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2020, Act II (Re-commit to making yourself better)

Its’ official, today marks the beginning of the second half of 2020. 17 PAX (including one 2.0) decided to kick it off by making themselves a little stronger. Temperature was acceptable for July 1st but the humidity was @ 100%. YHC broke a sweat just delivering the disclaimer.

Here’s what went down.

The Thang

Mosey over to the far parking lot for a little warm up.

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • Merkins x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x15
  • LSS x15

Mosey over to the rock pile. Pick your poison and set up in lot next to rock pile.

WAVE 1: Rock/Burpee Set (3 Repetitions)

  • With rocks: Curls x15, Thrusters x15, Triceps Extensions x15
  • Run around the traffic circle, up to the portico, and do Burpees x10
  • Return to your rock, wait for the 6 to get in

Return rocks from whence they came. Head down the long straight and over to the Avenue of Trees.

WAVE 2: Avenue of Trees (Triple B’s)

  • Alternate the following exercises between each tree (Bear Crawl | Broad Jump | Backward Lunge)
  • Down one way, and of course, back. Although, changed up the exercises to Bear Crawl | Forward Lunge | Sprints due to the overwhelming support and delight of the first set.

Mosey over to the light post in the middle of the larger parking lot section. During this run, Stone Cold asked if we would be making a detour into the playground sand to do a set of “Sugar Cookies”. Not 100% sure what that meant but am tucking that away for a later Q. Appreciate that Stone Cold.

WAVE 3: Starfish in the parking lot

  • @Start/Center: LBCs x20
  • CORNER 1: Jump Lunges x20
  • CORNER 2: Monkey Humpers x20 (@ Meathead Corner)
  • CORNER 3: WWII Sit-Ups x20
  • CORNER 4: Mike Tysons x20

Plank variations while we wait for the 6 to get in. Last stop, the North Face.

WAVE 4: North Face Loop

  • Squats x10 @ the bottom
  • Sprint to top
  • CCDs at the Top x10
  • Repeato

Mosey (drag ourselves) back to Launch Point

Just enough time for Freddie Mercuries x20 and then called time. Followed by Countorama, Nameorama, and YHC with the takeout prayer.


  • Mumblechatter was a little lighter than normal this morning. Even during the initial rock set it was eerily quiet. Took a little warming up but it finally broke out. Topics included, “Why they passed a law saying it was illegal to marry your cousin” (Not sure who this was but I bet his family reunions are a blast) and also a brief mention of the 1980s classic Airwolf.
  • Got some good overwhelming support for the Triple Bs portion of today’s beatdown. Wanted to make sure everyone was ready to show off those legs at the beach this summer.
  • Hope we lightened the mood of the Meathead gang by providing a little Monkey Humper distraction. Those guys take their kettlebelling seriously.


  • It sounds like we’ll be having a convergence this Friday @ Kevlar. Centurion, and I think Joust, will all be meeting @ 6:00am at the Kevlar site in Matthews. Check the website/slack for confirmation.
  • Anvil needs a few good Qs in the upcoming weeks. If you haven’t Q’d in a while or you need to hit your quota for the back half of 2020 here’s a link to the SignUpGenius:

Final Thoughts

  • Getting back to the title of this backblast, “Re-commit to making yourself better”. One of the things I committed to do earlier on during this whole COVID saga was to make sure that I came out of it a better version of myself. For me, that’s been physically, mentally, and spiritually. Each of you has been a tremendous part of helping me improve physically. The mental and spiritual parts have been a little tougher, especially as the news continues to swirl and the end may not be any closer than it was 3 months ago. Regardless, I want to challenge each of you to commit (or re-commit) to finding a way to create a better version of you during this time. You’ll feel the impact individually but so will your families, your friends, and those around you. Each of us has our own challenges and difficulties that we’re facing and I’m not sure where each of you is at personally, but I’ll commit to each of you to do my part to help you reach that goal. Stay safe this July 4th.


“You Will Get Wet, You May Get Soaked”

All I could think about last night as I was heading to bed was the slogan from Rip Roarin’ Rapids. If you grew up in the Charlotte area, you’re likely familiar with it. There’s a sign just as you walk in that reads: “You will get wet, you may get soaked.” With that in mind, I built the weinke for a little dry and a little wet. Luckily for the 7 PAX who showed up, they didn’t have to worry about either as the rain had stopped by the time we rolled up @ 5:30am. But even without the rain, with the humidity pushing 90%+, it was like working out inside a dog’s mouth.

Here’s what went down.

