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Ooh, this is fun

11 guys got their money’s worth at Swarm.  We learned who knows the PAX first names, who doesn’t know how to count, and who thinks they are slow.



  • 7’s on the stairs
    • 1 knee slap burpee
    • 6 flights of stairs
    • Continue until 6 knee slap burpees and 1 flight of stairs
  • Ab Webb
    • 1 Big Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    • 4 Flutters
    • Continue til 10 and 40
  • Bus Loop run
  • Wall Webb
    • 1 Mike Tyson
    • 4 Quadrolators (think Mountain Climber in Balls to Wall position)
    • Continue til 5 and 20 and then back down to 1 and 4
  • Bus Loop run
  • Ab Webb #2
    • 1 Dolly
    • 2 Toe Tap LBC
    • Continue til 10 and 20
  • Field time
    • Partner Wheelbarrow the length of field
    • Broad jump burpees the length of field
    • Gaga Ball Pit:  20 jump overs
  • Rock n Roll
    • Lifting Rock
    • 20 curls, 20 presses, 20 half curls . . . Short run
    • Repeat with 15 and 10
  • Have a nice day until Impromptu gets to COT


  • Dasher complained talked about his Whitewater Center trail run last night with Wolverine . . . Beware of Pimp Daddy’s invites
  • Hollywood has a first name . . . It’s O-S-C-A-R
  • Smithers really enjoyed the workout . . . At least that’s what he said on the second flight of stairs
  • Ice9 . . . Interesting that his name contains a number since he can’t count
  • Glidah and Easy Button chose the “Slow” group multiple times . . . Glidah is not going to be able to do that anymore once he moves to the “Fast” side of Lawson
  • Transporter put his hand down my pants today . . . No comment
  • Mad Dog stuck around for the entire workout . . . We are onto your “I’ve got a plane to catch” shenanigans
  • Sugar Daddy loves the Gaga Ball pit . . . Which side should you be standing on?
  • Centerfold showed up to MASH Swarm . . . And on time no less


  • Shop Dawg is looking for Q’s for Blackhawk . . . Saturdays 0630-0730 at Walnut Creek
    • This is a HUGE neighborhood . . . Lots of Sad Clowns to reach
    • Let’s step up and reach out to Q . . . Watching Shop Dawg beg is heartbreaking . . . Come on guys
  • Swimmers is helping with F3 Dads . . . Trip is in August with Dads and kids
    • Who has a kid they love?
    • Reach out to Radar or Swimmers . . . Take the initiative and get involved
  • MORAL OF STORY:  Nobody is getting paid to be a Site Q . . . They are doing so to make this group better and more fun
    • So quit with excuses and step up . . . Don’t wait for somebody to ask you . . . LET’S GOOOOOO!  This is F3 Waxhaw.  We are different.

Copy and Paste, & A– at Impromptu

Today at Impromptu we looked forward to a fellow F3 brother to lead Q…and it’s 5:28, 5:29…. I hadn’t planned on Qing, but I am Site Q, I just Qed on Monday, we can copy and paste some. So let’s do it! Now I’m going back to my previous backblast to copy and paste some!

  • 50 Side Straddle Hops (25 or 30 is way too few)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers  Top 30 Star Wars Atat GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Merkins
  • I told you I was going to copy and paste! Best Copy And Paste GIFs | Gfycat
  • And a good long stretch including the beloved calf stretches (well done FuseBox on channeling the spirit of Damascus). I also added some yoga, because yoga is fun!  The Simpsons Gifs

The Thang

  • Mosey back to the start. For the long journey to Transporter’s/Ruby’s/Breadbowl’s Shed, 3 burpees at every light.
  • At the shed, grab some wall. 50 Airpresses followed by 10 Donkey Kicks and 5 Derkins (ShopDog who was at Asylum caught on the copy-paste. He’s right). Copy Paste GIFs | Tenor
  • Mosey up to the sidewalk headed up the hill toward the Football field. Based on feedback, 20 Monkey Humpers. Because Monkey Humpers are fun. Funny Monkey GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
  • Top of the hill with the circle island. 10 Bobby Hurleys, mosey down the hill to the other side, 10 Mike Tysons. 3 rounds. UGH! Mike Tyson GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
  • That was fun! Mosey to the benches.
  • 30 Dips, Bearcrawl around one turn of the triangle island, 20 Step Ups. 3 rounds. Chewbacca GIFs | Tenor
  • Mosey back to the bottom of the hill. 20 Monkey Humpers. Kowakian Monkey Lizard GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
  • Back to the TRB Shed. 50 Airpresses, 7 Donkey Kicks, 1 Derkin.
  • Mosey up the hill to the start. We did a couple of burpees, but ran out of time, so mosey back to the start.
  • And we are done! Star Wars: The Force Awakens' ending is the only part that doesn't feel  like Star Wars.


