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Squat Trumps & Pussycat Carols

ByPoptart Dec 25, 2017

We had 6 men post for my version of the 12 days of Christmas.  It wasn't the usual bunch as some had to run a race against a crew of senior citi

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ByHuggieBear Dec 17, 2017

Posted on OT's behalf... Warm up--Mosey around the lot to 'scoop' up the late comers like LR, then down to the lower lot for Side Lunges equal

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Please Don’t Make Me Post Solo

ByAbacus Dec 6, 2017

Not a bad morning for the first Saturday in December for this week's edition of Area 51/McKee.  Arrived at 0650 to an empty parking lot, but tha

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Too much mumble chatter

ByHuggieBear Nov 18, 2017

4 PAX showed up on a brisk November morning to do some work before Turkey day. OT and Joker asked a few legal questions, the disclaimer was give

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Just Keep Moving

ByAbacus Nov 13, 2017

Had 4 PAX who either weren't participating in Charlotte Marathon/Speed for Need relay or the SOB BALROG CSAUP but still wanted to get in a workou

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More Saving, More Doing monkeyhumpers

ByTurkey Leg Nov 6, 2017

Ten men enjoyed the beautiful (November?) weather, and took a trip to the home improvement store today. The Thang: Warmup run around front

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A modified Murph workout??

ByHuggieBear Oct 28, 2017

So, another successful fitness experience was enjoyed by all! After a brief discussion about the meaning of time we moved down to the lower lo

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Tough Morning at A51

ByMermaid Oct 14, 2017

News of the death of The Shore's son, Nathan, had reached the pax this morning.  With heavy hearts we started the workout with a COT prayer for

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No burpees and no more cinder blocks

ByHuggieBear Oct 7, 2017

5 PAX showed up despite being scared off last week by 200+ burpees courtesy of Lobsta Roll. Disclaimer given, clock struck 7, and we were off fo

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September Convergence (preblast)

ByDollywood Sep 15, 2017

Big thanks to Skywalker for the May convergence and talk. He shared about suffering in silence and I know that it touched many that attended.

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