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But Wait, There’s More!

It was a breath through a straw kind of humid morning, but with a 6:02am start time at least we had a little sunrise sky to enjoy as we started off on our mosey.  My daughter turns 14 tomorrow so in honor of her, and hoping she doesn’t turn into a bratty teen soon, we did 14 of everything today.

Our warm up exercises were 14 of each, SSH, Mountain climbers, Goof Balls & Merkins.

We continued our mosey to a nice flat parking lot area and started a bear crawl indian run.  We each got into a parking space and the pax on the end called out an exercise  for the group to do while he bear crawled to the front of the line of pax.  We continued this for 2 rounds.  I think 5 pax called out burpees which generated some good mumble chatter.

Did some more mosey to the front of the middle school and did a round of the Motivator from 8 down to 1, doing SSH, Seal Jacks, No Hand Jacks, and Skier Jacks.

Mosey to back of middle school where we found our first surprise.  Some middle school kid left a white board with some exercises written on it, and darned if he didn’t write 14 next to each one.  So we decided to give them a try.   This was a stacking routine 1st round was 14 step ups, then a lap around the field with 2 burpees halfway.  Round 2 was 14 step ups, 14 derkins, then burpee lap.  Round 3 was 14 step ups, 14 derkins, 14 snow angels, burpee lap.  Round 4 was 14 step ups, 14 derkins, 14 snow angels, 14 smurph jacks, burpee lap.  We did Mary in between each round to let the 6 catch up.

We finished that up, finally, and what did we discover?  There was more!  The bottom of the white board was covered with some paper, and under the paper there were even more exercises written, with 14’s next to them, wow!

14 each American Hammers, dips, Bobby Hurleys, Donkey kicks- we did them all together.

Mosey back towards COT, stopped half way for some Mary, each pax called one out and we did 14 reps, some in cadence some single count.

Mosey to COT with 5 min to go.  I think everyone thought I was getting my phone out of my truck for name-a-rama, but wait, there was more!  I pulled my tractor tire out of the truck bed, much to everyone’s delight!

Each pax took a turn calling out an exercise for the group to do while they flipped the tire 10X.  Most guys called out something kind of easier for this one, no more burpees thankfully.  And that was time.

Almost A Solo Workout

My watch hit 6:30am and I was the only pax in the lot, so I started my watch and began my warm up mosey (after thinking about getting back in my vehicle and going home to make waffles).  I had only run a few minutes when a car pulled in and it was Judge, thank you Judge!

I knew Judge is a runner so I called an audible and decided to run the cross country trail with some pain station stops.

The stops included:  SSH, squats, LBC’s, snow angels, curls and making X’s with bricks at the brick pile, curb dips, American hammers.

When we got to the football practice field we ran over to the bleachers and ran up all 8 of the stair sets.  At the bottom we did 2 burpees, at the tops we alternated between 5 uneven arm merkins (using a high bench and a low bench) and 10 squats.

When we got back to the parking lot we pulled my tractor tire out of my truck bed and one of us flipped it 10 times while the other did plank jacks, then another round but doing LBC’s.   And that was 7:30am.

I forgot to take a picture, but Judge can back me up, this workout really did happen.

5 Star Workout

I’ve been to a lot of great workouts at F3, but never a true 5 Star workout, so this was the day for one.  We warmed up with a lap around the parking lot and then ran in the shape of a warm up exercise at each point of the star (SSH, seal jacks, merkins, low slow squats, and I’ve forgotten the last one).  Then we did a mosey to the band field and did our next star, this one much bigger, with 10 side lunges at each point of the star.  Then off to the cross country trail that goes around the Weddington campus.  It’s about a 5k if you just do the trail, and it goes in and out of the woods at different points.

Our first stop on the trail was at the brick pile where we did 10 overhead presses with bricks.  Back on the trail we continued till we came to some benches at the high school and did 10 dips, then kept going till we got the the hand rails where we did 10 supines, or however you spell it, then kept going.  Our next star was in the high school parking lot where we did 5 LBC’s at each point of the star.  Then back on the trail.

