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Preparing Our Bodies for Spring, One Merkin (curb touch) at a Time

I was a little nervous doing the Q today after having a Shingles vaccine less than 48 hours prior and having some side effects
with a pretty sore shoulder, but figured I would deal with it and pull back if needed.  I actually felt pretty good and was determined
to provide a challenging meeting for the fine gentlemen showing up.

The Warm Up

Mosey halfway to the bridge and then back to the circle.

20 side straddle hops
20 merkins (little did everyone know, there would be some good merkins to come later 🙂 )
Calf stretches
20 imperial walkers

The Thang

Since, Popeye had already made a pitstop at the port a john to pee, I figured let’s lunge to the next port a john, to make sure know
one else had to go before we really got into it.  No takers, so we were ready.

Mosey to the rock pile and partner up with  a medium weight boulder.  I was impressed at how heavy some of the rocks folks chose,
prior to knowing the reps.

Partner one runs to the corner and back.
Partner two starts the reps and alternates:
200 Triceps
200 Curls
200 Overhead presses

Mosey up towards the school for some on your six work.
25 Big Boys
20 V-Ups
25 Heals to Heaven
25 Flutters

Here is where the fun begin.  Mosey to the parking lot and find a curb.  This next part had the most complaining, I am not sure why it
was very enjoyable :).

50 merkins with a hand touch for each hand on the curb for each merkin
Run to the other end of the parking lot for 1 burpee and back
Repeat for 30 merkins/2 burpees and 10 merkins / 3 burpees.

50 squats run to the other side 1 burpee
Repeat for 30 squats / 2 burpees and 10 squats / 3 burpees

Mosey over to the curb on the side of the benches/swings
Partner up with one partner doing 10 pullups
Partner two starts doing crawl bears (reverse bear crawls) and keeps going until partner one relieves them.
This was repeated until 5 rounds of 10 pullups.  The further out the crawl bears went away from the pullup area, the more
mosey was involved.

Line up on the curb  and do 100 calf raises.

Mosey back to the COT.

The Moleskine

I have to say the time seemed to go pretty quick and I was disappointed that we were not able to do a few more exercises.  There was
so much complaining about the merkins and hand tap on the curb that it gives me a few other ideas of how we can have more fun
in the future.

The guys were great today with everyone helping each other to make it through.

Being one of the older Q’s I always want to make sure I am able to challenge these fine professional athletes.  Thank you for allowing me
to lead you today.


Posse Teaching Fresh Q’s

15 Leaders gather this morning in some cold 27 degree temperatures thirsty for knowledge.

Warm Up:

Posse went through an overview of some do’s and don’ts and had everyone go into the center and try their hand at leading an exercise.  There was no mistake, if you didn’t do it well enough for Posse, it was done again (no surprises there).

The Thang:

Goodfella took off running fast by himself, like he may have done in the past when he was younger going home from school, hoping his mom didn’t hang his pee stained sheets out the window for everyone to see he wet the bed.

We all partnered up to do 50 dips and 50 step ups with one person running a lap, while the other doing the exercise and trading off.
A short Mosey to the bus locations for some bear crawls and jump squats.  I didn’t get any takers for my demonstration of Alligator Merkins, but that’s ok, it will be back for my next Q.

Mosey to each light pole with 5 burpees at each light pole until we reached the bathroom area where we grabbed a rock for some exercises before a Mosey back to the parking lot stopping at each light pole for some Bobby Hurleys.


We may have started out shaky in the beginning, but Posse had us on track that by the end everyone was a fine tune machine.  It was
great to see everyone out there ready to take on the world.

Oh My Legs

I was thankful that it didn’t rain with the temperature hovering a crisp 34 degrees.  It was great to see 15 eager PAX waiting for what was
to come.  The goal today was to keep everyone moving, but allow us to stay close so no one was feeling far behind.



