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Watchtower Tuesday 09/07/21

Watchtower Q


11 pax  for a twinkle toes Q at watchtower.

Ricky Bobby, Schneider, inspector gadget, blue screen, Sledge-o-matic, Maddog, big 10, Surge, Re-calculating, Chatterbox.

Mosey to warm up followed by long deep stretching after a labor day holiday weekend.

All together, 20 SSH, 10 IW, 10 windmills, walk it out to a plank, calf stretch, runners stretch, reach for the sky, flapjack, stretch gluts, 10 murkins OMD, flip to your six, 25 LBCs OMU. Lots of groaning and good stretching as we begin our short week!

Let’s mosey, and found a few parking spaces to lunge walk about 40 feet. As a new Q here on campus, I threw out some audibles for a pax to call the play as we take it out back for a run in between light poles. Schneider stepped up and said 10 murkins at ea light, and we run backwards in between. Repeat at each light until stop sign. Finish with 10 murkins. Stay together as we sprint to the next drive way (single file on the main road, it is pitch black but there are safety lights on the Q’s and pax heads!) good job pax.

Now a new set called by maddog for 15 squats ea light heading back… “I’m glad to see they took our advice to pave this extra lane here”, says Maddog, as he runs with his hands out like an airplane as you did when you were a little kid serpentine from right to left. Guess it was like Christmas for him to see that road construction progress. He was so darn happy, I just wanted to catch up to him (which wasn’t that difficult by the way) and run along side so I too could feel the excitement he felt as we ran on smooth pavement back to Weddington middle school.

Look over there, a small parking lot, let’s bear crawl to the other me side.

Short mosey after bear crawl came upon the rock pile and another staff parking lot. Grab a lifting rock, and Partner up to split 100 curls, 100 tricep extensions, and 100 squats thrusters. Partner runs and is the timer to switch. (I may have been a little tired or vague in my delivery of instructions at this point as there were a few other lifting modifications and anytime a pax asked me a question about what to do I just said yes in agony.)

Done, now over to the science class outdoor wall for 3 sets of air punches in cadence to 10 and 10 donkey kicks. 3 x.

Mosey around school and asked inspector gadget to call out an excersize. He says big boy sit-ups. X 12. So we did an increasing web of big boy sit-ups + dips of the same 12 reps, and increased by 1 each set until 15 bog boys and 15 dips.

Let’s mosey and found a place to do incline murkins, start with 10 but it didn’t feel as hard so we added 10.

Mosey to the next flag stand, now we are coming around the side of the school to do 20 step ups each leg. Almost done, we have 6 minutes, we would have tile for two rounds of sprints around the front of the school circle drive, while the partner does flutters and switch so each went twice.

Ended on time at COT. 20 seconds of have a nice day.

Numbered off, and name-a-rama, announcements, praises and prayer requests. Maddog’s father in law Gary pulled through COVID-19 and is seemingly doing well, prayers answered. Bluescreen reminded all of our brothers and sisters left behind in Afghanistan to bring them home safely. Let’s each say an extra prayer for Anna Price as she battles cancer, may the Holy Spirit and God heal her, Falcon’s nephew’s suicide and prayers for their family as the heartbreak and pain and suffering  they are going through with their loss. God we ask that you take all of our heart aches and struggles spoken and Unspoken and just ask that you have mercy on us for our understanding is limited but we seek your presence in all of this.

Let us thank God and humble ourselves to take action and reach out and help someone else today. not be as quick to judge but rather seek to understand.

Thank you my brothers for a great morning workout. Family photo.

IPC Lite at Commitment

No that’s not a #FusedIt.  I went with the Miller Lite spelling on IPC Lite.  At COT last week at Commitment they announced Commitment was staying open opposite of the IPC site and needed Q’s.   I joked that if asked I would just run a second IPC.  Little did I know I would be tested so soon when both JWoww and Popeye reach out mid week looking for a Q.

6 guys in the lot when the watch struck 6:30.  We would pick up another 3 along the way.