When we came out of the woods on the elementary school entrance we saw Posse running down the road.  He had driven all the way out to Clean Slate and no one was there, so he came back to Homecoming!  That is dedication!  I would have just gone straight to Dunkin, but Posse is the man.

We kept following the trail and stopping along the way for more exercises (merkins, bobby hurley’s, snow angels, autrailian snow angels, and a bunch of other stuff)  We did our last two stars in the bus parking lot and the middle school bball lot.  Then finished out the trail and came out pretty close to where we started.  Overall we did about 4.5 miles of running so it was a good workout.  Nice job fellas!

Near Zero (Station)

Warm up: 20 each of SSH, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers.  Herschel helped me do the counting.

The Thang:

Mosey around to the school Entrance/Exit, stop mid-way. Pair up. Then divide and conquer:
Pax from each pair runs opposite direction to pain station. Complete pain station at either end of the entrance/exit:
20 Merkins, then run to pain station at opposing end and do 20 Deep Squats, passing your partner coming the opposite direction.
20 Deep Squats, then run to pain station at opposing end and do 20 Merkins, passing your partner coming the opposite direction.
Complete 3 cycles of this.
Gather up.
Mosey to cafeteria/gym side of school
20 Dips
20 Step-Ups
5 Bobby Hurleys
Mosey to rear parking lot
Grab rock:
15 Overhead Presses
15 Curls
15 Tricep Extensions
50 tight arm circles
Stay at parking lot:
While 1 Pax sprints the distance of the parking lot and back, the rest of the Pax do
1. Lunges
Next Pax sprints the distance of the parking lot and back and the rest of the Pax do
2. LBCs
And so on for the following other exercises:
3.Carolina Dry Docks
4. Freddy Mercurys
5. American Hammers
6. Speed Skaters
Mosey to steep hill behind the baseball field. This intermission brought to you by Democratic lawmakers:
3 Bernie Sanders. We felt the burn.
Recover and do:
30 seconds of Al Gore
4 Obamas. Not fun. Q required a simultaneous near-vomit and zero-station bowel evacuation at this time, but managed to keep it together and carry on after a brief pause.
Stairs at the Band Tower:  3X
Pax split into 2 groups of 4
Group 1:Run up 3 flights of stairs, do 1 Burpee at the top, run down and do 1 Bobby Hurley at the bottom
Group 2: While Group 1 does stair work, Group 2 does Lunges, Squats, Side-Straddle Hops, etc.
Alternate. Repeat 3X
Mosey around the front entrance back to where we began the morning.
1 Freddy Mercury
Jog 10 yards
4 Lunges
Jog 10 yards
8 LBCs
Jog back to beginning and double everything (3 reps) so that our final rep is:
4 Freddy Mercury
16 Lunges
32 LBCs
Circle up to finish out, announcements, prayer and family picture.
Thank you to Zinfandel and Honeycomb for assisting with a couple minor modifications to the workout when Q learned we couldn’t use the concrete stairs near the football field.
Thank you to Honeycomb for inviting me to Q. A good time was had by all…
Fruit Loops

Easter Egg Hunt

I thought it was appropriate to have an egg hunt since this is Easter weekend, so I put in a request to the Easter bunny, and he delivered!

We did our warm up behind the middle school (we needed it since it was 30 degrees out) with some seal jacks, skiier jacks, imperial walkers, plank jacks, calf stretch, runner’s stretch and merkins.

Then we started out on our Easter egg hunt, Paula Abdul style.  Luckily we found our first egg pretty quick.  We always passed up the egg and ran to the next one, did 5 merkins and then ran back to the egg we passed and opened it to find a surprise.  The eggs were filled with wonderful exercises with reps, much to everyone’s delight.  We followed the trail of eggs out to twelve mile creek and then in the elementary school entrance.

