Monthly Archive October 2021

Last call under the lights

7 PAX showed up for Last Call for an under the lights work-out at MRHS.  OK, stadium lights were on for the track team but we claim it was for our benefit.  And the two minute later start time came in handy for those coming in hot, including yours truly.

Mosey around parking lot.  SSH, IW, Moroccan Night Clubs, Wide Circles, Plank.  Stretching – up/down dogs, calves, runner’s pose.  Q was accused of plagiarizing warmup from Tuesday at Bushwood… argument.

The Thang

Mosey to MS entrance.  20 steps-ups (10 each leg) run a lap; 20 dips, run a lap; 20 derkins, run a lap.  Repeato but all three exercises in a row (60 reps) and run a lap.

Mosey to globe at entrance.  25 calf raises.

Mosey to student lot for four corners.  2 burpees in the middle and 15 reps of the following at each corner.  Repeato for a total of 2 rounds:

  • Squats
  • Big Boys
  • Dry Docks
  • Speed Skaters

Mosey to east lot for 11-ladder.  Plank jacks and SSH’s with run to center island.

Mosey back to COT.


3+ miles and a complete lap around campus.  BottleCap and Carb Load out in front as usual which is a good push for all.

Announcements / Closing

Das Boot stated Christmas party in December.  No date, so go ahead and “save the date” for all 31 days in anticipation.

Battle of the Bands, The Wolf Edition

6 men showed up for the battle of the bands, 70’s v 80’s edition of Meathead.  It would have been 7, but someone slept in.  We won’t name names, we don’t do that here, but YHC can confidently say that said person can expect a Foo Fighters playlist of  KISS songs coming soon to a workout near him.

But YHC digresses, the men in attendance took on week 3 of the Wolf.  For those just tuning in from home, The Wolf is the third gospel of the Meathead bible.  How it was developed can only be summarized in these immortal words from Martin Luther, “I think you received these ideas in your pipe dreams.” (From Defense and Explanation of All the Articles, pg. 56 of Luther’s Works, Vol. 32)

Battle of the Bands was an idea submitted by a pax on Slack the day prior to the workout.  YHC had planned an aggressive punk covers playlist for some fun with the pax but quickly switched gears once the request line was opened.  Battle of the Bands was suggested and one of those pipe dream ideas from Martin Luther popped into YHC’s head.  It might be more of a Battle of the Decades but the approach to the playlist was to take rock artists from both decades and play a track from the 70’s and a track from the 80’s back to back.  It worked for the pax present, unfortunately, at least one pax missed out altogether.  But the pax in attendance paid tribute and rocked on, Detroit City style.


Warmup: 25 swings, IW, 25 swings, Sharon Towers, 25 swings, Prying squat, 25 swings

The Wolf: DFFS, DMP, DCL, DFFS 3 sets of 5. 1 minute on, 90 seconds off

Double Deadlifts: 3 sets of 5

Merkins / Lawnmowers: 3 sets of 10

Voodoo complex increasing reps:  2, 3, 4 per side

Double carries, alternating positions – rest in between
Waiter / rack
Farmer / rack
Waiter / Farmer

Static holds 30 seconds each


The Wolf is a no joke program.  The double squats bracketing the exercises really forces pax to push themselves, YHC worked with double 40’s (not the drinkable kind) for two sets and double 53’s for the last set.  That will take the wind out of your sails.  Thankfully, the pax will only be subjected to this madness for a few more weeks before moving onto the next book spreadsheet in the Meathead gospel.

Good group of pax as well.  The usual regulars were out these with a drive-by from the Anvil crew.  No monkey-humpers this week.  Pretty sure the playlist Mr Magoo’s beatdown by the baseball fields kept them busy and too tired to show their (no eye contact) monkey humper form.

Was really looking forward to getting some solid feedback on the playlist this week.  As mentioned in previous backblasts, YHC delights in setting off the grumpy old snowflakes with select choices of loud and aggressive (some might say angry) music.  This week YHC leaned into the idea of 70’s v 80’s playlist in the hopes of some epic musical mumblechatter.  Of course the risk with this is always finding out who had what done to them in various concert parking lots across the United States.  Some stories are better left at home will live on infamy (or disgust).  Frehley’s Comet may not ever live this one down.

Finally, thanks to Voodoo and Unplugged for the opportunity to lead.  Always enjoy subjecting the pax to my bad ideas, and they all seem to think they get better for it.