  • Mosey from the parking lot past the circle half way to the bridge and back to the circle
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Merkins
  • Calf Stretches
  • 20 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

  • Mosey to the first street corner and back to the 6, repeating until the 6 was at the corner
  • Mosey to the rock pile for 3 rounds of fun.  Everyone grabbed a rock that they can do 30 reps with, multiple times.
    • 30 curls
    • 30 overhead triceps
    • 30 overhead press
    • 5 burpees (had planned on 10, but felt I would be nice this morning 🙂 )
    • Run to the first corner and repeat two more times
    • Some complaints on why 30 for each.  I think because 40 was too much 🙂
  • Lunges to the corner heading towards the school
  • Provided two options 1) broad jump to chain or 2) broad jump to first tree and then run backward to chain.  Everyone including myself took option 1.  I could hear the complaints, so knew this was the right decision
  • Next 5 minutes around the parking lot we ran 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.
  • Break set
    • 20 big boy sit-ups
    • 20 heels to heaven
    • 20 flutter kicks
    • 20 lbc’s
  • Next 5 minutes around the parking lot we ran 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.
  • Break set
    • 20 mountain climbers
    • 20 speed skaters
    • 20 squat jumps
  • Next 2 minutes around the parking lot we ran 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.
  • Break Set / Jack Webb for Squats.  The squats started out easy, by the time we were on squat 7 and squat pulse 28, the growing became louder
    • Squat (1 – 10)
    • Squat Pulses (4 – 40)
  • Partner Up near the gym parking lot
    • Partner one – Alligator Merkins (Merkin, walk like alligator for 4 steps, merkin, etc)
      • Starts in the parking lot heading towards the curb
    • Partner two
      • 10 pullups, relieve partner one until reaching the curb.
  • Mosey back to COT


I was honored to lead everyone through today’s commitment.  Being one of the older PAX and leading a group of leaders through an hour of fun you always want to make sure you are challenging everyone to do their best and making sure you have enough gas to lead everyone.  I am blessed each day that I am able to push myself and more blessed that I was able to push everyone today.

  • We had two new guys today.
    • Mike Niro – Premature.  Mike received the name premature when we were counting off, he started giving his name, age and FNG and that’s all it took for his “premature” name.
    • Jesse McCrank (apologize for the spelling) – Blart.  Jesse works as Director of Operations for the South Park Mall.



Shop Dawg – 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings new site opening up to Christ Closet.  Every piece of clothes last weekend were put away.  Excellent Job everyone.

Wrigley – Ontime was not able to make it, as him and his wife were in the hospital giving birth to baby number two.


Great Job fellas.

Turkey Burn Turns into Load Emptying

I had the intention for my first Q and being after Thanksgiving to create a little Turkey Burn, which may have caused too much burn.

The Warm Up

Mosey to the bridge at Nesbit and back to the circle for a few exercises.
20 Merkins, Calf stretches, 20 Imperial Walkers and 10 Abe Vigoda’s.

The Thang

Mosey to the rock pile and pick a sizeable rock for low repetitions.
25 curls, run to the end of the parking lot and back
25 triceps over head, run to the end of the parking lot and back
25 squat overhead press, run to the end of the parking lot and back
25 standing chest press

Run the long way around the school to the far basketball court for our next set of exercises.
25 big boy sit ups, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
25 lbc’s, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
25 heels to heaven, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
25 flutter kicks, run to the jungle gym, 10 pullups, run back
Two minute plank

Mosey to the main entrance of millbridge and wait for all pax
Mosey to parking lot on the right, this is where I heard a fellow pax was having a hard time holding in his bowels and it helped me alter the next set of exercises
25 Squats 🙂
25 Squat pulses
25 Burpo’s – Burpees without coming all the way up.
Repeat all three exercises, not that I was really looking forward for something to be pushed out, but thought it would be good on the legs.

Mosey to the pool area of millbridge for some more fun
I was asked by our pax who was fighting their bowel movement after the squats what was next and shared the next item, only to hear him say I will meet you back at the finish area. More to come on this…

The goal was 5 laps around the parking lot, running the straightaways, while doing a bear crawl at the corners.
I was really looking forward to this, but cut it back to 3 when I noticed most looking a bit tired. However, since we pulled back the last two laps, we finished nicely with 25 Mike Tysons to the joy of everyone.

The Moleskine
I enjoyed sharing some exercises with the pax and wanted to make sure I was able to challenge everyone. Turnbuckle did great pushing himself and it’s impressive how everyone rally’s around to make sure no one is excluded.

OK, the elephant in the room: Unfortunately Rudy tried his best to make it to hit the restroom, first trying at the millbridge gym only to have folks look at him and probably wanted to call the cops. The next stop was the port a john, only if it was 10 feet closer. We are sorry that Rudy was not able to make the COT and picture, but glad he is doing well.

Upcoming events:
Fusebox – Effies coming up on 12/7, looks to be a blast, BYOB
Shop Dawg – Tried to get something out of him, only would say a new F3 site coming.