My midriff brings all the boys to the bag(pipe)

Bymidriff Apr 27, 2022

At least that's what I tell myself. It's actually Rousey's brilliant marketing. Early on in his Site Q days, he created the strangest photoshop c

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No Whistle, but still pain to gain!

ByTonyatine Apr 13, 2022

Beautiful morning today, so was happy to wake up and lead the group this day. Feel like I am at Marvin Middle and HS more times a day than I care

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You want me to do what?

ByHappy Meal Apr 9, 2022

Stonehenge has a special place in my heart because it's the best AO! Where else can you get a 2.5 mile backwards prerun followed by a brutal beat

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Totally selfish Q

ByDas Boot Apr 6, 2022

YHC spent March rolling through Flipper's annual March Madness challenge and when the final week rolled around, the task was 300 merkins, 50 pull

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It’s Always Sunny in Ballantyne: SLT Monthly Notes (Episode 2)

Bymidriff Apr 4, 2022

TL;DR: 6 pax committed to fight sad clown syndrome through INTENTIONALITY. Intentionally sharing what's on minds/hearts during COT and pressing i

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WTF is going on in Waxhaw….Part2

ByKid Rock Mar 29, 2022

  That's right! WTF is back for a second year. For those of you that did not make it out last year, or are unaware of what WTF is... Her

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New kettlebell program – March/April/May 2022

ByVoodoo Mar 23, 2022

The program we're going to do at Swole/Meathead/Olympus for the next 8 weeks is the single bell version of the Kettlebell Only Muscle Gain (or KB

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The Pre-Drive

ByDunkin Mar 14, 2022

Quotes from the Gloom: “Bro! We just did the pre-run!” – Rousey “Pre-run? You just got out of your cars.” – Tagalong “Ye

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What happened to Rousey and life coaching from Lex

ByDas Boot Mar 12, 2022

YHC came in on two wheels, having hit every light in Ballantyne on the way to a fun morning at Stonehenge, and pulled a plastic create from the c

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KettleBells and Grunge

ByTonyatine Mar 9, 2022

How come anytime YHC is asked to lead the dreaded Cowbell workout in needs to be raining or wet? flash back a few months ago where Gerber, Rain M

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