Off we go with a mosey up the hill past the Elementary school to the main road.  As we reach the top, we see Rudy pulling in on two wheels.  Some Jimmy Duggans to allow Rudy time to park.  Run back down the hill with Chainsaw audibly contemplating if once we get Rudy will we have to go back up the hill.  That’s an affirmative.  Lucky for us, Rudy was booking and was north of the Elementary School by the time we caught up with him and we turned back up the hill.   I granted the pax a second breather with some calf stretches.  Mosey backways to the school through the bus lot and to the front entrance.



IPC Lite.  Partner up.

  • Share 100 merkins and run a full parking lot lap.
  • Share 75 merkins and run 2 laps.  (This is where Atlas and Judge Smails join us).
  • Share 50 merkins and run 3 laps (it was around lap three that I started questioning if this was a good idea).
  • Share 25 merkins and run 4 laps.

Ended with most everyone doing 125 merkins and 2.9 miles with 30 minutes left to go in the workout.  Yikes, we are damn near a 6 mile pace.  Lets slow this thing down.

Mosey to Bus Parking lot for station work.  Same Partners.   Stations were:

  • Supines on the swing
  • Pull Ups
  • LBCS at other end of the parking lot
  • Runners used to rotate stations

We did 3 rounds.

Mosey to the rock pile (the long way).  Everyone grab a rock for a partnered version of make it stop (trademark Chastain).  Partners to split 150 curls and 150 tricep extensions.   1 partner starts with curls while the other starts with extensions.  Once one partner stops or needs a break, you switch exercises and pick up where the other one left off on counting.  It was a crowd pleaser.

Rocks up and mosey to COT.  Arrived with less than a minute left so we finished up with 16 low slow squats.



  • Chainsaw was not happy about having to run up the hill a second time.
  • Rudy pushing even with an injury.  Glad to hear surgery is not in store but lots of modifying will be done on upper body exercises so don’t be a dick and give him a hard time…or do.
  • TB nursing a continuing hurt foot, but still showing up
  • Atlas and Judge Smails conveniently showed up just as we finished the 100 shared merkins (I assume the were the only ones at Blackhawk).
  • Mad Dog was the ever consummate partner allowing me to bitch enough to make me feel good while still pushing me to work harder.
  • Twinkle and JWoww leading the pack in the runs (and trash talking the Q)
  • I did too good of a job of slowing our pace down as we were at 2.9 miles midway through and finished with 3.6 miles.



  • Prayers to Chainsaw’s niece who is battling stage 4 breast cancer
  • Waxhaw 2 year anniversary this Monday.  Holiday Hours – 6:30 start.  Part in Cuthbertson HIGH SCHOOL drivers ed lot.  Multiple options – bootcamps, 5K, and Mash.  Coffeteria afterwards.  EH a friend/neighbor/coworker to join us.  Its a great time for an FNG to test the waters.
  • F3 Waxhaw 1st Annual Cookout.  Sunday Oct. 3 at Five Stones from 4:00 to 6:30.  Open to all F3 Pax and their families (2.0’s and wives).  We have secured Kid Rocks kick ass tailgating trailer.  He will handle the NFL Games and cooking.  The F3 Band will be there playing and there will be games for the kids.
    • Still looking for volunteers:
  • Twinkle Toes has Commitment next week which also happens to the the 20th anniversary of Sept 11.

Party Crashers

It was a refreshing, clear morning with temperatures in the high 50’s.  Yes, in the 50’s!  We started with a small group of around 5-6 Pax and took a casual mosey around the front of the middle school.  We were relaxed and enjoying some light banter.  Next this intimate group circled up for some warmup exercises.

THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! 16 cars came rolling into the parking lot all at once!  It was the IPC relay crew.  They exited their vehicles swiftly and quickly joined in.  NOW IT WAS A PARTY!

Off we went!  Here is what went down:

Run down to the end of sidewalk stopping at each light pole for 5 Bobby Hurley’s

Grab some wall

30 Air Press in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

30 Jabs in cadence

15 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to the traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Run to other traffic circle

Merkin x 10

Repeat x 3

Mosey to the benches – Dips then run along sidewalk to the tables for Step Ups

30 of each, then 20 of each, then 10 of each.

