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Learning Proper Burpee Form

The Warmup

Starting the morning at HOT 25 degrees can always be painful but feels like heaven after 10- minutes. DiCCS were given two minutes before 5:30 and Zinfandel stated just like Premature to be two minutes early.

17 PAX started off with a Mosey to Dreamchasers not for a beer but “simple” warmup.

20 SSH

15 Imperial walkers

10 downward and 10 upward dog

Calf stretch 15 seconds per leg

Left and right runners stretch

Mosey to the large open parking lot to start the THANG

The Thang

The Thang was simple, four exercises and running. Cannot get any easier.

PAX learned the proper parts of completing a burpee or as Chastain taught me “The Deconstructed Burpee” however I added a twist, performing the burpee Paula Abdul style.

  • 20 Merkins – run to second pole and back one
  • 15 In and Outs – run second pole and back one
  • 10 Bobby Hurley – run second pole and back one
  • 5 Burpees
  • Repeato 5 times to complete first row

PAX arrived at end of the street and One Star thanked me it was done. I laughed since he did not know that was the beginning. PAX circled up to complete 50 Merkin Circle and I gave the command to begin the next set of deconstructed burpees, starting with 20 Merkins. After Merkins, PAX ran to Providence Road, completed 15 In and Outs, and headed south to enter the road with the large hill to finish the burpee set, 10 Bobby Hurleys and 5 burpees. PAX ran halfway up the hill and entered the parking lot to start another deconstructed burpee set, Merkins and In and Outs. Once that was finished, PAX ran to the top of the hill and finished the next two exercises. At this point, a lot of chatter and I was asked if I knew any other exercises. That is when Chicken taught me the statement: you Q they do and we both laughed.

I told PAX, it only makes sense to run the 4 corners and of course an exercise at each corner to complete another burpee set. I was happy to see Surge, One Star, and Carb Load at the first stop sign doing 15 In and Outs without being told. We also had a new form cop beside Recalculating, Zinfandel.

Zinfandel kept stating Bobbly Hurley’s are not bend overs but squats boys! We finished the four corners and saved the best for last. Run up and down the large hill and yes with another set of burpees. PAX finished this task with 6 more minutes to spare which is enough time to complete another 4 corner and yes with burpee set!

Everyone pushed it today and got in a good workout to start winding down the week. Great job!


Special shout out to Rockwell was 6th guy and has been part of F3 for 5.5 years.

Chicken Little explained the significance of being appreciative for what you have since unfortunately one of his colleagues was killed

2020 Passport through December 31 (visit new AO to post) – Chastain send link and Das Boot has the lead, great job!

High Hat promoted Appetizer AO

Not Playing with a Full Deck

Starting the morning at 38 degrees can always be painful but feels like heaven after 10- minutes. DiCCS were given two minutes before 5:30 and the team was introduced to a deck of playing cards.

Four PAX were assigned suits with a corresponding pain exercise: Posse hearts Jump Squats, Everyone forget (lol) spades Bonny Blairs, Chatter Box clubs Speed Skaters, and Everyone forgot (lol) diamond Big Boy sit-ups, and Premature joker for dealers choice of 25 of any exercise. PAX started off 600M Mosey to the front of the school for a “simple” warmup.

20 SSH

15 Imperial walkers

Calf stretch 15 seconds per leg

Left and right runners stretch

Mosey around to the side of the school to start the THANG

The Thang

Started with Paula Abdul by running to second light pole and back one to flip first card. After completing 10 Paula Abdul’s and the all cards showed speed skaters, bonny blair, and jump squats. It became clear to me quickly why I sucked at IPC. PAX proceed to next parking lot and circled up to flip 15 more cards. Somehow, no one remembered the correct suit for spiderman merkins…hmm. Yeap, more legs and the PAX was happy! Last card flipped, the joker which meant dealers choice and good time to do 25 burpees.

Mosey another 400M and decided to take a small break from running and started walking lunges the distance of two light poles. Legs were on fire and headed to the cafeteria area to circle up and flip 15 more cards. Again, we all forget the spiderman merkins suit. However, as luck would have it, the joker was flipped. Dealer decided to do 25 spiderman merkins. Mosey back to COT parking lot to flip 15 more cards and at this point legs were shot!

PAX was shy by 5 cards and ran 2.8 miles. All said and done, over 100 bonny blairs, 100 jump squats, and 100 speed skaters plus Joker wild. I am sure walking downstairs will be fun.

Everyone pushed it today and got in a good workout being hump day. Great job!


Q-School 10/21 Area 51 Calvary Church

Chicken Little will lead a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day and post info on The Playhouse and NewsChannel.

VQ Asylum Schnitzel

Prayer Request

Kelli Niro (premature wife) and decided not to take the medication

Four Corners of Pain

Well this is my time creating a BB and third time being a Q. Sorry it took long but needed to get access to the site. Anyway, I will keep it short an sweet like my F3 name, Premature.


The warm-up was simple: Mosey .25ish and did 15 Imperial Walkers. Next, we grabbed a lifting rock and mosey to Kensington Elementary parking lot while holding it above our head. Dropped rock and performed some stretches : downward dog, upward dog, and calf stretch.


Split up into four teams and each team chose a corner to start the first circuit of  “Four Corners of Pain” (only one team per corner). By the way, we used the rock at each station.

  • 20 V-ups, then carry rock to next station
  • 20 Merkins, carry carry rock to next station
  • 20 Curls, carry rock to next station
  • 20 Squats, carry rock to next station
  • Left rocks at last station

PAX waited in plank position until the six arrived and then headed back to around the globe. Once six arrived: completed 50 Merkin wave and headed to Millbridge clubhouse parking lot to start the next circuit of “Four Corners of Pain.”

  • 20 Heels to heaven
  • Side run to 20 dips on curb
  • Bear crawl to 20 Bobby Duggan
  • Side run to 20 Mike Tysons
  • Bear crawl to complete loop

Rinse and repeat two more times at 15 and 5 reps. Skipped 10 reps due to time and completed three more waves of 50 around the globe: Bomb Jacks, Burpee, and Superman.

Mosey back to COT and by popular demand completed another round of 50 Merkin wave and ended exactly at 7:30. PAX logged just over 4 Miles running.


Conducting my third Q and first BB definitely gave me a greater appreciation for the amount of effort it takes to organize one.  It was a hot and humid morning but everyone hung in there and worked hard.  Thanks to the PAX for supporting me!


Blood Drive July 23rd, need more people to sign up.  Sign-up at American Red Cross website.

Raffle for $1,500 Furniture Gift Certificate Ongoing.  Centerfold has tickets for sale. All proceeds goes to our goal of raising $10,000 for local charities.

100 Pax Challenge – Looking for 100 Pax to donate $100 or WHATEVER YOU CAN.  Venmo to @f3waxhaw.  See Posse for details.

Q-school/Site School coming up.  See Posse for details.