  • Beer Mile, 10/15 (next time it will be on the same day as the blood drive)
  • Blood drive, 10/29
  • HIMpact Local 5K and 10K, 12/04.  See Kirby for details or check out the Slack channel #himpactlocal.

Thanks to Unplugged for the take-out.


And of course, can’t forget the playlist:

  • Eric Claptopn:  Cocaine & Tearing Us Apart
  • Aerosmith: Walk This Way (original not the run DMC mix) & Rag Doll
  • Bruce Springsteen:  Born to Run & Glory Days
  • AC/DC: It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll) & For those About to Rock (We Salute You)
  • Motorhead: Motorhead & Ace of Spades
  • Kiss:  Detroit Rock City & I Love It Loud

In Pursuit Of…

Ghosted is a master of Q headlocking. In the euphoric finish of WTF 5 months ago I agreed to make my way south to Q my first running workout of Pursuit. Fast forward to October and it’s time to Q YHC’s first-ever running workout.

Being my first time at the site and unfamiliar with running workouts my veteran move was to copy a prior workout. Far enough in the past Pax wouldn’t know I ripped it off completely. Thanks to Tuck for a solid backblast that detailed the route and founding of Pursuit. We’re going to run one of the first loops and revisit the roots of how the site got the name Pursuit.

The Thang

1.1 mile loop from the clubhouse through Nesbit Park.  Roughly 60% road and 30% gravel path.  It was a great little course.  Allowed you to see your pals more due to the short length and still had a lot of variety.

Challenge the pax to pick up the pace on each consecutive mile. Ghosted shoots off like a cannon and ghosts all other pax. Dasher and Hollywood dash into the dark, twisting trails of the thread trail. YHC settles in with Rubbermaid and Wahoo. Slow first few miles, then pick up the pace for the final three. Run just about 6.5 miles over the course of the hour. Ex-Lax joins us all back in the lot.


  • T-claps to PJ for getting back into this running thing after the arm injury. He’ll be back into marathon shape in no time.
  • The route was definitely entertaining with all the Halloween decorations out and still so dark
  • Dasher and I discovered we share the same birthday. He’s got me beat by a year or two. Or 17. Yet this dude can run faster than me and probably do any called exercise better than me.
  • Really enjoyed conversation with Rubbermaid and Wahoo
  • Reminded pax to Pursue men ahead of us that we respect and look up to. Pursue men alongside us and never tackle a challenge in life alone. Pursue other men in our footsteps that need the fellowship of shared suffering. See Tuck’s first backblast for the full version, it’s very good:
  • Has it really been almost three years this site has been around???
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Ghosted. And showing me where to take a dump in the wonderful Millbridge community


  • Canned food collection for Second Harvest Bank.
  • Brexit on Q next Thursday


Fat Tuesday

10 PAX showed up at Bushwood for a cool and crisp round.  Speaking for myself, a much needed work-out after a food and drink filled weekend and fartsack Monday.


Mosey around parking lot.  SSH, IW, Moroccan Night Clubs, Plank & Mountain Climbers.  Stretching – up/down dogs, calves, runner’s pose.

The Thang

Mosey to Marvin Creek entrance.  20 steps-ups (10 each leg) on knee wall.

Mosey to Turkey Hunt cul-de-sac.  Every mail box on left alternate between 10 speedskaters, 5 squats.

Mosey down Groves Edge, 5 merkins at each driveway on right.

At Red Twig Court, run to end for 15 Big Boys.  Repeat.

Mosey back to school and rock pile.  Grab a rock, grab a lane.

  • Curls x 18, run to opposite end of lot for 9 plank jacks.  3-sets total.
  • OH Press x 18, run to opposite end of lot for 9 bomb jacks.  3-sets total.
  • Chest press x 18, run to opposite end of lot for 9 Bobby Hurley’s.  3-sets total.
  • Rifle carry rocks back to pile

Mosey to front bus lot, grab the wall:

  • Air Press (in cadence) x 25
  • Air Jabs (in cadence) x 25

Jail break or Mosey back to COT.


Good work out with close to 3 miles.  Good to have some SE Waxhaw residents / PAX come to the NW side of town.

Announcements / Closing

Take care of yourself in this crazy world but don’t hesitate to help others as well.