The Thang

Mosey across 51 and over to the Charlotte Catholic deck. CoP @ bottom entrance.

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 15
  • IW x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • Peter Parker x 10 each leg
  • Burpees x 10 (OYO)

WAVE 1: Catch me if you can (Partner Up)

  • P1 Starts running backwards up the short ramps to the 4th floor
  • P2 3 Burpees, then runs to catch P1
  • Flapjack once P2 catches P1
  • Repeat until you reach the top
  • Once we reach the top, back down to the first floor for Round #2, this time swapping 10 CDDs for Burpees.

Back down Stairwell #1 and across to the stadium

WAVE 2: Leg Lifts and Bearkin Lunge Crawls

  • Line up, socially distanced on curb outside of stadium
  • First, complete 20 leg lifts (Holding underneath the fence, raise your toes to touch the fence)
  • Next, Bear Crawl to other side, 1 Derkin
  • Lunge walk back to original side, 2 Derkins
  • Repeat until we get to 10 Derkins
  • We were supposed to finish with 20 more leg lifts but YHC forgot. You’re welcome.

Mosey over to Stairwell #2

WAVE 3: Deck Routine (Partner Back Up)

  • Starting at Stairwell #2, 10 Merkins each
  • P1 runs up Stairwell #1 to 2nd floor, P2 runs up Stairwell #3 to 2nd floor
  • Meet back at Stairwell #2, complete 10 burpees each
  • Run down to 1st floor, 10 Merkins each
  • Next set, 3rd Floor with 20 Jump Squats, back to 1st floor, 10 Merkins each
  • Last set, 4th Floor with 30 LBCs, back to 1st floor, 10 Merkins each

Mosey over to rock pile on McMahon rd., pick your weight

WAVE 4: Rock Work

  • 10 Curls, 10 Presses, 10 Triceps (2 Sets), run around circle and back
  • 10 Triple Lindys (Curl to Press to Triceps combination)

Mosey back to Launch Point

Mary until time is called

  • 20-count Freddy Mercuries
  • 10-count American Hammer
  • 5-count Windshield Wipers (This was a crowd pleaser for sure and will definitely be making it back into the rotation)
  • Protractor (Thanks Snuka)
  • 10-count High Slow Rosalitas

Called time and COT.

YHC with the prayer.


  • All the PAX worked hard this morning.
  • The vets like Lorax and Snuka were out front most of the time.
  • Margo was clearly pushing himself this morning and put in a strong effort across the board.
  • Surprisingly, Clover forgot to try and throw off our cadence count. Must have been the humidity.
  • Bout Time (who ran in), Snowflake, and Limey all had a strong showing as well.
  • If I had known Snuka was so slow at CDDs I would have let him lead the 2nd round of “Catch Me If You Can”. His method ensured YHC got all the inclines. Sneaky smart Snuka, respect.
  • By the time we wrapped @ 6:15 it didn’t matter that the rain never came. We were all soaked.


  • Bout Time’s M (Lauren) has been nominated for “Woman of the Year” by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The story about their son, Jennings, is truly inspiring. If you’d like to hear more or help out by making a donation, use the link here:

Not much chatter, just a good quiet beatdown to start the week…

Quiet morning in the Gloom today. Seven PAX + Three 2.0s (Hang 10? No? Too much?) hit the surf this morning to start off their weeks.

Here’s what went down.

The Thang

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 30
  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 each leg
  • Burpees x 10

1m OUT and 1m IN Run

WAVE 1: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Dips x 20
  • Exercise #2: Derkins x 20
  • Exercise #3: Step Ups x 20 (10 per leg)

2m OUT and 2m IN Run

WAVE 2: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Mike Tysons x 20
  • Exercise #2: Jump Lunges x 20 (10 per leg)
  • Exercise #3: WWII Sit-Ups x 20

1m OUT and 1m IN Run (AYG on the final 30 seconds)

WAVE 3: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Curls x 20
  • Exercise #2: Shoulder Press x 20
  • Exercise #3: Triceps Extension x 20
  • Exercise #4: Triple Lindy x 20

1m OUT and 1m IN Run

WAVE 4: Repeat 2 times (Plank in-between & before run-out)

  • Exercise #1: Romanian Dead Lifts x 20 (10 per leg)
  • Exercise #2: Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Exercise #3: Carolina Dry docks x 20

1m OUT and 1m IN Run

Round of Mary. PAX choice.

  • Tuck called 10 Windshield Wipers (new one for me but great on the obliques)
  • Lorax called 10 Box Cutters

Called time and COT.