The last egg on that trail gave us instructions to head over the the middle school b-ball courts, where we found a pile of coupons waiting.  Most Easter bunny’s leave candy, this one wasn’t nearly that nice.  We did some murder bunny relay work (paybacks to the mean Easter bunny) with speed skaters on one end and crunches on the other.  Then we switched to bear crawls with squat jumps on one end and American hammers on the other.  Just when we wanted to do more murder bunny’s, we noticed another egg hiding there, how could that be?!  So we opened it and it told us to go to the flag pole.  Off we went, what an adventure!

There was another egg waiting at the flag pole that said we were at the wrong flag pole and we need to go to the other flag pole, but first do 20 step ups.  Then over to the other flag pole we ran, only to find yet another egg that told us to go to the swings, but to first do 20 derkins.  What could be waiting at the swings?  We were captivated with anticipation.  There we found another egg that told us to go to the rock pile, but to first do 15 swerkins.  At the rock pile we found another egg that told us to get a rock and do 20 curls, 20 overhead presses, and 20 tricep extensions, and then go to the front of the middle school.  Chastain started talking about doing donkey kicks that he did at the last workout he Q’d and how much he loves them.  The Easter bunny must have been listening because the next egg told us to go to the lunch tables but first do 20 donkey kicks.  At that moment we all knew the Easter bunny was real.  So over to the lunch tables we ran where we found a case of Body Armor and a box of granola bars.  Wow!  What a surprise the Easter bunny left for us.

But there was still some time left so we ran back over to the coupon pile and did some partner work.  One pax did curls while the other ran, then one did goblet squats while the other ran, then one did coupon crunches while the other ran, then one did coupon swings while the other ran.  Then we carried the coupons and the goodies back to COT.

We all agreed that the 30 degree temp felt pretty good by the end of our egg hunt.  We’re pretty sure we found all the eggs.  And we are definitely all believers in the Easter bunny now, but next year lets get a better Easter bunny that will leave some candy.

Nice work today, and happy Easter fellas!


Snow Angels or Sweat Angels

It was a pretty warm morning today at around 59 degrees, so it was a perfect day for making Sweat Angels all over the pavement at Marvin Ridge.  So that’s what we did.

Warm up:

Short mosey to circle up and do SSH, hillbilly walkers, plank jacks, and a few stretches.

Then we split into two groups by partnering up with someone of equal speed and then rock paper scissors, winners on one team, losers on the other.  But I assured everyone not to worry because we are all winners.

I had two lines of cones set up with exercises and reps on each, one line for each team.  We did a suicide race as teams.  The cones had merkins, heels to heaven, speed skaters and smurph jacks, 20 of each.  Each time you ran back to the base line you did one burpee, and you had to bear crawl to the first cone.  After each round the winning and losing team had different exercises to do as a reward, the crowd favorite was the snow angels or sweat angels, whichever name you like better.  3 rounds of this routine was enough, smurph jacks really suck!

Then we mosied around the school stopping half way to do a set of Aiken Legs while the 6 caught up:  20 reps each of squats, bobby hurleys, speed skaters and lunges.  Then we mosied over to the middle school entrance where we did a round of the Motivator, in honor of Posse who introduced us to this a few weeks ago.

Motivator is great:  you start at whatever number you want, we started at 8, so we did 8 SSH, 8 Seal jacks, 8 no arm jacks, 8 skier jacks, then go to 7 of each, all the way down to 1 or each.  It takes some special coordination to keep up with this one as we all count together and it moves pretty fast.  Shop Dog showed off his dancing skills with some fancy footwork while Ice 9 harkened back to his childhood days of jump rope for hours and hours.  It was fun, just not for the calves.

Then we mosied around to the back of the middle school where I had some more surprises waiting.  We did a routing of 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 step ups, 20 dips, 20 bonnie blairs, then we mosied back to the front of the school for 3 rounds of Mary:  Snow Angels, Austrailian Snow Angels, and Heels to Heaven.  Everyone took a moment to admire their snow/sweat angel, then we were off.

Mosey to back of middle school and repeat the routine:  legs were definitely feeling it.

