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Commitment Backblast



* Mosey to Nesbitt Park Circle

* Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops * 20 Imperial Walkers *Plank Position – Calf Stretches


* Mosey and do 5 squats at every tree on way up Nesbitt Park to rock pile

* Everyone grabs a lifting rock followed by partner exercise: P1 exercising / P2 running:

400 cumulative reps 4 exercises:

* 100 curls

* 100 overhead triceps

* 100 overhead press

* 100 chest press

* Put rocks back & mosey to Front of Kensington School – Partner exercise: P1 exercising / P2 running.

400 cumulative reps 4 exercises:

* 100 LBC,

* 100 Heels to Heaven,

* 100 Forward Lunges (2 is 1),

* 100 Squats.

* Mosey to Back of Kensington School 4 Corners – Burpees in the center, exercises in each corner:

(25) Bobby Hurleys / 3 Burpees

(25) Jump Squats / 3 Burpees

(25) Freddie Mercuries / 3 Burpees

(25) Speed Skaters (2 is 1) / 3 Burpees

Then Finished with 3 Burpees

* Mosey back to COT for Jack Webb’s. 1 Merkin/4 Air Press..2/8, 3/12..up to 10/40.


10 Pax at COT (2 Runners – Hollywood & Kid Rock, 2 Mashers – Popeye & Riddler, & 6 Boot Camp – Chainsaw, Demascus, Turnbuckle, Dead Head, Fuse Box & Ghosted)

Chainsaw – as always a beast during the partner exercises.

Turnbuckle – is getting faster, stronger, and refuses to take any shortcuts – your determination and grit are to be admired.

Demascus – minus the banter about his Patriots, pushed himself and is focused on getting back to the head of the pack and well on his was despite his injured feet.

Dead Head – great workout and congratulations on accepting your first VQ next week at Commitment, having only been with F3 a few weeks!

Fuse Box (a.k.a. Steve;-) – a gazelle in training…getting faster, stronger and funnier each workout I get to know you. Thank you for your tireless servant leadership by example, support, and dedication to your F3 brothers.


  • June 19 – Blood Drive 9am-1:30pm – Five Stones Church

Almost A Solo Workout

My watch hit 6:30am and I was the only pax in the lot, so I started my watch and began my warm up mosey (after thinking about getting back in my vehicle and going home to make waffles).  I had only run a few minutes when a car pulled in and it was Judge, thank you Judge!

I knew Judge is a runner so I called an audible and decided to run the cross country trail with some pain station stops.

The stops included:  SSH, squats, LBC’s, snow angels, curls and making X’s with bricks at the brick pile, curb dips, American hammers.

When we got to the football practice field we ran over to the bleachers and ran up all 8 of the stair sets.  At the bottom we did 2 burpees, at the tops we alternated between 5 uneven arm merkins (using a high bench and a low bench) and 10 squats.

When we got back to the parking lot we pulled my tractor tire out of my truck bed and one of us flipped it 10 times while the other did plank jacks, then another round but doing LBC’s.   And that was 7:30am.

I forgot to take a picture, but Judge can back me up, this workout really did happen.

The “Ultimate Warrior” in All of Us

Posted in behalf of Mayhem


Ultimate Warrior

Over the weekend, I was flipping channels at a rapid pace, ‘cause that’s what guys do. I stumbled across
A & E documentaries on wrestlers. Behind the scene stories on the Ultimate Warrior, Mankind, Jake
the Snake, etc. and a carton of ice cream later, I decided to tailor Thursday’s workout at Body Shop to
the wrestler in all of us. Thanks to the Pax for the buy in.

Turnbuckle brought his WWF coupon and 80’s wrestling mixed tape. One Star showed up in a “onesie” and cowboy hat. It was really cool, even though I haven’t gotten the image out of my mind or slept in 28 hours, 13 minutes, and 5 seconds.

