Who’s afraid of Mother Nature?

ByDeep Dish Mar 3, 2021

8 PAX showed up at Dromedary for a hump day post.  Weinke was prepared to utilize the multiple canopies at the Marvin campus and to stay somewha

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Field Trip!

ByCarb Load Feb 24, 2021

Took the 11 Pax that made the intentional choice to post at Dromedary today on a field trip to Rosecliff. Warned everyone the night before in Gro

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A Chicken is Lose in Marvin

ByChicken Little Feb 17, 2021

DICCS -given to include all the regular stuff Warm Up Mosey around large lot and up stairs to front of school Monster Walk/ Knees to C

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Does Tom finish on top of Giselle?

ByDas Boot Feb 10, 2021

YHC has never been a Tom Brady fan, but you show respect when respect is due.  11 men came together (unknowingly) in the gloom to show respect t

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I got fired…

ByTransporter Feb 4, 2021

I have been fired one other time,  it was years ago and I was cutting grass for a job in college....we can leave that there.  In any case,  I

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2021 MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Backblast

ByMadDog Jan 27, 2021

This backblast is meant to serve as an example of a "Minimum Viable Product" backblast that anyone can take 5 minutes or less to write.  2021 is

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Half way is better than no way

ByChastain Jan 20, 2021

I hadn't done webbs in a while so I wanted to incorporate some into the workout today. 4 webbs, to be exact. However, that seemed like it might t

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Sorry Premature, I take my time.

ByNoonan Jan 16, 2021

Frozen Fog?: Belated BB here boys, sorry Premature. A dozen pax joined me on a morning that my phone said "frozen fog" in the weather app. Not

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We were running with Lieutenant Dan

ByMadDog Jan 9, 2021

The Thang: DICCS handled Quick running warm-up around the MRHS parking lot.  Stops at each cross-section for an exercise. First u

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