Blame it on F3 Dads Camp

  • When:08/10/2017
  • QIC: JRR Tolkien
  • The PAX: JRR Tolkien, Hops, Escobar, Nemo, Marlin (R), Heartbreaker, Kirby, Frehley's Comet (R), Outback, BillyGoat, Fireman Ed, Huggie Bear, Morning After, Toolbag, Garbage Plate, Long Haul (R)

Blame it on F3 Dads Camp


Usually, YHC is spot on with writing a legit backblast (well aside from Ragnar 2016, which it’s disputable if YHC was even responsible for writing it) but between attending The PGA Championship Thursday for work, a 3:50AM wakeup to Q in Gastonia Friday, all day prepping SPEED FOR NEED racing chairs for F3Dads Camp, and the camp itself Friday – Sunday, this backblast was never going to be written on time. Hey, thank me for not having us push the racing chairs with each other in it up the Murderhorn for 45minutes!  But thanks to the 16 guys who came out to get their hands on the SPEED FOR NEED chariots and get a feel for what our charity is all about. Thank you for your support.



Here’s the deal.. it’s tough to come up with a tough bootcamp workout utilizing the racing chairs that’s not all running. So we ran a bunch of sprints with the racing chair to get a feel for what it would feel like to push them in a race, but mixed in some exercises with the green theraband resistance band to mix it up.  YHC introduced the Mongolian FireDrill, which involved each member of a team pushing and riding at least once, until the destination is reached. It was only appropriate for the Mongol’s Team to have won today.


YHC is nearly 40 (October), and losing memory fast… so the fact that this workout was on Thursday, after a long weekend of sleep depravation, and F3 Dads Camp shenanigans means nothing about the workout was retained… or not much. YHC does remember Nemo being dead last on the sprints and saw his arms shaking like two spaghetti noodles on the exercises, and his dad Marlin holding Nemo’s hair back when he was puking, after he double-backed for him.  Frehley’s like the sprints, or appears to, until he pulls a hammy and gets membership to CORE or Silver Bullet workouts for double-respects. Ease up bro!  Great to see Garbage Plate out there at BOTH of my past Q’s… put in the comments how you got your name will ya?  YHC thinks of my daily lunch of cookies, pizza, Dr. Pepper…. diet, and a Nutty Bar as a Garbage Plate.  Thanks to Strawberry Heartbreaker for caring enough about me to show up at his site for my Q.

P.S….. as bad as this BackBlast was… sadly it’s still probably in the top 50% of backblasts written.  But YHC will do better next time.


  • LISTEN UP! Now that you are ALL trained in driving these chariots, make sure you show up on Saturday 9/30/2017 for the Inaugural South Charlotte / SOB SPEED FOR NEED Race the Isabella Santos 5K in Ballantyne Corporate Park. It just isn’t an option for you to not show up as a either a runner or supporter.  Run your own race for a PR, run with/behind a racing chariot and an athlete-rider, run with your family, or just show up and cheer like crazy for our rider and represent F3 Nation to over 1,000+ runners and many more spectators in the heart of where SOB has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR workouts a week. Fire Hazard and Buckeye are your event-Q’s and here is their preblast ( PREBLAST for Isabella Santos 5K ). Failure to show will mean Buckeye will tear your limbs off, and Fire Hazard will pour freshly brewed sour beer over the fresh wounds.  And I won’t stop either of them, because… well, you’ll deserve it for being so selfish.

~SYITG JRR Tolkien

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