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To waffle or not to waffle…

This was the question on some’s mind last night after I posted about a possible location change due to the weather forecast. Would we have another ReCalc situation where Team Diesel invades another covered section at Cuthbertson? I like to think of it as Team Diesel is the NWO and we are invading WCW.

As luck would have it, once again the weather forecasters were wrong and we had a nice “cool” morning over at Five Stones.

DICCS given

My Q juices, adrenaline and my mind was going so fast this morning, that I forgot to ask about CPR and Cell Phones. Thanks J-Wow for the reminder!

And lets begin!


A: Moroccan Night Clubs

B:  Imperial Walkers

C: Side straddle hops

D. Potato Pickers

E. Stretch to the right foot / Stretch to the left / Stretch down to the center

F. Shoulder stretch: arm across body…each arm

G. Tricep stretch- elbow stretch each arm

H. Downward Dog and Upward Dog

I. Calf Stretch Each Leg

Now to the workout:

I had Popeye start us off with his Popeye 100’s workout. This is a great workout and I love when he does it.

Then we continued on with the rest in no particular order:

1: Squats

2: Bent over rows (coupon)

3: Overhead press (coupon)

4:  Canadian Beavers (bricks)

5:  Curls (coupon)

6: Merkins

7: Wood Choppers (bricks) 

8: Overhead Tricep Extensions (coupon)

9. Weighted Shoulder Shrugs (bricks)

10. Curb Squats (Re Calc style)

11. Scarecrow  (bricks)

12. In place lunges (each leg)

13: Big Boy situps

14. Cross Squats (bricks)

15. Bobby Hurley’s

16. American Hammers

17. Lay down chess press 

18. Speed Skaters (each side is 1) 

19. Plank Jacks 

20. Captain Morgan Squats (left..then right foot on coupon) 

21. Al Gore for 60 seconds holding the bricks

22. Outer Curl/Muscle Flex Curl

23. 21’s

24. Zombie curls with coupon (curl, then push/pull coupon straight out/in and return) 

25. Weighted squats 

26. Alpo’s 

27. Kettle bell swings 

28. Superman’s 

29. Popeye led exercise at the very end

30. J-Wow led merkin exercise at the very end

31. Have a nice day for 1 minute…some guys chose to do flutters during this time.



Christ Closet has activities going on tomorrow (Saturday). Check Group Me Service Opportunities Page for all details.

Planting at Five Stones Church tomorrow (Saturday). Check Group Me or contact Bottlecap for details.

Convergence on Monday. 1776 theme workout. Being held at the Cuthbertson Drivers Ed Parking Lot at 6:30am


Ghosted took us out

Welcome to the Cul-De-Sacs

It was a last minute Q substitute, but YHC was ready as there was an area of Ballantyne we had not used for the Brave.  At least one I have not used.  The cul-de-sacs of Wingman and Markettimer’s hood.  I had planned to use these in the past, but the rain always ruined the plan.  I saw the forecast and thought, not again……but when we all met at launch point, I said, we are going to get wet as 1 hour and 4 miles in a garage is NOT FUN!!!

Upon leaving launch point we worked are way east on Ballantyne Commons toward the apartments.  I informed the PAX that the theme of the day was 2 and 13.  My youngest 2.0 turns 13 today and it is July 2nd.  Thus 2 and 13.  Several grumbles coming from PAX.  I always enjoy the grumbles from the PAX.


15 SSH

15 Lo Slo Squats

Plank position stretching with right leg to right hand and then switch to left foot to left hand


The Thang

Run lap around apartment parking lot.  Then pair up for partner work.  Remember 2 and 13.  Each PAX does 2 Merkins and then run opposite direction from partner around the parking lot.  At point of reaching partner on lap (half – way) execute 13 air squats and complete lap.  3 sets

Mosey over to the cul-de-sac neighborhood with amazing hills.

1st cul-de-sac 2 burpees, run  to the end, 13 jump squats, repeat

2nd cul-de-sac 2 peter parkers, run to the end, 13 bonnie blairs, repeat

3rd cul-de-sac 2 merkins, run to the end, 13 merkins (legs needed a rest, haha), repeat

4th cul-de-sac 2 lunges, run to the end, 13 dips, runs backwards, repeat

Mosey back towards launch, but we still had 13 minutes so time hit up a parking garage.  Each PAX to lead mary as we work up the levels.


Fire Hazard — Flutters

Midriff — Lo slo J Lo

Wild Turkey — Sid the Kid

Olaf — Floor Sweeper

Gruden — American Hammer

Then on the way down 10 Merkins at each turn, 60 total

Two 45 second wall sits and back to launch



I was looking forward to Soft Pretzel’s beatdown, but also enjoy being able to Q the Brave.  YHC is upon his 1 year anniversary with F3 and although Bagpipe was my first posting, The Brave was my second and has become the one I look forward to each week.  I truly appreciate all the men of F3 and it has been good to me mentally and physically.  THANK YOU men of F3.


July 5th, 8am across the street from the Gibson in the corp park, there will be 2.0 friendly workout with 30 minute workout followed by kickball.  Reach out to Midriff or War Eagle for details.

Fire Hazard will be running Saturday morning from the Anna Springs Greenway.  6am launch.  Reach out for more info.

Pray for Grasshopper as he had an accident uptown this week and needs our support.