OK, let’s roll with the Thang. In order to meet mashers and boot campers needs, I blended some WWF
moseys with mash gear (coupon, chair, rock, etc.).

  • 3 WWF Moseys at different times around the parking lot
  • “Rope Runs”-in WWF fashion, ran into wall (aka rope in ring), bounced off, ran to island, and repeated
    10 times
  • “Karate Kids”-in WWF fashion, used side kicks to drop opponent on their ?x#$
  • “Dusty Rhodes”-in WWF fashion, did a little fancy dance and punched with alternating arms
  • “Undertaker”-in WWF fashion, lifted leg as high as we could and gave boot to opponent’s face (or groin for the cheapshot artist in the group)
  • “Hulk”-in WWF world and Rocky 25, press coupon over head. Centerfold thought we were supposed to chunk them “out of the ring.” Always have 1 outlier in the bunch.
  • “Ric Flair”-while saying “woooooooooooo”, replicate slap across chest movement with arm extended across body.
  • “Mulkies”-for true WWF fans, they may remember the Mulky twins. They were famous for losing every match and getting the crap beat out of them. Their opponent would grab one of their feet coming off the rope and toss them over their head. To replicate this move, we did coupon swings.
  • “Headbangers”-image ramming your opponent’s face into the concrete. When Big Ben started to grab La-Z-Boy, I had to stop him and explain it meant taking coupon and completing lawn mower pulls.
  • Escape moves are a must in the wresting move. In order to kick out of a submission hold in 2.999999 seconds (before the 3 count), your abs have to be rock solid. Das Boot led us in outlaws, Stormy Daniels, and side scissor kicks.


I started a new job this week, so I have to cut this backblast short. If you don’t like it, fire me. Like
Kramer, “I don’t even work here.”

-Blood Drive is June 19th at Five Stone Church from9:00-1:30. Sign up or see Turnbuckle or Radar.
-Prayers for Premature as he is going through medical testing process. With you brother.
-Christ’s Closet needs socks, UNUSED underwear guys, and belts. Centerfold or Turnbuckle can take
them to Rice and Beans in Uptown Charlotte.

Love you brothers…in the most manly way possible. Peace out.


Oh, that McGee

McGee was scheduled to lead The Body Shop in April but conveniently went skiing a couple of weeks beforehand and injured himself out of commission for several weeks after that.  Waxhaw was excited to have an F3 OG leading one of the newer workouts in the area, though it became apparent some were not as excited to see him.

“Oh, that McGee.  I should have stayed home.”

Or when he called 10 burpees OYO to start the workout… “Really?!”

And when he began to explain his plan for partner work of 200 / 300 / 400 reps with 5 burpees each partner when exchanging between exercises and the running lap, One Star offered, “You guys grab him and I’ll beat the $#*% out of him!”

Midway through, there was a, “Who invited this [man of questionable lineage]? Don’t let him Q again!”

And after all that, the final partner work was 100 burpees, but with mere squats at the interchange.

10 PAX came and felt the wrath of McGee’s groin injury and left much more tired and hopefully a little stronger for it.  It was a beatdown and the only disappointment was that the Waxhaw Form Police didn’t show to maintain their honor.  The PAX held strong but the Form Police seem to have just talked a big game and didn’t come up north when multiple invitations were made well in advance.

Loop the Lake

Two guys together in the woods…the jokes write themselves so I’ll save my fingers the typing.

11:59 and it doesn’t look like anyone else is gonna show so I ditch the weinke and switch to a lunch time run.

4 laps around the trails were delightful…ly humid and miserable

If I’d known there was a Strava segment for the loop…

…it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing.

The End.

