Is This Skunk Works Or The Rock?

ByMall Cop Feb 2, 2013

Badge of Honor - Orange Puddle, We were taught a great lesson by a very brave and strong young man today - Don't drink Orange Juice before an F

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Frozenhood – Man in Tights

ByFar Side Feb 2, 2013

18 men gathered for the frozen fiesta this morning at Area 51.  Temps in the low 20's but the sun was shining so it was time to steal from the

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ByBulldog Feb 1, 2013

Bring your elbow pads    Great turnout for the second helping of Kevlar at Covenenant Day School with over 30 pax in attendance and 3 FNG's. T

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GoRuck Gear Test #2- Pepper Pots & A Bed Post

By49er Jan 31, 2013

9 members of 1st F and 2 committed runners posted in the dark and muddy gloom for another taste of good livin. The Thang: -Ray Charles and Th

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“34 multiplied by 23 equals 6402”

By49er Jan 30, 2013

 38 men  (tying the DV record) braved a cool breeze and 63 degree weather this morning to make their down painment. Warm up: -Jog around p

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