No Soft Surroundings

ByHops Feb 22, 2021

Red pill tasted pretty good this morning.  But full-disclosure: YHC likely would have eschewed that pill had I not been tapped by Teddy & Wi

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FOUR-ways and Flatulence

ByFredo Feb 1, 2021

About FOUR weeks ago I reached out to Chopper and asked if he would be open to co-Q #Firestarter and #The Maul.  If you know Chopper, then you k

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Don’t skip calf day

ByDas Boot Jan 27, 2021

When it was announced months ago that a new Monday boot camp would be starting at Blakeney and it would be named "Firestarter," YHC got excited r

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Signature Laughs 1/43

ByKirby Jan 18, 2021

Birthday Q! Well the planet made another rotation around the sun with me on it.  And with the temperature below freezing I get to break out my s

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Accountability Monday

BySoft Pretzel Jan 11, 2021

With my enthusiasm for 2021 having worn off, but my desire for mental and physical health still in tact, YHC tried to think of ways to stay "on t

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Last minute shopping

ByUdder Dec 14, 2020

We've all been there before. Men, we're just not good at managing time outside of the essential four walls of our family structure. That's typica

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Ardrey Karen HS

ByTuck Dec 7, 2020

4 intellectually curious PAX and 1 Karen went back to school on a beautiful Monday morning at Firestarter. Thang Muscle-up an onto retainin

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That’s a Long Damn Way

ByWarEagle Nov 19, 2020

YHC rolled into the Blakeney park about 5 minutes before launch and wondered if he had the day or time wrong.  Where was everyone?  Finally YHC

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