAX ahead.
  • The group of Voodoo, Tuck, Erector, and Meatloaf kept things close and got in all 8 intervals that were the goal.
  • Madame Tussauds, Wild Turkey, Goonie, Das Boot, and Picasso had reports coming back that they pushed each other to the limit, kept the merlot from spilling (barely), and finished strong.
  • Whether it was Frasier (whose efforts came on late) or Citgo (who pushed hard the whole time) breaking the wind for the group, it was Haggis and Fletch tucking in behind to try to stay in touch.  And in the end, it was Mario who blistered the last 400m making a 65 second 400m look like a little baby jog.
  • Note, we ran the “proper direction” for cold-weather running with wind.  You want to run the Hard effort into the wind (despite the extra resistance), for it allows you to do the “back” recovery with the wind behind where you can warm back up.  In warm weather, opposite directions where there is a breeze, for you get extra cooldown into the wind with the recovery.

The Well-Oiled Machine

Skunkworks has really become an AO that puts up numbers week in and week out.  On a chilly morning, 4 of us jogged in from the pre-run at 5:28  to join our 20 brothers anxiously awaiting some kettlebell slinging.  A quick disclaimer was given and off we went for a warm up lap around the spirit rock.  Upon return, the COT went like this:

SSH x 15, KB swings x 10, IW x 15, KB swings x 20, LSS x 15, KB swings x 10, Merkins x 10, KB swings x 20, Staggered Merkins x 10, KB swings x 10.  From there, “catch me if you can” to the bottom left parking lot.  Instructions given to grab a partner preferably with like-sized bell.

The Thang:

3 sets of exercises with three different called exercises during each set.  P1 did called exercise while P2 ran around island at top of parking lot.

1st set – Clean & Press, Upright Rows, Alternating One Arm Rows.

2nd set – Squats, Good Mornings, KB Swings

3rd set – Flutter Press, Louganis, American Hammer

Mosey to the base of the traditional Skunkwork Hill.  Remain with partner and collectively complete 50 merkins, 30 burpees, 30 snatches.  P1 does called exercise while P2 walks up the hill carrying both KBs.  For the last exercise (snatches), P2 runs up the hill without a KB.

Mosey back to launch for 3 minutes of Mary. Done!


Many of the PAX were expecting to see Header on Q this morning.  Our thoughts and prayers are with he and his family as his dad suffered a stroke last week.  It has been inspiring to see my good friend’s trust in the Lord through this very tough time.  His faith is strong and many of us get to see that lived out daily.

I was more than willing to step in and lead this morning.  Such a great, consistent group that Skunk does basically run itself!

As for the workout, I overheard Stone Cold make a mental note to adopt the burpees followed by double KB hill carry into a more regular routine.  Those were tough!  Somehow I missed hearing any of Horsehead’s wisdom this morning—it still amazes me how well his brain operates at 5:30.  Spackler may be headed toward Orange Theory stardom, as there’s talk that he may need to be an OT coach to take them to the next level.  Great to have Orange Whip join the pre-run group—he makes it all look easy!  And great to see Carburetor back out—keep showing up my friend…

The Big House – You need me on that wall…

Open date on the Q calendar so the apolitical site Q took the reigns.  Disclaimer given. Mosey out to 51 and then up Jack Hughes park entrance, around the ball fields, bear crawl across footbridge (except for Toolbag, no explanation given) and circle up in back parking lot for some old man exercises.


SSH, IW, Merks, Abe Vigodas (YHCs Fav) Cherry Pickers, and Shoulder Circles (Thankfully)


Mosey over to the brick dugout wall (very nice for a muni field btw) for some shoulder/chest/leg work.