  • Thanks for letting me Q today and for not giving me too much grief on where I copy and pasted (Yes ShopDog, it did feel familiar didn’t it). My thoughts, if it’s good and painful, let’s do it again!
  • I was challenged by many gazelles today, especially Schnitzel, Swimmers, ShopDog, our FNG, & Chernobyl! Rock on guys! Light Speed GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
  • My instructions on the Bearcrawl were poor, sorry, led to a bit of a cross-traffic jam. As Swarm passed me he gave me a well deserved shove. I tried to return the shove…and made contact with the gluteus maximus. 11x01 homer simpson GIF - Find on GIFER
  • And it got worse. For the 2nd round of Monkey Humpers I suggested we make a good show of it. Trying to keep it light and funny. Swimmers took my instructions literally…Monkey Humper to my face. Well we are at the middle school… Stupid Sexy Skinners | The Simpsons | Know Your Meme
  • Definitely too much a– today. I am not a butt - GIF on Imgur
  • Welcome to our FNG! I can’t remember his hospital name; he’s originally from Ethiopia, is a business owner of gas stations, has kids at Cuthberson High and NC State. And a spirited debate regarding his name began. Ice9 suggested Falcon, O69 suggested Pumper. Well this is a dictatorship…Falcon sounds cool, reminds me of a spaceship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, so Falcon it is! Millenium Falcon GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


  • Blood Drive at 5 Stones on June 19th. Plenty of registrations available. Sign up!
  • Swimmers reminded us of a father-son F3 camp shindig coming up in August, a Friday – Sunday.

Respectfully submitted, Ackbar Admiral Ackbar May The Force Be With Us GIF - AdmiralAckbar MayTheForceBeWithUs StarWars - Discover & Share GIFs

Clyent Dinner – Dads are too cool for shade

17 dads and 2.0’s pushed hard as we searched for shade and burned some calories!

Welcome and DCCS –

.25 mi mosey to warm up

20 SSH ic

10 IW ic

potato pickers b/c stretching feels great, then walk it out to a plank for runner stretch, 10 murkins “while your down there” and finish warm up with 20 LBCs in cadence for those abdominals.

let’s mosey .25 mi  find shaded bear crawls under awning

mosie to front of middle school

10 Derkins

20 step ups (10 ea)

30 dips

.10 mi mosie

repeat 3 x

lets mosey .50 mi stopping 1/2 way to do monkey humpers waiting for the six – let’s go to the parking lot for a star pattern consisting of: wait, it’s too hot let’s find some shade. Keep mosie ing 

10 burpees then to center for 5 murkins

20 big boys  then to center for 5 murkins

30 flutters then to center for 5 murkins

40 plan jacks then to center for 5 murkins


Web of 4 american hammers and 1 murkin 8 & 2, 12 & 3, 16 & 4, 20 & 5 and so on to 40 & 10

Mosey back to COT



announcements – blood drive volunteers needed

f3 dads this Saturday – 9:00 @ dogwood park.
then I took us out with thankfulness and prayer for all.

The Floater – A Tale of Two Church Parking Lots



* Mosey lap around Waxhaw United Methodist Church Block.

* 20 Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops *20 Imperial Walkers

*Plank Position – Calf Stretches, Jack Knifes, Downward dog, Upward Dog.


* Mosey to Central Grove Freewill Baptist Church for sevens between Amazing Grace Lutheran Church: 1 LBC / 6 Mike Tysons, 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2, 6/1.

* In Amazing Grace Lutheran back parking lot: Start with 3 Burpees in the center

(25) Bobby Hurleys / 3 Burpees center

(25) Jump Squats / 3 Burpees center

(25) Freddie Mercuries / 3 Burpees center

(25) Big Boys / 3 Burpees center

* Then, continuing in Amazing Grace Lutheran back parking lot for Jack Webb’s. 1 Merkin/4 Air Press..2/8, 3/12..up to 10/40.