Mosey to Parking lot for some planks and sprints

Mosey to the front of the school to the benches

10 Derkins – 2 laps – 10 Derkins – 2 laps

Indian run back to COT.


Great work by all PAX this morning!  A shout out to several guys that were showing off their sprinting skills!  Shriver crushed the first sprint which inspired some others to take on the challenge.  Zinfandel won the 2nd round!  Who knew Zin had wheels like that??  Great job.  The next 2 rounds were highlighted by Chatter Box and Schneider.  Awesome job!


  • IPC at Weddington Middle School tomorrow
  • Convergence this Monday. 6:30 am Celebrating 2-year anniversary.  2 boot camps, MASH and a 5k run.  2nd F afterwards.  Park in the high school lot.
  • 1st annual F3 cookout – Sunday, October 3rd at Five Stones Church. Open to all F3 men and their families.

IPC made me merkin-less

7 PAX started at The Floater but there were 8 in COT.


Due to yesterday’s IPC merkin-fest, YHC promised no merkins.


The Prep:

  • Mosey across 75 next to the Women’s Club


  • SSH, Imperial Squawkers, and Mike Tysons


The Main Event:

  • Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary with some exercises along the way


  • Mosey to back of school


  • Group does C.A.L. (Cardio, Abs, Legs) exercises while one PAX runs and does 10 pull-ups x 2 rounds


  • Group does some stairs and then does wall exercises while one PAX runs the stairs


  • Mosey back to COT at giddy-up speed to find Twinkle Toes cruising in solo




Ever increasing drizzle

In preparing for being the Q here, I was really questioning how many PAX will show up since it was competing with IPC. Either non, because everybody wants to do the very famous IPC or a lot of PAX because everybody wanted to escape the pain from IPC. With a total of 10 PAX (including me) showing up, I guess it was a mix of both… if they would only have known the content of my weinky! 😉


Mosey on the parking lot, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers – then calf and runners stretch and finishing with 15x Potato Picker.

The Thang

Mosey to the entrance of the High School. I asked for the creativity of all PAX. Line up on the sidewalk. One is running a small loop on the parking lot, after he called an exercise. The rest is doing the exercise until the runner is back. The next one starts, after calling an exercise and so on. All Exercises are allowed, except “have a nice day”. It felt a bit like MASHing – although I’ve never done it. After everybody was done running one round, we recovered. I don’t recall every exercise, but here are a few: Merkins, American Hammers, Freddy Mercuries, squats,…

Of course, we also needed to get some Cardio in… Mosey to the first alcove and partner up. One partner is running to the other alcove, does 2 burpees and returns back as a timer. The other one is doing donkey kicks, then air presses, then balls to the wall (if possible with merkins), Jabs.

Then: running around – aehm to – the world. Every light pole going back to the parking lot alternating between 10 speed skaters 6 sister Marry Cathrines (?)

Mosey to the parking lot – progressive four corners: 5, 10, 15, 20 merkins was the plan. We did 5, 10 merkins, 15, 20 Carolina Drydogs.

Since we still had time left, we continued with the progressive four corners, but this time with squats. Time only allowed us to go up to 15 squats.

Jail Break to COT


The drizzle was very welcome and got stronger and stronger. But it was not terrible at all… Other than this, not much going on. Great to be out there and get better – even if it is not the IPC! Great work, Big Ben!


  • Labor Day convergence at Cuthbertson Middle School with a full menu of different things (6:30 launch)
  • Commitment stays open during IPC
  • SOB convergence comming up as well
  • Tickler will have his VQ at Lasts Call this Friday – BYO rubber

Johnny Utah took us out – thank you!

Still a little sore, but it was the best 20 minute workout I’ve ever done!

Well, YHC should have thought ahead when volunteering to Q the day after an IPC, but alas, we must persevere and push through. As YHC started to lay down last night, the soreness of 250 Merkins the morning were starting to settle in as the legs started to tighten up. The body shop is smaller AO, but one i wish I were abel to get to more often. After going for a ridiculous two weeks in a row, Das Boot said, W”hen you gonna Q here now that your a regular!?” I obliged since it was between skating sessions.