Wall plank (10count), wall plank merkin (x5), balls to wall (prob a 5 count) and then took a lap around parking lot

Back to wall for peoples chair for roughly 60 secs, air presses in cadence x20 and then took a lap

Did slight variations of this pattern for 3 round total, threw in some donkey kicks, variations on the air presses, and such

Added 2 rounds of work on the concrete planters with laps in between; step-ups x20, derkins x10, and dips x30

Back to the dugout wall for one last wall plank, wall plank merkins, and BTTW set.  Lots of mumble chatter here…

Mosey over to park entrance/exit road to begin the progression back to launch.  Sprint 2 light poles (roughly 75 yards), walk 1 all the way to 51. Probably a third of a mile or so.

Mosey back to Pineville’s Finest parking lot for about 4 minutes of PAX-call-it Mary to close it out.


Welcome FNG Old Yeller and thanks to Yomo (Chunder) for bringin him out. Another youngin to help the demographics.  Those guys are ready are rarin to go and YHC appreciates that as it keeps him feeling young, at least for a fleeting moment during the workout.

Brolympics – Feb 24

Sporting Clays – Next Saturday

Richard Sheltra 5k/10k – April 28

Cotton Whip

Honestly, last Friday was basically 3 weeks ago so this is gonna be short and sweet to recap a cold, heart pounding Kevlar.


Once again I got Cottontail’s e-mail wrong and he had no idea he was set to Q. I kind of knew this and planned out a workout just in case. If anyone needs to get a hold of Cottontail his e-mail is “”. Dumbest e-mail address ever. AmIright? Also just get on Twitter.


Quick disclaimer telling everyone to be safe and that I’ll now be carrying a phone on me at all times, also I gave everyone out my phone passcode. If you weren’t there you don’t get to know it.


The Thang

Long warmup run to new townhomes across from Fullwood.  Circle up – SSH, LSS, Merkins


Area 1

Run through neighborhood to Plantation Estates Rd. which is one of the smoothest and best lit roads you can find.

Run down the street and do 10 jump squats at each lampost. Partner up at the end

P1 – Reverse Run (watch out for Puddin Pop)

p2 – 3 burpees and catch

Horsehead led some Mary then we ran back to the home grounds doing 10 merkins at each lampost.


Area 2 – Rock Pile

We kept running right to the rock pile – grab a lifting rock

10 curls, 10 shoulder presses, 9 curls, 9 shoulder presses, 8….etc. (This was too easy so we moved to the field)


Area 3 – Field 

On your stomach – 10 merkins and AYG across

On your back – 9 sit ups and AYG across

On your stomach – 8 merkins and AYG across

On your back – 7 sit ups s and AYG across

On your stomach – 6 merkins and AYG across

On your back – 5 situps an AYG across

Done here…


Area 4 – Parking Lot

I stole this one from Prohibition from Monday – quick glance around telling me that no one was at Matrix, it was safe to use.

Partner 1 – Runs to end of lot and back

Partner 2 – (moving forward) Burpee Broad Jumps Forward – Partner 1 picks up where Partner 2 left off

“Flap Jack”

Partner 1- Runs to end of lot and back

Partner 2 – Bear Crawl (moving the line forward)

“Flap Jack”


Area 5 – Back to the main lot

On the wall –

  • Wall sit marches – bear crawl to sidewalk
  • Hands on the wall and down – reverse bear crawl to sidwalk
  • Circle up in the field – let the PAX finish up with Mary rotating in some of the young bloods




Kevlar is getting young fast and it’s good to get competitive out there with Sunshine, Archie and Hannie. They had a 4th guy come out a few weeks (FNG – Christopher Robbin) ago but Hannie let me know that he doesn’t have his license so he has to pick him up for F3. Is he even legal to post w/o a license?


Tackling Dummy was able to swiftly carry his 6’5″ frame to the front of the PAX all morning. He also didn’t cheat on pushups, something that I grade very very carefully.


Tebow showed up about 20 minutes late after looking for us everywhere. He wouldn’t have found us as we charted some new territory today.


Floor Slapper showed up on time. Something that I haven’t seen happen in quite some time.


