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Did you know Google maps doesn’t show elevation?


Run across the street to Arbor Dr, up through the cemetery, and to to top of Bad Idea

20 SSH

Calf stretch

15 Mountain Climber IC

Runner lunge

The Thang

Run down Sharon until hitting Jerry Ln

4 Corners

10 Merkin

15 Dry dock

20 American Hammers 2-1

25 Bobby Hurley

5 burpees at the start

Catch is that everyone runs the leg out and does the exercise but when you get back to the beginning circle back for the 6 and we do the 5 burpees together. Luckily the 6 found a good modification and we did less running on these brutal hills.

Head back

Stop at Bad Idea for 20 Big Bois. Stop after the bend for 20 Flutter IC. Get back loop around parking lot and hold elbow plank at COT for about a minute until time.


Thank you to Posse for letting me lead. Downtown Waxhaw is always a fun place run. Great job by everyone today, not much mumble chatter, too much running.


Lycan closed next week for convergence at Cutty. 6:30 holiday hours

IPC this week

Google Maps does not show elevation

Waxhaw Elementary is farther from Lawson than Cuthbertson

Is anyone even trying?


Mosey about a mile to Lawson Mill and stretch OYO

The Thang

Mosey through trail to Pearmain and Congaree. Run down the loop and around up the hill back to other Congaree intersection. R&R 2 more times.

Mosey down Congaree to end and make left to culdesac at Oxford Mill poop island. Run up that hill to first street on the right – not left. R&R 2 more times.

Mosey around to bottom of Deer Meadows and as you loop the circle run up hill to first street. R&R 2 more times.

Mosey up Ringtail to Southern Trace stop at Lawson Dr. Run to other side of Lawson drive picking up Pax who cut through.

Mosey back to COT


Lot of people upset we did hills because apparently Gerber did some silly 13s workout at Ignition yesterday…sounds awful

We can thank Popeye for the extra hill. Thought he was trying to challenge us but he just wanted to go home.

Dasher showed up late and apparently doesn’t like leaving Cutty. I think he was still mad at Lawson from Ignition.

Lou with the words of encouragement “Are you even trying” while I try not to puke, thank you

Not too much from the Hen house today as Chicken was relatively quiet

Ghosted, Chatterbox, and Deflated turned on one speed and just kept cruising along

Nice job all!


Prayers for Premature friend Tim as he deals with loss of his son

Sure I’ll Q

Someone wise once said to me after I complained about not getting enough miles at a workout: “If you Q you can do whatever you want”. So when Wolverine went on IR ….Sure I’ll Q


Being that we were going for some mileage, tried to stop every so often for some dynamic stretching/warmups on the go

Toy Soldiers

Butt Kicks

High Knees

Lunge stretch walk

From COT down past 701 Main to neighborhood on the left

The Thang

Pretty simple workout today, head down the hill to the fork.

Triple nickel – one cul-de-sac 10 Tysons, the other cul-de-sac (bottom of a mountain) 10 squat jumps, always in the middle 10 BB sit-ups

Was about a mile there and a mile back. Triple nickel got us close to 2 miles so close to 4 for the day


Great numbers today! People must not have realized I was actually Qing. Effort was awesome even with the high mileage. Tried to keep the group together but got a great reminder from Ice “No man left behind but no man left where you found him.” We should be pushing people to continuously get better which is done by the gazelles reaching their potential and circling back, not by holding anyone back but pushing all of us forward. I need to keep that in mind as that mindset helped me when I started F3. Mumble chatter was necessary to get through this one: a lot of “you do realize this isn’t Pursuit”, a little “I don’t like you anymore”, but a lot of fun. Thank you for letting me lead


Welcome back Wedding Singer!

Christ Closet Saturday need help moving furniture and for giveaway

We’re Going on an Adventure

Firstly need to credit PAX this morning, as we did 3.5 – 4 miles and showed up about a minute over with ZERO complaints. Actually multiple “that was a great push” were said and that’s what makes it worth the 5AM alarm!

DiCCS were given including warning that we would be going on an adventure to uncharted territory in downtown Waxhaw


Mosey to Sweet Repeats parking lot for a quick warmup and stretch.

15 SSH

Calf Stretch

Runner Stretch

15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Continue down that road (Rehobeth) to a neighborhood on the right. The theme of this adventure might be summed up as “Google maps showed these streets but not these hills”

Start at the top, run down the hill to 2 culdesacs, start on the left one and do 20 dry docks. Run to right one, 20 V-ups. Run back up the hill, 20 squat jumps. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back across Rehobeth Rd to next neighborhood and stop at first intersection. These 2 streets made a horseshoe with 2 culdesacs on the right leg and 1 on the left. What PAX needed to know was 10 merkins at every street intersection and 10 big bois in every culdesac.