The smaller crews can be more enjoyable at times as you can chat and hear some more mumblechatter amonst the 90 alternative and Grunge tunes. We had 5 Pax to start, then the “6” Posse showed up @ 20 mins late.


  • Slightly longer mosey as YHC needed to loosen up a little bit.
  • SSH 20IC
  • MNC 20IC
  • Shoulder stretch
  • Potato Picker 20IC to stretch tight hammy’s
  •  Runner/Calf/UP/Down Dog



Head to the wall, pair up run a lap while working the wall. All do 2 of each exercise and laps around the front lot per.

  • Jabs x2
  • Donkey Kicks x2

This is about where a car rolled in and Das said, “hey, thats Posse!” Posse walks up ready to go and evens us out at 6 PAX which was helpful.

  • Air Presses x2
  • Tysons x2


To the rock pile:

Grab your coupon and rifle carry 100 yards to light post near “Smugglers Notch/Cove”. Civilian count in unison 2 exercises then run laps.

  • Shoulder Raise x30/ 20 Hernias
  • LAp
  • 30 Curl/ 30 Rows
  • Lap
  • 30 LBC / 30 Squat Thrusters
  • LAp

Rifle carry 100 yards back to rock pile, head to COT.



I really hope more folks head out to the Body Shop, I know there are tons of PAX that have not been to the furthest MArvin/Waxhaw region, but it is one you should. we often get a good cross from SOB.  there are a ton of options at this AO from playgrounds, tracks, hills….And a Restroom!!!!

As usual, good times leading. we thought we would just have 5 of us, but with Posse coming in…….Not so Hot!?! we had a good even group. Good on him, he could have easily said “Screw It” and pulled the covers back over for a few more winks. But he got his butt out and made the effort. Even it was for his self titled “best 20 minute Workout!”


  • IPC talks and getting more Marvin guys involved
  • Blood drive in Oct for SOB

Frustrated FUSE in the Pursuit of Excellence

DICCS given to to cover normal safety stuff– cell phone , cpr, ect…

Warm Up- fast paced mosey with only a few peeps to first circular island- ugh…

Jimmy Dugan stretch, runners pose right side and left side

Fast Paced mosey to next island for Jimmy Dugan stretch -plank right arm high and left arm high 10 seconds.

The Thang

Play on the MEAN streets of Millbridge between the islands on the roads of Hudson Mill, Hampton Grove, Lydgate, Henshaw and Jude– FARTLIEK STYLE– Speed Play in Swedish

Run 3 mins at a hard pace and 1 min at a mosey to recover the 6 and regroup, 2 minutes at a hard pace and 2 minutes at a mosey to recover the 6- then 1 minute at a hard pace then 3 minutes mosey to recover the 6 and regroup. RINSE REPEAT … Damn it we lost EX-LAX– Fan out boys Find EX- LAX… We got him — great job on the PAX not leaving a man behind… NOT ON MY WATCH DAMN IT— NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!!

Regroup in Hudson Mill and grab a partner- Sprint up to stop sign and return to start with your partner

rinse repeat on Hampton Grove, Lygate and Jude with different partners..

2 minute sprint from Jude up and around circle island on Millbridge parkway and 1 min recovering the 6 and regrouping.

1 minute sprint down parkway and 1 minute back up parkway for recovering the 6 and regrouping.

Mosey to COT and grab the peeps off the trail just in time… bamm–


When the call came in from the dugout yesterday around 3 pm to pull me out of the bullpen to replace the starting pitcher I was like– WTF I just finished the ITC and do not feel like doing anything.. So I sat there for a few minutes and had a mental battle and said screw it,,, PUT ME IN COACH!!! The boys crushed it today and we knocked out 6.20-6.25 miles. Key learnings from today

  1. The chicken needs to be clearer with direction or Fuse needs to pay attention better.– LOL most likely it was the unclear mumble coming form the chickens beak …..
  2. Deflated has a many different gears of sprinting- yikes he is fast.
  3. Robo-Call is a running machine
  4. I thought Ghosted Ghosted me at his on site but he showed a few minutes late– shocker..
  5. EX- LAX- hell of a job brother- 6.20 miles — NICE
  6. 0-69 appreciate you brother– you crushed the hills, knocked out 4 plus miles and kepted me company on our 2 hour driver all the way over to Millbridge


Anniversary convergence Monday 09/06/21- 6:30am ( CAN SOMEONE BRING COFFEE ) text chicken little – 919-602-2859 or groupme–

Pray for New Jersey- bad storms last night

Turn Buckle- Got the flag from Mayhem today– Nice work brother..