Pursuing those hills

Wasn’t sure how to avoid hills since you are either going up or down hills the entire time at this site.  So YHC decided to embrace it and we attempted to go up one of the less forgiving ones a few times.  Mixing up speeds if possible.

It sucked and they all hated it.  We tracked some miles though which is what we all came to do anyway.



PaperJam–Not a fan of the hills despite moving to a neighborhood with all hills

Deflated–Great taste in music, despite repping the wrong coast

Ghosted–Hills make him poop

Rubbermaid–If you ever need a sign up for running far for no reason, he’s interested

Foundation-After today, swore off all marathons until 2022  2024


Contact PaperJam for a fun camping trip with your 2.0 end of month;

F3 dads open as well

Sweatin in the Shop

Whith the AOshaming  put out on the social media, YHC was not sure what to expect this morning.. Well it had the opposite affect I was expecting as just 4 total Pax showed and 3 Mashers. BUut thats okay, with the smaller numbers we can get some good workout and chatter in.

With the balmy 75 degree day with what seemed like 1000% humidity, it was sure to the be swampy.


SSH/IP/Potato pickers/Calf/Runners stretch


Run the main road, at the lights on the right side, alternate 20 Merkins/20 Squats, on the way back 20 speed skaters/20LBC

head to rock pile while someone takes a break at the Newly appointed Smugglers Notch Mens room, two exercises then large loop.

  • Front Raise x20
  • Row x20
  • LAP1
  • Curls x20
  • Hernia x20
  • LAP2
  • Squat Trusters x20
  • Big Boys x20
  • LAP3
  • Tricep x20
  • Chest Pres x20
  • TIRECHANGERS for good measure x10 2=1

Head to short track and playground and pair up. One lap, other exercises AMRAP:

  • Dips
  • Pull Ups
  • Swing Derkins
  • Swing Abscisors

Head back to COT and finish with some MAry.



YHC was a little dissapointed in the Waxhaw pax this am as many still decide to stay in their comfort zones. The body shop is a little out of the way, but does get some PAX from SOB that is nice to see for some crossover alliances. still would encourage the PAX to venture to the Marvin area…

Was a ridiculously hot and muggy day, but was great to be out again. We noticed that Rea View has added a Mens room to the location! this is always welcomed… By some Pax more than others. We have decided to name the aforementioned room “Smugglers Notch”! You have to be there to know!!! (se what i did there, yes, there is a back story)

Recalc brought a new friend to MASH! meet the new FNG Medicine Ball “Wilson”!!!


YHC mentioned how precious life is and how quickly it can change as a close family member had a stroke out of the blue. Cherish the day..

Convergence at Cutty Tuesday 7/5 6:30am

Enjoy the weekend, and be safe everyone.

Sandbagging It

Dora and I  pulled into the parking lot only to find Tiger Rag’s family truckster in the bus lot. Wild Turkey then pulled. Tiger Rag returned from his warm up before heading to off for some track work. Cheese Curd rolled in then finally Focker showed up.  We emptied Dora’s trunk of sandbags and a water jug. Each Pax rucked, grabbed a coupon and we were off to Davie Park. We swapped coupons along the way so no one felt cheated. We made our way to the nice field turf pitch and circled up for COP.


  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Low Slow Squats x 20

The Thang:

We gathered the sandbags, 80#, 60#, 40#, & 35sh#, connecting them with carabiners creating the #PainTrain. Four pax got under the PainTrain while the fifth grabbed the water jug. the Pax put the PainTrain on their shoulders then moved two corners at a time, after which they rotated moving up one sandbag while someone picked up the water jug. We did this for two rounds so each Pax had two rotations under each sandbag.

Next we did some simulated log PT, including squats, shoulder to shoulder presses, and oblique dips.

A quick check of the watch and we had some time to head back.


  • No time, we arrived 2 minutes late.



  • Strong effort by the Pax today, they were real gamers and up for the task moving heavy stuff with purpose. The workout isn’t called SACS for nothing.
  • With GrowRuck approaching, I thought it would be a good idea (was it?) to bring some log PT and heavy stuff today. The water jug was a wrinkle but a staple at every rucking event. It’s not to heavy most of the time but he an awfully awkward thing to carry.
  • Not a lot of PT today and that was the point. The objective was to carry heavy stuff, and learn to rotate coupons as a team.
  • Dora picked YHC up in his new car, which was definitely dragged down by the extra junk in the trunk today.
  • Speaking of junk in the trunk, Tiger Rag asked Cheese Curd if he empties his car of all the gear in the back of his to which Cheese Curd replied “Its a company car”, enough said.
  • Welcome back to Dora after a few weeks away, making this his first #Respect post since his birthday last week.
  • Dora and I passed Tiger Rag on the way in, he was on his warmup run but saw a car bumper in the middle of the road and took it upon himself to move out of the way.
  • Cheese Curd was flat out moving and hauling arse with the 80# sandbag on the way out to Davie Park. A week off from F3 and he was fresh aa a daisy. The 80# sandbag also seemed to cut a lot of the chatter out from Cheese Curd.
  • Kotters to Focker who we haven’t seen in some time.
  • Thanks to M. Cheese Curd for all of the carabiners.
  • Wild Turkey, fresh off his Boy Scout camping trip, was killing it. He rucked with Tolkien at scout camp and I’m sure there’s drone footing somewhere.
  • Thanks to Tiger Rag for the take out.
  • Thanks to Cheese Curd for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumble chatter.