Started on the right leg which was already a good downhill and got to intersection of 2 culdesacs for merkins. At that moment realized the second culdesac was basically straight down hill which made for a fun time back.

After completing the right leg was back up to original intersection and to the left leg which had a cross street in between with a metal guard rail. After culdesac at end come back to that cross street to finish.

Well that was the worst of it (I think?)

Cross over metal guard rail and to the back streets of Waxhaw, heading toward ABI. Every intersection YHC called out an exercise for 10 reps which was about 10 or so intersections.

Get up to main street and grab some benches, 20 dips and 20 step ups, do this 3 times. At this point Ice 9 mentioned I was stalling for time (maybe) so we took the long run route back – did not realize how far it was to run back to sweet repeats and come around that way.

Made it back to COT at 6:16…ish


Great push by a lot of guys today. The new neighborhoods seemed to be a fan favorite so can’t wait to use them again and see if anyone else comes up with something good. All the packs seemed to hang together and when we made it back a little late had no complaints. Thank you guys for letting me lead.


Prayers for Mayhems friend Ken as he is having a tough time right now. Hopefully we can get him out here to F3 as sounds like he can use it.

Ice 9 to send out details for 5k for charity May 29?

Christ closet folding this saturday morning



Well that was stupid

DiCCS were given


Mosey around parking lot and circle up

15 SSH

10 Merkins

Calf Stretch – (we were graced with real Damascus moans today)

15 Plank Jacks

The Thang

Paula Adbul light poles all the way to Rudy’s shed, up 2 poles for 1 burpee and back 1 pole for 1 burpee (15 burpees total)

At the end circle back or mary then Partner up with someone of the opposite speed.

Starting at Rudys shed run opposite directions as your partner. When you meet do 20 reps of exercise, every other pass is Bobby Hurleys then V-Ups. Do 3 laps, passing your partner 6 times total, so doing each exercise 3 times.

Mosey to the benches the most exciting dumbest web you have ever been apart of. We started at the end and moved down because it was easier ….just because. Starting at 10 derkins and 40 dips, 9 derkin 36 dips, down to 1-4.

Mosey to front of school benches for 20 step ups and a lap then mosey home


Great group of guys today! Everyone pushed and man did some all of it suck. That hill on the loop was worse than I remember and the derkin web is just stupid. I felt like every segment of today’s Q was just out of reach, which is how I like to push myself and hope you all felt the same. Every round of derkins the last pushup was, as Recalc would say, perfect form a slurpee. Everybody joined in for a team effort counting, complaining, and having a damn good time doing it!


Schneider with the 6th man

Waxhaw Trail Fest May 1 – preblast in playhouse

“Should be running for those who want to run and for everyone else…”

Let everyone know that there will be running for the people who would like to run and then …. well you know

DiCCS given


Mosey around the parking lot to front of the school

15 SSH

15 MC

Calf Stretch

15 Plank Jacks

Mosey to bus lot

The Thang

Variation of a workout that Flanders did a few weeks back.

Start at spot 13 and do 13 Bobby Hurleys

Run to curb and do a burpee

Run back to spot 12 and do 12 BH

Back to curb and do a burpee

11, 10, 9…. you get the picture

Once finished we all circled back and finished the one last together (this was where people that wanted to run a bit less could have stayed but I thought it better for everyone to continue to stay together)

Finish and walk the 15 steps to beginning light post for Paula Abdul

Up 2 lights and 10 do Merkins

Back 1 light and do 1 burpee. Add 1 burpee every time until 5.

Circle back and finish together

Next up 4 corners. Run to first corner do exercise then come back and do 1 burpee at start. Don’t repeat exercises on the way to the next corner.

10 Big Bois

15 Heels to Heaven

20 American Hammer 2 is 1

25 V-ups

Circle back and finish set up V-ups together

Few minutes left partner up with opposite speed. First partner holds a plank while second runs around small car island. 2 times each.



Great group of guys today of all speeds. We hit a little over 3 miles which I think is a good push for people who aren’t usually runners but still not a 4 mile Flash (you know who you are). Everyone stayed together which kept some good mumble chatter. Great push on the last corners lap with the front sprinting to the end. Some guys are hidden gazelles out there (looking at you Rockwell!) Thank you guys for a great workout and Schneider letting me lead!


CPR next Monday Sign up!

New Thursday AO launching April 1 at Walnut Creek clubhouse at 6PM – Mountain Biking

Murph coming up soon, start training

I know how to use a camera!