The Antman Commeth…

Pulled into the lot outside Civetta with 5 minutes to spare. No cars in the lot, not a great start. By the time 5:30 rolled around 5 additional PAX had shown up and the mumblechatter was already off to a great start. Apparently, Frehleys had been assaulted by an ant a day earlier and the damn thing did some decent damage. Having never allowed an ant to take him down, Rousey was already running his victory lap in tomorrow’s beer mile in his mind. Regardless, the show must go on.

Quick disclaimer was provided to the veteran crew and we were off.

The Thang

Warm-up mosey around the Regal Cinema. CoP near where we used to launch from.

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 10
  • IW x 10
  • Mountain Climber Taps x 15 each leg
  • Merkins x 10
  • LSS x 10

Head across Elm Ln. and head to the bottom of the Murderhorn.

WAVE 1: Catch me if you can (Partner Up)

  • P1 Starts running backwards up the Murderhorn
  • P2 3 Burpees, then runs to catch P1
  • Flapjack once P2 catches P1
  • Repeat until you reach the top
  • Once we reach the top, back down for Round #2, this time swapping 10 CDDs for Burpees.

Plank/Mary while we wait at the top for the 6. Next, back across Elm Ln. to the back of the retail shops. Run the length of the shops stopping at each speed bump. Alternate Merkins x 10 and Mike Tysons x 10 at each speed bump.

Next, up and over the hill near the dumpster and head across the street to St. Matthews to find some lifting rocks.

WAVE 2: Upper Body Rock Work

  • 3 Rounds
    • Curls, Chest Press, Triceps Extensions (all x 10)
    • Curls, Chest Press, Triceps Extensions (all x 15)
    • Curls, Chest Press, Triceps Extensions (all x 10)

Rocks back where you found them. Mosey over to the shopping center and stop next to the first island near GNC

WAVE 3: Blimps

  • Following the curved path back to the ATM perform the following exercises. Go through the rotation @ each island on the left. Rinse and Repeat until you get back to the ATM.
    • B – Burpees x 5
    • L – Lunges x 10 (each leg)
    • I – Imperial Walkers x 15 (each leg)
    • M – Merkins x 20
    • P – Plank Jacks x 25
    • S – Squats x 30

Mosey back to Launch Point

Quick set of LBCs, called time, and COT.


  • Weather was great this morning. These Fall mornings are starting to get close to the 50s which, in my opinion, is the perfect weather for an early morning beatdown.
  • No visual evidence of Frehley’s ant assault was provided, although wingman was apparently Frehley’s actual wingman and was the one who eventually got the ant off of hom.
  • Rousey spent the first half of the workout discussing the ease with which he won last year’s Beer Mile. He then switched into full on propaganda mode as he tried to hype the PAX into showing up to compete. If there isn’t a full size marching band at the Beer Mile tomorrow I will be severely disappointed. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing how well Rousey backs up his game. I’m certainly not putting money against him.


  • Beer Mile: Tomorrow @ 5:30pm (See Slack for more details) You should definitely go, even if only to drink and take in the spectacle.
  • Blood Drive: October 29th @ Matthews Town Hall (See Slack or for more info)
  • F3 Holiday Party: November 19th @ OMB (See Slack for more details)

So, What’s Your Plan?

Got to the Floater early (what I thought was early) but there were already a few pre-runners and a pre-walker on site and warming up. I followed their example and got the blood flowing myself. On my return I ran up to a nice size group of PAX including some OG familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while which was an extra bonus. DiCCS were delivered and we were off.

Mosey around the block and down the hill that is Keith Jong’s. (The one by the new Ardmore apartments) and circle up in the vet parking lot.
Merkins x 10
In and outs x 10IC
Jump Squats x 10
Burpees x 10 (turns out there are multiple ways to count a burpee in cadence. I went with my down but guess you can get up to 6 counts out of one)


Mosey back toward Keith Jong’s Hill and prepare for segment crushing…
Sprint up the hill with AYG through the stop sign and grab some wall at the top

Shoulder taps & BB’s 4 / 1 thingy – Jack Web ( thank you Bottlecap )
made it to 20 and 5 reps and had to put a stop to the misery – thank you to those that lead in the count

Mosey around to the bridge over the tracks and partner up
100 merkins, 100 in and outs, 100 jump sqauts, 50 burpees – shared with a partner
p1 runs around the sidewalk and back across the bridge while p2 completes as many reps as possible
Most got through the 100s so i called an audible and decided to finish the burpees individually down Providence St.
At every light on the left every other light on the left stop and do 5 burpees until the end

Mosey back down Providence Rd toward the vet parking lot but keep going back to the bottom of Keith Jong Hill…
Based on my condition at the time we ran backwards up the hill and then 180 to sprint the rest and back to grab some wall

Jack Web shoulder taps / BB’s back down from 20 & 5 – again, thank you to those that took over and lead the count

Surely we’re done at this point… Nope, 3 more minutes so what better way to burn those up than to burn up what we had left in our legs and run wind sprints in front of the church.