I found this on the internet

10 pax showed up at Calvary for Wednesday’s edition of Meathead. While humid, the weather was still cool (for June). After a semi-solid disclaimer, we got down to business.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • 2-handed swings x 15
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • 2-handed swings x 10
  • Squat and hold/pry x 5 IC
  • 2-handed swings x 5

Main Thang:

  • Neupert: 10 sets of 5 double clean and military press
  • Complex: 3 lawnmowers, 3 high pulls, 3 snatches EMOM for 10:00, switching sides every minute
  • Easy Strength:
    • 2 sets of 10 somersault squats
    • 2 sets of 10 upright rows and merkins – super set
    • 50 swings however you want
  • Static hold: :20 overhead/:20 rack/:20 suitcase – singles or doubles, 1:00 rest. Repeato.
  • Mary: 2:00 elbow plank to end of workout

COT: Thanks to Strange Brew for taking us out.


  • Beer Run tomorrow at noon. Launching from Devil’s Logic. Often confused with the Beer Mile, the Beer Run has a much higher beer to running ratio, making it the preferred event for most pax. 6-12 beers and only 3-4 miles. See Slack or Tuck for more details.
  • Muthaship GrowRuck – first weekend in August. Leadership training, F3 history, CSAUP, fellowship, all rolled into one. Approximately 80 pax have signed up with several attending from South Charlotte.
  • The Crane Relay will be held on August 13th at 9pm. Teams of 5 battle for South Charlotte running supremacy. You’ll be home by 5 and your kids will never know you left and will wonder why you’re sleeping all day. You probably want to knock out your honey do list beforehand.


  • Thanks to the pax for coming out the other day and following my lead. Sorry for the delayed backblast posting, but I had trouble getting logged into the site for some reason. Maybe I’ve upset Udder and/or Wingman…
  • I keep bribing Strange Brew to come to workouts by giving him Wii games and controllers. It’s been great having him out with us and he’s been putting in hard work. Eardrum has also posted at Meathead (and Base Camp) 2 weeks in a row. He’s still working on picking up the movements, but he’s making great progress.
  • The somersault squats a/k/a weighted monkey humpers were a huge hit, although some thought an exercise with two giant balls between your legs should have a more colorful name. I will leave that up to the more creative pax among us. I found that exercise on Instagram, where Joe Daniels of Swing This Kettlebell was doing them. He’s got huge quads, so they must work. There were plenty of complaints about quad soreness, so these will be making another appearance.
  • I’ll be DR the next 2 weeks, but Unplugged and Soul Glo will be stepping up to lead the workouts. Keep an eye out for a new program in July that will incorporate more singles.



Welcome to THE Swarm

When did it become Swarm and not THE Swarm? I feel like that’s a critical distinction that it’s not just any old Swarm and rather it’s the one everyone should be talking about. Afterwards, of course, because with the humidity at 1000% it felt like we were breathing through a straw so it wasn’t a day for mumblechatter. Unless, of course, you count the book club going on during the warmup portion of the exercise with a couple of chatterboxes (not THE Chatterbox, who posted at Impromptu) going on about who knows what.

So let’s get down to it. We did a warmup lap around the IPC 400 loop with some Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, stretches, and plankjacks. That’s when the aforementioned book club was going on. As the QIC for the premier hour long Friday morning Waxhaw bootcamp I took offense

Back to COT and down the Path to the Palace. Paula Abdul style. 10 Merkins and 10 Squats at the light poles on the way down.

Silence is golden.

People’s chair and 50 air presses on the shed then mosey up past the traffic circle and over to the triangular area near Geeb’s Jungle. Find yourself a partner on the way.

Collectively, you and your partner are now responsible for 150 Mike Tysons, 150 Flutters (2=1 duh), and 150 Step-Ups (as in, 150 times off the ground. I don’t know how you count 2=1 for those) and to ensure we get some good mileage in you get to alternate running around the circle and back.

Now, ditch your old partner and find a shiny new one

This next part was a terrible idea from the beginning but mama didn’t raise no quitter¹ so we did it anyways.

Partner 1 BEAR CRAWLS around the Jungle while Partner 2 runs the opposite direction around. When you meet up, swap places and continue until you complete the full bear crawl lap.