*Jail Break back for COT


20 Pax showed up for 5 for mash & 15 for boot camp. Great job fellas, and special shout out to Turn Buckle for showing up to Floater for the first time and continuing to stretch out of your comfort zone toward your goal of attending every Waxhaw & surrounding AO this summer!!


*Blood Drive – June 19th 9am – 1:30pm @ Five Stones Church – 13 slots left – lets fill by end of this week!

3 legged dog

As we get closer to GrowRuck- 21, the little AO that could, continues to see some new faces and some regular ones.  We were a strong 5 until our newest FNG- Scratch and Win came in HOT, exited his vehicle and off we went.

The Warm Up

YHC grabbed all his sandbags and offered various weights to the different Pax.  Considering the regulars were expecting to ruck with additional weight, most came prepared.  Now with rucks and extra weight, we headed to the bottom of Rising Meadow and Round Run for  simple 3 legged dog.

The Thang

3 Paths: Rising Meadow,  Rounding Run both East and West. as we rucked to the hill peak.

Rising Meadow: Merkins x15 / Swings x15 / Curls x15

Rounding Run (E): Overhead press (shoulder to shoulder) x15 / Tricep extensions x15 / Good Morning x15

Rounding Run (W): High pull x15 / Lunges x15 (each leg)  / Bent Over row x15


Intersection of all 3 w/ each trip

5 Burpees w/ ruck

Squats w/ ruck and sandbag

30 of some abs- Dolly, Russian Twist, Big Boy sit ups w/ruck


Together we tackled all 3 locations x2 trips up each.  Once it was time, we grabbed ruck and sandbag and headed home…few guys wanted to hit 2 miles, so some wandering around at base and DONE

Thank you Scratch and Win for the prayer


  • 2nd F beer stop…look for it on Slack or reach out to Hoover
  • Snowflake has the Q next week.

Mole Skinny:

  • executed Plan B today.  Similar to Plan A, ruck with extra weight, Plan A was shared coupons and with YHC under the weather…we opted to keep one item and work in some PT in-between.
  • Welcome Site FNG’s- Prohibition and Scratch and Win.  I believe this was their first time under ruck and extra weight.  Solid work
  • Scratch and Win hit me up the night before and asked a few questions about the AO, the workout and what was needed- that’s some preparation
  • Pro just showed up unannounced and an open mind
  • Both killed this workout…too easy or to polite to complain
  • Missing was Midrift  and Udder.  Middrift was a SC with kid issues.  Udder was unannounced but has issues, so there is that
  • Geraldo was killing this as usual.  Besides having a steel mental trap, he was always in the lead…makes it look easy (may need to amp up the weight)
  • Wild Turkey was silently killing it as well.  Not pushing the pace, but hitting every rep with proper form…well done
  • Snow Flake is a beast, although he overslept to make the walk from his house ( 3 miles), he warmed up on the track with ruck and sandbag
  • Prohibition mentioned that he really enjoyed the format and promised to be back, maybe a regular…would love to have more guys check this site out.  We always have extra stuff
  • Scratch and Win is the newest Pax to sign up for the GrowRuck in Aug.  Still time, sign up.  Over 100 Pax so far
  • Not sure about you all, but that way home crushed my soul.  Between uphill walks and the extra weight, if it was not for WT, Geraldo and Pro in-front of me for motivation, I may have set that sandbag down and come back for it.

I want to take a little trip somewhere – Appetizer State Capitals

Warm Up

  • A mosey to the unknow trail did some stretching, and mosey to the rock pile to get a rock. Then a short rifle carry back to the US Map.

The Thang

16 Pax and 2.0 with 1 new FNG “Hide Away”

Tour of the States:

The goal was to name all 50 state capitals, if you got the correct capital you did a count of 10 of the exercise, if the group got the capital wrong, it was a count of 15.  Can the group make it through all 50 states, well we did it!

From the song:  Tour The Sates by Renald Francoeur.