Puddin Pop took Cottontail out hard during the reverse runs, and I mean worse case scenario reverse run situation. Cottontail  doing burpees and Puddin falls on him running in reverse. Luckily both men got up and kept moving.


Cotton Tail gets a chance to make up his Q next week.


Great work done by all – Aye!

Does Anyone Have Extra Gloves?

9 men came to Fast Twitch and got some standard fare. Lots of running with just enough exercises to call it a boot camp. YHC rolled in with a plan, but no gloves on a cool, wet morning. A call went out for extra gloves.

The Thang

Today we would venture to Five Knolls. Head out of the SCMS lot. Left on 51. Right on Rea. Left onto Five Knolls. Keep going down Five Knolls until you get to Whisperwood. Circle up there for a quick COP of SSH x 10 in cadence. Find a partner. One partner runs to the end of Five Knolls at Rea, the other runs to the opposite end of Five Knolls. At the ends do 10 Jump Squats. Run back to the start point to meet your partner for 10 partner Derkins each. Flap Jack directions. Repeat. YHC called for 2 rounds in each direction, but time constraints led to only two in one direction and one in the other direction. Head back to the launch.

Naked Moleskin

Great work today men and apologies for the overtime. YHC miscalculated the total mileage somewhere. We got ~0.6 more miles than expected. YHC will measure twice next time. Thanks to Alf for keeping an extra eye on the clock and advising cancelling the last round. Thanks to Purple Haze for the take out. And since YHC was a DA and forgot my gloves, a big thanks to Pop Tart for his extra gloves. They were nice to have.

Brew’s Gumby VQ

So a Gumby VQ which sort of feels like a VQ when YHC finds out 4 min prior to kick off that a devo is part of the Q…good thing YHC has that handy dandy Theology degree to fall back on…if memory serves…


The Thang:

Devo: Psalm 46:10, anyone know it? Yeah “Be still and know that I am God”…umm yeah, that’s the first part, now tell me the rest…hmmm that’s what I thought, don’t know the rest, not to worry, common problem, the rest goes something like this…”so that I will be honoured amongst all the nations, so that I will be honoured amongst all the world”, wait…does that mean I’m not just soaking God in but rather connecting with Him so that I can go out into the world so that His name is honoured and made known?  An interesting take on a common verse by reading the entire verse, just food for thought…and now onto the mobility work.


Since YHC doesn’t do yoga, yes I’ve tried, no I don’t get it, if all those animals were around I’d probably just go hunting so today we’re going to do run oriented mobility work.  Why?  Because YHC needs it…ok, so what is mobility?  It is increasing a bodies range of motion in critical areas which is different from stretching which is focused on prep for use, but does not usually hold long enough for an increase in range of motion.  Oh and mobility work can be just that…work…we’re holding for 2-3 minutes per position.


First off, let’s warm up a bit, 20 IC split jacks (YHC has decided to refusnik ssh due to the lateral stress), 20 IW and 1 min of running in place, great, blood is flowing, then it’s onto the real work:

Squat hold, see where we are when we start

2 min per side of lunge twist

3 min per side of couch sit, some had more “fun” than others with this

2 min dorsiflexion hold

2 min per side sprinter roll

2 min per side couch sit again (boooo)

10 GHD Activation Bridge hold x 3 sec

Squat hold, feel any better or able to drop lower into it?


So good results and feedback all around and YHC learned a lot about a Gumby Q and is ready for next time around, different pax found different movements more difficult than others and one side more tight than the other, totally normal and we’ll work on more of this type of work next time around, YHC is humbled by the opportunity to Q Gumby especially on such a lousy weather day but had a blast and mobility is something I’ve worked on for a number of months and have seen good improvements but still know I have a lot of work left to go, so if you attend a Strange Brew boot camp Q, just be ready for squat holds and the requisite crap


[POSTED FOR Brew by Swiss Miss, who is also not a professional and in no way takes responsibility for Brew’s workout or BackBlast.]