So I had planned to do a full bear crawl lap

 Instead, repeato until both partners have bear crawled and run twice. That was good enough for about half a lap around the jungle.

So now we’re at the high school parking lot and there’s still 20 freaking minutes left. Time for a little Aggressive Corners. Now I know it’s Progressive Corners, but I feel that Aggressive is much more fitting of a name.

  • Corner 1 – 5 burpees
  • Corner 2 – 10 Bomb Jacks
  • Corner 3 – 15 Six Inch Plank Jacks
  • Corner 4 – 20 Big Bois

So you basically add a new corner each time you run back. Only doing the exercises on the clockwise direction. Have you ever tried to breathe through one of those little plastic coffee stirrers? I don’t know why you would but that’s what I imagine it would feel like.

Getting low on time so we mosey to the alcove on the high school and do a Chastain Classic™

10 Donkey Kicks on the wall followed by a 10 second hold. Repeato with 9 DKs and a 9 second hold all the way to 5. Running low on time so recover.

Indian Run back to COT. It’s always a crapshoot with Indian Runs. Sometimes you get guys who refuse to sprint to the front. Other times you get get guys *cough* Ice9 *cough* who sprint the whole time. Fortunately, everyone was on their best behavior and we did probably the best Indian Run that’s ever been ran.

Upon arriving at COT, Transporter led Impromptu/Swarm in American Hammers. I think we hit close to 400 or something

Ricky Boobie took us out


¹ – This was determined to be a lie



  • F3 Dads – Tomorrow from 9:00 to 9:45am at Briarcrest Clubhouse. Bring your 2.0s boys AND girls. Bring a swimsuit to swim in the pool from 10:00 to 11:00am
  • Beer Run – Tomorrow at noon, in and around Plaza Midwood
  • Blood Drive – June 19th at 5 Stones from 9:00 to 1:30 – Go sign up
  • Crane Relay 2021 – August 13th – Team relay style. See GroupMe calendar for details

And The Clouds Parted

If you woke up at at 4:10 like I did, this is what is looked like outside:

So I was waiting for the text:

But I had a response text already waiting:

Because it wasn’t going to be this kind of day:

I’d much rather have it be this type of day:

If Zinfandel had it his way every day:

But I digress…..


The clouds parted, the skies cleared the rain was not an issue:


Would anyone show for the 5am pre-run?

Nails was there early and Bratwurst came in hot so the three of us headed through the woods into Champion Forest for a little jaunt before the main event:


DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 20 IC
  • Jimmy Dugan (center, right, middle)
  • Plank for one minute
    • discuss 5 core principles of F3
      • Free of Charge (hell yea)
      • Open to ALL Men (damn straight)
      • Held Outdoors (Even in the rain….)
      • Peer Led (share the love)
      • End with COT (we got you)
  • Calf Stretch
  • Glidah stretch
  • Little Baby Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

  • Grab your cinderblock or kettlebell and rifle carry to the end of the lot close to COT
  • 10 cinderblock/kettle bell swings, rifle carry to next island, 10 cinderblock/kettlebell swings
  • Rinse and repeat to far end of lot (6 stops)

Mt. Chiseled

  • Rifle carry to side of Mount Chiseled
  • 10 blockees, rifle carry to top for 10 curls, rifle carry to other side for 10 chest press on back, rifle carry back up for 10 goblet squats, rifle carry back down
  • Repeat with 9, 8, 7,  of everything
  • Did 6 blockees and then time for something different

IPC flashbacks

  • 10 dips on blocks
  • Murder Bunnies from end of lot to first island for 10 dips
  • Murder Bunnies to next island, 10 dips
  • Backward rifle carry to next island, 10 curls
  • Backward rifle carry to next island, 10 curls

Backwards Captain Therkin Brick Web

  • Trade blocks for two bricks
  • 10 big boys with shoulder press w/ bricks, 10 American Hammers IC w/ bricks, 5 brick Merkins (all the way down)
  • Repeat with 9, then 8, all the way down to 1 on the big boys with shoulder press and American Hammers but keep the brick Merkins at 5 every time.
  • Plank for 1 minute on bricks
  • Have a nice day for 30 seconds holding bricks up




Solid crew of hard working cinderblock and kettlebell swinging PAX this morning

Some good mumblechatter as always, I think I remember dome discussion about a coach from Durham who is retiring after a year long farewell tour:

There were some discussion of the other team in Chapel Hill and how their coach decided to retire:

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today

Have a great weekend.


