Burning Tires and Smoking Guns

  • When:08/04/2017
  • QIC: Sweeny Todd
  • The PAX: Gunner, Slum Lord, Heart Break, Squareroot, Smokey, Ductwork, Carrot, Chin Music, Dolleywood, Yeti, Sea World, Jockstrap, Thing 1 (FNG), Thing 2 (FNG), Bubbles (FNG), and Training wheels (FNG)

Burning Tires and Smoking Guns

After a quick disclaimer we moseyed down to the field.

We started with:
20 side straddle hops

5 burpees
15 imperial walkers
10 burpees
15 LBCs
10 burpees
10 low slow squats
5 burpees

We moseyed over to the goal line to complete a few suicide runs:

– 5-10-15 (Frontwards there/backwards back)
10 merkins then hold plank
– Same thing but 25 LBCs then hold 6 inches
– Same thing but 10 dolleys and 10 Flutter kicks then hold 6 inches
Okay NOW we’re warmed up. We moseyed to the track for the “burning wheels” portion of our workout:
– 100 meter sprint 15 burpees & 20 LBCs x 4
– 200 meter sprint 20 dry docks & 30 flutters x 2
– 400 meter sprint 10 monkey humpers & 25 super mans
We then headed over to grandma and ran backwards to the top, then hopped the fence to get to the playground for the “smoking guns” portion of our workout. It went as follows:
– 1st round
10 pull ups
15 dips
15 merkins
As many rounds as you can do in 3 minutes.
– 2nd round
20 shoulder taps
15 Declined pull ups/rows
10 wide arm merkins (werkins)
As many as you can do in 3 minutes.
– 3rd round
20 Derkins
20 man makers
Wall sits with 30 arm raisers
As many as you can do in 3 minutes.

All done! With our “wheels” burning and our “guns” smoking we moseyed back to circle up.

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