Skunk Works

12 Days of Skunk (feat. Leon Redbone)

ByHorsehead Dec 21, 2021

10 Skunks with Bells in Their Trunks Baracus, Swiss Miss, Stone Cold, Hot Corner, Orange Whip, Voodoo, Lois, Hoover, High Tide, Horsehead (


Propane and Propane Accessories

ByHorsehead Oct 5, 2021

Hank Hill: Firm but with a little give. Yup, these are medium-rare. Bobby Hill: What if somebody wants theirs well-done? Hank Hill: We ask the

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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

ByMadison Jul 15, 2021

5 dedicated Pax showed up at Skunkworks to be led by YHC. Here’s what happened. Warm up Morris Jenkins style — gently, gently Mosey to fr

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Emotional Harumph

ByHorsehead Jul 6, 2021

Who Dat: Cage, Baracus, Lois, Madison, Horsehead   What Dat: Run to the graveyard and back.  Boogedy boogedy boo. Warmup s

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Cavemen Complexes

ByBaracus Jun 22, 2021

It’s getting hard to hide in these smaller groups that have been coming out to Skunkworks  lately, so YHC raised his hand a week ago to take t

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Skunks got no rhythm.

ByHops May 25, 2021

The kettlebell has a long, storied and misunderstood past; but a bright future....all evidence to the contrary this morning.  After Cage watered


Smokey & the 53lb Bandit

ByOrange Whip May 18, 2021

9 of my best friends (they just don't know it yet) came out to Skunkworks this morning and followed me into the well-lit gloom.   The

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Skunk-blast: Give ’em the Boot

ByHoover May 13, 2021

13 lucky skunks got "booted" on Tuesday.  They decided to show up to YHC's Q assuming it would be easy-ish, since YHC can't walk fast or far and

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Tabata of Souls

ByLois Apr 20, 2021

Eleven skunks decided to show up to the best kettlebell workout that involves movement in all of Area 51. While this is a good idea on any given

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ByHorsehead Mar 31, 2021

Voodoo's BRR team said we had to write moar backblasts, so hear goez. Actually, I never stopped writing them.  I just haven't Q'd much lately

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