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Completing the Square with that guy from the Gazebo

ByTweetsie Apr 8, 2021

On a beautiful morning in Downtown Matthews, nine Pax gathered to begin their journey. They would soon be joined by one...... Here's what we d

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Mayan Pyramids

ByUncle Leo Apr 7, 2021

10 men wearing 19 athletic shoes (read on for the explanation) circled up for another edition of Meathead.  Reasonably disclaimed, which seemed

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Running On Faith

ByGeraldo Mar 25, 2021

12 PAX gathered in the parking lot next to Seaboard, AKA Peak 51's temporary/permanant home, for their #DRP and at 0530 we were off. COP We

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An Italian, Some Math, and Rabbit Copulation….On St. Patty’s Day?

ByTommy Rose Mar 17, 2021

7 Pax arrived and completed #Meathead - voted south Charlotte's "most favored double-kettlebell workout that meets at Calvary that is currently f

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Rusty & Dusty

ByHops Feb 23, 2021

The backblast title describes both my lone 35 lb. kettlebell and my tired, 48-year old frame.  Despite those undeniable facts, Horsehead and Sto

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Happy 245th Birthday Marines

ByGeraldo Nov 12, 2020

8 PAX gathered in the parking lot next to Seaboard, AKA Peak 51's temporary/permanent home, for some #DownPAINment is spite of the wet forecast a

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Baby, I’m a star(fish)

ByLois Jul 31, 2020

Six to seven hearty PAX Made a visit to one of Peak’s classic locales for a beatdown that can only be termed as “Old School Peak.” Why do w

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Substitute Smokey

ByGeraldo Jun 18, 2020

8 PAX ignored the #Fartsack in the unseasonably cool June temps and posted at #Peak51 for their #DRP. COP We moseyed around the par

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Patience is a Virtue

ByTweetsie Jan 24, 2020

On a freezing cold morning in South Charlotte, Nine Brave Pax made there way to Gumby. Here's what we got into: Warm up Start out with De

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BySwiss Miss Jan 8, 2020

The air was chilly but still warmer than average for early January as YHC stepped into the Scout Hut and cranked up the heat to "sweltering" in p

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