Back to COT and time.

About the only way to beat starting my day with my F3 brothers at a workout is to get to lead them in the workout and I was honored to do that again today. We had a stellar group and I saw a lot of leadership and encouragement throughout our 45 minutes together. Although I floundered a bit while delivering my last minute weinke, it appeared there was enough substance there to get the job done. When I asked how the group was doing after sprinting up Keith Jong the first time the choice words I received back confirmed we were on the right track… My hope is that you found yourself somewhere outside your comfort zone and perhaps realized some untapped potential you didn’t think you had. That is what truly fills me up and brings me joy. Being able to serve others, encourage them and help them see something in themselves they couldn’t see before. I have been given that gift through many of you. I shared in COT that I’ve gone through a lot of changes over the past couple years. Some noticeable which have been pointed out from time to time but this was never part of my plan. The point I wanted to drive home was when you show up for a workout you have no idea whom you are showing up for. There is most likely a brother among the group that is struggling with something, going through a challenge or may just feel alone, discouraged etc. So, if that happens to be you right now I encourage you to reach out to someone and ask for help. I did, because I had to and didn’t know what else to do, and the amount of support, encouragement and love I received from this group has been incredible. When I say that God has given me an Army to walk with me shoulder to shoulder through this past season is an understatement. So, thank you for that and keep showing up, keep pushing yourself and keep an eye out and your heart open to that next PAX that needs you.

Christ Closet give away has been pushed out to the 30th so no truck loading this Friday the 15th. Go give Afternoon Delight a try on Friday’s at 12 – 12:30 – Dogwood park. Come support Last Call 5:32am – 6:17 this AO needs some love and we have the numbers to do it.

I saw a Snake, Man


The Wednesday Dromedary spot was open and PreMature asked if I could come on up to Q.  I got to Marvin plenty early to see the mash unit setup but No Premature on site.  At the last minute, he pulls in after sleep-driving over to Cuthbertson for a non-existent workout.  It had been a while since I was on the site and it kind of brought back some memories of Weddington before the boot.  Seemed like a great day for the Serpent of Death.

The Thang

Mosey to the front of the school to warm-up

  • Side Straddle Hop X 15
  • Moroccan Night Club X 15
  • Plank Jacks X 15
  • Calf Stretch
  • Potato Pickers X 15

Mosey to the parking lot entrance for the Serpent of Death

  • At each island, we are doing squats and merkins
  • Start with two of each and increase by two at each island
  • Bear Crawl between the islands in the middle
  • FYI- there were 18 islands until all the cars game zooming in and we had to call it at 28 merkins and squats

Mosey to the steps for some calf raises while the six comes back from the end

Mosey to the loop behind the middle school

  • Four Corners around the loop
  • 25 Heels to Heaven, LBCs, Gas Pumps, and Big Boy Situp
  • Repeat Twice

Mosey to the back of the high school for some Donkey Kicks and Mike Tysons

Listen to all the complaints that we are out of time and have to run back to COT

Get there in the knick of time


I love when the PAX tells me a workout sucks.  I am used to saying it for Transporter and other Q-‘s who push us to the brink.  I love taking the PAX on the journey of how much we can fit in for 45 minutes.  No Merlot spills so we are all good.  Have an amazing week.


Blood Drive in Matthews / SOB October 29th

Mayhem Trash Pickup on Cuthbertson Road on Saturday or Sunday – Contact Mayhem to Coordinate

Christ Closet has moved out from this weekend – No Free Beer Friday this week – Now October 30th Weekend

Brian Stevenson announced that Neighborhood Watch would start at Marvin High School this Sunday at 7:30 – 2.0 and Dog friendly  – Enjoy the Fellowship while not out of breath

Deep Dish on Q on Friday for Last Call at Marvin High School


Number 9, Number 9

Nine appeared this morning and off we went at 5:30 sharp.

First for a warm-up at the oval, 15 each of side straddle hops, imperial walkers, low slow squats, mountain climbers, and Peter Parkers.

Next a jog to the North rock pile for a lifting rock and three walks around the circle doing curls, then presses, and finishing with triceps.