Mosey towards the finish line stopping half way for more Mary called out by various pax.  Shake-n-bake called out flutter kicks and cadence counted them up to 40, it was brutal as we thought he’d go on forever.  He even came early for a pre-run, that guy’s a beast!

Final mosey and then jail break to COT.  It was good to be done!

London Calling

“London Calling”

20 Side-Straddle Hops
20 Imperial Walkers
The Thing:
Mosey around the Entrance/Exit, stop mid-way for 15 Low Slow Squats, then over to near the cafeteria/side parking lot.
20 Step-Ups
20 Tricep Dips
Hold Wall Squat for 34 seconds…Low of 34 degrees in London, England today.
Hold Wall Squat for 42 seconds, doing air press…High of 42 degrees in London, England today
Mosey around to the Rear Parking Lot.
Grab rock,
15 Overhead Presses
15 Curls
Grab two rocks, 15 punches
Mosey to the drop-off zone
7 of Diamonds:
1. 7 Burpees at each of the 4 corners for a total of 28 Burpees
2. 14 Merkins at each of the 4 corners for a total of 56 Merkins
3. 21 Full Squats at each of the 4 corners for a total of 84 Squats
4. 28 Freddy Mercurys at each of the 4 corners for a total of 112 Freddy Mercurys
Mosey to the steep hill behind the Baseball Field for:
Feel the Bernies:
3 Rounds of hill climb in reverse then down forward. No minimum wage here. We felt the Bern.
Mosey to the stack of bricks near the tennis courts by way of the entrance, then the road, then the gravel drive leading to the bricks
Zinfandel then offered to help with a portion of The Thing, we grabbed bricks and Zinfandel led us in a round of Merkins, LBCs and a relay between the tennis courts and the dumpster near the brick pile.
Mosey back to the entrance of the school where we dropped and did 20 more LBCs.
Mosey back to the starting/warm-up area for:
Plank to the 3 minute 21 second song “London Calling” while Fruit Loops graced us with some fun facts about London:
1. 300+ Languages, 270 Nationalities in London
2. Big Ben Tower isn’t actually Big Ben…Big Ben is the bell inside. The tower is known as Elizabeth Tower
3. There are more Indian restaurants in London than in Mumbai
4. There are 7,000 pubs in London
5. 6.5 Million people take a London Bus daily
6. To become a cab driver of the famous London Black Cabs, prospective cab drivers must pass a rigorous test to have all 25K streets in London memorized, plus well as all landmarks within 6 miles of Charing Cross
6th Man: Swift  Swift began his F3 experience 10+years ago at Area 51. Kids came and sleepless nights put F3 on pause. He got his name from Taylor Swift song.
FNG:  Ryan Haymore (Fruit Loops’ 20 year-old son) was given the name Nametag as suggested by Zinfandel because he arrived to F3 wearing a nametag. Nametag began a 2-year full-time mission February 24th here locally and leaves March 16th to London, England for the church he belongs to. The nametag he was wearing bears his name, Elder Haymore, and the name of the Church he represents, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Thank you to Honeycomb for inviting Fruit Loops to Q. A good time was had by all…
Fruit Loops

Winter Olympics!

The first ever Winter Olympics was on January 30, 1924.  Everyone loves curling and that other event where you ski and shoot guns so of course, we had to have our own version of the Winter Olympics to celebrate.  Since we didn’t have any bowling balls with handles, and we can’t bring guns on school property, we had to go with some different events.

Warm up

Mosey to the back bus parking lot and did:

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Calf Stretch, runners stretch.

First Olympic event:  Ski Jump

We all lined up in a plank and for the first jump we ran 10 paces, did 10 burpees, ran back and did a plank till everyone was back.

2nd jump:  run 20 paces, do 20 merkins, run back.

3rd jump:  run 30 paces, do 30 of something, I can’t remember because I had a different pax call out each exercise.

4th jump:  run 40 paces, do 40 of something else.

5th jump:  run 50 paces, do 50 of another something else.


Snow Angels

What do you do in between events at the Winter Olympics?  Snow angels, of course!