  • Not sure if the group was still recovering from the 2-hour CSAUP over the weekend or still recovering from the news that school is now officially out for summer but the mumblechatter was low and the activity was high.


  • Current virtual schedules will remain in place for the next few weeks.
  • Make sure to type “/q virtual” on the “# virtual-1stf” channel to find a workout
  • Keep praying for our leaders and first responders

Ringing in my 40th with a 1980s inspired beatdown

Woke up this morning and father time had just struck 40 on my clock. No better way to ring in a new decade than getting up @ 4:45am and getting some work in while the rest of the world sleeps. I have to start this week’s back blast thanking @Lorax and @Fallout for getting me out here 3 months ago. It only took them 6 years to convince me but they stuck with. Now three months in (having gained the ability to talk while working out) YHC is ready for his VQ.

Disclaimer provided. VQ Announced. Apologies provided. Informed the PAX that today is my 40th birthday and they’re all going to celebrate 1980 with me.

The Thang

Quick mosey over to the semi-circle astroturf area to get the blood flowing

Quick Fact: Lots of notable celebrities were born in 1980 (Macauley Culkin, Ryan Gosling, Jessica Simpson, Albert Pujols). But I love chicken and in 1980 we lost a true hero, the original Colonel Sanders. He had 11 spices in his secret recipe.

Warm-Up Exercises in Cadence:

  • SSH x 11
  • IW x 11
  • Merkins x 11
  • Imperial Walkers Mountain Climbers x 11 (YHC with his VQ Mistake #1)
  • Burpees x 11 (OYO)

Quick pace out to the Hot Box for some body work.

Quick Fact: In addition to going to school for acting (hence the nickname) I also played hockey. In 1980 USA beat Russia in the Winter Olympics @ Lake Placid: Score = 4-3 (also a variation of today’s date, if you’re European).

Sets of 43 for each called exercise OYO, followed by a run to the parking lot light, 5 burpees, and back. Repeat for each exercise.

  • Round #1: Dips
  • Round #2: Derkins or Incline Merkins (mix as needed)
  • Round #3: Step Ups (Total, not per leg, make it 44 if you feel uneven)
  • Round #4: LBCs

Fallout with the 10 count.

Hustle over to the rock pile for some lift/runs. Pick a repping rock.

Quick Fact: Another actor who had a big year in 1980 was Ronald Reagan. He was elected president in 1980 after a fairly respectable acting career. He was the 40th President.

Sets of 40 (20 per exercise per round) for each exercise OYO. Rocks on one end, run around the circle to the portico, exercise, run back. Repeat three times:

  • Round #1: Curls x 20 | Run | Squats x 20 | Run
  • Round #2: Presses x 20 | Run | Heels to Heaven x 20 | Run
  • Round #3: Triceps Extensions x 20 | Run | Jump Lunge x 20 | Run

Plank while we wait for the 6.

10 more burpees to round out a total of 40 before we leave. YHC with the 10 count.

Jog back out to the hotbox for some wall sits with air presses. 40 count.

At this point Spackler, eager to lead a portion of the workout (I did bump him to Q today) jumped in to give me a breather with a 20 count of hand release merkins.

Indian run the long way back to start.

Quick Fact: After my failed attempt at acting, I ended up with a degree in Computer Science. In 1980 a consortium of DEC, Intel, and Xerox introduced the DIX standard for Ethernet. It ran an astonishing 10Mbps. Also of note, it was not stolen from Al Gore.

Full 6MoM of 10 exercises until time is called. Each PAX contributed and called out an exercise.

  • YHC: Freddy Mercuries
  • Posse: Box Cutters
  • Lorax: Over Unders (Literally just one leg over the other, not a clever reference or title)
  • Fallout: Reversed Box Cutters
  • Spackler: 60 sec plank (In honor of ________ who just set the world record plank @ 8 hours 15 minutes)
  • Godsmack: Another 60 sec plank (only need 494 more minutes and we would have set the record)
  • Mermaid: Heels to Heaven
  • JetFuel: Cobains on forgetting what you called
  • Clover: Russian Twist (In 1980 this would have been the USSR Twist)

Called time and COT with the Meathead men.


Not a lot of mumblechatter this morning. Not sure if that was due to the PAX waiting to see if I was going to screw up, or if I was just too focused on not screwing up that I didn’t pay attention. Likely a healthy combination of the two.

Shout out to Posse who drove in from F3 Waxhaw for my VQ. I mentioned this to the group but will do so again, Posse and the F3 Waxhaw group are running several ‘Q Schools’ throughout the year. Huge help for new guys like me. If you know of any new guys who are hesitant to Q and need a good push, reach out and get them signed up.

