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Time to step into the ring with Turnbuckle

ByTurnbuckle Mar 5, 2021

Good morning and Happy Friday!   This morning I was asked to Q at the Diesel workout at Five Stones Church. I cringed when Chastain

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Footlong VQ

ByWolverine Mar 4, 2021

Started with a light jog up Millbridge Parkway to the first roundabout. Quickly gave instructions on how Indian Runs would work: Stay in single

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Sunday Morning Retreat

ByTurnbuckle Mar 1, 2021

This week we met up at the Retreat at Rayfield in Indian Land. Its quite a busy neighborhood/development. None of us really knew anything about t

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Putting the past behind us

ByTurnbuckle Mar 1, 2021

Location: Bent Creek, Indian Land, SC Our Sunday morning Neighborhood Watch walk had 10 + 2 fur friends show up for our first warm walk of the

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Go to the second round about go left run hill repeat!

ByRubbermaid Feb 25, 2021

We had 7 men run some hills for an hour.  2 men rucked.   Announcements March 13 is F3 Dads camp talk to paper jam its also the ro

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Watch out for Ice!!

ByRubbermaid Feb 20, 2021

I planned out a 2 mile loop.  I ram it the day before and knew we would have a few puddles to watch for.  The 28 degree temps did cause some ic

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Stalled Diesel, the latest backblast ever

ByPopeye Feb 18, 2021

The usual Popeye beatdown, with typically insane lifts, making gazelles scream to be allowed to run. WARM-UP Mosey around the parking lot.

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Lets take a walk down Lovers Lane

ByTurnbuckle Feb 14, 2021

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch and I am your Q for this week! In my opinion...This is the best new AO in the area. For those that dont know the hi

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No running? No gear? No problem.

ByChastain Feb 5, 2021

The challenge? A no running workout with no gear. The reason? To prove it could be done. The outcome? See below.   5 other PAX joined

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