I want to take a little trip somewhere, yeah
First, I’m gonna see Nashville, Tennessee
Then Madison, Wisconsin, is where I gotta be, yeah
Then I’ll take a plane
Well, actually, I’m afraid to fly, so I think I’ll take the train
Let’s go! (Go, go)

Going to Trenton, New Jersey, Frankfurt, Kentucky
Maybe take a trip to Jackson, Mississippi
Let’s see what they can show me in Jefferson City, Missouri
Santa Fe, New Mexico; Denver, Colorado
Boise, Idaho, I love it every time that I go

In 1492, he sailed the ocean blue
But next week I’ll see Columbus in Ohio
Grab a little sunshine in Tallahassee, Florida
Take a bite of a peach in Atlanta, Georgia
I’ve never been to Carson City, in Nevada, or Lincoln, Nebraska
You can catch me in Phoenix, Arizona, or Sacramento, California, yeah
St. Paul, Minnesota, maybe, Juneau, Alaska, yeah

I want to take a little trip somewhere, yeah
Boston, Massachusetts; Concord, New Hampshire
Going to Vermont for Montpelier
Montgomery, Alabama, then Washington D.C.
To see the nation’s capital

Aloha to Honolulu, Hawaii
Des Moines, Iowa, so peaceful to me
Going to Springfield, Illinois, to build a little house on a prairie
In Little Rock, Arkansas, I love what I saw
Going back to Dover, Delaware, ’cause I want more

Indianapolis, Indiana, and Hartford, Connecticut, need an encore
Smelling pine trees in Augusta, Maine
I like Topeka, Kansas, I’m glad that I came
But I’ve never been to Salt Lake City
In the Utah, or Richmond, Virginia
Gonna see Bismarck, North Dakota
And Charleston, West Virginia, yeah
Annapolis, Maryland, maybe Lansing, Michigan, yeah

Helena, Montana; Columbia, South Carolina
Got to go to Pierre, South Dakota, yeah, follow if you wanna
I’ll be eating a banana in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Schedule that on my planner
Friends say I gotta come sooner to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
So I guess I’m gonna
But first I’m going to Cheyenne, Wyoming
Then party in Raleigh, North Carolina, yeah

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, can’t think of a rhyme for Pennsylvania
So I’m skipping to Salem, Oregon, then Austin, Texas
And then maybe Albany, New York, for breakfast
Providence, Rhode Island, was a blast
And, Olympia, Washington, was just the best-est


List of States and Capitals and the Exercise

State State Capital Exercise
Alabama Montgomery Side Straddle Hops
Alaska Juneau  Imperial Walkers
Arizona Phoenix Calf Stretches
Arkansas Little Rock Down Dog
California Sacramento Potato Pickers
Colorado Denver Night Clubs
Connecticut Hartford Merkins
Delaware Dover Air Presses
Florida Tallahassee Low to Half Biceps
Georgia Atlanta Half to Full Biceps
Hawaii Honolulu Full
Idaho Boise Triceps
Illinois Springfield Bench Presses
Indiana Indianapolis LBC
Iowa Des Moines Flutters
Kansas Topeka Big Boys
Kentucky Frankfort American Hammers
Louisiana Baton Rouge Burpes
Maine Augusta Monkey Humpers
Maryland Annapolis Squats
Massachusetts Boston Sumo Squats
Michigan Lansing Punches
Minnesota St. Paul Forward Lunges
Mississippi Jackson Backward Lunges
Missouri Jefferson City Heals to Heaven
Montana Helena Protector
Nebraska Lincoln High Knee Lifts
Nevada Carson City Merkins
New Hampshire Concord Speed Skaters
New Jersey Trenton Overhead Presses
New Mexico Santa Fe Dips
New York Albany Run Backwards
North Carolina Raleigh Bunny Hops
North Dakota Bismarck Al Gore
Ohio Columbus LBC
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Flutters
Oregon Salem Big Boys
Pennsylvania Harrisburg American Hammers
Rhode Island Providence Burpes
South Carolina Columbia Monkey Humpers
South Dakota Pierre Squats
Tennessee Nashville Sumo Squats
Texas Austin Punches
Utah Salt Lake City Forward Lunges
Vermont Montpelier Backward Lunges
Virginia Richmond Heals to Heaven
Washington Olympia Protector
West Virginia Charleston High Knee Lifts
Wisconsin Madison  Potato Pickers
Wyoming Cheyenne Leg Forward Stretches

The Moleskine 

All 50 appetizer were served with 1 minute to spare


Blood Drive, Friday afternoon workout at Dog Wood



Why do they call it AC/DC Radio if there’s no AC/DC?

