The Rock Launch – CLT South 1 Yr Anniversary

ByMall Cop Sep 8, 2012

  41 Pax gathered in the gloom and 100% humidity around 2 shovel flags to celebrate the launch of The Rock and to celebrate the 1 year Anni

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Soccer Dads/I think I’m gonna puke

ByThe Shore Sep 7, 2012

YHC sent out a request for any dads to man up in the 45 minute wait before our sons play soccer on a steamy Friday night. One FNG showed. The Th

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To Grandmother’s House We Went

ByThe Shore Sep 6, 2012

4 Pax and one straggler set out over the river and through the woods (and up a hill) for a good workout in the dark gloom. Naked Moleskin: - Di

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Ciabatta 30-30..It’s back!

ByStone Cold Sep 4, 2012

The shovel flag was planted at 0520 and 19 (yes 19) of the strong and faithful joined up for the resurrection of our old friend, the Ciabatta wit

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Ark Loader

ByTiger-Rag Sep 1, 2012

Two by two, the Pax posted around the shovel flag for a beat down of biblical proportions. --------------Tiger Rag Half------------------------

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