Then to the north parking lot where we ran a series of three laps from end to end making fours stops completing 20, 15, 10, and 5 reps, the first lap merkins, second LBC’s, and third jump squats.

From there to the hot box where we partnered and completed three sets of rotating step-ups/run to 2nd light post and dips/run to the 2nd light post.

Onward to the rock pile past cemetery for another rock fest, rotating running and lifting with partner.  The rock lifting was in supine position and included bench press, skull crusher, and WWII sit ups.

Lastly back to start with a short sprint to finish and 3 burpees, plus another 3 burpees to finish on time.

Given recent news locally and at UNC Chapel Hill, we closed with a prayer for those who have lost hope and sought refuge with God, for their families and friends who need our prayers, love and strength in their loss, and to seek help from God in recognizing those amongst us who are losing hope and in pain and ask His help in providing the understanding, support, and love they need to live on.

Go Halfway Around the Loop and Back

Rousey went with some guerrilla marketing Monday afternoon for Bagpipe and somehow promised everyone face tattoos…I think.  Apparently it piqued the curiosity of 17 Pax who came for the initiation delivered by YHC.  5:30 rolled around so we began our mosey to the parking lot near Loch Ness.

The Thing:

COP of SSH, IW, Steve Earle’s, side2side potato pickers, Peter Parkers, hold at 6 inches, Parker Peters.

Run to the rock pile by Loch Ness and rifle carry your rock to the loop around the water.  At this point I informed the group that Rousey was at another recent workout lamenting to me his soccer arms and wanted to address those.  So with that in mind we would focus on the upper body with some AMRAP’s.  Carney apparently snuck a peek at my weinke and dressed accordingly with an AMRAP t-shirt.  He apparently has been practicing his AMRAP because he was crushing it.

The group partnered up with P1 running a lap around the water.  While P1 ran P2 completed as many sets as possible of 20 curls, 20 overhead presses and 20 bent over rows.  Flapjack each time a partner runs the lap with a set AMRAP time of 13 minutes.  When the 13 minute timer hit we carried our rocks back rifle carry style.

Back to the picnic benches for the 2nd AMRAP.  Exercises were 20 dips and 20 incline merkins while the partner ran down the fitness trail to the Lance (I think) building and back.  Again 13 minutes to get as many sets in as you can.  After this time to head back to launch.



Nice big group out there this morning but alas no gang initiations or face tattoos.  Maybe next time.  The mumblechatter started early before YHC even gave the disclaimer and continued throughout.  To no one’s surprise a lot of it came from Frehley’s.  As the timer began to run down on the 1st AMRAP YHC instructed the guys leaving to run to just run part way and come back so as to not get stuck at the furthest point.  Frehley’s of course started joking that we were to run halfway around the loop and back.  Heading back to launch Rousey gave his customary challenge for anyone to race him back to launch but only this time Spitball took him up on it.  Not sure who won but it looked neck and neck from YHC’s viewpoint (I took the hamstring pull free route).


  • Blood drive 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall. Hit Mighty Mite up if you want to sign up.
  • Holiday party 11/19 at Old Meck.  Come hang with your brothers and kick off the holiday season.
  • Beer Mile 10/15 at South Charlotte Middle School

Thanks Rousey and Cable Guy for overseeing Bagpipe and allowing me to lead.

Where did the rocks go?

530 – and we are off.
Mosey to 131 Main
– SSH 25 IC
– Hill Billys 25 IC
– Stretch

Mosey to wall near back of Target
– Partner A – Wall ups
– Partner B – Run to stop sign and 10 merkins
– Flapjack and repeat twice

Every light behind Target – 10 merkins
Half-way thru we do Mary

Find rocks near side of Target in the woods. NOPE, They aren’t there anymore. Doh.
With your partner:
– Partner A – run down and do 20 squats
– Partner B – Mary
– One set of partners is doing Hairburners.
– Repeat this until all partner sets have done one set of hairburners

Mosey to shopping cart racks
– 10 Supine Pullups
– not sure what tag-a-long and rousey where up to. It involved tangled legs.

Mosey to the two-story
5 six count burpees

Laps up the step
– Partner A – left staircase, supine pullups
– Partner B – right staircase, push ups (10 reg, 10 diamond, 10 wide)
– Up the stairs and over. 3 sets, 6 times over the stairs.

Wall Squats
– 50 air presses
– 60 air presses


Great group out there today. Thanks