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Swing Em If You Got Em

ByGerber Mar 5, 2021

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Another Wednesday for Waxhaw's premier kettlebell and running workout There were kettle

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Three for Three!

ByCarb Load Mar 5, 2021

2 PAX, Big Tuna & Transporter, joined me today for the three-headed monster.   Warmorama, Mosey from COT, around Chipotle and b

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Back at it

ByTransporter Mar 2, 2021

Injuries arn't fun but they are a part of life and learning your limitations isn't always fun either,  especially when you see all the pictures

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Testicle Size Kettlebells

ByBlue Screen Feb 25, 2021

Cowbell, Feb 25,2021 QIC: Blue Screen PAX: Popeye, Swift, Gerber, Dasher, Transporter, Ice9, Zinfandel, Bayo, Deadwood, MadDog (Warm up)

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Here is King Ghidorah! And Happy Birthday ShopDog!

ByAckbar Feb 5, 2021

Good morning gents, Ackbar here. Big day at Impromptu as Transporter, Chatterbox, and I (Ackbar) are the Tag Team Site Qs for 2021! Transporter s

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I got fired…

ByTransporter Feb 4, 2021

I have been fired one other time,  it was years ago and I was cutting grass for a job in college....we can leave that there.  In any case,  I

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Banjo no longer has the Gout!

ByBanjo Feb 3, 2021

2 weeks ago I had a lovely gout attack in my ankle so my Q was delayed until this week.  Luckily Easy Button was passing the torch to Schneider'

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Don’t let anyone read this letter

ByDasBoot Feb 2, 2021

15 PAX at F3 Sanctuary went against Brother Lawrence's stated wishes and read his first 3 letters in The Practice of the Presence of God. Althoug

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Costanza Bonanza

ByDeep Dish Jan 23, 2021

Greeted with some new faces (to Commitment that is).  When asked names, a striking young lad said "FNG" but Nails soon called him out as a newer

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