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Walking and Talking

ByFuse Box Mar 14, 2021

6 7 guys came out to get 3.5 miles in while cracking jokes for an hour. Radar came in on two wheels. Rudy caught up with us halfway through

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Side Straddle Hop Bonanza

BySledge-O-Matic Feb 27, 2021

For my 1 year F3 Anniversary, let’s jump for joy at Diesel.  A bit more cardio than most may have expected, but with my knee not quite there f

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Frozen walk through the creek

ByChicken Little Jan 18, 2021

diccs- not given warm up - not needed the thang- walk 3 miles-1 hr moleskin 8 pax’s, 3 dogs and 2 2.0s showed up for a frozen walk

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Eating Block Burpees for Breakfast

ByChicken Little Dec 18, 2020

DICCS Given to include social distancing   Warm Up 20-SSH 15- Imperial Walkers Jimmy Dugan stretch into a plank 10-Merkins

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So we just can’t run…do I have that right?

ByZinfandel Dec 11, 2020

I avoid Chiseled like a plague because my back just can’t take it. After this years IPC I was down for the count and spent way too much at chir

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Back to the Shadows

ByFuse Box Nov 20, 2020

11 guys fought the cold to come lift blocks at a 0.0 workout.  I arrive early to get the playlist set.  New faces so I go introduce myself to.

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Who’s To Blame?

ByFuse Box Sep 14, 2020

We will save the blame game for another time.  Regardless, use today as a reminder: If you are asked to Q, put it on your calendar.  If you are

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Wow that was a bigger loop than I thought.

ByDana Aug 24, 2020

For this installment of Asylum, DiCCS were given and we are staying on campus. There were a few cell phones, headlamps, and CPR certifications. A

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