  • F3 Dads tomorrow morning at Briarcrest Clubhouse at 9am (1701 Laurel Hill Drive, Waxhaw, NC).  This a pure 2.0 and dad’s event so bring out your 2.0s (boys and girls) ages 3-4 and up.  We will be doing out “workout” from 9:00 – 9:45am followed by DONUTS, then swimming at the Briarcrest Pool from 10am to 11am, see you there!
  • Blood Drive coming up June 19th at Five Stones.  Sign up via Red Cross website or message Turnbuckle

Milk Was A Bad Choice…

And for my 72nd Q, I’m realizing I freaking hate the humidity. The Site Qs, correction, Site Q should take temp readings in Downtown Waxhaw and encourage all Qs to only host exercises in the coolest areas. Get on it EB!

All that said, back is still tight but the pain is coming from my left hip. Who knew. I even have some resistance band assisted stretches I can do on the thrown before workouts. Honestly I was devastated to miss The Murph but it was better to bail to reduce my chances of further hurting myself. This back issue blows but a good reminder to take care of yourselves boys.

At 512am I was pulling into Dancing Bears driveway because his back was finally in a place to try running. I think the last time he posted was the 13mi Waxhaganza…my bad on that invite bud. He also had his 2.0 Gummy Bear with him! Let’s rage…

DiCCS given while I was being harassed about my injuries. It’s all and good fun? We gone…


Mosey towards the church and then cross over to 701 Main Restaurant parking lot. Circle up for warm up:

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. 15 x LS Squats IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

8. 10 x IC Plank Jacks

Mosey, make 1sr right down S. Jackson St. and over to the top of Givens St. for some suicides. Jail break down to the speed bump and mosey back. Jail breakdown all the way down to the bottom of the hill and mosey back to the Speedbump. Jail break backdown and circle back for the six as we make our way to the parking lot…

Mosey over to shopping center parking lot for some Ab-o-rama. Circle up. 1 x Big Boy and 4 x LBCs. Up to 10 x 40. 2 x Mike Tysons between each round. Ice9 was baffled by the MTs between rounds, just something to take the edge off the abs dude.

Mosey across the street and over to Dreamchasers. Partner up with true opposite speeds and knock out the following until your partner returns from a hot lap. Rinse and repeat for 2 rounds. Cut short due to time.

• Burpees

• Plank Jacks

• Lunges

Mosey to COT parking lot for a spin on semi-suicides. Bear crawl from one side to the other, 2 x Merkins IC, then up by 2 each crawl up to 10 x Merkins IC. Sweaty as can be by this point and lots of complaining.

3.5 minutes left but I was tired. Called Have A Nice Day but after 60 seconds of Ice9 disobeying I called for 20 x IC American Knockouts. Still stupid time. Called for 10 x V-Ups and I’m spent. And that’s time…


What was learned today and what would I have changed? The workout was fine and I was close to breaking the “if you can’t do it, you can’t Q it”. Haven’t done a good Ab Webb in a minute and it showed as I struggled to complete all the LBCs in the late rounds. Thanks to those that helped count, it’s appreciated.

It’s always a pleasure to lead fellas! Enjoy the day… I’m still trying to make up for the lack of oxygen this morning.

Hello Mr. Turtle!

