ByIce9 Nov 29, 2014

It was a cold November morning. Only Snowflake and Ice9 were in the parking lot as the clock approached 6:30.  The unpersuaded, unmotivated me

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When the temperature goes down, the reps go up.

BySnowflake Nov 22, 2014

4 hearty and weather-proof men made the long steep climb out of the fartsack this morning, and were rewarded with a downpainment worthy of their

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What is your Commitment?

BySnowflake Nov 21, 2014

com·mit·ment /kəˈmitmənt/ noun the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. The truly dedicated will show their commi

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Commitment Arrives with Men

ByIce9 Nov 15, 2014

20 strong men gathered in the gloom to launch F3 Commitment at Weddington High School. Following some self-depreciating disclaimers, this is what


Commitment – Not just a cheesy poster

ByIce9 Nov 10, 2014

The men of Union County are launching #F3Commitment this Saturday, Nov. 15th at 6:30am at Weddington High School (park at the main entrance, near