30 snow angels on your back, just like it sounds.  Run a lap around the parking lot.

30 Austrian snow angels (on your stomach).  Why are they called Austrian?  I don’t know, I guess they are weird over there, no offense Von Trapp.  Run a lap.

30 WWI snow angels.  Do a snow angel on your back, do a WWI sit up.  Run a lap.

Olympian Training

Next we did some upper body shoulder training which every Olympian needs more of.

30 big arm circles.  30 reverse big arm circles.  30 seal claps.  30 overhead claps.  Wow, those felt great!


Next Olympic Event: Bobsled!

I had a course set up around the parking lot with cones (which were supposed to be track turns) marking off exercises, 30 of each, and we started with a short bear crawl to get our sleds moving fast!

The stations were 30 each of: Bobby Hurleys, Merkins, Speed Skaters, LBC’s, Low Slow Squats, Heels to Heaven, Plank Jacks, Side Straddle Hops.

More Olympian Training

Time for some lower body work which really helps with the downhill skiing.

20 each of squats, lunges, speed skaters, bobby hurley’s.  I don’t know why I didn’t do 30 of each, I guess because my legs were already dead.

Next we circled up and each pax called out an exercise that we all had to do while he ran to the other end of the parking lot and back.  No one called out burpees, but one guy did call Smurph Jacks which are almost as bad.

Our last fun activity was another tribute to the number 30 (Jan 30th, 1924) we all ran in a big circle around the speaker to the song “Lick it up” by Kiss, and every time they said “lick it up” we did a burpee.  There happen to be 30 “lick it up’s” in that 4 1/2 minute song, which felt like a lot more than 30.  Zin almost drop-kicked my speaker at the end.  Then we did 45 seconds of Have a Nice Day and the next song on my playlist was Lovely Day, so it was perfect.  And that was time.

There were a few comments about my playlist which included some country, some 80’s, some current stuff, and a few weird songs that I have no idea how they got on there.  I can share my playlist with anyone who is interested.

Welcome to FNG David Marsh, new nickname is “Berry” because he’s on the waiting list to become an elevator mechanic and Cherie Berry is our current Commissioner of Labor and her name is inside of every elevator in the state.  Zinfandel came up with that one, very good!

I’m looking forward to being the c0-site Q at Homecoming this year with Zinfandel.  My one word for the year is “lead”.  That’s lead as in being a leader, not lead as in lead weight.  I don’t really like to lead, I’d rather be on the back row and just do my own thing.  But I guess God has other plans for me right now and I’m being asked to lead more at my church, and now at F3.  I like being a part of something bigger than myself.  F3 has so many core values that I share, and it’s full of great men who I enjoy being around.  I’m looking forward to a great 2021 with all of you, my brothers.  Thanks for pushing me to be better!

Air Presses Never Hurt So Good

14 pax posted this morning for a windy workout just a few hours before Hurricane Zeta comes in.  This was sort of a last minute Q for me because Deep Dish was scheduled to Q but he’s waiting on Covid test results and had to stay home (good luck Deep Dish!).  Inspired by Zinfandel’s costumes this week, I dug out my favorite Napoleon Dynamite wig, my old glasses from middle school, a Nasa shirt I found at Target last night, and made some tater tots too, which unfortunately I forgot to bring, GOSH!  I had enough to share.  Oh well, more for me to enjoy today.

We did a warm up mozy and a few exercises (SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Mtn Climbers, calf stretch).  Then we mozied back to the front of the school for a 7 of diamonds drill.  1st lap was 7 merkins in each corner, 2nd round was 14 plank jacks, 3rd round was 21 LBC’s, 4th round was 28 squats.  This one takes a while to complete and we did some Mary while the 6 came in.  My wig had to come off during this, that thing was way too hot.

Next we did a merkins & air press web and went straight through to 10 and 40, which was pretty painful by the end.  I could tell some of the pax were not enjoying this web and there may have been some mumble chatter, but I didn’t care.  It’s my Q, I’ll do whatever I want, GOSH!  My shoulders are still hurting right now as I eat my tater tots and type at my desk.

