Keeping Me In Check

ByLorax Dec 11, 2019

After taking my kids to sing Christmas carols at a retirement center with my son's cub scout pack last night and the M away at a bunco Christmas

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Oops! Back, back, backblast

ByDoug Boone Dec 7, 2019

Warm-up: Ran to courtyard with 1/2 circle of turf. Did 15 each of side straddle hop, imperial walker, low slow squat, and mountain climber. Ende

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It always looks better on paper

ByUdder Nov 13, 2019

It’s inevitable. You say to yourself, “Self, let’s make this easy on ourselves.” Then as you mull over “the plan” you add a little s

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Rock usage safety standards

ByAlf Nov 6, 2019

A little drama last week at Anvil due to some misplaced rocks.  Hopefully it passes with little further impact, but always a good reminder to b

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Complacency leads to failure

ByChelms aka Tatertot Oct 30, 2019

YHC has been doing F3 for a long time (don't ask how long) and learned a lesson this morning in becoming complacent. The Q is supposed be prep


Is it wet?

BySpackler Oct 16, 2019

"Pssst. Hey babe is it raining"? "What? Leave me alone" "No seriously is it raining"? "It sounds like it" "Whew Ok good. I lo


Making Boot Camps Great Again.

ByChampagne Oct 3, 2019

Despite the warning that it was going to be old school and it would be painful, #OGs (both young and old) decided to get better and showed up in

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Last Chance Q

ByPurple Haze Sep 18, 2019

11 men assembled at Calvary for Anvil this morning. This was my shot at redemption, after sleeping through my Q two weeks ago. A berating from B


Campus Police

ByDoug Boone Sep 2, 2019

Warm-up:  Ran to the Credit Union parking lot at the Little Ave/McMahan corner where we did 15 each of Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker,

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Calm Your T!ts

ByMermaid Aug 28, 2019

13 men drove in and one man pushed himself a little harder with a vigorous run in. Well done Haze. Thorough disclaimer given to the group that i

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