Final thanks one more time to Lorax and Fallout. These guys never gave up on me even in the face of tremendous pushback (6+ years) and finally got me over the hurdle. Keep that in mind if you’re getting resistance from guys in your circle. Don’t give up and keep pushing. If they’re like me, they’ll realize pretty quickly how important it is to find something they can do to invest in themselves. For most men my age (40), life is pretty hectic and I found that I’ve spent a lot of the last 10 years doing things for others. Primarily the M, the 2.0s, and obviously work. It’s easy to lose yourself in that routine. Find something that allows you to invest in yourself and gives you the opportunity to build fellowship with other men.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Looking forward to more.


  • PLEASE READ: Two of our brothers have recently been laid off. Please check out their LinkedIn profiles below and socialize them across your networks. One of the great things about this group is the opportunity to support each other in these times of need. If you know of an opportunity make sure to reach out to them.
  • Beer Mile (Unofficial): April 24th – Check the Slack Channel for more info

YHC with the closing prayer.

Let’s see if Posse taught us well…

What a difference 24 hours makes. After making it through a windy but 60-degree warm workout yesterday, this morning’s 27-degree Q school @ Cuthbertson Middle tested the determination and desire of 15 PAX. Hard to tell how many were truly new to the Q but even the pros dialed down their experience levels to show us some of the mistakes they’ve “only ever made once.”

So with a campus full of frost ahead of us, and only one innuendo during the DiCCs, we ventured out.


Quick lap around the parking lot to knock off the frost and then circle up for a demonstration on cadence. Even though I’ve seen several examples of “cadence challenged” Qs before, Posse put them all to shame in a humble effort to highlight POINT #1, how the quality of the Q sets the tone for the grind. Better examples followed and then a quick round-robin of PAX-led warmups using proper cadence (mostly).

  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Squats
  • Mike Tysons
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • And more that currently slip my mind, all at different counts and cadence.

The Thang

Warm up complete and Goodfella sprints to the front of the school. Half the PAX catch up, half get caught off guard and left behind. Point #2 made and we regroup at the front of the school for partner work.

  • ROUND 1: P1 Dips, while P2 does a half lap, flapjack until you hit 50
  • ROUND 2: P1 Step Ups, while P2 does another half lap, flapjack until you hit 50 (numbers clearly not important as Goodfella and I lost track early)

Mosey over to the bus lot for exercises leveraging AO-specific structures. In this case, the covered walkway with columns. After throwing the next exercise out to the group, someone called for bear crawls to the delight of the crowd. Another PAX tried to subvert the exercise by demonstrating an “Alligator Merkin” and the group quickly reversed course and accepted the bear crawls. We originally tried to mix the bear crawls with squat jumps but quickly realized that squat jumps are not a distance sport. Swapped for broad jumps and we’re off. Alternate between the poles. Al Gore while we wait for the 6.

Next up, cross campus movement using landmarks for added pain. 5 burpees per light pole as we headed toward the shed. Plank and Plank Jacks till the group reforms.

Mosey to the rock pile to select a rock. No one told us we were going to shuffle rocks which left some PAX happier than others.

  • Curls x10
  • Presses x10
  • Thrusters x10

Point #3 (probably not as I’m sure we had learned more by now) about proper form and the handling of large rocks (no innuendos) and then back to the pile.

Getting close to time so we head back to the start using the back walkway. 5 Bobby Hurleys per light (thanks for showing me the move) and we’re back in the parking lot. Half the PAX circled back for the 6, other half took turns calling out cadence to keep us moving and warm. Monkey Humpers, Flutters, LBCs kept us loose.

Short mosey back to the cars and POINT #4 (?) delivered about how to fill time (or shorten time) based on the progress of the weinke. Low milage, varying intensity, but high on learning. Thanks Posse.

COT / Announcements

I’m sure there were announcements but I was wrapped up in some mumblechatter.

Posse with the inspirational quote to take us out.

Gerber with the ring light for visual proof of who he can get to Q next week.

The Moleskin

Great group of guys out there this morning. Special shout out to Posse and the site Qs who assisted for getting this group in shape. Hope to see everyone leading their first Qs in March.

Special shout out to Sprinkles who introduced me to the “Merkin Wave”. Gotta steal this as a “Point Break special” to stick with the beach/ocean theme.

Lots to think about as I put my first weinke together. I’ll be out @ Anvil in Area 51 on March 4th if anyone wants to see the results of actually going to Q school. No promises.