Hawks Nest

Running it back

ByFlipper Jun 1, 2021

YHC was talking with Deep Dish a few weeks back and offered to take a Q at Hawks Nest, lo and behold the day after Memorial Day was available.  


Why can’t we just do the same thing every week?!

ByHops Mar 30, 2021

Hopper, Chopper & Runstopper - say it aloud.  It's fun to say.  They all posted today...pretty sure Chopper was LIFO, by the way. Great

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Limey’s Lesson

ByHopper Mar 25, 2021

Posted on behalf of Limey:   Workout recap: Mosey to parking lot o   sidestraddle o   imperial o   low slow o   w

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Lazy Q

ByJetFuel Feb 18, 2021

21 PAX enthusiastically gathered in a South Charlotte Harris Teeter parking lot for the latest edition of Hawk's Nest aka Falcon Crest.  Enthusi

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Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.

ByGummy Jan 26, 2021

12 of South Charlotte's finest and Semi-Gloss mustered in a rainy parking lot halfway between HT and Dunkin this morning. What a treat to walk ou

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Truman Gates comes to Hawks Nest

ByHops Dec 8, 2020

A Trio of Area51 "begatten" Waxhaw pax (Fuse Box, Posse & Chastain) posted with passports in hand at Hawks Nest.  Among many other unsavory

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Making Cadence Great Again – A HawksNest Story

ByFlipper Nov 24, 2020

YHC has been watching the numbers at H&H (Hawksnest & Hydra) all year with a certain degree of incredulity if I am being honest.  Sustai

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Who Doesn’t Want to Wear the Ribbon?!

ByClover Oct 13, 2020

I thought I would start with a pictorial representation of today's Falcon Crest:

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Something to Keep me in Good Standings

ByLorax Sep 29, 2020

YHC rolled up early to Hawk's Nest on a pretty humid late September day, quickly joined by Snowflake and Sable.  Thunder Road wasn't far behind,

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VQ Perched at Hawks Nest

ByHopper Sep 11, 2020

Site Q Note: Not only did Amber VQ earlier this week, but he actually wrote a blackblast to go with it!  In the words of Deniece Williams....."L

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