Then we went over to the playground area and did a round of 7’s (Swerkins on the swings, inspired by Das Boot) and Speed Skaters on the opposite end of their little track.  This pretty much killed our time.

Our 6th man in the COT was One Star.  He played football in college and played with a guy who was an amazing 5-star recruit.  I don’t remember the guys name, but he EH’d One Star and brought him out to F3.  I guess One star was more of a 1-star player, haha!  Gotta love F3 names.  Never tell us your weaknesses FNG’s!

On a serious note, I asked everyone to pray for the Garrett family, who is one of my neighbors.  Their only child, Morgan was one of the pilots who crashed last week in Alabama on Naval a training flight.  She graduated from Weddington High with my oldest son and was a great kid.  She went to the Coast Guard Academy and ran track for them and was training to be a pilot.  Very sad.

Thanks to all who came out today, I enjoyed working out with you all.  We will see you tomorrow!

Aiken Legs at Homecoming

Pax who posted:  Fuze Box, Fruit Loops, Menudo, Chatter Box, Posse, Sledge-o-matic, The Reaper, Das Boot, Von Trapp (FNG), Honeycomb.

10 pax turned out for the Homecoming workout today and it was a perfect day.  I brought my speaker and a great playlist with mostly 80’s and 90’s tunes and a few chick songs so that Fuze Box wouldn’t feel left out.  He asked me if it was my daughters play list, ha!  Both Fruit Loops and the Reaper had told me beforehand that they didn’t want me telling them what to do, so I was a little nervous there might be a Q jack coming, but I didn’t let that stop the planned fun!

We took a mozy around the middle & elementary schools and stopped halfway around for some warm up exercises.

Our first event was the 7 of diamonds.  We used the loop in front of the school and stopped at all 4 corners to do an exercise.  The first lap was 7 burpees in each corner, 2nd lap was 14 flutter kicks (4 = 1), 3rd lap was 21 merkins, 4th lap was 28 squats.

Next we played a game of pain with a giant wooden dice of pain that I made.  Roll the dice for the exercise, pick a card from the deck the the number of reps.  For some reason it kept landing on heels to heaven so we did a ton of those.  I got accused of having a loaded dice, but at least it wasn’t landing on burpees every time.

The we took a run out to Deal road and around to the football stadium, stopping twice for a round of Aiken Legs.  10 each of squats, bobby hurleys, lunges and smurf jacks.  We then did a round of 7’s using the bleacher stairs.  Donkey kicks at the top and merkins at the bottom.

Next we headed back to the beginning stopping twice for some more Aiken Legs fun.

We got back with just 30 seconds left for a little Mary.

The 6th man in our circle was Chatter Box and it was good to learn a little more about him.  Posse met him at the blood drive a few months ago and invited him to come out, he came the next Monday and has been with us ever since.  He got his name because he said his wife’s biggest complaint about him is that he doesn’t talk very much.  It’s great to have you Chatter Box!  We had one FNG, Ryan Richards who was EH’d by Das Boot.  He’s a banker, recently moved to the area with his family and has lived all over the place.  We gave him the name “Von Trapp” since he used to live in Switzerland, which is close enough to Austria (Sound of Music fans), so we went with that.  He told me, “this is a lot different than riding a Peloton bike.”  Yes it is!  Great to have you Von Trapp!  It was also very good to see the elusive Menudo and The Reaper back out, who we haven’t seen since the Waxhaw launch.  Menudo was hoping for a rename since it had been so long since he’s posted, and he went to school with one of the guys from the Menudo band, and is definitely not a fan.  Fuze Box had never heard of Menudo so we had to look them up on YouTube at coffeeteria and then it was very clear why Menudo doesn’t like his name.  We decided we will just think of Menudo the food, which is intestines, maybe that will be better.

It was a good workout and my watch said we covered 3.18 miles, although we all said it didn’t feel like we ran that far.  What an awesome group of men, thanks to everyone for posting today!