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Let’s Run a Marathon Relay…. virtually

ByGerber May 24, 2020

Another week and another virtual race. This week the race is a virtual marathon with 4 team 5 mile legs and 1 team 6.2 mile run. One thing wa

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Bring Your Block to Work Day

ByGerber May 22, 2020

Low 60’s, no rain, nice and humid.  Perfect weather for a workout. The goal today was to utilize some cinder blocks and/or rocks so Pax wer

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Five Circles of Pain

BySprinkles May 20, 2020

My third time Q-ing and I avoided the rain again. It was supposed to be a washout (I should know... I’m Sprinkles), but the weather held off. I

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400’s at 58 mins in, really?!”

ByDeadwood May 19, 2020

Ignition.  What can I say about that AO? Come to work, the pace is fast and you might dry heave (more to come on that). One thing I know is that

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Swarm meets Waxhaw Express

ByDasher May 15, 2020

Swarm meets Waxhaw Express Was a little concerned when I put it out that the first part of Swarm would be a 2.5 mile run on who would attend.

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Everybody (Ignition’s Back)

ByGerber May 11, 2020

Everybody Rock your body Everybody Rock your body right Ignition's back alright Oh my God we're back again Brothers, PAX, everybody s

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Another Day Another Race (virtual of course)

ByGerber May 8, 2020

Another week and another virtual race. This week the race is a virtual 10 miler with every person running 2 miles. Since we did this about th

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Virtual 10 Miler CSAUP or We’ve Been Catfished

ByGerber Apr 17, 2020

What is a CSAUP?  It stands for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless Why do we do CSAUPs?  Who knows really?  Why are trees good?  Why

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Tardy Q

ByWolverine Mar 16, 2020

The Thang DICCS not given, I arrived 1 min late (explained later) …   Warm up mosey, SSH, Calf Stretch (I call it the Damascus Sp

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