YHC was the first to arrive at the jet black launch lot at the far end of the Stonecrest shopping complex…prompting a quick text to Theodore to make sure Circuit City and management hadn’t moved the mustering point.  Can’t remember the last time I was first to a workout even when Q’ing.  BTW, pro tip: workout Q should be first to arrive and last to leave. #doasIsaynotasIdo  Was also uncertain as to launch point as no shovel flag was to be found.  Time to reestablish that lost tradition.  Pretty sure only 1 AO in A51 still has a shovel flag.  Any SOB AO’s still practice that tradition?  ….alas.

10 others pulled in to the unlit lot.  We launched about 75 seconds after 0530 as Circuit City informed the pax some dude was rummaging through cars yesterday at The Maul, so YHC actually locked the car and hid the keys.  Hadn’t done that in months.  Pretty sure the dude stole something out of Loogie’s NCState-mobile…hopefully not his concealed firearm.

Below is some Thang and a decent helping of Moleskinnage:

We jogged over to between the Wells and BofA ATM’s for COP.  Teddy was with us for a bit, but exited before COP started as he had an urgent Code Brown.  He returned quickly….meaning he couldn’t find a place to do his paperwork…then left again for what appeared to be a trip behind the bushes up the hill behind Firebirds.  “Hello Mr. Turtle!”

COP included the standard fare, but no SSH’s, of course.

Kotters to Prohibition who posted for the first time in 2 months.   Hadn’t seen a lot of the pax….but that’s due more to not posting in SOBland in a while.  Long Haul was there…and his name came to mind just yesterday as I was listening to Ian Munsick’s “Long Haul”.  If you like country music (it’s ok to admit you like it), check out the song.  And speaking of the south, YHC did call Yankee aggressor and Southern gentlemen during some plankorama.  Might have offended some with that one, but did not call them Rebel gentlemen…so there’s that.  You’re welcome.

Mr. Magoo did not ask YHC if he was fully vaccinated.  Apparently, Kirby got 2 doses of the burpee vaccine.  We did some of those during the ‘cash dash’.  Before calling the dash, YHC asked if anyone in the pax worked/had worked for Wells.  YHC was the only one!  And only one pax rose his hand when asked the same question about BofA.  Think that was Happy Meal though not sure…maybe Frankie?  Thought everyone of us were bankers or recovering bankers.  So after called exercises with AYG runs between the ATMs, we headed over to the Murderhorn.  Having finished his paperwork, Teddy rejoined the pax at this point.  Frehley even offered Teddy his workout hankie to clean up any remaining debris.  What a guy that WD is!

Crockett, who YHC had not seen in years since he was posting and working at SCMS (he’s now at MPHS), was out front with Long Haul on the Murderhorn modified triple nickel.  BTW, he had brain surgery 2 years ago!  True story.  Great to have you out with the pax, brother.

At some point during the rock work at bottom of hill (thrusters) & burpees at top, Circuit City tapped Long Haul to Q.  Not next week though, Hoover is off the DL and will Q the festivities.

Stopped on the way back for some Mary and some dry docks, with a small tutorial.  Couldn’t help it.

Not sure what else we did, but we made it back to the launch lot on time.

After COT, Frankie was checking out YHC’s ride.  He asked if I was selling it, but no – it’s a loaner from the Hyundai dealer while my 2.0’s car is in the shop.

YHC was hurting, largely due to not posting since last Friday at Centurion.  But the pax got their money’s worth as far as I could tell.

Announcements included the Beer Run this Saturday.  See slack and/or Tuck for more details.  Tuck is the Beer Run Czar.  YHC can’t make it this weekend, but love the event!  You should go.

Also some kind of Ruck event or GoRuck or whatever on August 6.  See one of the Rucktards for more info – but something about buying a $300 backpack and paying another $200 to have Dredd yell at you for 12 hours…or is it 24 hours?  Ready to sign up now?!

Thanks to Circuit City for tapping YHC to Q.  Good to be back among the gracious pax of SOB.