Quick DiCCS and were off


Mosey to flag pole circle up

15 SSH

Calf stretch

15 MC

15 Merkins

Jimmy Dugan


The Thang

Partner up Gazelle with Clydesdale 

Run around full flag pole island in opposite directions and do 7s. You will meet twice per lap so alternate exercise each time, 6 full laps

6 T merkins

1 burpee

down to 1 T merkin and 6 burpees


Mosey to first corner for 4 corners

20 of each



Heels to heaven 

Big boy


end at COT


Great work today boys! Little bit of running (gazelles got about 4 miles) and those heels to heaven sucked. The thought behind this one was for Gazelles to get their miles and Clydesdales to push past their norm which we accomplished. Nice to see Zin back from his beercation, I think he is a Clydesdale now? Shake gave me the “don’t let me catch you” right at the end and after that I was real close to spilling some merlot. Sugar Daddy needs to get out to some Ignition workouts! And only had a couple workouts with Bayo but that guys fast! Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself Penalty Box, who knew he was an NHL all-star? Chain of pain to Sledge, was between him and Popeye, I know what it’s like being a Clydesdale at a Gazelle workout yet I see you guys pushing hard every time – Great Job! Thank you all for letting me lead you guys today.



This THURSDAY 10/15 – Convergence at Indian Land, let’s steal this flag!

This SATURDAY 10/17 – Blood drive….enough already, sign up or you’re a terrible person



Burpees and Hills and Burpees and Hills


Mosey toward ABI and circle up   Kidding, mid-DiCCS….BURPEE TRAIN (perfect today is build-a-burpee day)

The Thang 


Well that was absolutely awful fun.  Now let’s hit all 3 hills and build back to some burpees while we’re at it


First hill – Mosey to ABI


Run to the top 20 in and outs. Back to the bottom 20 merkins. Rinse and repeat. 


Second hill – Mosey to Bad Idea. 


Give it all you got to the top. 20 BH. Mosey to the bottom. Am Hammers while we wait. 


Third hill – Mosey over the bridge and continue to top of KJH. 


First half of ab-web. 1 BB + 4 Am. Hammers


Run to the bottom 20 squats. Back to the top 20 merkins. Rinse and Repeat.


More Burpees… At the top of KJH 5 burpees and hang that right and do 5 burpees at corners back to COT (20 total)


At COT Let’s finish the web and end exactly on time.




2nd Q this week – thank you Carb Load for asking me to lead and right after I accepted, he mentioned that we haven’t hit all 3 hills in a workout in a while so I took his advice. Burpee train only made it suck more sweeter! The only complaints I heard were me whispering the directions a bit low (still working on the difference between my inside and outside voice) but I admit I expected way more complaining on the extra running (especially combining the hills with burpees) but awesome attitude from everyone! After hearing Schneider even up to the last minute pushing people to finish strong had to earn chain of pain, nice work! Haven’t seen Fuse and Recalc in a bit great job pushing. Nice seeing Shake out there. I think he said he joined the Zin curl workout plan. Waxhaw Express guys pushing the front of the pack while I tried to keep up. All in all Great job boys see you next time!



10/17 – Blood drive SIGNUP

11/14 – MArathon Wolverine has details

Most importantly, TELL YOUR FAMILY YOU LOVE THEM. Please keep the Bardo family in your prayers.

Flash Mob: Cha-Cha


Mosey to Rudy’s Poop Palace and circle up:

20 SSH

15 Imperial Walker

Calf Stretch

20 Merkin

The Thang

Mosey to first circle for 7’s

Start with 6 merkins and 1 Bobby Hurley – work to 1 Merkin and 6 BH

When finished circle back and finish out with others. Foundation and some others in the flash mob got a cha-cha line going. I was able to join for a bit of pickempickempickem’s before hopping back into the mix and back to the start for some flutters until 6 was in.

Mosey to front of middle school

Half Lap around the circle then do exercise. 5 Times


40-shoulder tap




Some did extra lap to bring up the rear. Then on your 6 for 40 American hammers IC, 30 Flutters IC, 10 Big Bois.

2 lines – Indian run back to COT and get a lap in around the parking lot when we got there. FINISH


Appreciate the Chicken letting me come out and lead today. Saw him mention that a gazelle was running Flash today and it still sounds weird to me. I wasn’t always a Gazelle so hopefully you guys who don’t think its possible…it is…there’s no secret pill or formula, just takes a change in mentality and grinding day in and day out! For instance, Tanyatine was out in front of me on the 7’s (great work brother!) so I decided to try and catch him instead of fall back. That work will help me get better for tomorrow and the next day. On our pre-run, Foundation and I saw O69 already crushing it, this guy gets it. Grinding every day, you are an inspiration brother keep up the hard work!  Saw Schneider, Chicken, Sledge, and Rockwell pushing it. This group gave it their all even if it was a little higher on the mileage than usual (everyone remember to thank Cobbler for that). All in all great work and a lot of new faces I look forward to getting to know. Thanks for letting me lead you.


Oct 2 – Blood Drive sign up! Rudy buying pizza if we get 80

Nov 14 – Marathon, half marathon, 10K