2nd F cookout 10/03- Five Stones 4-6:30pm  Go on the playhouse and sign up to help– EVERYONE INVITED!!


IPC Week Zero – 2021

Week 0 IPC 2021

This does NOT count as a Q so don’t you worry Chicken Little.I slept great last night but at 5am I realized where I was headed. Damn you IPC…

I had only really confirmed Bottlecap and Easy Button to attend as of last night. I pull up and 6-7 cars? Damn it we won’t be able to use the track if high school kids are there. I break it to EB as he pulls up….then we see Dasher trotting around the lot.

Oh man guys are already out taking a gander at the track? 3 IPC virgins in attendance? Oh boy. We find the one corner that has decent light and set up shop. Camera is rolling and it’s time to get this over with.

DiCCS given. Confirmed workout logistics. And it’s time…

I don’t want to give anything away but starting with 100 x Merkins is an ass kicker. Lots of different methods were discussed. I started with 15 reps and 10 secs rest. Couple rounds of that and it went to 10 reps, 7 reps… then 5 reps and then who knows. And that’s pretty much how the rest of the morning went.

Shoutout to everyone pushing yourself. Some guys partnered up and knocked out reps in unison. Whatever it takes to get it over with. You vs You is the next level of difficulty we don’t measure enough. It scares some pax off but it shouldn’t. Never too early to whoop your own ass.

Do it. Get better. Take a nap.


  • IPC Relay squad is ready. 5am Friday morning.
  • IPC Week 0 being hosted by Homecoming crew, more details available soon.
  • F3 Waxhaw Convergence for our 2nd year anniversary! This is not to be missed and hunt for some FNGs.

6’s in the shadows of Calvary church

6 pax did 6 warmup exercise and 6 sets of bodyweight work while exploring the expansive Calvary Church parking lot

The Thang

  • Warmup: mosey towards Rea Road exit, pretending to run off campus. Psyche! We’re staying on campus baby and exploring every single parking lot available. Circle up for 6 SSH’s, 6 IW’s, 6 jump squats, 6 american hammers, 6 merkins, 6 burpees. See the theme emerging? Mosey to parking row #1
  • Parking Row 1: Start with 10 merkins, run to end of parking lot for 10 merkins, repeat this for two remaining aisles. Plank halfway through each set for us to not leave any pax behind
  • Parking Row 2: Same format, now with 10 american hammers
  • Parking Row 3: Same format, now with 15 merkins (regular, wide, diamond) Sprinkle in Mary at end of each row
  • Parking Row 4: Same format, now with 5 burpees and sprint. 2 rows instead of 3
  • Parking Row 5: Same format, putting everything together. 20 jump squats, then 5 burpees. 20 american hammers, then 5 burpees. Finish with 20 merkins, then 5 burpees
  • Final Set: Mosey to northern rock pile for 3 sets of bent over rows, with 10 slow, arms behind shoulder raises to really open up the back
  • Mosey back to launch, while issuing the challenge to pick up the six in our spheres of influence outside of workouts. Lots of people struggling to keep up, on the fringes, isolated or without hope. Happy clowns focus first on not leaving anyone behind – whether that’s a neighbor, a friend, a colleague or family member.

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Participate in blood drive or else
  • Saturday, 9/11 Rock Zero convergence
  • Prayers for my M who is fighting depression

Truly a pleasure to lead. Thanks for the invite Point Break

Who got Prickled and Who got Goo’d?

5 PAX did the Ironman and Superman and felt like heroes in the dark sheltered confines of the Millbridge airnasium