5 pax circled up at Calvary on Saturday for the latest edition of Olympus. With 4 vets and 1 site FNG, a full disclaimer was provided.


SSH, IW, Windmill, prying squat, swings

  • Main Event:
  • Neupert: 10 sets of 6 double swings EMOM
  • Complex: Voodoo EMOM for 10:00 (swing, high pull, snatch, clean, squat, press L/R)
  • Easy strength: 4 sets of 5 reps of: SLDL, lawnmower rows, and floor presses
  • Ballistic: 10:00 of :15 on/:15 off with swings, cleans, snatches. Alternate arms every :30
  • Carries: Overhead 1:00 out/back, rack 1:00 out/back. 1:00 rest between
  • Mary: 1:00 each of elbow plank, hollow body hold, glute bridge


  • Crane Relay – 8/13 at 9pm. Teams of 5 complete 3 different courses of varying mileage.
  • GrowRUCK Metro – 8/7. Over 100 pax signed up. Leadership training and CSAUP all in one.
  • Ghost Runner is back on Thursdays at the Arboretum. Keep an eye on Slack for details.


  • Saturday’s playlist was one of the Sonos artist radio channels. I picked AC/DC since it’s a kettlebell mainstay and I figured we’d get a good mix of their music and similar awesome rock tunes. While there were some good songs, there were also some clunkers. And we probably didn’t hear any songs from the eponymous band until about 45 minutes into the workout.
  • Cobains for the delay in getting this backblast posted. We had a family trip on Sunday, so Saturday was spent preparing and Sunday driving, then it was work time.
  • Thanks to the pax for getting out there and getting after it on a steamy Saturday morning. 3-Way even made the drive from Steele Creek after I harassed him on Friday. Welcome to the kettlebell club!

There will be Blo—Vomit!

Nineteen Pax (including one FNG) joined YHC for a good old fashioned sweat fest at Dromedary. No time for small talk as we had a couple of Pax screaming in right at the 5:30 bell. DiCCS reviewed.


MASHers head to their chosen spot of pre-dawn fun, the rest of the gang moseys for a long loop around the front parking lot. On our route, YHC takes them directly up a gentle incline of approximately 150 meters for some foreshadowing of what is to come later. We circle up to begin to loosen up.



consisted of SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, & Calf Stretches. Warmup completed, we’re off for a short mosey to begin the opening round of punishment.


We stop on the long stretch of driveway/road on the west side of the school campus for a few laps around the roundabout. Each lap consists of a run out around the roundabout and back to our starting point, doing an increasing amount of the set exercise for that lap at every light pole (we pass 8 light poles in total for each lap on this journey). At the first light pole the group does one rep of the set exercise for that lap, two and the next light pole, three at the next, etc. The first lap: Merkins. Second lap: Big Boy Sit Ups. Third Lap: Speed Skaters. Mary at the end of each lap until the six gets in. Standing 10 count to recover (some) of our breath, then we form two lines for an Indian Run.

Thang 2

We Indian Run from the starting point of Thang 1 all the way around the back of the school and then around the track to the rock pile. The run was a bit longer than YHC anticipated, but only one person threw up (not to name names, but you could say The Juice was loose).

Thang 3

After our Indian run, everyone partnered up and grabbed a lifting rock for their team. We walked the rocks to the bottom of the parking lot, directly at the base of a pretty nice 150 meter incline to the top of the parking lot. YHC points to a yellow speed bump at the top of that incline. While one partner is performing as many reps of the set exercise with the rock for that round, the other partner runs to aforementioned speed bump and performs two burpees, then returns to their partner to relive them of the rock. Five rounds in total with each partner performing the run + burpees and the exercise with rock in each round. The exercises with the rocks included Curls, Overhead Presses, Bent Over Rows, Squats, and American Hammers. Aggressive rock selections were made (including by YHC) which made this 15 minute segment pretty brutal. We returned the rocks and moseyed back to CoT for a few minutes of Mary to close out our workout.


