Heart Attack Pace = AWOL Dora

ByRadar Aug 7, 2013

  16 Pax show for a fast paced circuit around the big Pink church. (Should have been 17) The Thang Quick Pace Jog around the lot 20

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The Agony of Defeat

ByBaracus Jul 31, 2013

It wasn't The Murph that defeated one pax this morning, but a rogue speedbump that jumped up out of nowhere (more on this in the moleskin).  The

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ByTiger-Rag Jul 24, 2013

Forty emails later, the Seven meet.  One more came to listen to Brittany, but he joins. They run. Eight plus eleven.  Silent.  Up, up, up.  

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A Flock of Anvils

ByTiger-Rag Jul 23, 2013

"I ran.  I ran so far away." And so we will. Don't ruck yourself, lest you wreck yourself. Be late,  be lonely. EXTRA CREDIT:  Take all th

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What in the bloody hill is going on here?

ByHops Jul 17, 2013

The VSF was planted in the hard ground at Anvil, and 22 brave souls launched into the grinder that is....Anvil. The Thang: Jog a couple lots ov

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Who you gonna call?

ByYoung Love Jul 10, 2013

19 men gathered in the pre-dawn gloom for another chance to be sharpened on The Anvil, then, out of the gloom, 5 men marched in with their rucks

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Tabata – That is all…mostly.

ByBaracus Jul 3, 2013

It was a small group that showed up for a Wednesday workout at Anvil, but there was nothing small about the downPAINment they received.  After

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ByYoung Love Jun 26, 2013

8 men gathered in the not so gloomy gloom to stretch their ligaments, exercise their muscles and break a little sweat.  By the time it was all s

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It’s like a sauna in here!

ByBaracus Jun 19, 2013

The Thang The virtual shovel flag was planted (YHC hasn't embarked on the task of shovel-flag-making yet) and 17 brave men jogged into the steam

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