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Swing Em If You Got Em

ByGerber Mar 5, 2021

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Another Wednesday for Waxhaw's premier kettlebell and running workout There were kettle

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LinkedIn Workout

ByDasher Mar 5, 2021

So I found the idea of the workout on the F3 Group on LinkedIn.  Who woulda thought that. DiCCs We headed out for out warm-up run to the H

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Express Choo Choo Chug

ByGerber Feb 25, 2021

9 Pax showed up for some speed work! Warmup time: Moasie for about a mile, stretch The Thang: 5 Laps of the following 100m 10K pace 100m 5K

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Let’s Save That For Another Day

ByGerber Feb 22, 2021

I had a plan for today.  Something that I've been thinking about for a while.  With sunny weather and good temps this weekend and only 30% chan

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Frozen Bells

ByGerber Feb 17, 2021

Today was my VQ for Cowbell thanks for the heads up on the Q Gerber, better late than never Gerber insert: Warmup: Stretch, Cowbell Swi

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Rumble in the Jungle

ByDasher Feb 16, 2021

Rumble in the Jungle DiCCs – Don’t be a dumbass Warm-up 1.2 miles The Thang 4 x 400 repeat with 30 sec recovery Partner up

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Fartlek-ing Express Coming Through– ChooChoo!!

ByChicken Little Feb 9, 2021

DICCS given- to include all the usual items- Warm up Mosey to Transporter shed for Jimmy Dungan stretching plank right arm high and r

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Express – Official Launch

ByDasher Feb 2, 2021

Official Launch!  Waxhaw Express was born out the the Rooster race from 2/29/2020.  Shortly after the race Wolverine signed us up to do a virtu

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Roosters have Shoulders too!

ByBottlecap Feb 1, 2021

12 PAX put the petal down at Ignition on a surprisingly warmer than expected mid-30s morning.  With The Rooster officially being announced for m

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Everyone scared

ByDasher Jan 22, 2021

Tool Time, Ice 9 and Sugar Daddy plus a very brief cameo appearance by Dasher I was wondering how many might show this morning for my Swarm VQ

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