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama completed – time for our FNG to take center stage. Our FNG was Jerry. He moved to Waxhaw three years ago from Long Island (Montauk to be exact). He travels a lot for work helping companies with retirement plans. Thanks for the info, Jerry – now it’s time to bequeath you with your F3 name. The group initially started down the path of a name tied to his line of work, but then someone made the connection that Billy Joel was also from Long Island. Uptown Girl was tossed into the ring for consideration by the group – and quickly adopted. Welcome Uptown Girl! Even though you’re now living in the burbs, we know you’ve still been living in an uptown world.


  • Blood Drive on June 19th 9:00-1:00 at Five Stones Church.
  • With school out for the summer, Last Call’s new start time is 6:02AM. Fridays at Marvin High School. End your week with a little extra sleep but still get a great workout.

Mid Week Release

9 PAX with mats, one matching it with his socks, found their way around the playground in Milbridge for F3Prickle & Goo.

Dynamic stretching, followed by deep stretching, ending on our backs.

Zinfandel was gracious enough to demonstrate the perfect yoga release a number of times throughout the workout.

Duncan on Q next week, followed by Goodfella.


June 16 Blood Drive

August 20 F3 Dads Camp at Camp Thunderbird. Waxhaw Region is in charge, its fun, need some volunteers to assist.



The Scary Tuning Fork

Twas a muggy morning at Bagpipe.  It felt like it needed to rain but didn’t.  I don’t think I have been back since the last time I Q’d, so probably owe somebody something.  Hopefully this will suffice.  The swift folk had already left, the PAX in attendance heard rumblings of a Mic Check appearance but was not to be.  YHC gave a disclaimer that I was proud about, but Patent Pending had heard enough and started heading out.  Fearing a Q jack, the PAX were wrangled and off we went.


Mosey across Ballantyne Commons to the small fountain in front of the deck for COP.

Sharon Towers x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC, YHC started to give the call for IWs but Tagalong sidetracked me, but apparently just putting your hands on your head is the universal call for IWs as all veteran PAX started IWs on the count.

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey up the deck to the crosswalk with a backwards run up the first incline.  Instructions given that resembled a starfishish type workout, except for the shape, which we could only come up with a tuning fork.  But the PAX partnered up with 8 making a nice even number.  Each partner would run out to one of the 5 points in any order, do the called exercise and back to the crosswalk to do the partner exercise.  The five points being:

  1. Down the deck 1 ramp to the end with 10 jump squats and back up, 10 incline merkins with partner for 1st round
  2. Across the crosswalk through the atrium on the second level to the left to the end with 10 Dry Docks and back, 10 decline merkins with partner for 2nd round
  3. Across the crosswalk through the atrium on the second level to the right to the end with 10 Dry Docks and back, 10 wide arm merkins with partner for 3rd round
  4. Down the steps through the atrium on the first level to the left to the end with 10 plankjacks and back, 10 diamond merkins with partner for 4th round
  5. Down the steps through the atrium on the first level to the right to the end with 10 plankjacks and back, 10 hand-slap merkins with partner for 5th round

Mosey back down the steps past the firepit through the buildings to the corner arch for a little Dora 1-2-3.  Same partners were responsible for 100 dips, 200 calf raises and 300 LBCs.  Partner 1 would whittle away at the goal while Partner 2 ran around the arch with lunge walks every other side.  Flapjacked.  And switched to Broad Jumps in round 2, and Squat Walk in round 3.  All Pax finished in round 3.


Mosey back to the firepit in front of the brightest sign I know of for Mary.

Freddy Mercury x 15 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

High Flutter x 15 IC, only 1 Flutter in the Cooter2 workout regimen

American Hammer x 15 IC

Mosey back to launch.  Had 2 minutes to spare.

10 Burpees OYO

Hold plank for last minute.


Enjoyed the chatter this morning guys, strong group that stayed together start to finish.  The guesstimating on the tuning fork set worked out well as all parties were back about the same time.  The tiles in the atrium were a bit slick but could be avoided.  A few guys with kids graduating high school so congrats all around.  Apparently there is a Cooter3 now floating around the region, I feel like it might be time to retire the name.  War Eagle gave the go ahead for some back to normal type F3 staples last night on slack, so YHC thought we would ease back into it by incorporating some hand slap merkins.  I’ll save the front partner carries for next time.  But great group, enjoyed meeting some new faces, and thanks for having me out Cooter2 and Cable Guy.