F3/Area 51 – 6.2.2012 – The Day of the Rookie

ByJoker Jun 3, 2012

39 of the Faithful planted the shovel flag and gathered in the Area 51 gloom for “Rookie Day.”   PAX Callaway Joker Tiger Rag Slap Sh

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F3/Dead Valley – 5/16/12 – Pallet-O-Rama

ByCallaway May 17, 2012

After being hypocritically evicted from our Death Valley (hereto referred to as Dead Valley), and forgoing the 16-man dump on the steps of the Si

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F3 / Skunk Works – BackBlast – 05-15-12

ByTiger-Rag May 15, 2012

Twelve men issued forth from the gloom for the inaugural Skunk Works.   THE PAX The Shore Sparky APK Custer 49er Heinz Joker Nib

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F3/Skunkworks-Preblast.12/3/11-Kettlebell Session (Invite Only)

ByTango Delta Nov 11, 2011

Gentlemen, As a rule of thumb, the F3 Nation is not high on the belief that man requires props to get in shape. With that said, not all props are

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F3/Area51 — BackBlast.9/10/11

ByJoker Sep 12, 2011

The virtual shovel flag was planted and The Faithful gathered for the first time at Area 51. The Pax: Joker Hoover Chad Young Alex Browning Derek

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